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Development ďƒ˜ Spend a lot of money without any income (product not yet for sale) ďƒ˜ Design, Produce, Advance Promotion

Introduction  Will be spending a lot of money on promotion  Heavy Promotion  Still will sell product  2.5% (innovators) will buy anything  13.5% (Early Adaptors) will start to buy you product

Growth Stage  Still Heavy Promotion  Full 13.5%(Early Adaptors) bought product  34%(Early Majority) start to buy product  Making profit/ a lot of people know about your product

Maturity Stage

 Sales will be constant and profit will be made  In between 34% (Early Majority) and 34% ( Late Majority)  Constance promotion to remind people why your product is so great

Decline  Decline will happen so be prepared  16% (Laggards) will still buy product  Can Withdraw Product  Wait Out Product  Extension Strategies (e.g. Lower Prices, etc.)

Product life cycle  


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