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The Blog Affair

Alissa Baxter Contemporary Sweet Romance Heat Rating: 2

Twenty-something white South African Emma Bradshaw has a pattern of falling for unsuitable men and starts a blog about these socalled “serial datists”. Her search for new beginnings takes her to Cape Town, where she gets a job working for sexy author, Nick Reynolds. Romance with her boss is a no-no, but slowly, Nick works his way around her defenses. Trust him, or not, especially with her awful track record with men? When an anonymous male reader of the blog challenges her on her ideas about the male species, Emma realises she must confront her past and find her true self before she can move forward...and love can blossom again in her future. REVIEW: Well-written and beautifully plotted, The Blog Affair tells the story of how two individuals jaded by love learned to face their short comings and fears and take a risk into loving again. Alissa Baxter’s carefully thought-of characters colour the page with their distinct personalities and unique speech. Written in a serious, straight to the point tone, yet with a scattering of humor that is well-placed, this novel contains an equally serious female main character (Emma) who blogs about the men she has met in her life and a jaded journalist / novelist who has had seen too much of the worst life has to offer. It’s interesting to note the effect of each person’s experiences in their attitudes and outlook in life.

A Cowboy of Her Own Joann Baker and Patricia Mason Contemporary Heat Rating: 3

Marty Samuels had been cursed with plain looks and a curvy body. It didn’t help that she had to work as hard as any man to keep a roof over her head. But Marty was good at protecting what she loved, including the strays she’d taken in and made part of her little family. So why couldn’t she keep her heart safe from the sexy cowboy next door? Ethan Blackhawk had been blessed with good looks and an abundance of charm. It didn’t hurt that his family was rich as sin, either. He’d always been sure about what he wanted out of life—until one bad dog forced him to take a second look at the woman who could change his mind. REVIEW: When Marty’s dog Elmo ends up on Ethan’s property again, Ethan is not happy about it and tells Marty how happy he is, in specific terms. Marty was definitely not happy about that and tries her darnedest to keep her wayward adventurous mutt on her property. Eventually they end up on the same page and fall in love. It was a sweet charming story and Marty was a likeable everyday woman and Ethan her sexy cowboy, she didn’t know she wanted. It was short, had humor and definitely worth reading if you get a chance to read it. | Reviewer: Cassandra Graham |

| Reviewer: Francine Alli |

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