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COVER STORY Introduced last month, The Endurance-AT was developed by leveraging years of experience in truck scale design, innovation and fabrication. The Endurance-AT balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overall affordability. We are very excited about the Endurance-AT and have had equal reception from our dealers. Please continue reading on page 3 to learn more about the Endurance-AT truck scale.

6 DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE STALLION FLOOR SCALE Need a floor scale for your warehouse, commercial facilities or light industrial customers? The Stallion Floor Scale is the perfect floor scale for those applications. For more information contact your local B-TEK Sales Rep at 800.266.8900

B-TEK can mobilize a solution for you allowing access to your data from popular devices such as: Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. Utilizing the communications capabilities of the DD Series weighing terminals, B-TEK can develop mobile solutions that work with your existing hardware and internal processes. B-TEK can also integrate applications into popular devices such as: PC’s, tablets, smart phones, and laptops.

Features • Ability to mobilize your current solution • Software Engineers available to assist you with design • Special data rates available through B-TEK’s Verizon partnership Call your local B-TEK Sales Representative for more information. 800.266.8900



As most of you probably know, May represented the end of a very successful 25+ year career in the scale industry for John Chesley. John began his career with Durline Scales, which he sold to B-TEK in May of 2001. Upon completion of the sale, John decided that he wanted to remain in the industry and continue with B-TEK as an Account Representative in the Midwest. We know that John will now be happy to pursue his many hobbies with his wife, Marge. Wherever those hobbies will take him we don’t know, but we hope he finds the time to swing into B-TEK every once in a while! Thank you for everything, John!


B-TEK would like to introduce our new Inside Sales Coordinator, Ray Bloom. Ray comes to us with many years of sales experience specifically focused in the industrial and logistics sectors. Ray has vast experience with engineering, marketing and estimation functions. In his spare time, Ray enjoys playing golf, fishing and spending time with his (2) kids. Please feel free to call Ray and introduce yourself. We are excited to have Ray as part of our team!

ADDING TO OUR PRODUCT LINE SO YOU CAN ADD TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE Much attention has been given to our new Endurance-AT Truck Scale. While many of you are familiar with this scale and its features, we wanted to take an opportunity to outline what makes this scale unique to the industry and why this scale presents a fit for every distributor. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Endurance-AT.

What drove the introduction of the Endurance-AT? It’s all about giving our distributors more options which will help them be successful with the end user. We felt there was a need to introduce a scale where an end-user could define what he/she wanted and only pay for what is needed. With the Endurance, if an end-user would like a less expensive up front scale cost then he/she can sacrifice the warranty. Conversely, if warranty is important to that end-user then he/she can purchase over (5) years of an extended warranty. Why does the Endurance-AT have a lighter CLC? We found that we had more and more customers trying to utilize shipping (2) scales on a truck with our Hybrid line. Whether it was for stock or coordinating multiple deliveries, fitting (2) hybrids on a truck was never fully feasible. Enter the Endurance-AT, this scale lets us ship (2) scales on a truck including sight rails and parts boxes which means lower shipping costs for you! What changed in the construction of the Endurance vs. the Hybrid? Basically, very little. The thickness of the deck plate and weight/quantity of the beams is exactly the same as our Hybrid model. You will notice a few bigger gaps between sight rail sections and a more simple bumper assembly, as well as a scale that is 70’ x 11’ only. All of this contributes to us achieving the ship weight that we are looking for to help our distributors achieve more economical freight rates. Are there any shortcuts with the quality of steel used or the paint/prep process to achieve the price point? No, this scale uses the exact same steel as our Hybrid from the exact same American suppliers. Like every other scale built at B-TEK, we shot-blast all of the steel to an SSPC-SP6 standard and then paint it with our 2-part epoxy primer and 2-part polyurethane top-coat. We do offer custom colors for this scale with our private-label offerings. Which load cells are offered in the Endurance-AT? The Endurance-AT is equipped with our CPR-M Analog Rocker Column Load Cells. These are the same load cells which have contributed to the immense success in our Centurion and Hybrid product lines. The digital load cell starts in our Hybrid line but is not offered in the Endurance-AT. Which industries and applications has the Endurance-AT been most commonly used with? The Endurance-AT is a perfect fit for commercial manufacturing, light industrial and seasonal farming applications. Please contact your local representative for more details on the Edurance-AT Truck Scale.


