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Dear Readers Welcome to this issue of BTC News Magazine. It’s been a while since we published the last issue, due to uncertain economic times and the recent upheavals in Egypt and other areas in the Middle East. We stand firmly behind the Free Egypt movement and we believe strongly that freedom and democracy will bring more business, development and prosperity. We are optimistic about the future of Egypt and plan to continue to grow our business here. We will continue to expand to reach our customers regardless of the troubles that have occurred recently in Egypt. In fact, BTC has opened six new points of sale in 2011, in the Mall of Arabia, the Dandy Mall and in the Sun City Mall. We believe that the market will become strong again, as even in the toughest of times, people still need to have joy and beautiful things in their lives. As the following pages show, there are plenty of products to choose from this year. I truly hope you enjoy this issue of BTC News. Please feel free to share your feedback with us – we value your comments and opinions very much. Here’s to a great 2012!


Ayman Nassif C.E.O


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International editor Keith W. Strandberg For more information please contact Sara Sarwat Editor in Chief 19 Abbass El Akkad St. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. Postal code: 11371 Tel.: +20 2 2401 57 72 Fax: +20 2 2261 60 45 Email: Designed & Printed by SL-Creations Advertising Agency

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the watch Magazine of Egypt

BTC Sun City Mall

Now SIX New Shops have been added to our Chain!

Bringing BTC and LINK closer to you..

Visit Suncity Mall, Mall of Arabia & Dandy Mall

Mall of Arabia 4

Mall of Arabic is the biggest mall in Egypt yet to open in terms of space and stores, and second biggest in the middle east. Phase 1 of the mall includes all needed facilities and stores that will be opening for the first time in Egypt like Cartoon Network. A dancing Fountain will also be established in the mall along with a huge open area inside the Mall, which will also have coffee shops, night shows and

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spacious alleys and greenery for walking. The food courts are surrounded by glass overlooking the outdoor fountain; cinema complex, and all local and Inter- national brands.There are 12 entrances to provide easy access to all areas of the mall as well as a capacity for over 9000 free car parking spaces. BTC Shop SGO 462 / LINK Shop SGO 462

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Suncity Mall Suncity Mall is a 200,000-square-meter-state-ofthe-art and mixed-use, touristic, retail and entertainment complex. It is located next to Cairo Airport. There are numerous activities within the center disbursed throughout the different levels. The complex is supported by multistory car park that can accommodate over 2’000 vehicles. The mall includes leasing area of 60,000 m2, more than 250 retail outlets with over 400 international brands, 16 cinema screens complex including 2 for VIP and free parking for more than 2800 car. BTC Shop #B2A / LINK Shop #D48


BTC/Link Mall of Arabia

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Link Dandy Mall

Dandy Mall Dandy Mega Mall’s architectural design is a work of art that has been undertaken by the renowned French designer Mr. Daniel Poissonnet in conjunction with Arab Consulting Engineers (Moharam-Bakhoum) one of Egypt’s most recognized firms in the field of consultancy and architectural design. After designing over one hundred shopping centers in Europe and around the world, Mr. Poissonnet gathered all his expertise in creating a state-of-the-art design for Dandy Mega Mall.


Special attention was given to space utilization, lighting, air flow, common areas, amenities and parking access in a manner that has set new shopping mall design standards in Egypt and has rendered Dandy Mega Mall a prime destination for shoppers and leisure seekers from around the world. BTC Dandy Mall

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

BTC Duty Free has established Bulgari Corner at Cairo International Airport T3 Bulgari is now available at the Cairo International Airport. Being the largest airport in Egypt, Cairo International Airport is the second busiest airport in Africa serving 16.1 million passengers in 2010. 7

The airport was awarded by the 2010 Skytrax World Airport Awards as one of the three most improved airports worldwide. BTC News

Trend Report:

Classic and Traditional only Part of the


By: Keith W. Strandberg

The Swiss, who have been making watches for centuries, know that trends come and go. Just prior to the financial meltdown, there was a period of “anything goes,” and it seemed that the more outlandish the watches, the better they sold. Now, with markets still recovering, there has been a return to “normalcy” and a move away from those crazy watches. As part of this fiscal sanity, elegant and traditional watches are making a big comeback. Dismissed a few years ago as boring, vanilla, unexciting, these watches are becoming the staple they used to be - elegant, traditional designs that can stay in a watch brand’s line, or your watch collection, for years to come.

Is it Really a Trend ? Classic and elegant watches have been a staple for many brands, but companies are seeing a renewed interest. “All over the world, the financial difficulties have generated a return towards more classical shapes and watches,” says Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Chief Executive Officer, Piaget. “For Piaget, elegance is an intrinsic part of our DNA. In fact, our passion for ultra thin mechanical movements has only one objective: to allow us to design slim and beautiful watches. Therefore we will continue to do what we do best.” As flashy watches and here-today, gone-tomorrow styles fade, understated watches are coming to the forefront. For JaegerLeCoultre, classic has never gone out of style. “Interest in classic, elegant watches has never been something that has dwindled,” says Jerome Lambert, president, Jaeger-LeCoultre. “Even when larger and sportier watches were at their peak in popularity, the backbone of fine watchmaking remained in the classic and elegant lines.


Now, a classic watch doesn’t need to be simple, but rather it’s classic if it combines the history of fine watchmaking (something Jaeger-LeCoultre prides itself on as a 177 year old manufacture) with the new innovations of today’s world. Elegance is wearing a beautiful and perfectly made watch, that will never go out of style. “There is a different watch for every different person in the world,” adds Lambert. “I will never say that it is time for any watch to be over. If Asian countries, like China, for example, love the classical size, some other growing territories like South America are fond of big, technical watches like the Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2.”

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Established Brands Back in the Forefront A long history and a proven track record means a lot when it comes to watches. Established high end brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre and Piaget have a stellar track record, a known history and a reputation for unparalleled quality. They are high watchmaking stalwarts, brands that have weathered so many storms, so people feel that they can’t go wrong buying from any of these established brands. Many of these brands focus on traditional and classical watches, in order to honor their legacy and satisfy their existing customers. These watches will stand the test of time and stay wearable for years, even decades – they are heirloom pieces, watches that fathers will pass on to sons, generation to generation. The best established brands are committed to staying on top of technological developments, as well. Piaget has been one of the leaders in thin movement development, and Jaeger-LeCoultre has introduced more new, in-house designed and manufactured movements per year than any other brand. Though limited by a need to keep their brands’ DNA present in all their timepieces, these brands innovate in other areas, whether it be in new complications, new materials or ever increasing quality.

