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brothers as mates. Review: I quite enjoyed this read, it was unusual. But I feel that each character was developed. However, I felt that certain aspects of the book could have been developed more, or at least explained more. The relationship the female character had with one of the male characters should have been explored and been brought to light. As it left an unanswered question, which irritated me. Overall I quite enjoyed the read and I did love the characters. Though, it reminded me of another book I have read or at least a little bit similar to that one. I also liked how each character was unique, but the bonds of family we’re present, Even though the bond was kind of strange to me, but interesting none the less. All in all a Great read. | Reviewer: Nila Bi |

Besieging His Lady Sarah Winn Historic Erotic Heat Rating: 5

To get the land and title he’s long sought, Sir Martin le Werre must marry the widow of a recently deceased baron. Although Lady Gwyneth is young and beautiful, years of marriage to an abusive husband have left her cold and unfeeling. Martin’s best efforts fail to melt her iciness. Then he finds the whip her former husband punished her with and uses it to make her forget pain and embrace pleasure. Review: This erotic story introduces us to Sir Martin and Lady Gwyneth. Forced to marry Gwyneth in order to claim land and title, Sir Martin tries to show the stunningly beautiful woman that not all men are abusive as her deceased husband once was. With the crack of a whip, Sir Martin and Lady Gwyneth move from a smartly matched couple to a sensually passionate pair, expressing themselves through erotic sex. Pleasure brings them together physically and emotionally, and a romance buds

that is tantalizing and sweet. This author sure does know how to please the senses and leaves you with a brilliant historical erotic short. | Reviewer: Marie Haney |

Blackmailed into the Billionaire’s Bed Jan Bowles Erotic Heat Rating: 5

Twenty-seven-year-old Kendall van Heusen is in awe of her new boss, and so she should be, because Mac Buchanan, the legendary thirty-eight-year-old newspaper magnate is as powerful and ruthless as rumor suggests. Incredibly handsome and charismatic, Mac is a self-made man who rules his empire with an iron fist. Deeply attracted by his dominant nature, Kendall realizes she needs to be on top of her game as his new financial controller. It soon becomes apparent that they share a mutual sexual attraction. However, before they can act on their desires, Kendall receives a kidnap demand for the safe return of her best friend. Forced into stealing a million bucks from Buchanan Enterprises, she wrongly believes she can cover her tracks long enough to save Ashley’s life. When Mac discovers the deception, he is angry and gives Kendall an ultimatum—spend time in jail, or become his personal sex slave until the debt is repaid in full. Unable to tell him the truth, will Kendall be blackmailed into the billionaire’s bed? Review: This book is super steamy and hot! The intensity of Kendall and Mac’s attraction is electrifying when Mac discovers that Kendall has stolen money from his company. To repay him, Kendall becomes his personal sex slave and wow! Mac’s the very definition of an alpha male and when it’s mixed with the submissiveness of Kendall, it’s a perfect cocktail for erotic. With an added bonus of a little suspense and a quick romance, this book is exactly what you look for in this genre. | Reviewer: Marie Haney | February 2014 | 53

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