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APPPLICATION PROCEDURES  FOR     ADMISSION  TO  THE  BTEC  BIOMANUFACTURING  GRADUATE  PROGRAM  (BIOM)     Applications  are  accepted  for  either  the  fall  or  spring  semester.  Complete  the  steps  below  to  apply:     1. On  the  Graduate  School  application  entry  portal  at,   select  “create  account.”   Note:  Current  NC  State  graduate  students  who  intend  to  enroll  in  the  master’s  program  at  BTEC   must  do  so  by  following  Reg.  02.25.02  –  Awarding  Multiple  Degrees.   2. Create  an  account,  including  your  present  email  address.  Supported  web  browsers  include   Internet  Explorer  5  and  above,  Netscape  6  and  above,  Safari  (for  Macintosh  users),  and  Firefox.   You  should  not  use  AOL's  internal  browser.     3. Log  in  to  the  Applicant  Information  screen  and  provide  the  following:   a) Personal  information.     b) Residency  and  English  proficiency.  If  you’re  a  NC  resident  you’ll  have  to  eventually  complete   the  online  residency  application  before  the  admissions  application  will  be  processed.   c) Application  and  test  Information.  The  application  should  be  for  “Admission  and  Financial   Aid”.   d) A  scanned  copy  of  your  most  recent  college  transcript.  This  is  an  unofficial  copy.  After   you’ve  been  admitted  to  the  program,  you  will  be  required  to  have  an  official  transcript  sent   directly  from  the  college  or  university  that  granted  your  degree.   e) Your  curriculum  vitae  (CV)  and  a  one-­‐page  statement  of  your  professional  and  career  goals.     f) Three  recommendations  for  your  admission.  The  recommendations  can  be  submitted   electronically.     4. Submit  the  completed  application  and  pay  the  application  fee  ($65  for  US  citizens)  online.     Completed  applications  will  be  forwarded  to  Chris  Smith,  Graduate  Academic  Coordinator,  and   to  the  BTEC  Graduate  Admissions  Committee  for  consideration.  You  can  monitor  the  status  of   your  application  on  the  Graduate  School  web  site.     5. After  you  submit  the  application,  send  an  email  message  to  that  effect  to  Chris  Smith  at  Include  your  contact  information.       Please  direct  any  questions  about  these  instructions  to  Chris  Smith  (      


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