Though limited by a need to keep their brands’ DNA present in all their timepieces, these brands innovate in other areas, whether it be in new complications, new materials or ever increasing quality. Independents: The Freedom to Create There are still some key independent watchmakers succeeding well in today’s watch world. These brands, like Ulysse Nardin, Chanel, Corum and more, are free of the tethers of tradition and history. They don’t have an established clientele that expects a certain kind of product, so they are free to develop whatever they want.


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The Freedom to Create

They can think of new ways to do complications, new ways to read the time, new materials, new shapes and all manner of new concepts. Many collectors have embraced these new brands, snatching up every new model that comes along. As customers become more involved in timepieces, they naturally tend to look beyond established brands to see what other watchmakers are doing. These independent watchmakers have captured interest, because they are doing something completely different from the established brands. Often, this is done with cutting edge design, like Ulysse Nardin, which stood watchmaking on its ear with unique time displays, new materials and more.

The Future One of the best things about the watch industry is that change is constant. Don’t like big watches? Don’t worry, traditional, thinner, smaller watches are making a comeback. Like new materials? There are a bunch of companies really turning heads with materials like meteorites, petrified wood, new alloys, new colors, new treatments and much more. Rest assured, no matter what happens, watchmakers will always be working on the next great timepiece. 10

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

By: Keith W. Strandberg

For this issue of BTC Magazine, the editors caught up with the worldwide president of Piaget, Philippe Leopold-Metzger. A veteran of the watch industry, and one of the true nice guys in this business, Leopold-Metzger sees Egypt as a key market for Piaget.

What’s new with Piaget? The year so far has been very good. We are very strong where business is strong today. We have great products. We have gone from being a brand that was very much a jewelry watch brand to a brand that is much more balanced between women and men. Today, we are developing our elegant business for men, with thin watches like the Altiplano. We have invested a lot in manufacturing, which means that we don’t have the problem of having to depend on suppliers, as we make all of our own movements in La Côte-aux-Fées, and we are integrated with all the parts. It limits capacity, but we are in control of our destiny.

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Valuing Time with Piaget’s

Philippe Leopold-Metzger How important is Egypt for Piaget?

Which watch do you have on right now?

Egypt is a new territory for us. We are doing very well there with our great retailer, BTC. The Middle East is a growing part of our business, and we have very strong expansion rates. Egypt is such an important market for Piaget, and the idea is now to expand the collections and do more things in Egypt. In Egypt, the market is really becoming established.

The one I am wearing today is the Emperador Tourbillon Automatic, but I love the Tourbillon Skeleton, and I love the Altiplano 43mm for when I go out. Piaget is an iconic brand. What is the pressure on you and your team to keep that magic and tradition going? We have to continue investing in the brand. What makes Piaget more than anything else is the product. We continue to invest in the facilities, we have more and more designers and more people working on research and development. We are investing in developing new and better products. We have to keep the creativity flowing.

How do you balance being such an innovator in movements with the amazing jewelry watches you do? We have two different campaigns, one that is very masculine and technical, where we can show Piaget as a technical brand, but we also have a completely new campaign where we show Piaget as a very creative and emotional brand. We tried to have one ad that shows both sides of Piaget, but it was very hard. In watches, we are elegant and technical, but understated, and on the women’s side, we are much more creative, innovative and extravagant. The creativity on the watch for men is in the movement, and for the women it’s in the design. For women, we are developing more watch models with automatic movements. we want to make sure we have a good offer on the technical side for women. When men buy for their wives, they buy technical and mechanical. When women buy, they prefer quartz. It’s changing little by little, but quartz is still the most popular for ladies watches.

Which Piaget watches are the most popular in Egypt? 12

In the Middle East, we have to come all the time with new products and the customers are looking for more technical pieces or more diamond set on the women’s side. Egypt is a market where the customers know what is happening in the watch industry and they value differentiation and creativity.

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Besides watches, what are you passionate about? For me, my family has really been the thing that I have concentrated on the most. Raising a family is both a passion for me and very hard work.

What do you like about your life? For me, I’ve had a balanced life. I have a wife and family that have always been behind me. I travel 40% of the time and it’s such a pleasure to be based in Geneva. I have a hectic life but when I come back to Geneva, I am in the middle of nature and for someone who loves skiing and golfing, it’s paradise. What traits do you most admire in other people? Humanity, loyalty, intelligence, drive, vision.

What trait in yourself do you most despise? I think I am a little bit too shy, I don’t put myself forward too much. I don’t have an oversized ego, and I don’t know if that’s a good point or a bad point. Many thanks to Philippe Leopold-Metzger for taking the time to speak with BTC News magazine. We look forward to seeing the next Piaget creations.

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Piaget’s Ultra Thin Movements Ever since the company started making its own watches (Piaget began as a movement supplier to the industry), Piaget has been determined to shed weight and thickness from its movements, and this determination has resulted in several world records for the thinnest movements. There is no denying that today’s trend is big watches -- 42mm is about average nowadays, with some going up to 50mm and more. Honestly, though, a huge watch is less of a challenge to design, as there is more space for every detail. Making everything thinner and smaller, now that’s a watchmaking challenge.

The Concept It is part of the DNA of Piaget that the watches will be thinner than others. “Thin is our religion,” emphasizes Philippe Leopold-Metzger, president, Piaget. “Whatever watch we make, the thinness has always been a key part of it. Even though we are winning records and we are very happy about this, the key thing is that the technical part is serving the design. Thin movements allow us to do very thin watches. With the Altiplano, it’s very simple, elegant and very thin. If you take a Polo 45 and put it next to another watch in our category from another company, our watch is much thinner and much more elegant. We are working in much larger movements -- we used to be at nine lines and now a lot of them are 12 and one is 13.25 but the watch remains extraordinarily thin.”

The Design Piaget has a team of movement designers and part of their mission is to make every piece and part as thin as possible, while not sacrificing the robust nature of the movement.“All the parts in the movement are reduced to the smallest possible,” says Pierre Guellier, product manager, Piaget. “Some wheels are only 0.12mm, which is almost as small as a single human hair. It’s not easy, even for our own staff, to understand how difficult it is to make these parts. “It’s relatively easy to develop thin bridges, for example, but you have to be sure of the reliability of the piece,” Guellier continues. “Sometimes you are obliged to make movement parts thicker, because they won’t be strong enough to make the movement work. We are quite used to developing ultrathin movements, but a new movement manufacture could try for an ultrathin movement, but it may fail in the marketplace. Throughout the history of ultrathin movements, many ultrathin movements have come out then disappeared because they didn’t work.” Piaget over the course of its history has developed both hand wind and automatic watches, focused on keeping them as thin as possible. “The automatic movement has all the additional parts of the winding system and the rotor, which makes it obviously thicker,” Guellier explains. “The challenge of ultrathin, automatic movements means keeping the rotor as thin as possible, but it still has to have good winding power. When we have a small rotor, as in the 1208P movement, we had to make it thicker and the weight had to be towards to center. We did a special pal-

ladium gold composition to get the right density, and we increased the power reserve by two hours, to 42 hours. This means that it is strong enough to add complications to this movement, to make it a family of movements. We now have the possibility to break other records.”

