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Dear Readers It’s our pleasure to present BTC News - The Watch Magazine of Egypt- which reflects our commitment and dedication to being leaders in the watch and jewelry industry in Egypt. In spite of our country’s tough economic circumstances, we stand united as a family and employees in hope that our beloved country will rise once again... We have deep faith that our accomplishments will contribute to our country’s success, and that’s why our expansion plans will continue to cover all over Egypt, aiming to reach our customers everywhere. At BTC, we strive to offer our customers with a broad range of the latest watches in a variety of price range and taste diversity to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. Through our magazine, we provide our dear readers with a unique perspective on the latest news about imported global trends from all over the world, to keep you updated with your beloved brands and keep you always on top of the watch trends. We hope you take pleasure in our magazine and find it as engaging and informative...

Sincerely, Ayman Nassif C.E.O

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BTC News

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BTC News

The Man behind it all

Loria Wassef Founder Of BTC Group Celebrates His 100th Birthday


For over than 75 years now and BTC Group –the fam- Group.” It all started in 1935, when Mr. Loria Wassef ily owned group of companies- has been leading the opened his first boutique shop under the name “Lauwatch and jewelry market in Egypt, offering more ria Shop” in Fayoum, which is now and after more than thirty brands, ranging from high quality watches than 75 years, expanded to be one of Egypt’s sole and jewelry to affordable, trendy brands, besides the watches retailing companies, with 35 retail outlets and three service centers all over luxurious lines. Worth to mention BTC’s electronics. of celebrat“I love watches and I am Egypt. In the occasion ing Mr. Loria’s 100th birthday, we always fascinated with its are glad to have interviewed Mr. The man behind it all is Mr. punctuality.” Loria Wassef, founder of the Loria Wassef and know how it all renowned market leader, of started and the secrets behind Loria Wassef what is known today as “BTC BTC’s great success.

BTC News

FIRST OF ALL, WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY YOU CHOSE TO OPEN A WATCH STORE? I chose to open watches and Jewelry store because no one in Fayoum city had a watch and jewelry shop, so it was an opportunity to introduce the first shop that offers and sells the best watches and jewelry in the city.

“I believe that the people behind BTC, starting from my grandchildren, dedicated employees and loyal clients are the greatest factors behind our continuous success.” Loria Wassef

What do you think is BTC’s secret to success? I believe that the people behind it, starting from my grandchildren, dedicated employees and loyal clients are the greatest factors behind our continuous success.

What is your favorite watch? Jaeger-LeCoultre

Why did you become a watchmaker? What intrigued you about watch making? It’s my love to watches that drove me to become a watchmaker and as a result I had a lot of trainings in watch workshops. What intrigues me about watch making is my fascination with its punctuality which made want to discover the watch world further and know more about it.

What do you like most about watches? The mechanism behind the watch; I am originally a watch maker, so it captures me how a watch works.

Can you tell us how did you decide to open the shop, in terms of choosing the location, and choosing the watches and such? I chose the location based on the area; it was a prestigious location and a nice neighborhood to open such a shop. I always had a taste for watches so I chose them myself.

When you started your business, did you imagine it to grow likewise today?

What do you like the most about J ae g er -L eCo ul t r e and what’s your favorite model? The Jaeger-LeCoultre “Master Memovox Rose Gold” produced 1955 is my favorite piece.

How important is it that BTC remains a family company? It’s of high importance to remain in the family; because we are the only ones who will care the most for our business and will work with full heart and passion.

In your opinion, what makes BTC special? The diversity of the brands and their different price ranges which suits everyone, makes BTC the optimum option for any watch seeker.

“The diversity of the brands and their different price ranges which suits everyone, makes BTC the optimum option for any watch seeker.” Loria Wassef

No, at the beginning I didn’t expect the business to grow to reach what it is now. But with hard working, dedication and loyal clients, success is our partner all the way.

Tell us what’s your greatest pride and joy? I am mostly proud of my nephews who continued the business, Ebrahim Nassif and Yacoub Nassif and my grandchildren who continued and took over and are running the business now.

How important are maintaining relationships in your business?

Relationships are very important in business; either relations between our clients and our company, between our employees and their company, and between our suppliers and the company, they all help the business work smoother and easier. I always try in my life to keep and maintain good relationships with everyone I deal with. Although some may not be keen to keep good relations, but from my side I always work on sustaining them.

How do you see BTC’s future and are you confident about it? Yes, because our business is on a fundamental base and all the international brands have confidence in BTC -through working together for more than seven decades- and also our clients trust us, so that’s what make us confident in our business.

BTC News


BTC Egypt’s leading watch retailer’s interview in Magazine

Interview by: Keith W. Strandberg


Egypt has been in the news quite a lot recently. As “Arab Spring” bloomed throughout the Middle East, the Egyptians rose up and demanded change, culminating in the first free elections in the country in many years. This upheaval, while good for the country and for the people, has been a challenge for all retail businesses in Egypt, and especially for discretionary purchases like watches. In spite of the political upheaval and economic challenges, Egypt¹s leading watch retailer, BTC, has been able to survive, expand and thrive. On a recent trip to Cairo, I had the opportunity of discussing business with Ayman Nassif, Managing Director of BTC Trading.

BTC News

Europa Star: Can you give me some background on your business? Ayman Nassif: The Company was started by my grandfather, Loria Wassef, in 1935, and the first store was a watch and jewellery boutique in Fayoum City, which is about 100km from Cairo, under the name Loria Shop. My grandfather is a watchmaker and he will celebrate his 100th birthday this year. He still comes to the office once a week. He started the shop in Fayoum and trained my father and my uncle. They wanted the business to grow, so they opened a boutique in Cairo in the late 1940s to establish another branch. The business started to grow with his help. They wanted to change the name of the company, because the name was difficult for people to pronounce, so they chose BTC.

Europa Star: How’s business? Ayman Nassif: Frankly speaking, business is still fine, even though the political and social situation here in Egypt is difficult. The higher you go in price, the more difficult it becomes. Business was slightly down last year, and the high end and the duty free is affected more than the local market, as fewer tourists are coming to Egypt. Europa Star: How is your business broken down? Ayman Nassif: We have four types of stores: BTC Exclusive: $4,000 and up; BTC: Swiss Made, medium priced brands; Link: fashion and BTC Duty Free: five international airports, terminals 1, 2 and 3 in Cairo, also in Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada Airport, with some high-end brands like Bulgari, as well as fashion brands. Europa Star: How does the future look? Ayman Nassif: I feel that there is big potential in Egypt, especially after the old regime has gone; we expect that the new Egypt will have a more just dispersion of wealth, which will allow the middle class to grow. Europa Star: What does BTC do best? Ayman Nassif: We only really have competition in the high-end segment. In the mid-price segment, there is really no one else that has a professional approach. We dominate the market, and we are Egypt¹s largest watch distributor, in terms of value and volume. Europa Star: How do you do training? Ayman Nassif: We do three kinds of training; we have people from the brands come here and provide training, and some of our people will travel to Switzerland for training. Our brand managers also do watch training for the sales staff. Europa Star: How do you market your company? Ayman Nassif: We do some events with our customers. We invite our customers, the crème de la crème, and these have been really successful, introducing new watch and jewellery collections. We are the number one spender on advertising in Egypt for the watch business. We do outdoor (billboards), print advertising, we do our own magazine, we do print brochures, we sponsor events like the Catholic Film Festival, concerts and more. Europa Star: Do you do your own service? Ayman Nassif: We have three BTC service centers here in Egypt. We do warranty service, complete service for most of the brands. Most of the work we can do here, except for repairing the more sophisticated complications.

Europa Star: How important is customer service? Ayman Nassif:Customer service is another tool to push sales. If a customer is satisfied with the service we give him, he will be happy and buy more. We try to upgrade our service all the time; for example, we invested in nice boxes to deliver the watches in after service, and that is very appreciated by our customers. Our customer service centre is not a profit center; our main aim is to please the customers. Europa Star: What do you like about what you do? Ayman Nassif: I like the watch business, I like the idea that there are hundreds of watch brands, but every brand is different in design, philosophy and price point. Europa Star: What is the biggest challenge you face? Ayman Nassif: The biggest challenge is the price increases and the upgrade of brands¹ product lines in the mid-price segment. People in Egypt cannot afford these increases, so this can really impact our business. A lot of our brands are coming in parallel and it¹s a problem here. If we find a retailer who has parallel, we stop supplying any of our brands. Since we are the Egyptian distributor for a number of brands, if we pull all our brands from a retailer who is doing parallel, it can really hamper their business. Counterfeiting is a big problem here, with fakes coming from China and other countries. We train customs how to differentiate between the real thing and fakes, and we report to the authorities if we find fakes in the market. We also educate our customers about the dangers of counterfeits. We don¹t want it to grow. Facts and Figures about BTC: •Total stores :40 •Average square meters: from 30 - 150 square meters •Employees: 155 •Price range: $125 - $250,000 •Link average sale: $275 •BTC average sale: $600 •BTC Duty Free average sale: $300 •BTC Exclusive average sale: $13,000 •Total Brands: 35 (including Corum, GirardPerregaux, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Ulysse Nardin,Chanel, Rado, Hamilton, Tissot, Raymond Weil, Gucci, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Armani, Hugo Boss, Cerruti, Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain, DKNY, Timberland, Michael Kors, Festina, Candino, Titoni,Swatch, Graham, Adidas, Diesel and Lacoste.) Source: Europa Star December - January 2012/13 Magazine Issue

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Cannes Film Festival


Diane Kruger chose Jaeger-LeCoultre modern and vintage timepieces for her Red Carpet looks in Cannes as a member of the jury, from the Opening to the Closing Ceremonies of the Festival, AmfAR Party and film premieres‌ looking as elegant and sophisticated as ever.

BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Diane Kruger

jury member of Cannes Film Festival, feminine face of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Ever since the 16th century, ladies’ watches have delighted in reinventing the rules of the game of seduction: exploring the full spectrum from invisible to dazzling and from concealment to revealment, while engaged in a perpetual quest to strike the perfect balance between beauty, refinement and telling the time. Jaeger-LeCoultre has enriched this tradition by creating “secret” watches with covers, as well as swivelling and pivoting models, rings and pendants, covering a range of styles stretching from the purity of Art Deco to the most expressive floral motifs. Radiating ultimate aesthetic appeal and supreme elegance, these creations unite the twin arts of exceptional watchmaking and fine jewellery. Such masterpieces could only be created in the workshops of the Manufacture that so fully masters the subtle intricacies of mechanical perfection and the most exquisitely delicate gem-setting techniques.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is available at: First Mall Four Seasons Hotel-Cairo: 02 37 74 0607

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Two living

legends together Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and the Dark Knight Jaeger-LeCoultre continues its presence in the Dark Knight trilogy in the blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises”. In the film, the character of Bruce Wayne, philanthropist and billionaire industrialist, wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Date. The Reverso, iconic Swiss watch first created in 1931, has been part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, continuing its long association with the Batman franchise. The swivel case of the Reverso is immediately recognizable, and its uniqueness is based on over 50 mechanical parts composing it. Seventeen years ago, a limited Reverso Grande Taille series was created with the Batman logo engraved and lacquered on its solid case-back. The watch is back in “The Dark Knight Rises,” created to stand up to the hard knocks, with the Bat-Shield only visible when it’s reversed.


Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre pays tribute to the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend with a custom Reverso watch. A special edition Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931 steel watch is engraved and lacquered with the legendary Bat-Shield. In July, for fans of the series and the watch-making brand alike, Jaeger-LeCoultre will display the original Reverso in its Geneva, London, Los Angeles, and HongKong boutiques. The Reverso series has a special history. In 1931, a technically advanced watch was developed for polo players with a dial that could flip, protecting it from damage while also offering a personalized engraved case-back. Reverso thus became a cult object that every owner could make unique by personalizing it with an engraving. Protected by patent, the Reverso has evolved over the past eighty years with new faces, sizes and complications. Today, wearing one is an entry to an exclusive world – in terms of watch-making history and aesthetic refinement. Jaeger-LeCoultre is available at: First Mall Four Seasons Hotel-Cairo: 02 37 74 0607

BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Clive Owen wears Jaeger-LeCoultre at the movie premiere in Cannes 65th Cannes Film Festival, France Clive Owen attended the premiere of his latest movie “Hemingway & Gellhorn”. He completed his Red Carpet look with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon. “Hemingway & Gellhorn” is a drama centered on the romance between Ernest Hemingway (Clive Owen) and WWII correspondent Martha Gellhorn (Nicole Kidman), Hemingway’s inspiration for “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and the only woman who ever asked for a divorce from the writer. Internationally renowned British actor, icon of elegance, but also a humanitarian who gives of both his time and money to his favourite charities, Clive Owen represents Jaeger-LeCoultre fine watchmaking collections. “Jaeger-LeCoultre watches is everything you want a high quality watch to be – all the hours of workmanship make this a beautiful and very elegant watch to wear and it also looks great,” Clive Owen

Pictured : Director Philip Kaufman, actress Nicole Kidman and actors Clive Owen and Rodrigo Santoro attend the ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ Premiere during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals. Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon in a pink gold case measuring an incredible thin 11.3 millimetres.This high-precision instrument features a tourbillon caliber, which won first prize in the Chronométrie 2009 international timing competition in Switzerland.



Jaeger-LeCoultre is available at: First Mall Four Seasons Hotel-Cairo: 02 37 74 0607

BTC News

First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607


Rendez-Vous Night & Day Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 967A Every woman has a Rendez-Vous, with herself. The Rendez-Vous Night & Day timepiece is entirely crafted and gemset at the Manufacture in the VallÊe de Joux, Switzerland. Its automatic movement keeps pace with the constant changes in a woman’s life, as she perpetually reinvents herself. Rendez-Vous is more than a watch, it is a state of mind.

You deserve a rea l watch

SAILING AHEAD WITH THE MONACO LIMITED EDITION. For over 166 years Ulysse Nardin has been creating some of the most reliable marine chronometers in existence.

An icon in high horology, particularly in its historic relationship with marine navigation, Ulysse Nardin is proud to participate for the fourth consecutive year at the Monaco Yacht Show as official sponsor. Resolutely anchored in aquatic sports, the Monaco Limited Edition timepiece is designed to tackle extreme conditions. It perfectly combines its dual function as a diving instrument and beautiful watchmaking piece. The Monaco Limited Edition has a self-winding movement featuring a 42-hour power reserve indicator, oversized small seconds and large date display. A symbol of the vigour of youth, this powerful timepiece showcases Ulysse Nardin’s constant advances in watchmaking technology. Its stainless-steel case, 45.8 millimetres in diameter, has been specially treated with a sophisticated vulcanisation process giving it a blue rubber coating with a remarkable appearance and a truly comfortable feel. Its exhibition caseback reveals the self-winding movement.


BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt


Futuristic in design, stealth in performance is the new Sonata Streamline. Inspired by the aerodynamic aesthetic of superyachts, the Sonata Streamline reveals a strong and streamlined case with two available dial versions for a 2012 introduction that is powerfully masculine. The case, exquisitely fashioned from titanium, presents one option paired with ceramic – a material unmatched in durability – and gold, and the other with 18-karat rose gold. The essence of ocean navigation is emulated in the design of the Sonata’s two dial versions. The modern appearance of the sleek case structure is reinforced by the strong geometrical detailing on both dial executions. Accompanying the Sonata’s distinctive design traits is its exacting performance. A mechanical instrument, the Sonata Streamline is run by a patented self-winding manufacture caliber – a caliber developed in-house over the course of seven years by Ulysse Nardin visionaries, engineers and technicians that presents unprecedented precision and multiple functions.

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BLACK SEA CHRONOGRAPH As authoritative as a steel-colored sea during a storm, the new Ulysse Nardin Black Sea Chronograph offers a commanding presence and the unfaltering reliability expected from master diver watchmakers. Below the water’s surface or on solid ground, this timepiece guides its wearers with exacting precision and endurance. Steering divers to depths of 200 meters and sporting a rubberized screw crown for added water-resistance, the Black Sea Chronograph features Superluminova on the dial for sharp, luminescent visibility in the darkest of places. Another beneficial component is the unidirectional turning bezel. Enhancing its ability to withstand the most challenging environments are the materials from which it is constructed. Its 45.8 mm diameter case is made from stainless steel coated with rubber and finished with a sapphire glass case back. Its buckle, as well as other segments of the watch, is crafted from ceramic, while its rubber strap brings comfort and flexibility.


BTC News

LUXURY WATCHMAKER HITS A HOMERUN WITH BASEBALL LEGEND “THE BIG UNIT” RANDY JOHNSON. 166 year old Swiss Watchmaker Ulysse Nardin Introduces Baseball All-Star as Company’s Brand Ambassador.

Boca Raton, Fla – In a perfect pairing of sport and style, luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, the leader in timepiece invention and innovation, announced Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson, one of the greatest pitchers ever to play America’s favorite pastime, as a company brand ambassador. Johnson will also be the first person in the United States to have an Ulysse Nardin timepiece made in his honor. Johnson and Ulysse Nardin CEO, Patrik Hoffmann officially announced the relationship at Diamondback Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona on June 4th during

a special event to benefit The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. “The Big Unit” timepiece, which is under development, will be unveiled in the fall and available at select boutiques and stores in late 2012 or early 2013. “Randy Johnson is a Ulysse Nardin enthusiast and is the epitome of excellence on the pitcher’s mound,” said Hoffmann. “As a company, our quest is to be exceptional, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with an American sports icon, who understands our pledge to innovative watchmaking.”

BTC News






BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Renowned for their sparkling collections and starry collaborations, illustrious Swiss watchmaker and jeweler, Piaget have announced prominent Arab singer, Yara, as their brand ambassador for the Middle East region.

A truly flawless alliance, Piaget and their new ambassador are an idyllic reflection of each other’s values; both flaunt immense elegance and grace rounded off with an air of refinement. Owing to their involvement in various high profile events from international film festivals to the Independent Spirit Awards among others, Piaget shares a mutual relationship of admiration with many celebrities from different fields. With this association, Yara joins the assemblage of notable personalities who have become loyal friends of the brand and will be Piaget’s exclusive representative for the Middle East region, and will attend Piaget events on a regional and international level. 19

BTC News

“It is common knowledge that most, if not all, women adore jewellery. I am no exception. Needless to say I am overjoyed and honored to have been chosen for this coveted position and it pleased me immensely as I have been a fan of Piaget for years and have bought many diverse designs from the brand. I guess you can say this was a partnership that was destined to be.” Yara Said Piaget’s brand manager, Jean-Marc Shammas added, “Yara’s understated elegance, beauty and talent were simply a perfect match with Piaget. We wanted an ambassador that our audience in the Middle East would be able to identify and share similar values with. I am convinced that this will be a very fruitful relationship, one that will see both Piaget and Yara gleam even brighter.” Topping off her down to earth demeanor with a blend of beauty and talent, Yara is a three time winner of the prestigious Murex D’Or award and undoubtedly a fundamental personality of the world of Arabic music. Popular in the Levant and GCC among all generations, Yara boasts of an affable personality that makes her a delight to watch and a pleasure work with. Yara recently shot the first photo shoot of many that she will be undertaking during the course of this alliance.


BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Creating beautiful images that reflected the spirit of this partnership, the photo shoot revolved around Piaget’s alluring Possession, sensual Piaget Rose and exquisite watch collections. Sporting stunningly diverse looks, Yara faced renowned photographer Roger Moukarzel’s camera for this impressive shoot. Regularly featured in international magazines, Roger Moukarzel proved to be the ideal candidate for this shoot with a vast global experience spanning more than two decades in assorted fields such as fashion, advertising, architecture, and interior design among others. The household name for makeup and beauty, Fady Kataya teamed up with Zakaria from the reputed “Yehia and Zakaria salon,” who was chosen as the hairstylist for the shoot. Working together, the skillful team fashioned five distinctive looks that merged discreet glamour with elegance and portrayed Yara in a very novel light. Piaget’s radiant watch and jewellery pieces beautifully offset the stylishly relaxed yet sophisticated outfits culminating into a beautiful shoot that embodied the dignified singularity of the brand. Cultivating the brand’s effortlessly timeless image with yet another captivating shoot, the images were an exact representation of the values Piaget is celebrated for. With Yara on board as Piaget’s elite brand ambassador for the Middle East region, Piaget enriches its luxuriant legacy as it continues to forge a close relationship with the region.


BTC News

WATCHMAKING ON THE BEACH BY GIRARD-PERREGAUX DEBUTS AT ART WEEK MIAMI Miami, Florida – The Freedom Tower alligators that have caused so much attraction took over the Mandarin Oriental for an evening of Miami beats, art and watchmaking on the beach. Girard-Perregaux, iconic luxury Swiss watch brand, who partnered up with the FOReverglades exhibit to encourage environmental conservation efforts, created a limited edition timepiece featuring the famous alligators and celebrated the launch of their new HAWK collection.


