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Volume 4 Issue 3

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From start to finish B-TEK Scales wants to help make weighing easier for you. With the latest advancements in farming technology, B-TEK Scales has developed a “Farm Management” software for the new DD series. These terminals will help manage your operation in real time, with ease and accuracy, giving you peace of mind. Benefits of the new farm management sofware include the ability to collect data easily and accurately such as: farm, field, commodity, weights, moisture content and other pertinent transaction information at the touch of a button. You can also interface directly to your PC or other peripherals, or have the option to manually enter readings. In seconds you can generate insurance and tracking reports.

DD 2050 Pay-To-Weigh Available in December Features • Unattended DD 2050 solution • Custom setup/options available • Industry standard security (More secure than cash systems) Options • RFID scanner • Camera/video support • Credit card processing • Touch screen navigation • Scoreboards • Traffic Lights

Interested in Scale Rentals? Visit the B-TEK site and click the Dealer Lounge link. Once you have entered, click on the Rentals link for more information or feel free to contact Abe Schaffer about rentals direct at 330.458.3374 or email aschaffer@ If you do not have an account yet please follow the instructions to assist you in setting up your NEW account.


Payments The DD 2050 relies on credit card processing to collect fees for weighments. Communication is securely transmitted over the web just like when you swipe your card at the store. The terminal communicates with payment gateways to validate the authenticity of a credit card. If details are validated, the terminal accepts the card, and prints a ticket. However, no sensitive information is stored on the device.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Welcome Rick Spradling, Steve Myers and Sean Brazill a branch, sales and heavily involved in larger projects including working close with the concrete construction crews. Rick has accepted the position of General Manager and will oversee all operations at B-TEK Scales, LLC.

Rick Spradling

Sean Brazill

Rick Spradling started with Brechbuhler Scales in 1985 at the Cincinnati branch in the Service Department. He then became Southern Regional Manager for the Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Dayton branches. In 1998 he transferred to Canton to become the Canton Manager and in 2000 he became the Northern Regional Manager for Canton and Cleveland branches. Rick’s past responsibilities have been everything from servicing scales, day to day operations of

Sean Brazill started with the company in 2009 as a Field Service Technician and Programmer. He developed PC applications and automation systems, which eventually carried over to the DD Series. Sean will be responsible for helping distributors with technical sales calls, technical support, product training, and systems development at B-TEK.

Steve Myers

Steve Myers has assumed a full-time outside sales position with B-TEK covering the Southeast. Steve will continue to be involved with the DD Series and our development of systems.

Product spotlight Super-Bright LED Scoreboard / Remote Display Without any mechanical or moving parts, the Superbright display with high-intensity LED are designed for years of reliable use with minimum maintenance. Distance and lighting conditions are no match for the Superbright series of scoreboards.

Newest DD terminal being submitted for NTEP approval

Standard Features • Available in 1”, 2”, 4” and 6” digit sizes • 6-digit Super-Bright Red LED display with adjustable LED intensity • Accepts: 20 mA, RS-232 and RS-422 / 485 inputs • Configurable baud rate 300 to 19,200 • Auto-Learn feature automatically decodes data stream • (Echo) retransmit data stream output • Mirror display function • 120 VAC (standard) or 12 VDC (optional) operating voltage • Weatherproof powder coated aluminum alloy enclosure • Sun visor (hood) standard • 2-Year warranty

B-TEK is in the process of submitting its newest addition of the DD line of terminals, the DD 1010i, to NTEP for approval. The DD 1010i comes standard with a 5.7” touch screen color display, utilizing LED TFT technology. The ability to have intuitive icons makes the terminal easy to use allowing multiple functions to be immediately available at your fingertips. The DD 1010i offers the same functionality of the other DD Series, but in a smaller version.

Call your local B-TEK sales rep for more information



Put our expertise to work for your operation • 1 on 1 training • Custom solution development • Microsoft Certified Programmers • MCSD.NET Certified • MCAD.NET Certified • Java Certified • Over 20 years of scale system development

B-TEK’s line of DD Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with a scale. The DD Series terminals are based on the Microsoft.NET framework. This means that you will have increased programmability, availability and support of developers, and a comprehensive network of supporting documentation to increase your system’s capabilities.

Axle Weighing The Axle Weighing System uses a light that lets the truck driver know that his weight has been recorded and he can pull forward to weigh the next axle. Each axle weight is added to the total weight. When the scale does not see any weight applied for 30 seconds it will total all axles and store the weight. The farm and field data are selected from stored data in the DD 1050i before the driver pulls on the scale. Data can be downloaded and then exported into a spreadsheet allowing the customer to sort by field, farm, grain type, inbound or outbound categories. Full customization available upon request.