The Future Thin has always been in at Piaget and the brand has no intention of changing course. “If we did the same calibers as everyone else, Piaget will never be able to be stay unique,” says Guellier. “We are very lucky that our manufacture was successful because of two traditional ultrathin movements, the 9p (1957, 2mm thick) and the 12p (2.3mm, automatic), so we want to exploit this ultrathin aspect. It is also more difficult to assemble the watches, so we need better watchmakers. With all the experience we have, our people are used to assembling the ultrathin movements. Our complications are also thinner than others on the market.” Whether Piaget watches can get any thinner than they are now is unclear. “There is always a debate about whether thin is coming back and whether elegance is coming back,” says Leopold-Metzger. “For a while, the industry had ‘Star Wars’ watches. No one is a one or two watch buyer in their lifetime anymore, so I think it’s great to have one watch that is thin, others that are thick, one watch that is elegant, another that is sporty. It’s wonderful that we all have different choices when it comes to timepieces.” And Piaget will never stop trying to make things smaller, thinner and lighter.

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Our collection of mechanical calibres, all made in-house, is unique in the world with unparalleled breadth in shape, design and level of complication: for every watch its own calibre. Since 1833, we have produced 1,231 different mechanical calibres. Out of the 60 calibres in creation today, the most exceptional are shown here. Absolute leadership in the history of fine watchmaking.



First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607 Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Down town Cairo: 012 2031 1198

Even after more than 80 years

Reverso is more relevant

than ever

Where would you expect to find an 80-year-old watch? In a museum, perhaps? That’s certainly the only place to view some of the watches from the early 20th century. At Jaeger-LeCoultre, however, an 80-year-old model is a vital part of its current lineup, it can be seen on distinguished wrists everywhere, and it doesn’t look a day older than it did in 1931. Both a historical piece and a completely modern icon for the brand, the Reverso is perpetually renewed through the introductions of new versions that keep it current. Eighty years ago, when Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the Reverso, created at the request of English colonial officers who wanted to protect their timepieces while playing polo in India, the famed Swiss house of horology likely couldn’t have predicted that the Reverso would become so iconic. But demand has never ceased for this watch, which is both practical and infinitely customizable.


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The Watch Magazine of Egypt Over the years, there have been bejeweled versions, models decorated with miniature paintings, dual-time and multiple-time-zone examples, complicated limited editions and skeletonized Reverso watches as well as the standard Reverso still well suited to the demands of the polo player. The Reverso is supremely practical, whether vying for glory on the polo field or simply living life. Jaeger-LeCoultre, to its credit, is still heavily involved in the sport of polo, and the brand chose Argentina, the world’s leading destination for polo, as the place to celebrate the Reverso’s 80th anniversary.

Eighty Years of Polo One of the oldest games in the world tied to one of the oldest watch models: the parallels are clear. The Reverso is about as iconic of Jaeger-LeCoultre as polo is of Argentina, and its success is well deserved. Those in the know immediately recognize a Reverso, and other companies’ attempts to compete with the Reverso have never been as elegant, simple or sophisticated as the original, the revered Reverso. “The Reverso has transcended polo, but it was designed for polo players, so we have made a commitment to keep the original link to polo, particularly when it comes to sport in Argentina,” Lambert says. “The world of polo symbolizes the link between the past and the future. The roots of the Reverso are in the past, and the constant reinvention of the sport here in Argentina is the future. “We have several ambassadors here in Argentina, and these ambassadors are incarnations of what the Reverso represents in terms of excellence, elegance and modernity,” Lambert continues. “They are all representations of these values, while playing one of the oldest games in the world.” Long live the Reverso, and long may it remain perpetually on its game.

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goes back to 1931

Upon being approached by those polo playing Brits, Jaeger-LeCoultre set about making a watch in which protection of the dial was primary. The reversible case of the Reverso was a simple and elegant solution. It allows the watch case to be flipped over, protecting the sapphire crystal and dial from potential impacts. Extremely popular with polo players, the watch also caught on with the general public, partly because it allowed the back of the case to be decorated and then displayed. All sorts of organizations, groups and even royalty have decorated the back of the Reverso case with their own insignia.


If Jaeger-LeCoultre had not continued to modify and update the Reverso throughout the years, it may not have enjoyed such longevity. But new designs, new complications, dual dials and other variants have helped the Reverso stay in step with the times.

BTC News

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

One of the contemporary variations that truly suits the Reverso design, although it negates the original principle of protection, is the dual-time-zone Reverso Duo, which allows the wearer to simply flip the watch over to switch between local time and home time displays. Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Jerome Lambert wears this Reverso quite often. As the head of a company that does business around the world, his life is very much about managing different time zones. “When I am traveling in another country, in another time zone, the Reverso dual time is both convenient and elegant,” he explains. “The Reverso is made up of this elegance and a silent luxury it is discreet, and yet it embodies classical elegance.”

New designs, new complications, dual dials and other variants All of this adds up to sales. The Reverso is one of the bestsellers in the Jaeger-LeCoultre collection, representing 45 percent of its business. And the constant reinventions and adaptations that have kept it young will continue into the future with an expanding range of mechanical complications, according to Lambert. “Since 1991, we have opened the complication field to the Reverso, which has helped to keep the Reverso in the forefront, and we will continue in this same philosophy,” says Lambert. “You will see new complications in the future. We have also opened another market with the Reverso Squadra in the sports arena.”