Two young watchmakers from their famed Manufacture and Sowind CEO (Girard-Perregaux and JEANRICHARD) Michele Sofisti flew in for the occasion and hosted workshops on the beach for guests who traveled to Miami for specifically for this evening. The focus of the celebration was art all around, Girard-Perregaux’s art of watchmaking, the art of interactive video installations, the art of cigar rolling and the art of FOReverglades by renowned artist William Sweetlove.

BTC News

Hawk Collection Sports Watches in the inimitable Girard-Perregaux style The very word connotes animal elegance, cunning, wisdom – and power. Much like the watches that carry the name, Sea Hawk and Chrono Hawk, it makes an unmistakable statement and confirms the position of Girard-Perregaux in the highly competitive world of top-level sports watches. It is also a reminder of the brand’s experience in this field: in 1880 it began the first volume production of military wristwatches, and in the 1940s it launched the first generation of Sea Hawk.

CHRONO HAWK Sporty. Elegant. Modern. The Chrono Hawk leaves nothing to chance. This includes the design of its case that combines sharp edges and a round bezel, its dial that emphasizes the measurement of short times, and its exceptional movement finished to the rigorous standards of Fine Watchmaking. Its daring contemporary style plays with opposites: certain black elements underline the architectural nature of the watch, from the flange to the octagonal rubber ring that holds the satin-finish steel bezel. The crown and the push buttons impose an assertive character while the rubber-lined strap in leather, reveals a design that is meticulous in every detail.


BTC News

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar harmonizes the functions and style of a grand watchmaking classic in an interpretation, which is both elegant and modern. Its round case houses an extremely useful complication: a full calendar, enabling the display of the date, the day of the week, the month and the phases of the moon. Time elapses smoothly on the perfectly proportioned dial. In support of the fine golden hands, two windows placed side by side at 12 o’clock display the day of the week and the month, while the moon follows its path at 6 o’clock, assuming its role surrounded by the date display. Pleasing symmetry, optimum legibility: the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar model satisfies the highest demands in terms of design refinement and distinguished style. The sapphire crystal case back reveals the automatic-winding, mechanical movement GP033M0, designed by the Manufacture.


This creation enhances the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Collection, which pays homage to the many innovations produced by the Manufacture in the sixties. The Manufacture already had its own research and development team at that time, an extremely rare phenomenon in the world of watchmaking. Its dynamism gave rise notably to two revolutionary inventions. In 1957, the Gyromatic movement finally enabled the manufacture of small automatic watches with a high level of reliability. In 1965, at a time when the highest frequencies did not exceed 21,600 vibrations per hour, Girard-Perregaux presented a mechanical movement oscillating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. In 1966, Girard-Perregaux received the Centenary Prize of the Observatory of Neuchâtel for this extremely high-precision mechanism.

BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt


AND ZODIAC CALENDARS A tribute to the fascinating dance of the stars, the Cat’s Eye Annual and Zodiac Calendars presents an attractive version of time passing by. In the heart of this watch made of mother-ofpearl, gold and diamonds, a movement crafted by Girard-Perregaux allows to unite civil time, the lunar cycle and the zodiac cycle.

The concept of this new model draws its inspiration from traditions passed down from Antiquity: the observation and interpretation of celestial phenomena. The Cat’s Eye Annual and Zodiac Calendars combines with the precision of its movement the part of mystery involved in querying the constellations. Its windows open onto distant worlds. Guided by a lucky star, the signs of the zodiac glide by alongside the months of the year. In the centre of the dial, the moon shows its various faces. At 2 o’clock, the date completes the annual calendar, by an ingenious device automatically allowing for months of a different length. A single annual correction at most is needed, in February, except for the leap years.

CAT’S EYE Bi-retro On this very latest Cat’s Eye model, the moon waxes and wanes at the top of a black mother-ofpearl dial. Moving from one arabesque to another, a retrograde hand marks the passing seconds and days of the week. And in the middle there is a date window. Ever since its launch in 2004, the Cat’s Eye has exercised its potent charm on women around the world. With its seductive femininity and strong personality, it also offers women subtle technical complexities rooted in Switzerland’s grandest horological tradition. Fashioned in gold and usually embellished with diamonds, it is further enhanced here by a diamond-set crown and a silky strap.


BTC News

GIRARD-PERREGAUX PARTNERS WITH HOUR GLASS TO SUPPORT THE FIGHT CANCER FOUNDATION Melbourne, Australia - Girard-Perregaux was honoured to partner with the Hour Glass Group, sponsor of the Fight Cancer Foundation’s signature annual fundraising event, the Red Ball, held in the Palladium Ballroom at the Crown. The Red Ball is one of Melbourne’s premier events attracting more than 1,300 guests including Australia’s most distinguished. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Red Ball, the Fight Cancer Foundation was thrilled to have their Patrons and internationally acclaimed stage and screen actors, Deborra-lee Furness and Hugh Jackman, wearing his Vintage 1945 watch in attendance. All proceeds from the Red Ball will enable the Fight Cancer Foundation to continue their life saving work in giving hope to children and adults with leukaemia and other life-threatening cancers through treatment, research, care and support programs. Included in the live auction was a Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar timepiece. The evening’s highlight saw the one and only Hugh Jackman perform a special preview of his latest sensational Broadway hit show “Hugh Jackman - Back on Broadway”. Accompanying Mr Jackman and flown in all the way from New York for this special performance was Musical Director, Mr Patrick Vaccariello who has overseen 16 Broadway productions including the legendary “West Side Story” and “A Chorus Line” Also in attendance, Mrs Fay Duncan, “FCF” Vice President & Red Ball Chairman, Mr Eric Wright, Managing Director Fight Cancer Foundation, Ms Bebe Choi, Boutique Manager Hour Glass Group and Mr Steven Rom, CEO of Avstev, distributor of Girard-Perregaux for Australasia. The Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar features a 40mm rose gold case. It houses a Girard-Perregaux manufacture automatic movement with full calendar with date, day of the week, month and moon phase indicators. The Fight Cancer Foundation is dedicated to providing care, treatment and support for people with leukaemia and other forms of cancer and funds research into better treatment methods, early detection tests and to find a cure for leukaemia and other cancers. 26

Founded in 1989 as the Bone Marrow Donor Institute by a group of families who had experienced first hand the devastation of leukaemia, with the aim of establishing a bone marrow donor registry and finding a cure for leukaemia, the Institute broadened its scope to include a number of programs which support patients with leukaemia and other cancers.

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ADMIRAL’S CUP 44 CHRONO CENTRO DIDIER CUCHE Charismatic brand ambassador Didier Cuche - the ski champion who has now retired from competition - presents a new ladies’ watch bearing his effigy. It takes its place alongside the existing men’s model in his mini-collection. Control, concentration, performance, a quest for perfection and an unmistakably Swiss identity are some of the shared values cementing the partnership between Didier Cuche and Corum. Even though the ski legend officially retired from the “White Circus” competition circuit at the end of the 2011-2012 season, his cooperation with the brand from La Chaux-de-Fonds continues and is indeed more dynamic than ever. Witness the new Admiral’s Cup 44 Chrono Centro Didier Cuche for ladies that now enriches the minicollection bearing the sportsman’s effigy - a line that already features a men’s model that comes with a choice of two different dials.


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Which horological complication could better pay tribute to one of the greatest skiers of all time than Corum’s iconic Admiral’s Cup chronograph with its twelve-sided case? 21 wins, 67 podium finishes, 6 World Cup crystal globes, a record number of Kitzbühel downhill victories: the impressive track record achieved by Didier Cuche reflects his intensely physical tussle with time. This vocation, this rare calling to excel, combined with an unfailing sense of fair play and deep-felt respect for fellow competitors, propelled him to the rank of Swiss of the Year in 2011 and Swiss Sportsman of the Year in 2009 and 2011. This distinctive personality, born just a few kilometers from La Chaux-de-Fonds - which is home to Corum - deserved more than just one dedicated timepiece. Didier Cuche is thus delighted to be presenting a series of three models. The latest, issued in a 20-piece limited edition, is intended for his most fervent female fans. The resolutely sporty Admiral’s Cup 44 Chrono Centro Didier Cuche for women features a 44 mm-diameter case in white vulcanized rubber. The matching white rubber strap is fitted with a triple folding clasp, while the silvery grey dial is carpeted with a tone-on-tone transfer depicting the stylized face of Didier Cuche. Only a few orange accents - on the seconds hand, the minute circle appearing around the inner bezel ring and the “Limited Edition” inscription - spice up the perfectly balanced visual harmony.

While the silvery grey dial is carpeted with a tone-ontone transfer depicting the stylized face of Didier Cuche. BTC News


Admiral’s Cup Legend

Her tremendous singing talent has earned her numerous accolades, including three World Music Awards. First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607 CityStars Mall - Phase 2: 012 8489 1730

For Elissa and her Corum watch, each new day is a fresh source of inspiration.

Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Fiancée A feminine incarnation of the legend All the codes of elegance united in a single watch: such is the feat achieved by the Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Fiancée. This glamorous icon comes in three limited series graced with mother-of-pearl dials and set with colorful precious stones. First came the Admiral’s Cup that has been forging its sporting legend on oceans the world over since 1960. Then the Admiral’s Cup Legend admirably preserving the identity codes of the original. And now the Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Fiancée.This emblematic new model in the collection proudly proclaims its noble lineage through its twelve-sided bezel and its nautical pennants. Its 38 mm diameter is dedicated to feminine wrists that it delicately embraces, while remaining loyal to the sporting dimension on which the collection has built its success. All the various elements contribute to its charm. The famous case with softened angles, a precious mother-of-pearl dial, colored stone gemsetting, and the guarantee of fine horological craftsmanship thanks to the mechanical automatic CO 082 movement with a 42-hour power reserve, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and driving hour and minute hands as well as a date display. The oscillating weight engraved with the Corum insignia may be admired through the transparent back of the case that is water- resistant to 50 meters. The mother-of-pearl dials, precious stones and delicate gemsetting further enhance the identity of

these three models. Corum has shown a passionate dedication in fulfilling its desire to create feminine creations embodying the signature codes of the original line. The exquisitely rare dials are crafted in mother-of-pearl from Brazil and Thailand. They are adorned with nine hour-markers set with diamonds totaling approximately 0.10 carats, along with the numbers 30 and 60 appearing as appliques at 6 and 12 o’clock respectively. The first limited series of the Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Fiancée features a pink mother-of- pearl dial teamed with a satin strap in the same shade and a bezel set with 72 pink sapphires (approx. 0.77 carats.) Its subtle and refined nuances lend timelessly graceful appeal to the steel case issued in a 50-piece limited edition. The second 70-piece steel limited edition embodies a blend of sensuality and softness, and is set with 71 blue topazes (approx. 0.71 cts). Its light hue is further enhanced by a pristine white satin strap. Radiating refinement in an iridescent shimmering shade, the last 50-piece steel series sparkles with the fire of 72 cognac-colored citrines (approx. 0.51 cts) and beautifully matched with an immaculate white satin strap. Distinguished by a fascinating blend of sport and elegance, the three Admiral’s Cup Legend 38 Fiancée watches are endowed with just the perfect modern touch that enables them to define exactly what a ladies’ watch should be in 2012: an instrument to both measure and ennoble time.

