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COVER STORY Our Customers Make the Difference. From all of us at B-TEK Scales, we want to thank you for being our valued customers and for your loyal patronage throughout the years. We make it our goal to provide you with the best quality, service and support that we know how. We have you, our valued and loyal customer, in mind as we grow our product line and our overall business to help you grow yours.

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We could not do what we do without you and we have made this issue about you. We wanted to highlight your business and show what makes our partnerships so successful.

“[B-TEK] has quality people and ability to tackle almost any special.” - Rob McIntyre, McIntyre Scale “B-TEK products have been installed by us in some of the harshest environments a truck scale can go.” - Baldwin Scale “Our 8 year relationship with B-TEK has provided us with unmatched growth in our market and can be directly associated with the quality of products B-TEK offers, especially in the Heavy Capacity Segment.” - R.M. Dillow III, Central Scale “B-TEK products provide accurate, durable, dependable, customizable, and economical weighing solutions for our customers many varied applications.” - Central Illinois Scale


ANNOUNCEMENTS All distributors should be receiving the newest 2015 product catalog. You will notice the 2015 product catalog has red tabs instead of the yellow tabs used in the past. If you have not received your catalog please contact your local B-TEK Sales Representative.


C300 Series Bench Scale with Indicator

4 x 4 Floor Scale with BWS Indicator

• The WorldWEIGH C300 Series Bench Scales can be used for basic weighing or parts counting.

• NTEP approved complete floor scale package that is ideal for warehouse shipping / receiving areas, commercial facilities and light industrial locations.

• Available in 50 lb. and 100 lb. capacities • Stainless steel bolt-on column and weighing platter. • Weight capacities of 50 lbs and 100 lbs. • BWS weight indicator with backlit LCD weight / count display. • Built-in rechargeable battery.

• Diamond plate decking, shock absorbing leveling feet and top access stainless steel junction box.

• Plug and play scale and indicator, 5,000 lb. capacity, factory calibration with 1 lb. accuracy. • BWS indicator with stainless steel housing, swivel stand and RS-232 printer / computer output. • Extra-large 2” tall indicator display digits with backlight for exceptional visibility.

Please call your local B-TEK Representative or 800.266.8900 to learn more about these new products.


OUR CUSTOMERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. B-TEK Scales, LLC. takes pride in our highly trained staff of sales and manufacturing professionals to provide you with a single source for all your weighing needs. Making your day-to-day operation run smoothly is what we strive to do. We value our partnerships that have formed along the way and look forward to many more in our future. Please don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our loyal customers are saying about B-TEK Scales.

Baldwin Scale Corpus Christi, Texas

“B-TEK provides excellent customer service. If I have a question or an issue that needs to be resolved, it is handled quickly and smoothly. A big part of what makes B-TEK’s customer service stand out is the ease with which they handle changes to a scale design or order and their ability to custom build a scale. Most manufacturers make it difficult and time consuming to make changes to a scale order or design. B-TEK makes this process simple. Changes are almost always approved and back to me within a few hours rather than a few days. B-TEK makes ordering custom scales easy as well. One call to Eric Wolfe and I have a price or a quote right away and the price is based on their pricing for standard size scales – not some arbitrary number. B-TEK is also able to provide us with galvanized scales and custom painted scales that are reasonably priced. The quality of the products and their customer first approach to manufacturing scales are reasons why we have been buying B-TEK since 2008 and will continue to do so in the future.”


Denver, Colorado “One of the best aspects of working with B-TEK is their scale application knowledge and willingness to do custom modifications. Many scale suppliers have customer service people that can just take orders based on part numbers. B-TEK provides customer service from experienced “Scale People” who can help with unique product applications and sales situations. The B-TEK Hybrid truck scale is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. It offers a well built weighbridge and unique features like standard hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells that can be easily differentiated in a competitive sales situation. The Hybrid scale can be lengthened, shortened, raised or lowered to fit just about any existing foundation.”

Danville, Decatur, Peoria, Springfield, and Olney, Illinois “B-TEK’s newest line of programmable indicators, the DD Series, has added an expanded range of customizable applications that has greatly enhanced our capability to offer our customers a very affordable solution to their unique applications especially when it comes to the agricultural side of the business so prevalent in our area. We have a great deal of satisfied customers as a result of this new product line. The programs we most widely use are directed at the agriculture and farming community encompassing many of the large family and business farms by helping them gather all the harvesting information so critical in farm management these days. We collect all the information as the crops come out of the field, consolidate it, and provide real time reports as to the status of grain up to that point in time. This helps the farmer tremendously by having this information in a report style they can use to make the decisions needed to best maximize their profits. We at Central Illinois Scale are looking to the future with even greater anticipation of the new products and services that B-TEK will be bringing to the table.”