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the watch Magazine of Egypt

Ulysse Nardin

Innovative to the Core

By Keith W. Strandberg, International Editor

When Rolf Schnyder bought Ulysse Nardin, the brand was a shell. Known for marine chronometers, which the brand still produced, the consumer watches were uninspired and unsuccessful. Schnyder was the key to the brand’s turnaround and, as a result, Ulysse Nardin has become one of the leading innovators in the watch industry today. Schnyder, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 75, leaving a gaping void at the top of the watchmaking pyramid, didn’t set out to become an innovator, however. In fact, he was just trying to make his way in the world. Raised in Zurich, Switzerland, he headed to the Orient to explore, and ended up setting up companies there that could


BTC News

make parts (dials, cases, etc.) for the watch industry cheaper, and more efficiently, than could be done in Switzerland. As a result, he became very successful and when Ulysse Nardin was on the market in the early 1980s, he was in a position to buy the brand. At that time, said Schnyder, one of the true legends in watchmaking, “I took over a carcass. It was a beautiful name, but back in the late 70s and early 80s, every company was in trouble, companies and people were going bankrupt, closing, having a tough time. But, I had to start somewhere, and I bought Ulysse Nardin.” Schnyder didn’t really have a plan for the brand, other than a feeling that mechanical watches would

make a comeback. “I believed in special mechanical watches, watchmaking art if you will,” he said. “I think watchmaking art can be mechanical or aesthetical. After I bought the brand, I went through all the pieces that were on the market that had more than three hands. There weren’t really that many wristwatch complications around.” The Beginning The only thing Schnyder was sure of when he relaunched Ulysse Nardin was that he couldn’t make watches like everyone else was. He needed something new and different and he decided his new company would focus on complications that no one had ever seen before. Schnyder, though conversant in manufacturing theories, was not

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

a watchmaker. For this venture, he would need people who could “think outside the box.” “I made a list of people who were inventors or had crazy ideas, and went to see everyone on my list,” Schnyder remembered. “At one company, Jorg Spöring’s workshop in Lucerne, I noticed an astrolabium clock in the foyer. I asked about it and they told me that Ludwig Oechslin had made the clock, and they called him crazy. After a time, I finally was able to track him down and we started working together.” Their first collaboration for Ulysse Nardin was the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei, a miniaturization of a clock in the collection of the Vatican

museum. Next was the Planetarium Copernicus (with Christophe Claret) and the Trilogy of Time was completed in 1992, with the Tellurium Johannes Kepler (with Giulio Papi). “The Astrolabium inspired people to think about watches and complications differently,” Schnyder remembered. “This was the first piece of the watchmaking renaissance. We needed a crazy guy like Ludwig. Watchmakers are usually very stubborn and traditional and they don’t branch out, but Ludwig has an open mind.” Innovation After Innovation These three timepieces put Ulysse Nardin on the map, and on collectors’ radar, but Schnyder was not content to stop there. He wanted to revolutionize the way time was read, the way watches were used and the materials that timepieces integrated. The big commercial success for the company came with the Freak, which was introduced in 2001. The Freak turned watchmaking on its ear, revolutionizing the way people told time and

opening up the watch for all to see the mechanics. On top of this, the Freak introduced the new dual escapement. At the same time, the Freak ushered in Ulysse Nardin’s willingness to experiment with new materials. “One day Ludwig came into my office and said that he had invented a new escapement,” Schnyder remembered. “He brought a carriage clock and put it on my desk and he pointed out the new escapement, which was a dual direct escapement. I didn’t want to take a risk with a new escapement, because we never get a watch back because something was wrong with the escapement. “When we started working on the Freak, I told Ludwig that he could try the new escapement, but with the standard metals used in watchmaking, his new escapement didn’t work,” Schnyder continued. “Then, the director of the technical school in Le Locle told us that a company in Neuchatel had done some interesting things with silicone – I never wanted to call it silicone 21

BTC News

because I thought of breast implants, so I called it silicium. We did many trials there and finally succeeded – silicium is lighter, parts are produced much more precisely and the parts never need lubrication.” For Schnyder, the Freak was really a breakthrough in so many things. “Up to then, it was all about how many complications you could cram into a single watch,” he said. “People were so interested in the Freak, but it was so simple – it was an inspiration to artistic, creative people in the industry. Even today, the Freak is still a revolution. It gave people ideas to show the movement, to show the escapement and it gave us a new way of displaying time. Instead of complications, it was an instrument that showed time in a different way. The Astrolabium and the Freak were the cornerstones of the innovation of Ulysse Nardin.” Artisanal At the same time Ulysse Nardin was experimenting in new movements, new materials and new technology, Schnyder was also pushing the limits of the traditional artisanal arts of watchmaking – enamel, miniature painting and more. Schnyder wasn’t content doing things the traditional ways. An example is the dial of the San Marco. “Blue was the color of Ulysse Nardin, so I wanted the San Marco to have a background of true blue,” he remembered. “After searching for a solution for quite some time, I found an emanelist in Le Locle and I went


BTC News

to him and talked to him about making the dials for me, and I asked him if he could make blue, and he found blue enamel. “After that I wanted to do cloisonné,” Schnyder added. “I always loved to go to his workshop to see what he was doing. With the blue enamel, it often had little gas bubbles, which I couldn’t accept. He said this is natural and I have to explain to the clients, which was, of course, unacceptable. Oh, we had such huge arguments.” Schnyder insisted for the cloisonné dials and his answer was to give the enamellist the time to figure it out. “He didn’t want to do it, I told him that I would place an order for 100 dials and I wouldn’t need them for two years, so he would have time to experiment,” Schnyder said. “I had to take all 100, no matter the condition, so that he could make some mistakes and I would still buy them.” New Technology Schnyder has always been open to new ways of doing things. Where some watch companies might have brushed off inventors and new material suppliers, Schnyder heard everyone out and urged them to keep trying if the solution wasn’t quite ready. “We even made hairsprings in diamonds,” Schnyder used as an example. “We saw some people who were making artificially grown diamonds, but they were too thin. We needed much thicker wafers for watches. The guys came back two years later and said that they had done it.

They did calculations that proved that diamonds were more flexible than steel. Now we grow the diamond on silicium.” The Future Looking back on his career, Schnyder was amazed, humbled and thankful for what he has accomplished. When he left Switzerland, he never thought he’d end up being the leader of one of the industry’s most cutting edge companies. “I think we have inspired a lot of people in the watch industry to do different things,” Schnyder said proudly. “After the Astrolabium, the doors opened. We can take the credit that we inspired the industry to rethink complications in wristwatches and introduce them again. We had to come out with things that didn’t exist. That was our drive. “I have really enjoyed this journey,” he continued. “I have done a lot of fun things and it has been a great life. It has been a full life and I really thank God that I had these opportunities.” In conclusion, though, Schnyder was quick to point out that Ulysse Nardin is not done. “We have a ton of developments in the pipeline and the future looks fantastic.” Now taking over for Schnyder is Patrik Hoffmann, who had been the president of Ulysse Nardin’s US subsidiary and worked closely with Rolf for many years. Here at BTC News, we wish you the best of luck, Patrik. You have some big shoes to fill.