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A milestone of Bulgari style, the powerful expressiviy of an ancient symbol. This emblem of wisdom, life and eternity speaks a contemporary language, in a perfect synthesis of sinuosity and geometric abstraction. 32

Bulgari Jewellery available at : BTC Duty Free Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 – Travel Hall

SERPENTI After some 60 years since the creation of the first Serpenti, with its powerful symbolism of eternal renewal, the new collection confirms this famous motif’s status as a contemporary icon, with a history that has since become legend. The new Serpenti creations is available in all Bulgari boutiques. 33

BTC Duty Free Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 – Travel Hall

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GRAHAM has made its Chronofighter Oversize model a milestone.


The chic watch impresses by its classy and dogged nature.


Combining elaborate technical processes and a gutsy design, the automatic Swiss made chronograph is a defying milestone in modern horology.


The Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue and Red with a big double discs’ date at 12 o’clock and an easyto-read second time zone device (GMT) is GRAHAM’s traditional bi-compax chronograph.


This high spot visibility timepiece will give you an extra sensitive perception of the world. The Chronofighter Oversize GMT Blue and Red features a GMT function (2 time zones’ simultaneous reading) which provides a technical answer to the needs of people who are constantly on the move, juggling time zones.

Magnetic and faithful

This stainless steel case is enhanced by an elaborate blue and red aluminium bezel and a large-diameter see-through sapphire case back which give the watch all its confidence and charisma. To complete the design and technology, the renowned fast-action Chronofighter start / stop lever is reinforced by an ergonomic black PVD coating. The typical assertive GRAHAM-LONDON signature enables a fast-action use of the chronograph function control device and will find its place on the wrists of men of action, men of good taste.


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Tissot PRX The shape of time The Tissot PRX is a vintage classic which will take you back in time with its style calling back to mind all the memories of your past. This model offers variations that go from pure classics to a vintage sport through simple change of details.

Tissot PRS 330 Beauty in the details This sporty and sophisticated timepiece is the perfect watch for the ones looking for that extra element that will make it stand out from the crowd. Its richness lies within its details and style.


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Tissot T-Touch Classic Touch screen meets classic style No one likes to compromise and with the Tissot T-Touch Classic you won’t have to! It combines both high-technology and all-time classic style. It is “The” watch for the sporty gentleman.

Tissot T-10 Smooth Class The beauty of this magnificent timepiece lies within its details. The Tissot T-10, a nod to the T-Collection of 1999 through its numbered name, conveys pure elegance with a contemporary touch through its smooth and straight lines following the wrist’s natural curve, taking pride in its T-shaped outer case.


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Tissot presents Tony Parker with his limited edition watch at the Par Coeur Gala near Lyon

Tissot was honoured to be the official sponsor of the high-profile charity event in the beautiful Abbaye de Collonges, next to Lyon. The event was hosted by Tissot’s Ambassador, Tony Parker, captain of the French national basketball team, who is the co-founder of the Par Coeur Association.

The annual Par Coeur Gala supports various associations that Tony Parker holds dear. This year, the Par Coeur Association raised 150’000 euros of funds for Make a Wish Foundation, for which Tony Parker is the ambassador. The association grants children who are suffering from life-threatening medical conditions a wish. Honouring the great basketball player with an even greater heart, Tissot launched a special edition watch for the occasion, which bears his name - the PRS 330 Tony Parker Limited Edition 2012. This watch takes its inspiration from the athlete.


The piece conveys energy worthy of a professional sportsman through its look and dynamic details such as the stripe going around the crown and pushers. And, just like the basketball player jumping in the air for the ultimate slam dunk, this watch will stand out from the crowd with style. The limited edition features Tony Parker’s number 9 standing proudly at its dedicated index, illustrating the ball’s fiery orange.

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The Par Coeur Gala was definitely the place to be on that evening. A host such as Tony Parker, a limited edition watch launch and the gathering of all the influential people and celebrities who came together to support these great causes definitely proved to be a recipe for a successful charity event and even more amazing evening.

For Tissot, “In touch with your time” is far more than an advertising claim. This phrase expresses the brand’s DNA; its proven dedication to being perfectly in tune with the technology and tastes of each era. Tissot has been growing and developing its tradition of innovation since 1853. From the early days to the present, in its home in Le Locle in the Swiss Jura mountains, Tissot has translated craftsmanship and precision into stylish timepieces now sold in more than 160 countries around the world. Special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design detail join forces to create the luxury of accessibility. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor of Swiss watches, as well as official timekeeper and partner of MotoGP, FIM Superbike, FIBA, AFL, CBA and the World Championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey. With the latest innovations in its communication and product, Tissot presents impressive proof of its signature, “Innovators by Tradition“.

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Tissot was honoured to be the official sponsor of the high-profile charity event in the beautiful Abbaye de Collonges, next to Lyon. The event was hosted by Tissot’s Ambassador, Tony Parker, captain of the French national basketball team, who is the co-founder of the Par Coeur Association.


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Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch presents the Glance Collection, a captivating ensemble that blends fashionable colours with sparkling design, precision Swiss timekeeping and slinky elegance. Five Irony Chronos set with sparkling coloured crystals join a glamorous family of Swatch Bijoux - four pairs of shimmering earrings and four sparkling sets of three rings-to complete the entrancing Glance Collection. The colours on display in the Irony Chronos take five smart steps through trend-wise hues from black to white, blue, fuchsia and beige-mauve dials matching graceful columns of colour-matched nylon links set within stainless steel 316L bracelets. Encircling the dials of these sleek and sophisticated models is a polished stainless steel 316L bezel studded with a total of 52 coloured crystals. Within each model’s polished stainless steel, 40 mm case is a Swiss-made precision chronograph movement that drives the hour, minute and stop-seconds hands along with the chrono and small seconds counters. The counters are arranged in a harmonic threesome complemented by silver Arabic numerals at hours 4, 8 and 12 and a date window at 3 o’clock.

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The bijoux component of the Glance Collection comprises four pairs of earrings and four sets of three rings. The earrings, fashionably discreet and elegant at once, are offered in glossy white or black plastic, brushed stainless steel and stainless steel with brushed gold PVD.

The four sets of rings lend added lustre to this captivating family: in the first set, a stainless steel ring set with transparent white crystals all around is flanked by two glossy rings in white plastic; a second set features a stainless steel ring with gold PVD and transparent white crystals and the two rings in white plastic. A third and fourth ring set present shimmering black crystals in a row all around the ring, fashioned of stainless steel or stainless steel with gold PVD; both are accompanied by two black plastic rings that distinguish and enhance the array.


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PROVOCATIVE, SOPHISTICATed AND filled with LIGHT: THE full-blooded cOLLECTION Proven adept of pure audacity, Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch presents four black & white classics in its Full-Blooded Collection. Together the foursome speak playfully and provocatively, whispering hints of infinite wealth, precious stones, gold and silver glowing in diaphanous light.


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Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch presents the Night Glows Collection, featuring golden surfaces and glittering crystals in six new variations on classic Irony style. Two models each from the Irony Chrono, Medium and Big lines offer sophisticated versions in pink and yellow gold coloured PVD. A clear, clean design presents black dials and links set off by the polished golden surfaces, enhanced in four of the six models by sparkling, transparent white crystals on the bezel or dial.

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Irony Chrono, Medium and Big models feature signature Irony cases in 40, 37 and 33mm polished stainless steel 316L, while the pink and yellow gold coloured PVD and sparkling white crystals add an upmarket air. The bold design concept deploys black dials, touches of black on the bezels and black nylon links on all but the Irony Big models to send a clear, simple message of assured style and elegance.

The Night Glows Collection offers all-around class for all occasions DREAMNIGHT YELLOW Model: Irony Chrono Dial: sunbrushed black with silver indexes and yellow gold colour PVD Arabic numerals at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock, date window at 3 o’clock. Case: polished stainless steel 316L with yellow gold colour PVD. Bezel: polished stainless steel 316Lwith yellow gold colour PVD and 26 transparent white crystals. Bracelet: polished stainless steel 316L with yellow gold colour PVD and black nylon links

DREAMNIGHT ROSE Model: Irony Chrono Dial: sunbrushed black with silver indexes and pink gold colour PVD Arabic numerals at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock, date window at 3 o’clock. Case: polished stainless steel 316L with pink gold colour PVD. Bezel: polished stainless steel 316Lwith pink gold colour PVD and 26 transparent white crystals. Bracelet: polished stainless steel 316L with pink gold colour PVD and black nylon links


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C O L O R !

A watch is so much more than simply a means of telling time. It’s a true piece of jewelry!The brand new Flik Flak Funny Hours collection has a model for every age and personality. Soft and tender is always in style for the youngest ones, and Flik Flak sets the tone with colorful animals in dreamlike settings. For the older ones, the “flashy” color trend continues, tempered with style and elegance. It’s a delightful line that will appeal to ballerinas and BMX riders alike. Made in Switzerland, shock resistant, waterproof and sporting scratch-resistant mineral glass, your child’s Flik Flak watch will keep pace with them as they grow older.

On an adventure Seven-year-olds love getting out and about. That’s when they start to make friends—because after all, playing with others is so much more fun! Shaped Black & Orange, our newest model from our “Full-Size” line, is specially designed for boys and is a perfect fit for athletes and adventurers of all kinds!

Learning is a game 52

Since learning to tell time is not always easy for children, Flik and Flak are always ready to help young ones with the Learn with Me Girl and Learn with Me Boy treasure troves. And since Flik and Flak like to hang out with their young friends no matter what they do all day long, the watch bands are made of machine-washable fabric.

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Dynamic doubles partnership Andy Murray joins the Rado ambassador team


Andy Murray, Britain’s number one tennis player, currently ranked third in the world, has signed an ambassador agreement with Swiss watch brand Rado.

precision and accuracy are vitally important for me, whether that relates to fitness drills, measuring my performance or striking a tennis ball.”

