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COVER STORY The CPD-M Digital Load Cell has captured attention from the weighing industry as the most unique load cell ever built. If you haven’t been purchasing digital load cells, then you’ve been missing out. We hope the digital load cell captures your attention and we can better help you understand why it’s the only load cell you will need.


endurance-at Truck scale

NEW 4 x 4 Floor Scale Includes NTEP BWS Indicator

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The Endurance-AT was developed by leveraging years of experience in truck scale design, innovation and fabrication. The Endurance-AT balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overall affordability. Great for use in: • Recycling • Light Manufacturing

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• Agricultural • Transportation

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B-TEK has restructured its internal support system. Please call our support line 1.844.CAL.BTEK (1.844.225.2835) where our support groups are available for assistance. B-TEK has also moved to an internal ticketing system to route support requests and ensure timely solutions to our distribution.

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24" x 24" Drum Scale with Ramp and Column Capacity: 5K


29" x 30" Drum Scale Capacity: 2.5K $725.00

48" x 48" Drum Scale Capacity: 5K $850.00

30" x 22" Stainless Steel Drum Scale Capacity: 1K


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“FIRST OF ITS KIND, STILL ONE OF A KIND.” Developed in 2000, the CPD-M Digital Load Cell quickly captured attention from the weighing industry as the most unique load cell ever built. Working together with our partners in Italy, B-TEK took characteristics from the very successful CPR Analog Load Cell and developed a higher performing, more reliable load cell which offered ease of use to techs and end users alike. The CPD-M Digital Load Cell goes through a manufacturing process that is second to none. When comparing our process to a standard analog load cell or other equipment that is being made in Asia, it is easy to understand why the CPD-M Digital Load Cell offers characteristics that aren’t seen in the market today. Our process begins with the stainless steel load cell body being sandblasted to prepare the column for application of strain gauges. The eight (yes, eight!) strain gauges are then applied, by hand, to the cleaned and prepped load cell column. After the strain gauges are in place, the bridge is then wired and the cell is ready to be tested. The strain gauge bridge in the CPD-M Digital Load Cell detects mechanical deformation proportional to the load received, and provides an appropriate electrical signal for translating that load. Each CPD-M Digital Load Cell undergoes a linearity test to check this signal, the test ranges from 0 lbs. to the maximum cell capacity. It is during this test that any operating parameters are corrected in ascending or descending order, if required. After the output and insulation of the cell is confirmed, each CPD-M Digital Load Cell is then put into a climatic chamber to test the cell from -40 to 110 degrees, including different levels of moisture and humidity. After the CPD-M Digital Load Cell passes all of the required tests, the outer, protective cell body is then welded on and each cell is then tagged with a unique serial number for future traceability. If you are wondering what all of this precision manufacturing means then you can refer to our NTEP Certificate which confirms one of the first truck scales in the world that is certified at 10 lb. resolution! The CPD-M continues to be sought after in all industries where reliability is a must. We are so confident in this product that we stand behind it with an industry leading (5) year parts and labor warranty. With more than 130,000 units in use throughout the world, B-TEK is proud to say that we have one of the most admired products our industry has ever seen!




Listen to what the industry is saying: “Our service area is Central Florida and we have the second highest number of lightning storms in the entire United States. In all of the years that we have been selling the CPD-M Digital Load Cells we have not had a single cell damaged by lightning or voltage surges.

the scale, the calibration does not change. Until we started selling the B-TEK product we had to have a tech present any time the State would come on site to check the calibration. We no longer make these arrangements as we know the scale will pass. The calibration just locks on with digital cells, plain and simple! Last but not least is the fact that you can change a cell without affecting the calibration. This is a great selling point for end-users running hundreds of trucks each day and can’t afford a minute of down-time.”

The second best feature we have found is that once we calibrate


“I have used B-TEK Digital Load Cells for the last 10 years in the Centurion model truck scale. We have sold dozens of these scales and have had only one load cell failure. We have 5 scales in flood plain areas that have been under 5 feet of water for several days and these scales have never failed. I am a firm believer in Digital Load Cells, so much so that I have only sold one analog scale since I was introduced to B-TEK.” - Dave Derlein - Owner D & J Scale Service

- Steve Wooten - Owner Controls and Weighing, Inc.