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Time creates history the watch marks its progress and the pen seals its testimony

For more than 165 years, Ulysse Nardin has forged a reputation through its precious and exclusive timepieces. Continuing its long tradition of innovation and passion for craftsmanship, Ulysse Nardin is opening up new horizons for its discerning clients and has now developed an instrument dedicated to the art of writing. Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with Visconti, the writing instrument specialist with 20 years’ expertise, to present a fountain pen that reflects the highest values of its clientele: a masculine communication tool that is classic yet innovative. A small masterpiece of fine jewelry craftsmanship, the fountain pen is hewn from a block of the purest resin in the Ulysse Nardin color. More than 20 separate stages are required to produce the resin sections alone. The metal parts, made of 18-carat gold or 925 sterling silver, are produced in Florence at the Visconti headquarters. The patented mechanical parts of the pen offer many outstanding features, such as the bayonet closure system with safety mechanism, whereby the cap can be locked shut with just a quarter turn. There is also the filling system which benefits from a maximum writing autonomy equivalent to around 10 ink cartridges, and an ingenious system that prevents ink spillage during flights. And the famous Visconti triple-channel ink feed, unique in the world, is the same color as the resin and allows for optimal ink flow to the nib. The Ulysse Nardin fountain pen crystallizes the brand’s core values: innovation and technical perfection, as well as its references to the marine world, with the tight, carefully handsewn net and the stylized anchor, another characteristic motif. The brand name and gold purity mark are meticulously engraved by hand, while the clip, sculpted from a block of solid gold or silver, is inscribed with the pen’s serial number. Accompanied by the travel inkwell, the fountain pen can be carried in a briefcase to be refilled even on the move. The brand itself evokes the sea, the world of sailing ships, ancient and modern, and the life of travel. Likewise, the inkwell has been specially designed for use on journeys, and allows the pen to be easily refilled in even the most inconvenient situations, by a sailor or businessman alike. 23


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Chanel J12

a very technical watch


The J12 from Chanel has really been a breakthrough is the Chromatic, a new color that shifts between for the company. An iconic design that is attractive tones of black and white. The color is actually a new to both men and women, the J12 has become the material, titanium ceramic, which is rugged, light calling card for Chanel in serious watches. There and is truly color-shifting, looking different dependhave been so many iterations – the original, the me- ing on the amount and quality of light. chanical version (featuring a haute horology movement from Audemars Piguet), the diamond versions, Not only is the material brand new, developed in the Chronograph, the GMT and the J12 Marine. Chanel’s Swiss workshop, but it also is a first for Chanel in the polishing and finishing, as new techniques had to be developed, using diamond powder J12 Chromatic first developed for polishing sapphires, in order to The latest version of the J12, introduced last year, create the finished product, the J12 Chromatic.

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The J12 Chromatic comes in three sizes, 41 and 38mm, with an automatic movement, and 33mm in quartz. Of course, all three sizes comes in classic, diamond or baguette versions.

ried to beautiful volleyball star/model Gabriela Reese and together they have two children. Hamilton splits his time between his homes in Malibu, California and Maui, Hawaii.

J12 MARINE Hamilton put the J12 Marine through what he calls The J12 Marine is a very technical watch, designed “the Laird test.” “They sent me a couple of watches, to look good and to perform well. In fact, one of and when I found out they were Laird-proof, I bethe high profile people enlisted to test the J12 was lieved in them,” he remembers. “I’ve needed a timelegendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, who just piece for a long time, and now that I have children, I has to be the ultimate man’s man. Hamilton is mar- need to be more responsible and be on time.”

The “Laird Test” means wearing the watch while surfing, paddle surfing, swimming, diving, kite surfing and windsurfing, four wheeling, training, using chainsaws, doing yard work, enjoying family life and more. “If something is going to break or get in the way or malfunction, I’ll find out just by doing what I normally do,” he explains. “Of the stuff I use, if anything breaks, I don’t get another one.” The result of Hamilton’s testing is that he has decided to work with Chanel as a spokesperson, and wear the watch in his daily life.

“Aesthetically, the J12 Marine is a nice looking watch,” he points out. “The functional aspects, like the way the band is designed without pins, means that it really fits the wrist well and stays on in the water. They took everything away and got to the simplest aspects -- tell time and give me the date – which I really like. The durability is perfect, because it works in my life. So far, I can’t hurt it and it’s a man’s watch.”

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Before his J12 Marine, Hamilton wasn’t really a watch guy. “I am part fish, so I don’t like to wear jewelry,” he says. “I do need a timepiece, however, so I can make sure of how much time I have in the surf. Now that I have a family, I have to be places on time.” Hamilton has been successful at just about everything he has attempted and he has gotten to his position in life on his own terms. “My mom told me that if you can’t be true to yourself you can’t be true to anyone,” he explains. “I believe in and I love what I do and I really don’t compromise when it comes to the important things. At times, this has cost me, but in the end, I don’t ever look back and wonder why I did something. I don’t have a lot of regrets, because I have been as true to myself as I could possibly be. “I enjoy that I don’t have anyone telling me what to do, and that’s why I haven’t participated in most organized events,” he continues. “I can be free to be with my children completely, and I can do what I love for a living.” Time is different when he is in the surf. “When you ride a wave it’s the only place I know that time doesn’t exist,” he details. “There is no beginning or end, it’s just a continuation to the next wave. During the act of surfing itself, when you are in that moment, there is no time. You are just there.” Hamilton has been a spokesperson for American Express, but this is the first time he has worked with a watch brand. “I really enjoy working with Chanel,” he says. “I respect their brand and their image. I can really relate to the care they take with their brand. I know that the watch I have is great, but I am looking forward to the watches on which we will work together. I think there might be a moon phase/tide watch in my future.” Chanel has approached the watch business with the seriousness it deserves. Unlike some high profile brands who have been content to put their name on any old watch, Chanel has endeavored to make watches that stand out, showcasing their brand’s unique design style.



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First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607 Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Down town Cairo: 012 2031 1198 CityStars Mall - Phase 2: 012 8489 1730

Watch with small seconds, case and bracelet in stainless steel. Water-resistant to 50 meters. CORUM automatic movement.



Admiral’s CUP Legend

mother-of-pearl dial

with 9 diamond hour-markers

Design, contemporaneousness and a spare architectural style are the codes of this 21st-century watchmaker. To help your better understand the development of a watch from its idea, design, and esthetic concept through component inspections, production and assembly stages to technical development we invite you to discover three spaces presenting three of our crafts. To develop a product from the creative briefs issued by Corum’s general management, the designer sketches by hand the curves and lines of the future product and then uses the CAD program to show the overall effect.