Andy Murray commented: “I’m really excited about joining the Rado team. The brand is all about edgy style and performance. Timing,

Rado CEO Matthias Breschan stated, “Andy Murray always stands out from the crowd with his distinctive playing style and unrivalled tactical

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intelligence. Rado admires his true talent and perfectionism – and at the same time can identify totally with his ‘racquet rebel’ side.” Andy Murray set out on his path to tennis success at the age of three. Impressive milestones of his junior career included wins at the prestigious Orange Bowl and US Open junior tournaments. His transition to professional status gave Britain its first teenager in the top 100 for 30 years. He has won 22 career ATP titles and in 2011 became only the seventh player since 1968 to reach the semi-finals of all four Grand Slam tournaments in one year. Innovative design and high-tech materials are the essential distinguishing marks of the Rado brand. Numerous breakthroughs and world records punctuate the Rado history, from the first scratch-resistant watch to the hardest timepiece. Confirming its iconic character and adventurous spirit is also a collection of international design awards. Andy Murray embodies perfectly this pioneering strength. The Rado D-Star 200 Collection is partnering Andy Murray in 2012. The Rado D-Star 200 Automatic with blue high-tech ceramic was also the official tournament watch of the Aegon Championships. The Rado D-Star 200 Automatic Chronograph, combining sleek black high-tech ceramic with the shining stainless steel structure, sets unrivalled standards of robustness and performance with its Swiss automatic movement and innovative materials. Meticulous design details add further comfort to wearability and practicality, such as the bracelet integrating hightech ceramic links which makes it the ideal equipment for sports enthusiasts.

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The Rado HyperChrome rose and yellow gold-coloured editions All that glitters (Lengnau, Switzerland) – As the festive season approaches, most of us look forward to a little glitz and glamour, a perfect accessory for the perfect party outfit. Rado knows that whilst your look is important, comfort is also key. It is this understanding that has led Rado to add two new models to its HyperChrome collection, which was first presented at Baselworld 2012. The two new editions have rose gold coloured and yellow gold coloured elements which are made of innovative Ceramos™ and also share many of the same impressive design features as the rest of the HyperChrome collection. Ceramos™ is lightweight, ultra hard, scratch-resistant and even adapts to the 56 wearer’s skin temperature. Beauty through strength: Ceramos™ Ceramos™ is a combination of titanium carbide and a metallic alloy. The material undergoes a high-pressure (1,000 bar) injection moulding process before being fired or ‘sintered’ at 1,500° Celsius. BTC News

Rado introduced platinum-coloured Ceramos™ in 2010, and the new colours have been made possible by fine tuning the composition of high-tech ceramic and its metallic binder. Whilst gold watches are susceptible to scratches, Ceramos™ retains its ultra hard character and high degree of scratch resistance for years. Enduring design, long lasting brilliance When you buy Rado, you get more than just the name of the brand. Rado is recognised globally for innovative design as well as its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most durable watches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory, or the perfect gift for a loved-one, all that glitters this festive season is Rado. The Rado HyperChrome models with rose and yellow gold coloured Ceramos™ elements are available in S-size (quartz models) and L-size (automatic models).


(Lengnau, Switzerland) in Berlin, Rado announced up and coming German tennis star Julia Görges as our latest brand ambassador, with a very special display in the Label2 venue in the heart of the city’s trendy Osthafen district. All eyes were on Julia as she played tennis in the dark under UV lights, wearing specially adapted clothing and using a glowing neon racquet and tennis ball. Also visible was her new Rado HyperChrome in white high-tech ceramic. Speaking about the new Rado HyperChrome Julia said, “ It’s great to have one of the new Rado HyperChromes. It looks just as good with my tennis kit as it does with my jeans or the clothes I wear to go out.” After the tennis in the dark display, Julia joined Rado CEO Matthias Breschan to present the new Rado HyperChrome collection to special guests. He commented, “We‟ve always known that Julia had a bright future in tennis and today we have even seen her glow in the dark! Julia is an ideal model for the new Rado HyperChrome and we’re happy to hear it fits so well with her busy lifestyle.” Julia Görges

Julia Görges

Rado is proud to announce that up-and-coming German tennis star, Julia Görges, has joined the brand as an ambassador. The partnership strengthens Rado’s return to the world of tennis and is in addition to its sponsorship agreement with Olympic and US Open Champion and world men’s no. 3, Andy Murray, which was announced in June this year. Commenting on the partnership, Julia, who wears the Rado True Thinline Jubilé, said, “It’s great to be a part of the Rado team and to be involved with a watch brand that has such a long history of supporting tennis. I really appreciate the stylish design of Rado watches. My Rado True Thinline is so light that I can wear it while I play and the fact that the high-tech ceramic is hypo-allergenic also makes it really comfortable.” Rado CEO, Matthias Breschan, commented, “We’re delighted to announce Julia Görges as our latest ambassador. She is making great progress in the world rankings and we are convinced she has a very bright future. Her talent, her dedication to her sport and her natural sense of style make her a perfect fit for Rado.”

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HAMILTON KHAKI X-PATROL The Ultimate Return-Ticket Between Metric &Imperial Baselworld – For much of its history, Hamilton has found inspiration in the skies and has a long list of aviation timepieces in its product logbook. Propelling its pioneering aviation spirit to new heights in the year of the brand’s 120th anniversary is the dynamic Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol. This highly sophisticated chronograph integrates the new H21 caliber with its excellent accuracy and extended power reserve. Equipping the wearer for today’s globally minded environment is a unique mechanical conversion facility to give accurate equivalents of a selection of units in either metric or imperial systems. In terms of styling and craftsmanship, this intricate timepiece visibly goes the extra mile with highly resistant modern materials and a keen eye for design detail.


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Instrument panel to go The Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol acts as a portable cockpit for navigating lifestyles. It provides conversions for distances in miles (nautical or statute) and kilometers, heights or altitudes in feet or meters, volumes in gallons and liters, as well as weights in pounds and kilograms, using a turning bezel. Conversions are simple to make, through unscrewing the easy-to-grip crown at 9 o’clock and positioning an arrow for the first unit of measurement on the outer bezel scale. The appropriate equivalent is then visible on the inner scale. Once the reading is completed, the crown can be pushed back into place and re-screwed to secure it until required again. Three round chronograph discs, gravitating to the left-hand side of the dial keep track of hours, minutes and seconds, operated via push buttons at two o’clock and four o’clock. An easily legible day and date display is the centerpiece of the right-hand side of the dynamic dial. Whether this timepiece is co-piloting its wearer in the air or on the ground, nothing will escape its notice – even if it has a weekend off-duty, thanks to the 60 hours of power reserve

Designed to make a difference Black or silver dials, with contrasting reflectors, are perfectly complemented by a black leather strap with fine white stitching, a sporty black rubber attachment, or a metal bracelet. Its aviation theme is omnipresent, even on the back of the watch, which integrates a propeller-inspired design, offering regular glimpses of the automatic chronograph movement in action. A ridged effect on the side of the bezel also reminds of precision engineering. Aviation is about accuracy and the Hamilton Khaki X-Patrol reflects this inside and out. Details such as the fine markings, screws visible on the case back and practical antireflective coating on the sapphire crystal underline the commitment to quality and durability. Water resistance to a pressure of 10 bar ensures that this watch is at home in all environments, airborne or otherwise.

6th ANNUAL HAMILTON BEHIND THE CAMERA AWARDS HONORED OFF SCREEN HEROES IN LOS ANGELES Event Produced in Conjunction with Los Angeles Confidential Magazine - Presenters Included Harrison Ford, Mena Suvari, Ewan McGregor, Paul Dano, and Others Hamilton watches, known for their pioneering role in the worlds of aviation and cinema as well as their innovative timekeeping technology, hosted the 6th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards last night at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The awards ceremony, co-hosted by Niche Media’s Los Angeles Confidential magazine, paid tribute to the brilliant behind-the-scenes talents whose individual work has contributed to the quality of a motion picture and to the lasting impression that it has left on movie audiences. Chris Harrison hosted the awards with presentations by an elite list of award-winning actors, actresses and filmmakers including, Lisa Bonet, Garcelle Beauvais, Harrison Ford, Mena Suvari, Ewan McGregor, Brett Ratner, Paul Dano, Ben Lyons, Lawrence Zarian and others.


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NABUCCO INTENSO – 43MM Power and design elegance, robustness and lightness of the steel and titanium case… the nabucco Intenso embodies all the values of the RAYMOND WEIL collection, inspired by Nabucco, the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi. However, this completely new version offers a major variation: certainly an imposing volume, but concentrated into a 43mm case diameter rather than 46mm. Thanks to this compact format, the nabucco Intenso will enable a few more enthusiasts to join the highly elite club of nabucco owners. Fortissima! The nabucco collection was launched in 2007, under the auspices of the founding family’s 3rd generation. The collection is racy, elegant and powerful, appealing to connoisseurs around the world, regardless of culture. However, they do not all have the opportunity to wear what they really want to, but now things could change, thanks to the new nabucco Intenso, a model whose famous chronograph characteristics are cleverly arranged within its 43mm diameter. The case of this entirely new model is three millimeters smaller, but none the less imposing: powerful horns but with rounded angles to sit comfortably on the wrist - and its perfectly balanced proportions, in satin -finished, steel and titanium. The remaining features of the collection are equally distinctive: the tachymeter transfer on the bezel, the three counters at 3 o’clock (30 minutes), 6 o’clock (12 hours) and 9 o’clock (small

seconds), the round date window at 4.30, the robust pushers and the single number 12. However, on this compact model, the phosphorescent number 12 becomes quite majestic and attracts the eye, which then takes in the detailed decoration on the black galvanic dial: the small steel - colored counters and the checkered inner background surrounded by concentric circles. Finally, the blued steel of the chronograph hands contrasts effectively with the chiaroscuro decor. The case is mounted on a black, alligator-style, rubber strap, blending comfort with strength, in complete harmony with the collection. With this new 43mm model - nabucco Intenso RAYMOND WEIL is exploiting its nuances, while losing nothing of its intensity. It’s a safe bet that its success will continue to crescendo.

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FREELANCER STEEL & ROSE GOLD CLASS Full of inspiration, RAYMOND WEIL reinterprets its classics and unveils a completely new variation of its best-selling chronograph, the freelancer Steel & Rose Gold Class. Classical and elegant, its 42mm steel case, mounted on brown leather, stands out through the rose gold notes punctuating its dial. This combination of materials and pure lines assures this new model a natural distinction. With the freelancer Steel & Rose Gold Class, the music-loving watchmaker adds a major chord to its 2012 score. More than a successful collection, freelancer is a true reference for the Swiss Brand’s independent family heritage. It is also a range that was created in honor of free spirits, of personalities wishing to remain the masters of their own destiny. Consequently, the collection has never stopped evolving over the years, free of all constraints, but always keeping its true character: having an urbane personality, with an elegant yet casual appearance, with beveled horns and emblematic screws. In 2012, the famous collection combines the robustness of steel with the distinction of the rose gold. Subtle, the combination is perfect. The chronograph, the collection’s best-seller, illustrates its harmony. Its 42mm

diameter, polished steel case, classically mounted on brown leather, houses a galvanic, silver, sun-brushed dial, with very elegant rose gold punctuations. In fact, the precious metal illuminates the indexes, the hands, the rims of the small counters at 12 o’clock (30 minutes counter) and 6 o’clock (12 hours counter) and the screwed applique surrounding the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. At the heart of this array of materials and metals, the timekeeper’s mechanical 67 movement – equipped with a power reserve of 46 hours – beats to the rhythm of time and its intervals. Both urbane and incredibly elegant, classical and very current, the freelancer Steel & Rose Gold Class is a match for all styles.