Dallas and Houston, Texas Bristol, Tennessee “The Centurion product line and CPD-M load cells are awesome and we sell more of this product than any other from BTEK. We have great success with this product line and it has generated many customer referrals and new business for us. My favorite product has to be the “Big Bertha” heavy duty truck scale with CPD-M load cells. The scale is a STUD. I installed a 70 X 11 Big Bertha for a customer about 3 years ago in the coal industry. My customer recently recorded a milestone of 10 million net tons across this scale in just 3 years. We have not made one single adjustment to the scale during that period. It has maintained HB44 tolerances consistently since the initial calibration during installation. Representing the B-TEK product line has been instrumental in our success. Good products = satisfied customers.”

“B-TEK always provides a durable, reliable scale”, says Steve Ford of Nicol in Dallas. He believes that it is among the most durable truck scales available and that, with a B-TEK scale, they always know what they are going to get and that there will be no issues once it is installed and if there is an issue, it will get resolved quickly and easily. That willingness to resolve issues quickly and easily is another important reason Nicol buys from BTEK. Everyone acknowledges that a call to Eric, Ray, Abe, or anyone else at B-TEK will result in a situation being handled right away. This is especially true with custom scale needs. All of the salespeople at Nicol agree that if they call Eric for a custom scale price, they will often have it in minutes – not the days that other manufacturers take – and at a realistic price. The sales staff at Nicol appreciate the fact that B-TEK is able to provide a scale that is as good or better than everything else on the market at a price that allows them to be competitive in some saturated scale markets. With the engineering, technology (true digital load cell technology and Windows based, touch screen indicators), and product support, Nicol Scale believes that B-TEK is likely the best value in truck and floor scales in the industry.”



With Jason Paulus

D410 Setpoint Configuration Instructions

Power off indicator, hold in arrow key of display), and power up.

(on left side

Select Data Management Select Setpoint

Display will show Setup menu language. Select English. Select Setpoint 01 (or 02) After a few seconds, Setup menu will be displayed, choose Personalizations.

Enter in weight value on keypad, then press Enter (EN key)

From Personalization menu choose Outputs. From Outputs menu choose Input/Output. From Input/Output menu choose Output. Select either Output 01 or Output 02 The next menu will have 2 choices: Status at rest: This can be set for either Normally Open or Normally closed Operation: By default, this is configured for Disabled. Select this menu, then Select Setpoint. This configuration will give you a contact that either turns on (closes) or turns off (opens) at a user- configured weight After changes have been made, press ESC repeatedly to back up one step at a time through the menus. Display will show “Save changes�, press YES, indicator will re-boot. Setpoint weight value is configured from the User Menu. From the normal weight display, press (on left side of display). User menu will be displayed


Press Escape multiple times to return to the normal weight display. Note: No voltage is present at the setpoint terminals, this will need to be supplied by an outside source.

Beginning of 2015 with

Brett Kaufman

Quarter one is off to a great start. The prospects for the U.S. economy look very positive and we are in a great position to capitalize on this. With an increased product line and a constantly growing support group, B-TEK expects to make 2015 a very strong year! As always, we appreciate your support and would like to hear any feedback as to how we can improve and make your business run better each day. Thank you again and let’s work together to make this a great year!

Brett Kaufman National Sales Manager

The Endurance-AT is the newest B-TEK Truck Scale and has seen instant success in various applications and industries. Call your local B-TEK Sales Representative to learn more about the Endurance-AT.

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Experience the difference G makes for tackling your toughest challenges. Visit hundreds of suppliers to learn about products, services and solutions that Grainger offers. You can explore opportunities to reduce cost and increase productivity.

World of Asphalt, and the co-located AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, will feature leading manufacturers and service providers, showcasing their newest products and technologies aimed at the aggregates, asphalt, pavement maintenance and traffic safety industry sectors.

EXHIBITING / Booth #430 February 15-20, 2015 Orlando, FL

EXHIBITING / Booth #1756 March 17-19, 2015 Baltimore, MD


1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706

NEW C300 Series

Bench Scale with Indicator and Column

In Stock Today! Call your B-TEK Sales Representative to learn more!

WorldWEIGH is offered in the USA exclusively through: B-TEK Scales, LLC • 1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706 800.266.8900 • Fax: 330.471.8909 •

B-TEK Scales Indicator Quarter 4  

Our Customers Make the Difference! We thank you!

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