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COVER STORY ScaleSoft.NET is a fully customizable truck management system software. It was designed from the ground up to be flexible and robust for any type of truck in/out operation. It’s tailor-made nature allows the software to be utilized in many rail yards as well. Get a 360° view of your business with customizable reports, data analysis with pivot tables, and export capabilities into popular accounting packages. The ASP.NET module can be added to share data and entry capabilities with your entire company.


in motion axle scale Available NOW

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Simple: The In-Motion Axle scale arrives fully assembled with pre-cast, factory poured deck allowing for an easy on-site installation. Portable: Easy to transport, Easy to install, Easy to relocate. Affordable: Approximately a 1/3 less than traditional truck scales. Options • Traffic Light • Scoreboard • Remote key-fob • Monitoring software

Contact your local B-TEK Sales Rep today to learn more. Call 800.266.8900 or visit

ANNOUNCEMENTS B-TEK has restructured its internal support system. As a result, many of the direct numbers you currently use to contact support personnel will no longer function after Friday, May 1, 2015. Calls placed to these numbers will be routed to our support line 1.844.CAL.BTEK (1.844.225.2835) where our support groups will be available for assistance. B-TEK has also moved to an internal ticketing system to route support requests and ensure timely solutions to our distribution.

NEW PRODUCTS FROM WORLDWEIGH C300 Series Bench Scale with Indicator • The WorldWEIGH C300 Series Bench Scales can be used for basic weighing or parts counting. • Available in 50 lb. and 100 lb. capacities.

50lb @ $315 100lb @ $360

• Stainless steel bolt-on column and weighing platter. • Weight capacities of 50 lbs and 100 lbs. • BWS weight indicator with backlit LCD weight / count display. • Built-in rechargeable battery.

4 x 4 Floor Scale with BWS Indicator • NTEP approved complete floor scale package that is ideal for warehouse shipping / receiving areas, commercial facilities and light industrial locations. • Diamond plate decking, shock absorbing leveling feet and top access stainless steel junction box.

3 pack @ $570 ea. 6 pack @ $550 ea.

• Plug and play scale and indicator, 5,000 lb. capacity, factory calibration with 1 lb. *includes NTEP BWS Indicator accuracy. • BWS indicator with stainless steel housing, swivel stand and RS-232 printer / computer output. • Extra-large 2” tall indicator display digits with backlight for exceptional visibility.

Please call your local B-TEK Representative or 800.266.8900 to learn more about these new products.


SCALESOFT.NET ScaleSoft.NET Truck Management System Software has been designed to be fast, flexible and easy to use. ScaleSoft.NET allows for simple fill in the blank setup and configuration within a familiar Windows based application environment. Reports of all transaction types can be created, customized, and printed from the program using the embedded report designer. Accounting information can be transferred directly into QuickBooks and other major accounting packages through a built-in export utility. ScaleSoft. NET can also interface with popular peripherals such as: signature tablets, RFID, intercom, video cameras, and more!

• Import data from your existing system • Intuitive “fill in the blank” setup and data entry • Configurable ticket format and printer information • Connect to any Windows based peripheral • Customizable reporting for deep insight into daily operations

Truck In/Out ScaleSoft is the ideal solution for attended and unattended truck in/out applications. The software has been designed to be flexible enough to fit almost any operation. 360 view reporting gives you full insight into your data.

Rail ScaleSoft is also used by many rail in/out applications where tracking of cars and product is essential. Manual entry or RFID tagged cars can be tracked throughout your operation. As trucks, detailed rail car reports can be easily generated and customized per your requirements.

Some industries currently using ScaleSoft.Net. Customer references available.




Waste & Recycling

Data Entry


ScaleSoft.NET’s intuitive and familiar Microsoft style interface gives operators the ability to easily enter all setup information about drivers, trucks, haulers, and customers.

Looking to save some costs or administer remote locations from a central point? By utilizing the B-TEK DD 2050 unattended terminal, you can capture all data at the scale versus a scale house. The DD 2050 communicates directly with ScaleSoft.NET creating tickets as drivers use the scale.

Invoice Generation Generate invoices via a contracted price by material, customer, or just a single transaction. ScaleSoft.NET’s data can be imported directly into accounting systems such as QuickBooks.