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jasmine collection

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Abbas El-Akkad: 012 783 27505 - El-Korba: 02 2290 1742 Mall of Arabia: 012 783 27330 - CityStar Mall: 012 261 46056 First Mall Four Season Hotel: 02 3774 0607 - Dandy Mall: 012 261 49463


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GUCCI timepieces launches interlocking

Watch Collection Gucci Timepieces is pleased to introduce the new Interlocking watch collection designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. The watches are available in different versions, but all feature one of the most recognizable Gucci icons: the interlocking double “G” symbol, first used in the early Sixties and representing the initials of the House founder, Guccio Gucci.


A broad palette of materials ensures these models appeal to both men and women, and suit every occasion. A variety of straps are available from a metal bracelet to brown or black calfskin and white, brown or black crocodile as well. The cases, which display the GG motif, are worked in stainless steel, black or brown PVD, teamed with matching dials in sun-brushed silver, brown or black. Precious variants see the GG motif fully or partially etched in diamonds and accompanied by a black lacquered dial, or alternatively, worked in 18kt pink gold.

In an extra large (49mm) size, the I-Gucci Sport comes with a range of technical elements including a digital time and dual time-zone display, date and alarm. The GRAMMY Museum variant boasts all the latest functionalities of the watch including a dual chronograph movement, countdown timer, tachymeter and two useful sports settings in the form of a pedometer and sailing option, designed to be used when timing regattas. The IGucci GRAMMY Museum timepiece also features a backlight and analogical time display with local time shown in hands, rather than digits. The ‘Swiss Made’ stamp appears at 6 o’clock.

The Interlocking timepiece has been designed in two sizes – a larger 37mm model or a smaller 29mm one. Dials are kept minimalist, displaying slim, tapered hands, the ‘Gucci’ logo at 12 o’clock and the ‘Swiss Made’ guarantee at 6 o’clock.

Two notable features distinguish this timepiece from other models in the collection, notably the bezel with the inscription ‘GRAMMY Museum Gucci Limited Edition’ and the case in polished grey PVD, which features on the back theGRAMMY Museum logo.

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Gucci Timepieces

YA114101 I-Gucci Sport

Grammy Museum

The dial is created in striking colors of black and yellow, complemented with a strap in coordinating black rubber overlaid with metallic anthracite Guccissima patent calf leather. The I-Gucci Grammy Museum is the third timepiece of the Gucci GRAMMY collection which includes the I-Gucci GRAMMY in yellow gold PVD and the IGucci Latin Grammy in pink gold PVD. Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry is the official partner of The Recording Academy速, hosts of the GRAMMY Awards速, following a three-year collaboration signed in September 2010. This dynamic alliance resulted in the creation of an exclusive Gucci-GRAMMY collection of timepieces and jewelry.

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Urban. Essential. ck surround. ck surround is a functional and accessible timepiece endowed with all of the elements of an unquestionable classic a quintessential and truly timeless expression of authentic style. The gent sized model features a black crocodile pattern leather strap that suits every wrist, while its appearance is ideally suited

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to any situation. The watch is offered with either a polished stainless steel case and black or silver dial, a PVD yellow gold case and silver dial, or a PVD rose gold case and black dial. Each style features hour and minute hands that match the color of the case, and a discrete ck CaIvin Klein logo at 12 o’clock.

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ck DRESS Daring. Seductive. ck dress. ck dress offers women the functions that they expect from a watch combined with the elegance of a piece of jewelry. Unique in terms of its bold graphic design, it became an instant icon when it was originally launched in 1997. Redesigned to match contemporary femininity, the timepiece has become softer and more flowing. Its famous polished stainless steel bracelet has been upgraded, subtly inspired by the spirit of Calvin Klein’s most recent lines. The ladder-like links are more rounded and form a bangle equipped with an opening mechanism that enables it to delicately embrace the wrist. The rectangular stainless steel case has been stretched and curved to ensure seamless integration with the bracelet. The result is a sensuous watch exuding sophisticated simplicity. Available in lady sizes, small and medium, the new ck dress is offered with several different dials: solid black, white or mirror; black or white mother of pearl; and black and white mother of pearl with two diamonds. Each watch is finished with a discrete ck Calvin Klein logo at 12 o’ clock.


Impressive. Strong. ck dart. Designed with multilayer constructions and real rubber, this masculine chronograph makes a powerful statement. Available in six unique styles, ck dart can fit any confident man’s style. A polished and brushed stainless steel case is offered with a black dial and a black rubber strap, or with a silver dial with either a black or white rubber strap. The watch is also presented in a bicolor style, with a stainless steel and PVD black case, black dial and black rubber strap. A monochrome black version, with polished and brushed PVD black case, dial and rubber strap; and a stainless steel with navy dial and navy rubber strap, round out the offering.


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ck play 78

Active. Strong. ck play. A sporty timepiece for a sporty summer look. ck play features a polished stainless steel case with a black, navy, silver or light blue dial, which is paired with either a rubber or polished stainless steel bracelet. The watches with a navy or black dial are complemented by

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matching rubber bracelets, while the watches with silver dials are offered with either a black or white rubber bracelet. Each timepiece is crowned with a rotating bezel and a magnifying glass over the date at 6 o’clock. A discrete ck Calvin Klein logo at 12 o’clock completes the style.

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ck substantial Retro. Iconic. ck substantial. Inspired by the bold elegance of the pocket watch, this classic chronograph timepiece marks a return to the essentials. ck substantial is available in two sizes, with a diameter of 45.00mm or 42.00mm, and is crowned with a discrete ck Calvin Klein logo. Luminous hour and minute hands animate the piece as they fluidly revolve around a black or silver dial, surrounded by either a polished stainless steel or a PVD gold case. Expertly designed without lugs to avoid a gap between the wrist and the case, the stamped alligator strap with butterfly buckle, in brown or black, securely fits all wrists for a clean, polished look.

ck equal Timeless. Feminine. ck equal. Inspired by the simple elegance of a vintage clock, this delicate timepiece needs no further embellishment. A perfectly round case in either polished stainless steel or polished PVD gold is countered by off-center hour indexes. The PVD gold style features a silver dial, while the stainless steel version is offered with either a black or silver dial. Each watch is finished with a classic black or white leather strap and a discrete ck Calvin Klein logo at 12 o’clock.

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“Michael Kors introduces Watches” New chic twists to classic designs

THE UPDATED SIGNATURE STYLES: The Camille takes the classic style and replaces traditional numbers with bold Roman numerals. Available in everyday-perfect gold tone and twotone gold and silver, as well as the more glamorous rose gold or silver tone designs with genuine Swarovski crystal-embellished top rings.

The iconic parker is now available in rose gold tone with genuine Swarovski crystal-embellished bracelet, top ring and time markers. T‫ ‏‬he sleekly modern Layton now incorporates bold Roman numerals on the dial, both black and silver pave crystals on the watch face and a black ionic-plated stainless steel band. ‫‏‬THE NEW –FOR-THE-SEASON STYLES: ‫‏‬The Gia is a square-face watch with an impressive nine-link bracelet and genuine Swarovski crystal-embellished top ring. T‫ ‏‬he rose gold and chocolate tone Dean features a crocodile-embossed leather band, contrasting gunmetal sub-eyes and a rose-gold accented white dial.


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‫‏‏‬MICHAEL KORS is a world-renowned,

award-winning designer if luxury accessories and ready to wear. His namesake company, established in 1981 Currently produces a range of products through his Michael kors,KORS Michael kors and MICHAEL Michael kors labels, including accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, men’s and women’s ready to wear, and a full line of fragrance products.


‫ ‏‬ichael kors stores are located in some of the M most prestigious cities in the world, including New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, London, Milan ,Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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AR 1667 - AR 1670 • info-line +2 02 26900001

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86 86

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Emporio Armani is expanding the successful Ceramica line by introducing Titanium/ Ceramica: a new collection of timepieces combining lightweight titanium with smooth and shiny ceramic. This elegant and innovative material exemplifies the classic yet urban style of Emporio Armani. Models include the iconic chronographs for men and a sophisticated women’s version with a shiny bezel and mother of pearl dial.


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Further developing the titanium theme, the new Sportivo Collection features oversized men’s chronographs with brushed titanium cases, ceramic bezels and rubber straps, as well as an ultra-lightweight titanium bracelet version. Finally, to expand the current “New Retro” Collection, Emporio Armani introduces a series of vintage- inspired styles, in round and new square case models.



AR9501 BTC News

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BOSS BLACK WATCHES Up, up and away with BOSS Black pilot’s timepieces BOSS Black watches capture the “aviator” spirit through models reflecting a blend of nostalgic elegance and contemporary functionality. Humankind’s dream of flight, nurtured from ancient times as illustrated by the famous legend of Icarus, began at last to be fulfilled in the 20th century with the inception of aviation. In the early days, before the advent of today’s high-tech instrument panels, pilots were strongly depending on watches to help them keep to their appointed course. The flyback function was developed specifically not to miss a beat when operating their watches. BOSS Black quartz-driven chronograph models provide readings accurate to within 1/10th of a second and they are also equipped with a genuine flyback function which is well worth a closer look.


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A sophisticated difference Most standard chronographs requiring separate pushes on two different buttons to start, stop, return to zero and begin retiming. On flyback models a first press on a single pusher at 4 o’clock starts the chronograph running and then a second press resets it to zero and thereby instantly readies it for another timing operation. 90

This is achieved without disconnecting it from the movement and thus enables the latter to continue measuring the activity being timed. The eminently

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valuable feature thereby leaves the pilot time to note the exact time taken to fly from A to B and then restart the chronograph in one smooth move without losing track of the time elapsed meanwhile.

Seizing the day

The latest addition to this range of aviation-inspired models is a watch that, in addition to the conventional central hour, minute and seconds hands, features a pointer-type display at 3 o’clock indicating the number of the current day of the month.