Dual Hopper Control System The Dual Hopper Control System allows the operator to fill a truck to the required target weight. Throughout the extraction process, an operator will fill the hopper scale with the required material. Once a truck is in place, the operator will either select one of three pre-programmed truck weights or manually enter a truck target weight. The DD 1050i will automatically monitor the current weight of the scale and output the “Weight To Go” to a remote display. Throughout the process, the operator is able to pause the fill process to allow more material to be added to the hopper scale without affecting the “Weight To Go” value. Once the target weight is reached, the operator is able to print a scale ticket and restart the process.

Intuitive Guidance/Navigation The DD Series features 12.1” and 10.4” touch screens providing the user intuitive guidance through the weighing process. The navigation can be a step-by-step graphic interface based on large, easy-to-read color icons and a clear message for the user to understand. The DD Series intuitive navigation capability simplifies the weighing process for end users and reduces unwanted costs related to user error.

Attended Windows Farm Management Software The Farm Management Software works with an attended system or with the unattended DD 2050 terminal. The software lets the scale operator or the driver select Farm Name, Field Name (system then fills in Tract #, FSN #, and Acres) and Crop Type. The operator or driver can then enter Driver ID # and the system will record the inbound (Gross) weight. Once unloaded, the driver drives back across the scale and enters a moisture reading, and records outbound (Net) weight. A ticket is generated and stored that shows Gross, Tare, Net Wet, Net Dry and Net Dry Bushels (calculated based on moisture reading/table). Reporting tools are included that give the customer the ability to generate a report for a specific farm, field or truck, for a given date range.



With Jason Paulus

D410 Manually Editing Angle Coefficients (Section Adjustment)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Press the calibration pushbutton Select English Select Scales Display will show “select number of scale”, select 1. Select Scale A: Digital Display will show “Change scale type?” Select No. Select Test Select Angular Coefficient Press EDIT softkey Display will show “N# of cell to be changed” Type in the number of the load cell that you want to edit the weight. Ex: 1, 2, 3 and press Enter. You can only do one at a time. Display will show “current coefficient: x.xxxxx” “modified coefficient: x.xxxxx” You can increase the weight by one division by adding .001 to the current coefficient, or you can decrease the weight by one division by subtracting .001 from the current coefficient. Ex: current coefficient 0.99955, for a one division increase change the coefficient to 1.00055.

10. Use the keypad to enter in the new coefficient. Use the Comma key ( 11. Press Enter to save the new coefficient.

, ) for the decimal point.

To adjust the weight of a section, edit the coefficient values for each cell in the section by the same amount. Ex: to adjust section 2, adjust cells 3 and 4 by the same amount. When finished editing, you will see that the old coefficient is displayed in the left column, and the new coefficient is displayed in the right column.

12. Press the #5 key on the keypad to download the new coefficient(s) into the load cell(s). Display will show “sure?” press YES.

13. Escape out of setup and let the indicator re-boot. 14. Cycle power on indicator. 15. TURN indicator OFF then ON 16. Re-check your weights.


Trade Show Review with

Ashley Moore

The 51st annual Farm Science Review broke ground on September 17-19, 2013 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio. This three day event attracted over 140,000 visitors from all over the United States. The 80-acre exhibit allows exhibitors and visitors to experience the whole agricultural experience from start to finish. From the tiniest grain seed to the largest of farming equipment, the Farm Science Review had something for everyone to see. Along with the exhibit space, there is over 600 acres of land dedicated for field demonstrations such as corn and soybean combines, tillage, nutrient and lime applications and drainage installations. Not only is there a lot to see but there is a lot to learn! The agricultural industry is becoming one of the most advanced when it comes to technology. Thanks to GPS in tractors, combines, and sprayers they can practically drive themselves through the field with their onboard computer systems. Load cells and indicators directly attached to trucks and hoppers enable farmers to weigh their product in real time. Brechbuhler Scales’, Columbus branch was there for the three day show, looking good in orange and selling B-TEK scales! The weather was perfect and people were stopping in and out all day interested in what Brechbuhler Scales had to offer.

Upcoming Trade Shows



The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) is the trade association in Ohio that represents all of the state’s mining operations, except coal. These include mostly construction materials both natural and manmade.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG will represent an immense unveiling of all the newest equipment, technology and product breakthrough in construction. From earthshaking big iron to groundbreaking innovations, it’s all assembled in one place to help you work smarter.

ATTENDING WITH DEALER November 2013 Columbus, OH

EXHIBITING March 4-8, 2014 Las Vegas, NV


1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706


The Indicator Quarter 3  

B-TEK newsletter for 2013 Quarter 3

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