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Miss Golden Bridge

the Creative

Performance... Patience and time are needed to complete the nine steps in the construction process of a golden bridge movement. In total about 15 hours to realize the following steps • Machining of bridges and plates in 18-carat gold, 4 hours • Decoration, 2 hours • Hand engraving, 2 hours • Pre-assembly of the movement’s various components • Mounting of bridges and plate (driving rubies, pins, and studs..) • Assembly of the wheels and other components of the movement


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GIRARD-PERREGAUX VINTAGE 1945 contemporary vision of a timeless watch

At the same time classic and cutting-edge, the Vintage 1945 collection is a symbol of contemporary watchmaking that Girard-Perregaux has been careful to perfect. Taking its strong lines from the Art Deco movement, the new Vintage 1945 Large Date MoonPhases incorporates an emblematic design. Its case, with its skilfully rounded shapes in both directions, houses a Girard-Perregaux mechanical movement with automatic winding that displays a large date and moon-phases on an equally curved dial. This contemporary piece is a resounding success in both aesthetic and technical terms.

Girard-Perregaux has made its mark on the history of timeless watches. For over 50 years, the Vintage 1945 collection has represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Manufacture. Its strong design, alternation of lines and curves, and personality blending classicism with modernity have paved the way for unique creations. These include the legendary limited-edition Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with three gold Bridges featuring rhodium- plated skeletonised bridges. Remaining faithful to the spirit of the collection, Girard-Perregaux presents a new Vintage 1945 Large Date Moon-Phases that is in all respects tied to the essence of its predecessors. Its roots: a pure style, perfect symmetry and a Manufacture mechanical movement. With its perfect circle and open case-back that displays the movement, the Vintage 1945 Large Date Moon-Phases perfectly embodies the spirit of the collection. All the time displays are harmoniously arranged and readable at a glance. At 12 o’clock, the instant large date displays the date on a pair of discs – one of which is transparent – in a patented system. It beats the tempo with a railway minute track that runs around the dial. The hands and applied Arabic numerals display the time with simplicity. The meticulously crafted curved hour markers

are particularly delicate. Traditionally positioned at 6 o’clock, the raised moon- phases indicator is presented beneath a sky of perfect clarity. Combining aesthetics with a beautiful mechanism is a golden rule at Girard-Perregaux. With its 282 components, the calibre Girard-Perregaux 033000062 features precision characteristics that are the Manufacture’s own. Exceptionally reliable, it beats to a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The list of finishes resembles an anthology of ornamental High Watchmaking traditions: the rhodium-plated mainplate boasts circular diamond-polishing and circular-graining of the visible and non-functional areas. These preciously decorated bridges create a gentle harmony: circular diamond-polishing, circular-graining on the trottoir and Côtes de Genève decoration. The wheels are gilded, the pivots burnished and the drum of the barrel embellished with a sunray finish. The Manufacture has turned to its expert craftsmanship in order to place its Art-Deco-spirited collection in the limelight once again. The Vintage 1945 Large Date Moon-Phases presents perfect classicism and unity between form, function and the nuances of the materials. It remains a true artistic icon, a worthy heir to Girard-Perregaux’s unique history.

Rado Innovates, Celebrates, Promises Big Changes Coming off a very successful tenure at Hamilton Watch, Matthias Breschan is now Rado’s worldwide president. His first order of business? To shake things up at Rado and bring it back to a leadership position in the watch industry.


“I think Rado has the greatest potential for change, more than any other watch brand in the industry,” Breschan says. “We have an extremely solid base we can build on, and it’s a brand that will allow us to do innovative, cool stuff. We need to develop products to attract a younger clientele. We need to be continue to be innovative in technology, new materials and design.” To help him effect these changes, Breschan has hired head of product management Hakim El Kadiri, who worked with Breschan at Hamilton in the same capacity.

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt “We have a spirit of being innovative and creative here at Rado, and we have to capitalize on this,” Breschan adds. “Rado is among the top brands in the Swatch Group, and in the top ten in the industry as a whole. There are very few brands that have a turnover like Rado.” In 2011, Rado presented two innovations. The first one is called the True Thinline, which is the thinnest ceramic watch in the world. The second is the D-Star Ceramose, which uses the really revolutionary new material called Ceramose, a mixture of ceramic and metal. Rado has taken its knowledge of high-tech ceramics to another level. Pioneers of ceramic since introducing this high tech material in 1986 to the watchmaking industry, Rado now produce the thinnest ceramic watch in the world with the Rado True Thinline. To accomplish the goal of the ultra thin Thinline, all of the components had to be extensively reworked to ensure they are fully integrated, including the quartz movement that is exclusive to Rado. Demanding and challenging in its manufacture, the Rado True Thinline offers all the key properties of high-tech ceramics, such as comfort and strength, as well as adding a new dimension of being thin and lightweight to the extreme.

The Rado D-Star collection is a modern interpretation of the iconic Rado DiaStar with a fascinating new material, a hallmark of Rado since its inception. The distinctive faceted case and wide open dial gives the watch a personality of its own, thoroughly modern with a sporty touch. “The move towards traditional and classic helped Rado, because we have a very distinctive style that is instantly recognizable,” says Breschan. “Ceramose is a very innovative material -- it has a platinum color, it is harder than ceramic, it is lighter and because it uses injection manufacturing, we are able to achieve very sharp edges in the design, which gives us freedom in design direction. Rado has always been very innovative in the design and our watches have a very distinctive, minimalist look. This gives Rado a huge opportunity to do unique pieces that no one else can do in the watch industry.”

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Watch Changed Watch History Forever ...And Continues to Succeed By Keith W. Strandberg, International Editor There is no denying that the humble Swatch watch was one of the keys to the survival of the Swiss watch industry. The creation of the Swatch watch was a watershed moment in the history of watchmaking. The sudden appearance of an innovative, plastic, colorful, eyecatching Swiss-made watch turned the watch world on its ear. Made possible by a series of extraordinary advances in design, materials and manufacturing processes, the Swatch represented a technological revolution. But there is more to the story: of all the changes Swatch brought to the watch industry, none is more important than the change in perception that came with the new concept. With the arrival of Swatch, a watch was no longer simply a way to measure and keep track of time, it was a fashion accessory. For watchmakers everywhere, Swatch opened the door to an entirely new industry — the ever-changing world of fashion. The Adventure Begins In the late 1970s, a Swiss watch was a work of artful craftsmanship, a uniquely valuable timepiece meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Equipped with a handmade mechanical movement, it was the product of centuries of traditional expertise handed down from one generation to the next. In a few short years, however, the value of Swiss watch exports was cut in half, the Swiss share of the market dropped from over 50 to 15 percent, and competition from Asia slashed the number of watchmaking jobs in Switzerland from 90,000 to fewer than 25,000. Swiss watchmakers were suddenly an endangered species. Enter Nicolas G. Hayek, whose radical proposals and revolutionary ideas were to lead the industry from its near-death experience to unprecedented health today. Chief among Hayek’s big ideas was that of a ‘second watch’ — not an expensive piece of wellcrafted jewelry, but a new, fascinating, plastic way