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Bellafina Chrono Lady Round

A DISTILLATION OF BEAUTY & CHARACTER A sporty watch can perfectly well combine feminine and masculine codes, elegance and solidity. As demonstrated by Balmainia Lady Sport. In black or motherof-pearl, featuring a steel or leather strap, whether set off with diamonds or not, the new Balmain line is a distillation of beauty and character. During the creative process, when the designers are using all their ingenuity to develop new designs of ladies’ sports watches, they come up time and again against the same difficulty: combining feminine beauty and elegance with power and masculinity. Once again, the designers at the Saint-Imier firm have been able to strike a successful balance between masculine and feminine codes: the Balmainia Lady Sport has a classic and chic aspect, along with a more distinctive, energetic side. This is evident in the clean-cut profile of the fastening, counterbalanced by the soft, curved shape of the case. Or the receding lines of the slender strap, contrasting with the lavish Roman numerals of the dial. To fully establish its femininity, the Balmainia Lady Sport is also set with a few ‘girls’ best friends’, in the words of Marilyn Monroe: diamonds. The wrist sparkles with 48 precious stones, delicately inlaid between the bezel’s index marks. 94

In addition to the version with mother-of-pearl dial, diamonds and steel strap, the Balmainia Lady Sport is available in nine other versions, including three with a black dial. Beauty and character to the power of 10.

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Balmainia Lady Sport

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

BALMAIN ADDS SPARKLE TO ITS TIMEPIECES It is not often that Balmain decorates its cases using PVD. So any type of coating soon causes something of a sensation. The Balmainia Chrono Gent seems to come straight from another planet in its new brown or black ensemble. The result is a sleek timepiece which is as high-tech as it is fashionable. The Balmainia Chrono Gent is one small step for mankind, but a great leap for the Balmain man. This is because it is very rare for the Saint-Imier firm to use PVD to embellish its steel cases. So imagine two timepieces in one go! And this is also the very first use of the colour brown. With their brand-new brown and black styling and their silver and midnight blue index, the two new members of this fully masculine collection seem to have been designed with the help of a precious mineral from another planet. The futuristic and high-tech appearance of the chronograph are reinforced by its dial, whose guilloche pattern is reminiscent of computer processors, and its flared rectangular buttons, which have been totally redesigned to be easier to push. Whatever the colour (black or brown), it is impossible not to be awestruck by the sleekness and sense of harmony and balance evoked. This impression is reinforced by the complementarity of the notches on the bezel, the blue stitching of the leather bracelet and the brand’s seal on the edge of the case.

Balmainia Chrono Gent Sport

Modern and sporty, elegant and distinguished, these two Balmainia Chrono Gents quite simply redefine masculinity.

MINIMALIST DESIGN, MAXIMUM ELEGANCE The Bellafina Mini Round is characterised by its discretion, elegance and simplicity. Balmain once again demonstrates that exuberance is not always necessary to stand out. Small and round. According to feminine standards and the dictates of fashion, being described using these two adjectives is rather an insult. In watch-making, however, they take on a different meaning from their catwalk connotation. Here, they are an aspiration to perfection. The appeal of the Bellafina Mini Round lies precisely in its roundness and curves, making it a supermodel of the wrist. Its case exalts roundness and delicacy in all its purity. Its petite size and svelte, slender strap guarantee its owner natural elegance, without ostentation. The Bellafina Mini Round is available in numerous versions: silvered, black or mother-of-pearl dial, with or without arabesque motifs; index with Arabic or Roman numerals; steel or leather strap; bezel with or without 64 inset diamonds.


Whatever the decoration, this timepiece is marked by minimalist design and maximum elegance. Opera Oval

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THE BRAND’S NEW MUSE, MISS SWITZERLAND, LENDS HER NAME TO A COLLECTION OF TIMEPIECES. Balmain Watches recently agreed a partnership with Miss Switzerland, Christa Rigozzi. The native of Tessin judged the most beautiful woman in the country in 2006 is now Balmain’s ambassador on the world stage. She has also lent her name to a collection of timepieces. Christa Rigozzi, 29, is not simply a beauty queen. She is also a queen of hearts. Since winning the Miss Switzerland competition in 2006, her charisma and kindness have radiated across Switzerland and beyond. Six years after her reign, Christa has hardly been out of the news. She continues to appear regularly in poster campaigns and works as a TV presenter in the German-speaking part of the country. She has also been involved in charity work, for example with Lampe Magique, which grants the wishes of children with a serious illness or disability. An expression of style “Like Balmain, which expresses its style though each new collection, Christa is constantly able to reinvent herself,” comments Luca Moro, Chairman of Balmain Watches. “She has succeeded in transforming a temporary title into long-term success. Since she also embodies the modern and elegant modern Balmain woman, we naturally thought she would be suited to acting as our new global ambassador.” This partnership marks a return to her roots for Christa Rigozzi, as Balmain sponsored Miss Switzerland and she wore the brand’s colours during the year of her reign. A collection reflecting Christa 96

To mark the start of this union, Christa Rigozzi has lent her name to a new collection of timepieces. A collection which reflects her qualities – decidedly feminine, elegant, sporty and classic – with a diamond bezel. In the future, Christa will not only be promoting Balmain products around the world: she will also be playing an active part in designing her own line.

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MIXED MATERIALS Whether it’s rich burl wood or masculine black-on-black, we’re dressing up our all-time favorite watch styles with one-of-a-kind inlays and platings this season In the Machine collection, the black-on-black men’s chronograph has a square stainless steel case, textured top ring , and blackplated stainless steel bracelet. While the men’s Machine watch is bold, the women’s style, Natalie, leans toward warmer tones-a faux wood inlay on the top ring and faux wood on the center links is surrounded by gold-tone stainless steel. Our Stella Signature watch features our new signature pattern in tan and white jacquard fabric. The watch case has clear stone accents on the top ring, a siIver-tone diaI with a sleek satin finish, and white motherof-pearl subdials that give it an unmistakably feminine look and feel.


Drawing inspiration from the ‘20s and ‘30s, our vintage heritage watches feature classic designs and menswearinspired details. This season, our Stella collection’s boyfriend inspired look is updated with bold Roman numerals, clear round stone indexes, and mother-of-pearl details . Our Ansel collection pairs rich materials with a refined design. Roman numerals and a champagne-colored dial hearken back to our vintage heritage, while a polished stainless steel case and faux croco-embossed leather strap adds the perfect finishing touches. 98

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UTILITY-INSPIRED Travel and vintage workwear influences give our utility watches a rugged, casual feel, while our exclusive Heirloom leather adds an undeniable richness. In the men’s Flight collection, the classic chronograph gets an updated look: a white dial and a polished stainless steel case complement a brown Heirloom leather strap. The women’s Heather style (formerly known as Bridgette) is a new spin on the traditional boyfriend timepiece with a bold silver-tone dial, a rose gold-tone case and a super-slim Heirloom leather strap in a warm camel hue.

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VINTAGE REVIVAL Crafted from our exquisitely rich Heirloom leathers, Vintage Revival returns as our favorite collection for holiday. Beautiful, archive-worthy silhouettes feature vintage embellishments and an unexpected color palette that feels both true to the past yet perfectly of-the-moment. With a truly ageless design, consider it a permanent addition to your wardrobe-it only gets more covetable as the years go by.


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GIVE JOY Festive colors, whimsical embellishments, giftperfect silhouettes - our accessory collection is our favorite opportunity to have a little fun. Though each piece is designed to match back to our classic Maddox collection, we love to mix it up: a striped wallet with a solid bag? Yes, please.


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STERLING SILVER Crafted from beautiful .925 sterling silver, our Fossil Sterling collection is the epitome of understated elegance. Each piece is a gift to be treasured for years to come.


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CHARMS Our one-of-a-kind charms make great gifts. From classic locks and keys to whimsical snow globes and sleds, these tiny treasures are certain to make her smile.


Crafted from rich vintage leather, our new wrist wraps have a one-of-a-kind design that looks great alone, but the colors are even better stacked together.


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COOL SPORT WATCH This multi-functional watch, available in a 46 mm stainless steel case, features an aluminum bezel, multi-eye dial and a tachymeter scale around the face.

TOMMY HILFIGER WATCH COLLECTION Tommy Hilfiger introduces the season’s ‘must have’ timepieces for men and women – timeless, classically inspired designs with modern-day flair and signature TH details.


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COOL SPORT WATCH This multi-functional watch, available in a 46 mm black IP case, features an aluminum bezel, multi-eye dial and a tachymeter scale around the face .


This classic preppy style features a rectangular stainless stee l case and a double-wrap strap in red and navy silicon.


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GOLD-PLATED SNAFFLE BIT NECKLACE GOLD-PLATED LINK BRACELET This pretty bracelet, in a timeless link style, features a cool toggle closure with a red and navy stripe.

This equestrian-inspired style makes an elegant statement, whether or not you're a riding enthusiast.


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HEART NECKLACE HEART BRACELET A sweet bracelet style in stainless steel, featuring a white enamel heart charm with the words, "With Love From Tommy Hllfiger Established 1985." Toggle closure features blue and red enamel stripe.

Make a romantic statement with this stainless steel necklace, featuring a white enamel heart charm with the words, "With Love From Tommy Hilfiger Established 1985." Toggle closure features blue and red enamel stripe.


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Reflecting the personalities that are New York, the DKNY watch collection comes alive with color and style. from day to night, street to chic, Nyc is a city of contradictions that define style. the spring 2013 women’s and men’s watch collection offers endless possibilities of expression like the city itself. watches disguised as bangles adorn in colorful enamels such as coral, fuchsia and turquoise. white dominates on smooth leather straps. sleek plastic bracelets are lined with coral or fuchsia. silver top rings add shine.


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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Neutrally Balanced The Tri Tone Blend A sporty men’s silver bracelet with chronograph function and black on white details add city sophistication. two tone styles carry into men’s and have classic appeal.


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COLOR BURST WHITES & BRIGHTS Key plating colors create the foundation, as silver and gold once again take the spotlight. Circular shapes shine in silver, while touches of gold provide a fresh and modern update. The collection goes neutral using a tri-tone mix of nude, white and black. Nude straps and dial options read neutral, black top rings or dials add interest and excitement, and white accents keep it light for spring. Two sleek new ceramics finish the collection with sheen and polish.


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+202-269 000 01/2

Time NY8766



René Lacoste entered the legend of tennis when he and his teammates “The Musketeers” stole the Davis Cup away from the Americans for the first time in 1927 and again in 1928. With three French Open victories (1925, 1927 and at the Roland Garros stadium in 1929), two victories at Wimbledon (1925 and 1928) and two U.S. Open titles at Forest Hills (1926 and 1927), René Lacoste was the No.1 player in the world in 1926 and 1927.

