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Nyx’s Pixie

K.M. Mahoney Paranormal Heat Rating: 4

Sometimes big things come in small packages. Nyx has found a possible mate, but he’s pretty certain Fate made a mistake. Not only is his mate working in a brothel, which is playing merry hell with Nyx’s possessive side, he’s also a Pixie. Pol is small and delicate, and Nyx is certain he would break the poor man within a week. Nyx will just wait until the next candidate comes around. The fact that this is the first potential mate he’s come across in several hundred years is, of course, beside the point. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Nyx tries, he can’t keep away. When he finds himself on the verge of turning into a stalker, Nyx gives in to the inevitable and goes traipsing off to claim his Pixie. Review: Nyx, your typical shape shifting dragon was just living his life as the King’s personal guard when he comes across a young pixie and immediately his mate signal goes off. I am assuming it is kind of like the bat signal. Anyways young Pol is just sitting in a brothel helping his “uncle” run the place when a very handsome, dark, and broody Nyx walks in. Nyx make’s Pol an offer that he would be stupid to refuse and off they go as a mated pair. However, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. Pol is not your ordinary Pixie, in fact, he isn’t even full blood Pixie. Nyx isn’t your ordinary Dragon shape shifter and between the two of them, they have to hide from Nyx’s brethren, Pol’s elders, and the King. Of the M/M books that I have read lately, this one is one of my favorites. There is love, there is lust, there is family squabble, there is dragon loot, and half demons, and just a lot of fun. I mean, who doesn’t want some Dragon plunder to enable you to talk to plants and set up a naked fountain. *Raises hand* What really resonates with me is the social struggle in this book, the “interspecies” mating that while commonplace is not condoned. In my mind Nyx is your typical centuries old dragon who doesn’t know how to properly take care of a lover, and Pol while very young has to show him the ropes, or the flowers.

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