to say who you are and how you feel: attractive, emotional, spontaneous, provocative and seductive. And because it didn’t cost a fortune, a customer’s second watch was soon followed by a third, a fourth... and the rest is history. In 2006, Swatch celebrated the production of the 333 millionth Swatch watch, and today Swatch is one of the biggest brand names in the world, known everywhere as a maker of colorful, exciting accessories in tune with the latest trends in the streets, sports and fashion. Along the way to brand-name stardom, Swatch has established an enviable reputation as an all-around innovator, applying its creative smarts to everything from research and technology to product design and manufacture, marketing, communication and retail distribution. From craft to high-tech design and manufacture Soon after the Swatch watch launch in 1983, they took the world by storm. Swatch has since continued to push the limits of technology, introducing an astonishing range of materials from plastic, stainless steel and aluminium to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone. The company continues to find new ways to impart texture and color to an expanding range of shapes, and inventive designers take advantage of everything technology offers. The radical reduction in the number of parts known as Revolution 51 enabled innovative assembly methods, and a variety of special packaging technologies makes it possible to deliver the products in pleasing and captivating packages. Continuing advances in design, materials and production technologies have enabled the brand to make chrono automatic mechanical watches accessible to a much broader range of customers. Art, Fashion & Sports Swatch watches are supported by three pillars at the centre of the Swatch brand identity: Art, Fashion and Sports.

Art Right from the start, Swatch connected with contemporary art. Like the pop art of modern times, Swatch watches were inspired by popular culture, and Swatch itself soon became a canvas for world famous artists, musicians and fashion designers. One of the first major artists to collaborate with Swatch was Keith Haring, and the relationship between Swatch and art has since produced a fascinating series of Swatch & Art Specials. Among the many memorable works designed for “the world’s smallest canvas” are Swatch watches by such renowned figures as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada,

Brian Eno, Annie Leibovitz, Mimmo Rotella, Nam June Paik, Pedro Almodovar Philip Glass and Markus Linnenbrink to name only a few. An integral part of each Swatch & Art Special edition is the packaging, often designed by the artists in collaboration with Swatch. The most recent contributions to Swatch & Art were unveiled in June 2011 in Venice, Italy. Swatch is a partner of The 54th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia – where eight new Swatch watches were presented by famed British fashion photographer and director, Rankin, along with a colorful and inventive set of six New Gent watches by the noted Japanese artist Hiroyuki Matsuura.

Fashion The second pillar of the Swatch brand identity is the exciting relationship between Swatch & Fashion. Swatch has worked closely with leading designers to create Swatch Specials and new collections. Manish Arora, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, David LaChapelle and Cassette Playa are just some of the designers Swatch has worked with, and Swatch continues to collaborate with leading players in the industry. In March 2011, American fashion designer Jeremy Scott travelled to Paris for the launch of the Art, Fashion and Sport Collection, where his three new creations for Swatch were presented to the media and the public. In the more than 25 years since the first Swatch Gents caught the world by surprise, Swatch has introduced an extraordinary series of innovative products, from the first Swatch Originals to the Skin and an amazing variety of Swatch Irony watches— including the extraordinary Chrono Automatic. And the signature Swatch material, plastic, is back in a big way with all kinds of exciting and trendy new colors, shapes and sizes at Swatch. From the bold and sporty Chrono Plastic line of rugged plastic watches to the amazing, all-plastic Colour Codes Collection to a larger version of the original Gent known as the New Gent line, Swatch takes plastic back to the forefront of contemporary fashion. Sports Sports are an essential component of the Swatch identity the brand has been promoting and supporting action and trendy lifestyle sports, sports that challenge young men and women to make the most of themselves, since the very beginning. Swatch shows its support through official timekeeping and sponsorships of a wide range of projects and exciting events all over the world. The Swatch ProTeam brings together top athletes from a number of challenging, exciting and supremely physical disciplines such as snowboarding, free skiing, BMX, FMX and surfing as well as Beach Volleyball. Like the Swatch ProTeam members, Swatch loves to push the limits and dares to make the impossible happen. The Swatch was a revolutionary concept when it was first introduced, and it continues to be a resolutely modern and cutting-edge “second” watch.

Six Flik Flak

Disney Princess

watches spread some silver-screen magic

Flik Flak pays a royal tribute this summer with


six Disney Princess watches, each helping little girls to master their time-telling skills. From blonde Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, to red-headed Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the Disney Princesses come to life on the colourful watches, with their swirling gowns, flowing hair and trails of twinkling stars. These Swiss-made timepieces, have a scratchresistant mineral-glass face, robust aluminium case and are shock- and water-resistance. Their textile straps also enable machine washing, just in case the wannabe princess owner finds herself without a lady-in-waiting.

Time is of the essence

The Disney Princess watches by Flik Flak take the wearer to a magical world. The straps carry symbols

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from the stories, in which time often plays a crucial role. A glass slipper on the strap of the Cinderella watch alludes to the midnight hour when her gown becomes rags once again and the fateful shoe is left behind. There is a red rose next to Belle from Beauty and the Beast – a hint of the fact that she declares her love for the beast just in time, before the flower wilts, allowing him to turn back into a prince. At the centre of the plot of The Little Mermaid is the legend that a mermaid is allowed to swim to the surface and watch the world above as soon as she turns 15. A frog appears below Tiana in The Princess and the Frog, in which the race against the clock is to transform the frog back into a prince. Fortunately time is on Snow White’s side as onlookers wait to see if she will emerge from her glass coffin.

© Disney

Shock-resistant | Swiss made | Machine Washable (40°C/104°F)

Collections. Stores. And more.


Tony Parker – Professional Basketball Player Touch the screen to get the ultimate multisports watch experience with 11 functions including compass, tide, chronograph split and lap.

in TOUCH with your time


Experience mor e a t w w w. t - t o u c h . c o m



Tissot Raises the Bar 2011 saw a number of notable happenings for Tissot. A formidable brand, with a large range of watches from cutting-edge quartz to traditional mechanical, Tissot is one of the world’s leading companies.