As most of you have probably noticed, B-TEK unveiled a new website in late March of this year. Our goal with this site was to have a cleaner collection of data and enhanced content that not only was more visually appealing on the computer, but also easier to access on phones or tablets. We have gotten an increasing number of requests for manuals and articles to assist technicians in the field and we are gearing our website to the ever increasing number of users who access these items from mobile devices. Below are a couple of screenshots which will help you navigate through some new menu items on the latest version of our website.

THE CENTURION The first screenshot you will see is a basic list of all of the submenus that can be accessed from clicking on the Digital Centurion Product Line. From this page you can access manuals, pictures, literature and any relevant videos for the Centurion. Whether in a sales call or working on a truck scale, all of these items will be accessible from most any device you choose to access them from.


SOFTWARE Systems and Software is becoming a large piece of what we do in our day to day business at B-TEK. Most of our software is custom designed from a few standard templates that have been designed for particular industries. The below screen shot should give you a better idea of what B-TEK’s software capabilities are and the functionality of this software. The videos will provide enhanced content and should serve as a demo for you while you’re teaching your customers about it.

DEALER The last screenshot shows how easy it is to access our new and enhanced dealer lounge. This area of our site is being updated regularly in response to items that you, our customers, would like to see. Some recent changes that will make your experience a bit better include; ordering light capacity items, checking lead times, tracking an order en route and accessing prints for your truck scale.

As always, if there are any items you would like to see added to our website and/or dealer lounge, please be sure to let us know!



With Jason Paulus

WorldWEIGH BWS and Check weighing

The BWS Can set a High or low limit when weighing with the limits ranges. During Check Weighing the BWS will indicate whether a High or low limits value has been met and an alarm sound.

To Set Limits • Press and release


key together at the same time, display will be show set h.

• Press

key to select set h or set l

• Press

key to confirm, display will show 00000 and will blink the last digit.

• Enter the high limit value by using increment the value. • Press

keys to change the active digits and press


keys to change the active digits and press

key to confirm.

• To escape from the settings press


To Set Check Weighing • Press and release


key together at the same time, display will be show set h.

• Press

key to select display beep.

• Press

key to confirm, display will be shown no

or ok or ng • Check mode no : No beep sound in the limits. Function turned off. • Check mode ok : When the weight is between the limits. OK will shown and beeper will be sounded. • Check mode ng : When the weight is out of the limits, the beeper will be sounded and OK will show.


key to

key to confirm, display will show set l

• Enter the high limit value by using increment the value. • Press


key to

Mid Year Update with

Brett Kaufman This year has been a bit unique compared to the last few but we are excited about the growth prospects that we have seen through late spring and early summer. Historically, the busy season for activity has typically been early to mid-spring. As we all know, the long and brutally cold winter changed some factors and consequently influenced construction schedules significantly. We have seen a tremendous spike in activity probably 4 – 6 weeks later than past years but the surge in business has been very positive and has shown that almost all industries are showing some stabilization from the downturn of a few years back. All of our product lines are having increased success, especially our new systems group which is developing new software each day. As always, we appreciate your business and would like to hear any feedback as to how we can improve and help you, the lifeblood of our organization. Let’s finish the year strong! Brett Kaufman

Trade Shows The 2014 South Texas Oilfield Expo has recently come to a close. The show had thousands of oil and gas professionals from the Eagle Ford Shale and beyond to meet, network with over the two day trade show. The show was an industryexclusive oil and gas trade show where exhibitors displayed the latest technology, equipment and services that will help oilfield professionals from every sector of the industry operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.


1510 Metric Ave SW Canton, OH 44706

B-TEK Indicator Quarter 2 2014  
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