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The Blessed Thomas Holford Teaching School Alliance and Chesterfield High School partnership is proudly collaborating with Ambition School Leadership to offer you the National Professional Qualifications in Middle and Senior Leadership

I am delighted to write this introduction to our Teaching School Prospectus and hope there are courses and opportunities within it which will take you further in your desire to be an outstanding school leader. I have been fortunate to have spent 27 years in senior school leadership with 20 of those years as a Headteacher in different schools. At Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College our mission is summed up in the phrase “Inspiring People Changing Lives”. Now I think that is an accurate description of the work of a leader, whether at middle or senior level. We are vital in transforming the lives of thousands of children and ensuring our communities are places of hope and aspiration for every child we meet. The quality of leadership training on offer has never been better. The programmes in this prospectus are led by outstanding leaders with proven track records of improving schools and outcomes for pupils. They are backed with excellent resources and materials to use as reference during the programme and beyond the programme. Above all you will meet some great people working in other schools who will offer you a balance and perspective to your own leadership experience and provide an invaluable opportunity to share your thinking. With best wishes. John Cornally

Our shared mission is to work for a society built on an education system where every child can thrive, no matter what their background. Ambition School Leadership was formed in November 2016 from two education charities, The Future Leaders Trust and Teaching Leaders. It is building a network of exceptional school leaders at all levels to transform the lives of the children who need it most by providing world-class leadership development and technical training to educators across England and Wales – from teachers aspiring to lead their department to CEOs steering multiple schools, and all the crucial leadership roles in between.

is a National Leader for Education and a Senior Associate for PiXL. John is the Executive Headteacher of Blessed Thomas Holford and All Saints Catholic College.

is the Headteacher of All Saints Catholic College. Linda is part of the Talented Leaders programme and also a graduate of the Future Leaders programme. She is also an SLE in Leadership and MFL. is the Headteacher of Chesterfield High School with over 20 years experience of leading schools in London, Wales and Sefton. He supports schools in the North West as part of the PiXL team.

works as an Education Consultant in the Primary and Secondary sector’s after serving as a Headteacher and subsequently Executive Headteacher for 11 years. Catherine is Regional Consultant for Ambition School Leadership and has been the North West and Greater Manchester Primary Lead for PiXL. the Associate Headteacher of Blessed Thomas Holford. Lee is a PiXL Associate and an SLE of Closing the gap, Maths and Curriculum Design.

is Deputy Headteacher at Chesterfield High School. Kevin is PiXL Area Leader for the North West and has an M.Ed in School Leadership.

is the Deputy Headteacher of Blessed Thomas Holford and Head of the Sixth Form. Catherine is a PiXL and PiXL 6 Associate. is the Associate Deputy Headteacher of Blessed Thomas Holford. Gemma is a Future Leader graduate and an SLE of Teaching & Learning and MFL. is an Assistant Headteacher at Blessed Thomas Holford and an SLE of CPD. Emma is also the Director of the Blessed Thomas Holford Teaching School Alliance. is an Assistant Headteacher at All Saints Catholic College.

is an Assistant Headteacher at Blessed Thomas Holford and an SLE of PE. is an Assistant Headteacher at Blessed Thomas Holford and an SLE of English.

is an Assistant Headteacher at Blessed Thomas Holford, Future Leader graduate , SENCo and an SLE of SEN.

is a Director of Teaching Coaches at Blessed Thomas Holford.

is in charge of data and careers at Blessed Thomas Holford.


Eligibility Criteria

An aspiring or current middle leader An aspiring or current senior leader who has a track record of two years who has a track record of two years as a ‘Good’ teacher as a ‘Good’ teacher Has successfully supported a middle Has been a successful middle leader leadership initiative for at least two years

The focus of this programme is to The focus of this programme is the ensure all participants increase their participant’s own leadership confidence, capability and impact as development, including how to a middle leader. It will empower make best use of tasks and tools to participants to develop proactively a Is this course for make the transition to senior strong network to support them in leadership. Participants will be me? their first steps into leadership. assessed through a written Participants will be assessed assignment and interview to ensure through a written assignment and they have reached the interview to ensure they have requirements. reached the requirements.


Six half days with content including: Strategy and improvement Teaching and curriculum excellence Leading with impact Working in partnership Managing resources Risks and increasing capacity

Nine half days with content including: Self-development and stepping up Strategic leadership using data Leadership of whole school CPD Teaching and Learning improvements Horizon scanning and looking to the future


£1, 200

£1, 500

Both programmes will begin with a residential on Friday 10�� November – Saturday 11�� November 2017 in Greater Manchester where three sessions will be delivered. Details for the remaining sessions will follow once enrolment takes place.

The deadline for applications is Friday 20�� October at 4pm. In order to apply for a NPQ, please click on the link below.

If you have any questions at all about this course, please contact:

School's partnership booklet  
School's partnership booklet