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The Running Game Meg Harding Erotic Heat Rating: 4

There’s something to be said about great adventure, an impossible moment in time when everything falls into place. This is undoubtedly her impossible moment. Some people just don’t have any luck. On the run from her murderous fiancé and a very angry father, Irene is pretty sure her luck can’t get any worse. After all what’s worse than being the lone woman stuck on a cargo ship headed to the Americas? How about getting captured by pirates as her money and only shot at freedom sink to the bottom of the ocean? Not that she ever could have anticipated that. Oliver is a man burdened with a great amount of luck and a fine sense for all things adventurous. Holding up one little cargo ship isn’t supposed to give him much more than a few bits of gold and some excitement. Who could have anticipated the spitfire on board who would turn his world inside out? Things are about to get messy as Irene tramples all over Oliver’s image of a proper lady and sets about showing him just how much trouble one little woman can truly cause. Oliver has never enjoyed an adventure so much. Review: What is worse than an awful fiancée, and a father who demands she marry? Perhaps the ship she is trying to escape on being captured by pirates or so Irene thought. Instead of being murdered as the pirate stories she had heard foretold she found herself falling in love with the captain. This book was over almost as fast as it started, I couldn’t believe how fast paced it was. The love scenes were well written and heartfelt while not being over the top. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, erotica, a quick read, and headstrong damsels in distress. Reviewed by Sally A Wolf

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