Signature Tablet Included

Included Reports • • • •

Customer Activity Hauling Detail Daily Activity Cash & split cash tickets

• Identify trucks via RFID, WiFi or Bluetooth • Capture input from remote locations • Configurable prompts & data collection • Add peripherals such as: cameras, intercom, photo eyes, license plate scanners, and more

Customization ScaleSoft.Net has built-in reserve fields that can be used to customize the software to fit your specific process. No two applications are ever the same. By taking advantage of the reserve fields, you can capture data specific to your operation even with our standard package. Additionally, if you need more reporting insight, ScaleSoft.NET includes a report writer that allows you to create your own reports.

Data Analyzer • Create Excel like pivot tables • Drag and drop designer • 360 view of your data

ASP.NET Operator PC

Weighbridge for OUT weighing


ASP.NET Licenses

Do you need to access scale information from more than one computer on your network? The ASP.NET add-on will allow any computer on the network with a web browser to log in without interrupting the operation of the scale. • No software to install • Web browser interface to ScaleSoft.NET • Multiple users with single ASP.NET license • Access to specific information can be password restricted



With Jason Paulus

Calibrating the DD Screen

To recalibrate the touch on a DD Series Indicator. First, check to see if the screen has been cleaned. If cleaning didn’t adjust the calibration then continue with the directions below. (Note: DD 2050 have a capacitive touch screen) 1. Reset (power off then on) the indicator and wait for screen below, and press the screen once.

2. DD will prompt for a password. Enter 607524 the press OK.

3. Once in the start menu, Select System.

DD 1010/1050

DD 2050


4. Under System menu, Select Display Calibration of DD 1010, and DD 1050, and Capacitive for DD 2050.

5a. On DD 1010/1050 Select the Calibration tab. The Recalibrate

5b. On DD 2050, once Capacitive display calibration is selected. Unit will give you the choice of 4 point calibration, Similar to the DD 1050 procedure or the 25 point. You will be prompted to touch the blinking X 25 times, instead of 4. Once Complete, Hit the OK button. The Start menu will now appear, Press the play button unit will now restart. Allow to unit to fully load the software. 6. Follow the direction, holding the target on the screen, then following it around the screen. Once complete tap the screen and unit will exit to stylus properties menu, hit ok display jumps back to start menu, press the Play button and unit restarts. Allow the unit to load the software. 6a. Please touch the blinking symbol until it stops blinking.

End of Quarter 1 Brett Kaufman Quarter one is off to another strong start. We can attribute this mostly to a milder winter than 2014 and stable growth in the U.S. economy. Right now we are seeing nice spending from the Waste, Chemical and Manufacturing sectors, with an increase expected in agricultural toward late spring and early summer. The last few years have provided a nice revenue spike in the industries related to shale activity and drilling for oil/gas. We expect some tightening in these industries due to the reduced oil prices that are hitting the world economy, but still some opportunity as this newer industry looks like it is here to stay in the U.S. All indicators point to an up-tick in oil prices later in the year but it will definitely be something to keep an eye on through the summer of 2015. As always, we appreciate your support and would like to hear any feedback as to how we can improve and make your business run better each day. Thank you again and let’s work together to make 2015 a great year!

Brett Kaufman National Sales Manager Looking to upgrade your floor scale? B-TEK’s Clydesdale Floor Scale is designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. Call your local B-TEK Sales Representative to learn more about the Clydesdale Floor Scale.

Shown with optional ramp

Upcoming Trade Shows ISRI EXPO


Where the east meets the west. Join us at the ISRI Expo for the world’s largest scrap recycling industry convention and tradeshow.

WasteExpo is the industry’s largest conference and tradeshow of its kind, serving both the public and private sectors. WasteExpo 2015 brings together all the players in the waste, recycling, organics and sustainability industries. Hope to see you there.

EXHIBITING / Booth #507 April 22-24, 2015 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

EXHIBITING / Booth #2299 June 2-4, 2015 Las Vegas, NV


1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706

NEW C300 Series

Bench Scale with Indicator and Column

In Stock Today! Call your B-TEK Sales Representative to learn more!

WorldWEIGH is offered in the USA exclusively through: B-TEK Scales, LLC • 1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706 800.266.8900 • Fax: 330.471.8909 •

B-TEK Scales, LLC Indicator Quarter 1 2015  

Check out The Indicator for Quarter 1. Featuring ScaleSoft.Net.

B-TEK Scales, LLC Indicator Quarter 1 2015  

Check out The Indicator for Quarter 1. Featuring ScaleSoft.Net.