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How To Choose A Key Cabinet Key Cabinet _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Jonr Jony -

When dealing with personal property, the choice for particular key cabinets becomes very important. In cases where you are holding client-entrusted keys, you assume greater risk as your project contract is most likely to include indemnification clauses for losses the client suffers while your team is working on the property. Learn More About Key Cabinet

The keys you are likely to store in it. Are you putting keys to company properties in this particular key cabinet? Is it for clients' properties? Do you intend to keep all keys in one place? The value of the related assets to the keys you are safekeeping, along with your calculation of risk helps you decide the level of security you'd like for this specific key cabinet. The more valuable the keys are, the more inconspicuous you'd like the box to look and the more security features you'd require of it.

The material the key cabinet is made. Most key cabinets today are made of steel. No two types are alike, however. Some are made of heavy-duty, fireproof steel, others from an inferior quality. There are also key cabinets fashioned from wood. Not nearly half as indestructible as fireproof, steel cabinets but adequately serve your purposes in certain circumstances, certainly where security is less of an issue. Its locking mechanism. There are basically two types of locking mechanisms - key locking mechanism and the combination lock mechanism. The choice is often made based on which one suits your needs more. Recent models have dual-locking systems and digital keyless systems for added security. Your company's policy on custodianship. For safekeeping of important assets, some companies have specific policies requiring all vaults, lock boxes, and key cabinets to have dual-locking systems. Often, this is in conjunction with a policy stating no two employees must know both combinations that would totally unlock the safe/vault/lock box.

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Key cabinets in some respects are very simple devices. They are locked boxes which store keys. Keys protect important valuable items