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Contents 1

Rain and Shine


Life Without a Well

3-4 Well, Well, Well 5-6 A Good Water Supply is Life Changing 7

What Have You Learnt?



Rain and Shine

A UK toilet takes approximately 10 litres. In Téréli 10 litres totals their daily use of water

Mali is a country which is desperately short of water

People in the UK use 200 litres per person a day - more than 20 times a person in Téréli!

20kg is the weight of water carried by many women

The average person in Téréli uses 10 litres of water a day for washing and cooking

Water is a human right

No one can survive without water


This woman would really er like a well in h village

Life Without a Well She is carrying f up to 20 kg o water on her head

She may spend up to five hours a day collecting water She only has re time to prepa ay one meal a d

It limits the time she can er spend with h family

She has no time for small commercial bring enterprises to ey for in more mon her family

Her health is at risk from y carrying heav loads A well ts probably cos r more than he village can afford

A well would r e h e g n a ch life


ll e W , ll e W , ll e W

during the dry g u d re a s ll e The w to March. ry a u n a J d n u ro season from a well varies a ig d to s e k The time it ta er the ground th e h w n o g dependin e places the m o s In . y k c h is sandy or ro eeper to reac d t lo a e b to well has time it takes to e th s n a e m water. This uld be as little o c ll e w e th complete ther cases it o In . o tw r o as a month ry season to d e n o n a th re may take mo work. complete the

ell was dug w l o o h c s ry a m d The Téréli pri Téréli provide f o le p o e p e s in 2003. Th ey needed wa n o m e th d n labour a ey. raised in Burl l attend schoo to ly e k li re o Girls are m 15 minutes in h it w le b a il if water is ava ours walk. h n a n a th r e rath as lth for pupils a e h r e tt e b g Wells brin rne diseases. o b r te a w r e there are few ell was dug w l o o h c s ry a Téréli second in 2009.



Building a w

g to e men startin th s w o sh re 1. This pictu me of the metal supports are ll a dig a well, so ey dig the we h T . d n u ro g e they already in the er every metr ft a d n a e m ti ment. metre at a pports and ce su l ta e m h it line it w

2. Digging a well is hard work be deeper the m cause the en go down in the ground the hotter it g ets. The men have to work a very hot an in d dusty atmo sphere.

der deep for a lad o to ts e g it , y 3. Eventuall to winch the men down to f to so they have inally after a lo F . ll e w e th f e. the bottom o a water sourc it h n e m e th hard work

4. This is the finishe d product of well. It cost ap the proximately ÂŁ 1,800 to build althoug h the cost of building can vary accordin g to the grou nd. There is a wall around th e well to prev ent anyone (including sm all children co llecting wate falling down r) it. There is als o a lid to stop a debris getting ny in.


A Good Water Supp

ly is Life Changing

Clean water is vital for healt hy lives. It helps eradicate waterborne d iseases.

Cooking and preparing foo d is much easier if you have clos e access to wat er. Water is esse ntial for good hyg iene and cleanline ss. Trees may be give grown. These ve shade, impro ent the environm fruit and produce and nuts.


r supply e t a w le p m a An n grow means you ca provide vegetables to ious diet. it r t u n e r o m a n be sold a c s lu p r u s e Th income. r u o y g in v o r imp You can keep livestock. Keeping lives tock improves die ts, generates income and p rov organic fertiliz ides er!

ntial Water is esse nd for building a es repairing hom and wells.

Drinking water

from the well


What Have You Learnt? 1. What is the average amount of water used per day by a person living in Mali? 2. About how much water is used flushing a toilet? 3. What difference does a well make to the life of a woman? 4. What weight of water do some women carry?

5. When was TĂŠrĂŠli primary school well dug? 6. In which season are wells sunk? Why? 7. Why is a good water supply life changing? 8. What are the benefits of water in your life?


Glossary Commercial Enterprise - money gaining activities. Domestic Animals - are not pets and not wild animals. They are reared to provide us with benefits. Hygiene - personal cleanlinesss. Livestock - animals such as chickens, sheep, donkeys, goats and cattle that are kept for meat, milk, leather, eggs and for work reasons. Surplus - extra or above your needs.

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Written by: The pupils of Burley Oaks and Burley & Woodhead CE primary schools With thanks to the following: Coup de Pouce, The Joliba Trust, Zakari Saye, the staff and pupils of Burley & Woodhead CE and Burley Oaks primary schools

edcreates BTFT


This book is about Water issues in Téréli, in the Dogon region of Mali, West Africa.

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