THE CROCODILE’S ORIGINS The true story of the “Crocodile” begins in the 1920s after a bet that René Lacoste had with the Captain of the French Davis Cup Team, Allan H. Muhr, who promised him an alligator suitcase if he won an important game for the team.


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This episode was reported in the Boston Evening Transcript, where his nickname the ‘Crocodile’ came to life for the first time. The American public grew fond of this nickname, which highlighted the tenacity Lacoste displayed on the tennis courts, never giving up his prey. His friend Robert George drew him a crocodile, which was embroidered on the blazer he wore on the courts. The legend was born.

the watch Magazine of Egypt

the creation of the lacoste

polo shirt At the end of the 1920s, René Lacoste designs and makes for his own personal use a batch of cotton shirts in an aired mesh. Comfortable and perfectly absorbing perspiration, the shirt helps to better support the heat on the American courts. It immediately revolutionized men’s sportswear, replacing the classic woven fabric, longsleeved and starched shirts which players had worn on the courts until then. The first LACOSTE polo shirt was white, slightly shorter than other shirts on the market, with a ribbed collar and short sleeves, and it was made of a light knitted fabric called “jersey petit piqué”. In 1933, by associating with André Gillier, the owner and chairman of France’s largest knitwear manufacturing firm at the time, René Lacoste launched the production of the crocodile logo embroidered shirt and thus gave birth to the LACOSTE L.12.12 polo shirt: L for LACOSTE, 1 for the unique fabric (cotton petit piqué), 2 for the short-sleeved version (13.12 would be the code for the long-sleeved version) and 12 for the number of prototypes presented to René Lacoste. This was the first time that a brand name appeared on the outside of an article of clothing.

TENNIS & GOLF AMBASSADORS Throughout the year, LACOSTE is present on the most beautiful tennis courts of the world with two Grand Slams and many tournaments. The involvement of LACOSTE in the tennis world allows the brand to perpetuate its history while ensuring high quality and strong visibility during prestigious events. Through its sports ambassadors, LACOSTE consolidates its image, imprinted with a real and unique sports legacy. Close to 60 champions (24 are in the top 100) from 20 different nationalities, such as Richard Gasquet, Milos Raonic, John Isner, or Dominika Cibulkova, carry the colours of the Crocodile. These LACOSTE ambassadors personify the values of the LACOSTE brand: integrity, performance and elegance, which are the foundation of the success of the brand since its creation. LACOSTE is also present throughout the year on most of the finest golf courses in the world. The famous crocodile is worn by champions of different nationalities such as Yani Tseng and Cristie Kerr (No. 1 & 2 World Ranked players respectively), as well as Virginie Lagoutte-Clément , Miguel-Angel Jimenez, Anders Hansen and Raphael Jacquelin.


Richard Gasquet BTC News


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BIARRITZ GOLD is elegant holiday gift for women

LACOSTE unveils the BIARRITZ GOLD collection just in time for the holiday season. These sophisticated timepieces exude feminine elegance. They also remind us how the idea of sportswear, for which the French brand is renowned, and the sports roots of the Biarritz watch family have been taken to the level of luxury sportswear. The BIARRITZ GOLD family features a luxurious soft tone-on-tone design that will move confidently from day to night. The gold IP plated case is complemented by a dial, bracelet and polished bezel (with LACOSTE etched in letters) in the same golden hue. The rose gold three-hand version is on trend for the season and will work with wardrobes ranging from casual chic to contemporary classic. The yellow gold multifunction version is distinguished by crystal indexes on the dial, making it as modern as it is timeless.


BORNEO CHRONO LACOSTE LAUNCHES LACOSTE is launching a big and bold chronograph for the Fall/Winter season. BORNEO CHRONO features a large plastic case and comfortable silicone strap with debossed branding. Water resistant to 10ATM (a first for LACOSTE), this young and fun but also serious masculine watch represents effortless performance at its best. BORNEO CHRONO is available in several fresh and graphic color combinations, complemented by aluminum indexes that give intensity to the dial. All black on the case and strap has pop color details in white, red or yellow. A black case with blue color details complements the strap rendered in the same blue. A black case with orange color details has a grey strap. And all all white case and strap has green color details for an iconic LACOSTE brand statement.


Also available in 3 hands

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ceramic case

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES LIMITED EDITION DIESEL TIMEFRAMES COLLECTION To celebrate the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, DIESEL, in collaboration with Warner Bros.


Consumer Products, has re-imagined an icon to create The Dark Knight Rises limited edition timepiece. Inspired by the Batmobile Tumbler, The Dark Knight Rises’ Batman-inspired timepiece features a black silicone strap with tire-like treads. The Batman logo is printed on the layered chronograph dial and carved into the oversized crown. Like the BatSignal against the sky, a white LED light creates a cool contrast to the matte black IP plated case. Each limited edition Batman timepiece will be individually and sequentially numbered on the watch’s LED lever. The watch come packaged in The Dark Knight Rises coordinating display box. BTC News

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adidas Originals is proud to present the newest addition Curitiba, to thier timepiece range. Taking cues from the successful and stylish Peachtree, Curitiba is the next generation digital watch. The Curitiba’s forward and edgy design was inspired by the bustling urban lifestyle in its eponymous Brazilian city. Curitiba features a 50-mm dial, nylon case, silicone strap and multi-level display reminiscent of the city’s skyline. The Curitiba redefines the digital watch, and celebrates Originality in style and attitude.


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‫‏‬Celebs & Their Watches ‫‏‬Love Stories

‫ ‏‬ctress‫ ‏‬Sarah Gadon and Actor A Clive Owen love Jaeger-LeCoultre

‫ ‏‬eepika Padukone, Actress And D Model Loves Tissot

‫‏‬Actress Diane Kruger loves Jaeger-LeCoultre

‫‏‬Actor Harrison Ford loves Hamilton

‫ ‏‬icky Hayden N 2006 Motogp World Champion Loves Tissot


BTC News

‫‏‬Miss Switzerland loves Balmain

Al Pachino loves Jaeger-LeCoultre ‫‏‬Actor Warren Beatty loves Girard-Perregaux

Mario Dominguez loves Graham

‫ ‏‬anica Patrick, The First Woman To D Win A Race In The Indycar Series Loves Tissot

‫‏‬Miss Belgium loves Balmain


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“IN” Pieces

For This Season & Beyond! Hugo Boss Just Different

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Studded quilted leather iPad sleeve


Rouge d’Armani Eau Pour Hom me Sheers

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EA Fall Watches



BTC News

Lacoste Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2013

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013


BTC News

Calvin Klein Ready To Wear Spring/ Summer 2013


DKNY Watches Spring 2013



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Gucci Bamboo fine collection

Gucci Silver Cufflink Collection For Men

Gucci Diamantissima Men


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BTC News City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504


Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463


Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948


Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785


TITONI proudly presents a new and dazzling model in its prestigious Master Series Ladies collection. For the very first time, a TITONI model features diamonds both on the bezel and the dial, making it truly exceptional. A total of 78 precious Top Wesselton (SI) diamonds sparkle from this stunning ladies model. The graceful mix of mother-of-pearl and diamonds – the Arabic numbers 12 and 6 are set with 28 diamonds – underlines the beautifully balanced appeal of this watch, making this Master Series model an exquisite one of a kind.


94738 S-378

TITONI presents a new distinct model in its Space Star collection. This new timepiece surprises with a diversity of unique details. On the slender and elegant dark dial a fine, dynamic pattern is visible, giving this model its modern yet understated appeal. In addition to the hour hands pointing to a traditional set of Roman numerals, a red skeleton hour hand indicates a second time zone. This additional 24-hour wheel is an exquisite and unique feature to the Space Star collection.

SLENDERLINE TQ52917 S-375 130

TITONI presents a new model in its unique Slenderline collection, adding another exquisite piece to an already exceptional line. As is very typical of the collection, this new Slenderline model is also extremely slim. With an overall thickness of only 5.7 mm, the watch imparts a unique feel of reduced elegance. The model is lined with fine, graceful Roman numerals, adding further to the exquisite appeal. The silver dial shows a raised pattern, harmonizing perfectly with the 12 Roman numerals and the sleek hour hands.

BTC News

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785


w w w. u s p o l o a s s n . c o m

BTC News

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

BTC Outlets & Retail Network For a selective group of customers who seek premium brands in a luxurious setting (medium high and high end brands)

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Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 1210


Cairo BTC EX, CityStars Mall

BTC EX, Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Lobby (Opening August 2010) Giza BTC EX, First Mall

Giza, First Mall, Four Seasons Hotel, Shop # 102


For a larger segment of customers who seek Swiss quality medium priced brands (medium and medium high brands) BTC



BTC, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # B2 A


BTC, El Akkad

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, Tiba

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 250


BTC, Kasr El Nil

Cairo, Down Town


BTC, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Shobra

Cairo, Shobra


BTC, El Obour

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26


BTC, Dandy

Giza, Dandy Mall, Shop # 132


BTC, Mohandeseen

Giza, Mohandeseen


BTC, Mall of Arabia

Giza, 6 October City, Shop #SGO 461


BTC, Down Town

Alexandria, Down Town


BTC, City Center Mall

Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 33






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Swatch Boutique, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 1220


Swatch Boutique, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # D3 A


Tissot Boutique, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 248



Alexandria Swatch Boutique, San Stefano Mall Alexandria, San Stefano Mall, Shop # 5 Tissot Boutique, San Stefano Mall


Alexandria, Four Seasons Hotel, San Stefano, Shop # 42 +201008500622

For a younger group of customers who seek fashionable watches in a trendy setting. Link (Fashion Brands )



Link, CityStars Mall 1

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 113


Link, CityStars Mall 2

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 358B


Link, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26B


Link, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


Link, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # D 48


Link. Dandy Mall

Giza, Dandy Mall Shop # 83 A


Link, Mallof Arabia

Giza, 6 October City, Shop # SGO 462


Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 11




Alexandria Link, City Center Mall

The first specialized private - sector duty free company for watches and accessories in the Egyptian airports. BTC Duty Free



BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T1

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T3

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Hurghada Airport

Hurghada, Red Sea


BTC DFS, Sharm Airport

Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea


Cairo, Heliopolis



Boutiques Swatch boutique T1

BTC News

Executive Dual Time Self-winding. Patented time zone quick setting. Black ceramic bezel and 18 ct rose gold case. Water-resistant to 100 m. Rubber band. W W W . U LY S S E - N A R D I N . C O M

First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607

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BTC Watches News Magazine - 4th Issue  

BTC Watches News Magazine - 4th Issue

BTC Watches News Magazine - 4th Issue  

BTC Watches News Magazine - 4th Issue