THE NEW DIGITAL LOAD CELL PACKAGE While you can see many advantages to using our Digital Load Cell and we are proud to say it has helped us grow into the company we are today, we also have seen a need to continue to cultivate and expand this technology. Since its formation in 2013 our Systems Group has been working diligently to develop software to fully utilize not only the functionality in our Digital Load Cells but to also combine this with the functionality in our DD line of indicators. In Q3, B-TEK will be releasing an upgrade to our Digital Load Cell Package. Many of you are used to the Centurion Digital Load Cell Package coming with a TM-U295 ticket printer, a D410 weight indicator and enhanced warranty protection. The warranty and printer will still be intact as part of this package but we will now be upgrading the indicator to a DD 1010. Not only does this DD 1010 offer full programmability and a touch screen interface but now we will be including error logging within this unit for Digital Load Cells. The error logging will work seamlessly as the user, servicing company and B-TEK will all receive email notifications when there is an issue with the scale. Once an email is generated the servicing company and UPGR or B-TEK can view the specific diagnostics within the error message and decide A TO A D E what the next course of action needs to be. Some screenshots to preview this are below:

DD 10


*E-mail is contingent upon having a network connection.

We feel that this technology is filling a void that Digital Load Cells have had. Yes, Digital has always provided more diagnostic capabilities but we always felt that we could improve on how the initial error information was conveyed. Enter our Systems Group combined with the DD Series of Indicators! While we are very excited about the enhancement that this automation is providing, we are also not finished developing this technology. Look for this and more coming with all Digital Load Cells starting in October of 2015.



With Jason Paulus

TRUCK SCALE TROUBLESHOOTING Troubleshooting Example The following example has merely been included to explain how to find a fault and is not representative of every situation. It starts with a -01- error where all the cells, of which there are 8 in the example, are not connected in the tests. The terminal has been tested with the simulator and is functional.

The last test has been intentionally excluded from the example because it depends on the spare parts the technician has during the repair. For example, if the technician must find out whether the fault depends on the cell or the cable and he has a spare cable, he can use it for the test, otherwise he must use the cable of another cell that functions correctly.


End of Quarter 2 Brett Kaufman We are halfway through the year and showing a nice increase YTD from 2014. There is a nice mix of industries that are driving our growth from last year which include; Waste, Aggregate, Chemical and Agriculture. The latter, Agriculture, has really picked up significantly in the later part of Q2 and we anticipate further growth through Q3. I mentioned in our last issue that we would be closely tracking oil prices to obtain some guidance for the industries related to fracking across the country. While it looks as though oil prices have stabilized at levels a bit higher than in April, prices are still significantly lower than the past couple of years and consequently we don’t anticipate capital spending growth in this sector. It will be very interesting to see what the rest of the year holds for oil prices and consequently the other commodities which have followed oil down to multi-year lows. From the manufacturing side we are very excited about some product enhancements and improvements that will be introduced throughout the rest of 2015. We expect that distributors and end users alike will also share in the satisfaction. Please stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months. As always, we appreciate your support and would like to hear any feedback as to how we can improve and help your business run better each day. Thank you again and let’s work together to help ensure a prosperous second-half of 2015!

Brett Kaufman National Sales Manager

Upcoming Trade Shows OAIMA Annual Meeting


The Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) is the trade association in Ohio that represents all of the state’s mining operations, except coal. These include mostly construction materials both natural and manmade.

World of Asphalt, and the co-located AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, will feature leading manufacturers and service providers, showcasing their newest products and technologies aimed at the aggregates, asphalt, pavement maintenance and traffic safety industry sectors.

ATTENDING WITH DEALER November 12-13, 2015 Columbus, OH

EXHIBITING March 22-24, 2016 Nashville, TN


1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706


TO REPLACE YOUR TRUCK SCALE? B-TEK Scales, LLC has a rich history of serving business and industry. With multi-generational experience, the B-TEK Scales team brings over 80 years of industry know-how to the table. That long term knowledge of the weighing industry enables our company to focus on bringing new and innovative solutions to our customers, and has also made us of one of the top truck scale manufacturers in the world. With a distribution network of over 100 independently owned companies and manufacturing facilities in Canton, Ohio and Phoenix, AZ, we are here to provide for your weighing needs.


Scale shown with optional sight rail.

WHY DIGITAL LOAD CELLS? The CPD-M is the only load cell of its kind which offers hermetically sealed stainless steel (IP68/69K) construction to withstand the coldest winters in the arctic to the blazing heat of the desert.

Endurance Guarantee From:

B-TEK Scales, LLC prides itself in being one of the only companies in the world to manufacture truck scales with digital load cell technology.

Contact your local B-TEK Sales Representative today to learn more. Call 800.266.8900 or visit









B-TEK Scales, LLC Indicator Quarter 2 2015  

Learn more about the evolution of the Digital Load Cell.

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