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To Chuito the apartment was a self-imposed prison for a lifetime of sins. To Alaine, the girl next door, it was salvation from her overbearing, religious father. He was a devil. She was an angel. Two people who should’ve never met, let alone become friends, but it’s not until they give into the dangerous passion that’s been simmering under the surface for five

Alaine didn’t wait for Edward to make up his mind on the situation. She jerked her arm out of his hold when it loosened. She ducked underneath the ripped, corded muscles of Chuito’s biceps and then slipped her fingers in the belt loop at the back of his jeans. “Come on,” she whispered and then touched the Puerto Rican flag tattoo at the back of his neck reassuringly.

Master. Lover. Submissive. Muse. When Julianne Giroux, an aspiring artist with a dark secret, apprentices with Nicolai Stavros in his Paris gallery, she finds far more than a passion for art. She finds herself. The masterful artist with forbidden tastes strips away her reserved veneer to reveal the daring, darkly passionate woman beneath and introduces her to the erotic world of The

years that things go to hell.

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The Slayer

Alaine decided to walk around the building, and she was to the back door before Edward caught up to her. He grabbed her arm again. “Look, I’m sorry.” There’s nothing to be sorry for,” she argued. “We’re just not well suited.” He snorted, as if he couldn’t believe what she was saying, and then gestured to the back door. “So what? You’re going up there to spread your legs for that spic instead of me?” Alaine gasped and turned around, smacking him before she could think better of it. She was so shocked she hardly put her thoughts together to tell him exactly what she thought about it. It turned out she didn’t have to. The back door jerked open, and then Chuito was standing there, barefoot and shirtless in just a pair of jeans, showing off all his tattoos without an ounce of shame. As reigning UFC Heavyweight world champion, Chuito had a body that was a work of art, cut, honed, and dangerous. All his muscles tightened as if he was ready for a fight. His dark eyes were narrowed, and the fury pulsed off him so strongly Alaine actually shivered from it. I suggest you leave.” Chuito’s voice was low with menace. “Before this spic loses his temper. Trust me, cabrón you don’t want that.” You can’t threaten me.” Edward huffed. I can,” Chuito assured him. “I just did.”

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By the time Julianne arrived at the gallery, the youthful glee was tucked behind her carefully crafted exterior. The lady reached for the handle on the door and grinned at Nicolai’s tacit dare. The sentinel marking the threshold to his world was a nude male in brass; his female counterpart graced the opposite door. They were lovers. Frozen in time. Separated by inches. Do you yearn for someone like that, Nicolai? She let her fingers linger discreetly as she entered. “Bonjour, monsieur.” Julianne raised her palms to her cheeks. Sculptures dotted a gleaming hardwood floor. Huge paintings hung on stark white walls. Her gaze snaked up the curved railing of a floating staircase to find photographs displayed in an upper gallery. Genius. There was no other word. “Come,” a man’s voice called from the back. Dabbing the sweat from her forehead and neck with the sleeve of her dress, Julianne hurried toward the voice. Her heels clacked; she cringed. Nicolai expected

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Issue 32 - March/April 2016 Your guide to great reading, featuring author Donna Michaels, plus columns, book reviews, featured authors and m...

BTS Book Reviews  

Issue 32 - March/April 2016 Your guide to great reading, featuring author Donna Michaels, plus columns, book reviews, featured authors and m...

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