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BTEC: Driving innovation and creating jobs for North Carolina Located on the Centennial Campus of NC State University, the Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) was founded to help establish, attract and expand the biomanufacturing industry in North Carolina—and thus drive innovation and job creation. Since opening in 2007, BTEC has been contributing to the state’s economy by: ◆◆ Educating and placing students in the workplace; ◆◆ Providing workforce development; and ◆◆ Serving industry as a technology incubator.

Key Points BTEC …

Trainees get hands-on experience in one of BTEC’s large-scale bioprocessing labs.

Progress to Date

◆◆ Is the largest such training center in the US, an 82,500-gross-

square-foot, simulated-cGMP* pilot plant facility capable of producing biopharmaceutical products and packaging them in a sterile environment. *cGMP=current Good Manufacturing Practice ◆◆ Contains more than $12.5 million of current industry-

standard equipment. ◆◆ Features state-of-the-art laboratories complete with bench-,

intermediate- and pilot-scale bioprocessing equipment. ◆◆ Provides cutting-edge education and training by life science

and engineering faculty with industry expertise and operations staff from industry. ◆◆ Supplies process, technology, and analytical development

services to industry and academia. ◆◆ Offers a unique array of educational programs: ◆◆ The first graduate degrees in biomanufacturing in the

US: 2 Professional Science Master’s (PSM), established with funding from the National Science Foundation. ◆◆ Undergraduate minor. ◆◆ Post-baccalaureate certificate. ◆◆ Open-enrollment professional development courses

offered throughout the year. ◆◆ Customized training courses provided on demand.

◆◆ BTEC’s undergraduate and graduate enrollment is

growing at a combined annual rate of 41%.

◆◆ 100% placement of graduates, with 67% of students

who earned the BTEC minor or post-baccalaureate certificate now working for local biomanufacturing firms.

◆◆ At least 3 firms (Merck, Novartis and Medicago) have

been attracted to North Carolina—and 700 new, highpaying jobs will be coming to the state—partly due to the ability of BTEC and its NCBioImpact partners to provide a trained workforce.

◆◆ Demand is increasing for BTEC professional develop-

ment courses and services.

◆◆ In 2010, more than 200 biomanufacturing profes-

sionals attended BTEC training, an increase of 384% from the previous year.

◆◆ In addition to customized courses, multiple

offerings of 10 different professional development courses are scheduled for 2011.

◆◆ Since it began in mid-2009, BTEC’s Bioprocess

and Analytical Services has completed over a dozen projects for 8 different firms. More are in progress for 2011.

What others are saying About BTEC’s role in economic development

“NCBIO and its members view BTEC as a critical resource for North Carolina biomanufacturing and life science industry. … The world-class education and training opportunities offered by BTEC are highly appealing to biomanufacturing business seeking to build and operate new or expanded fermentation, down-stream processing, and other manufacturing operations. Biomanufacturing companies throughout North Carolina regularly avail themselves of BTEC’s unique capabilities and graduates.” — Samuel M. Taylor President, NCBIO Trainees checking the performance of downstream processing equipment.

“The quality training that BTEC provides at NC State University is essential to the retention of life science companies already located in the Research Triangle Region and to attracting new companies to the area. When recruiting new life science companies to our region, BTEC is one of the most important tools we use. We constantly remind company CEOs that if they open an operation in the region, the BTEC will be available to train their employees. Companies both large and small view this service as a huge operational advantage.” — Debbie Lilly, CEcD Vice President of Business Development Research Triangle Regional Partnership

About BTEC bioprocess and analytical services

“We should have come to BTEC sooner.” “Your team did a great job!” “… Thanks for the great experience there at BTEC, and the exceptional technical skills and professionalism of everyone involved. Looking forward to next time soon.” — Industry managers upon completion of projects at BTEC

About BTEC training

“Great hands-on & practical experience.” “The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and made asking questions easy.” “Excellent instruction provided with ample time to ask questions.”

BTEC is part of NCBioImpact, a public/private partnership dedicated to the development of the biomanufacturing industry in North Carolina and whose purpose is to recruit, train and retain workers for the state’s biomanufacturing industry. Partners include the North Carolina Biotechnology Center; NCBIO, the trade association for North Carolina’s life science industry; the NC Community College System’s BioNetwork program, and the Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE) at North Carolina Central University.

— Participants in training courses provided to FDA pharmaceutical inspectors

About BTEC students

“Students from (the) NC State BTEC program are some of the best prepared and highly talented new employees that I have ever seen.” — Chris McDonald Site Manager Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Holly Springs, NC NC State University is dedicated to equality of opportunity. The University does not condone discrimination against students, employees, or applicants in any form. NC State commits itself to positive action to secure equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability. In addition, NC State welcomes all persons without regard to sexual orientation. 1000 copies of this public document were printed at a cost of 29.5¢ per copy.


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