New Logistics Center Nestled in the hills surrounding Le Locle, in the very heart of the Swiss watchmaking country, Tissot, which has been in business since 1858, just inaugurated perhaps the most technologically-advanced storage and retrieval system in the entire watch industry. It’s not something you’d expect from a watch brand rich in tradition, but given Tissot’s commitment to technology in its timepieces (think of the amazing T-Touch, Sea-Touch and others), it certainly makes sense. Several years ago, Tissot was one of the few companies in the watch industry still growing and the brand’s management knew that when the economy recovered, double digit growth would return. As it was, Tissot had already maxed out its existing systems, so they needed to find another way. Last year, Tissot shipped more than three million watches, and at peak times, products and parts backed up tremendously. This year, Tissot projects to ship almost four million watches, so the need was clear – more space and a more efficient way of handling incoming and outgoing stock.


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Watch Egypt “WeThe have five robotsMagazine that can workof at the same time, and it’s a huge space,” says Francois Thiebaud, Tissot’s worldwide president. “It is 20 meters wide, 20 meters long and 16 meters high. We can have 35,000 storage boxes, and the robots go quite fast, about five meters per second.” So far, the Cube, as it is called at Tissot, is having a positive impact on Tissot’s operations. And the system is adapting to how Tissot uses it. “When we store our products, either components or watches, the robots initially stored wherever they found space,” Thiebaud explains. “Now, the system prioritizes the things we use more. It is integrated with our SAP system, with two levels of access to store the products. When the components arrive, we place them in the stock and we do quality control, we validate, then the stock enters the system.” Construction started on the Cube, the exterior of which uses Tissot’s brand colors, on August 2, 2010, and the new logistic centre was operational less than a year later. The projected capacity is a delivery volume of between five and six million assembled watches per year, doubling Tissot’s former capacity. This project allows a smoother flow between all stages of watchmaking, and enables better cost and quality control of the components and assembled watches. The location of any item within the Cube and its 540 meters of conveying system can be pinpointed by the special software in a blink of an eye, and retrieval occurs within five to ten minutes, depending on the position of the part or finished watch required. The Cube is the future for high volume watch brands, with Tissot leading the way. The lesson, according to Thiebaud? “We can adapt to modern technology without losing the heritage and tradition that we have,” he says. “We can still be innovative and implement the latest technology. It is possible to make very innovative products in quantity, as long as you invest in the newest technology.”


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the watch Magazine of Egypt

Tissot presents


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The theWatch watchMagazine MagazineofofEgypt Egypt

Tony Parker and Tissot Celebrate One Year Tony Parker, who led France into the EuroBasket 2011 final, was happy to receive his first limited edition Tissot watch, at the annual Par Coeur Gala in Paris, France. The Tissot Racing-Touch Tony Parker Limited Edition 2011 has 11 touch-activated functions, including a compass and a tide calculator. The Par Coeur Gala, which took place in the fabulous Paris city hall, raises money for the Par Coeur Association’s charity partners. It was an inspirational evening, attended by high-profile guests and celebrities. This year, the Par Coeur Association is raising funds for CéKeDuBonheur, which works to improve the quality of life for

children and adolescents in hospitals; Action Innocence, which aims to preserve the dignity and integrity of children on the internet; and Make A Wish, for which Tony Parker is the ambassador. This dynamic and stylish limited edition of 4,999 watches has an engraving of Tony Parker’s signature on the case back and comes with a black rubber strap and a carbon dial.

Here at BTC News, we can’t wait to see what Tissot has in store for watch lovers in 2012. By KWS

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Get in touc h a t w w w. t i s s o t . c h

Tissot T-Evocation Diamonds chosen by Deepika Padukone – Actress

Enjoy the modern ladies’ watch with mother-of-pearl dial, 22 Top Wesselton diamonds, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft).

in TOUCH with your time

35 Years

Raymond Weil Celebrates The story of Raymond Weil is that of three generations of one family, all of whom understood how to make the brand’s independence its greatest strength. Creativity, watchmaking know-how, accessibility and above all, independence: through the years, the Raymond Weil dynasty has been boldly reinventing itself, while still preserving the DNA of its original success.

If know-how is handed down traditionally from generation to generation, so is the passion for watchmaking. Don’t be fooled by appearances, Raymond Weil, which has experienced an exceptional and constant expansion for more than 35 years on the international markets with its undeniable Swiss Made quality, is a family business. Today, Elie and Pierre Bernheim, the 3rd generation, have joined their father, the son-in-law of Raymond Weil, Olivier Bernheim, as directors, becoming in their turn the guardians of an exceptional heritage. For 35 years, Raymond Weil, founded in 1976, has been able to evolve with the times. The development of its product range with the introduction of new, more sophisticated, mechanical models, the reinforcement of its opening price point collections and the broadening of its communication strategy, as well as the creation of the RW Club (the first such owner’s club to be developed by a watch brand) are just some of the reasons for the Brand’s success. Like musicians who combine notes into a harmonious whole, the four members of the Raymond Weil “clan” all know how to compose as a team and as well as individuals. At the very beginning in 1976, Mr. Raymond Weil dared to claim his independence and created his own brand in the middle of a watch industry crisis. In 1982, Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil’s son-inlaw, joined the company and became its Managing Director and General Manager in 1996. His dynamism, his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit and his demonstrated sense of aesthetics enabled the Swiss watchmaking company to develop internationally, while preserving its family identity. In 1999, he founded the Research and Development Department, which invented many of Raymond Weil’s in-house innovations. In 2006, the family company proudly celebrated its 30th anniversary with the arrival of the third generation at the helm, Elie and Pierre Bernheim. For the Brand’s partners, family continuity is a guarantee of equilibrium, stability and continuity.

However, the younger generation with its fresh ambitions also stimulates renewal: a new visual identity, a new approach to luxury and the use of new technologies. The RW Club was thus created and provides an exclusive, unique and privileged service to Raymond Weil clients. Music and art are at the centre of the Raymond Weil universe. The Swiss watchmaker is imposing itself as the orchestra conductor with collections named after the most famous operas, the creation of one of the most important photography competitions, the Raymond Weil International Photography Prize and as a sponsor in the art world. To commemorate its 35 years of success, Raymond Weil presented the Maestro 35th Anniversary Edition, an automatic masterpiece with moon phase and day and month in an 18 ct. yellow gold 39mm case. While 35 years represents an impressive period for Raymond Weil, prestige and excellence are completely timeless. Two examples of Raymond Weil’s timeless design are the Jasmine and Freelancer collections.

Freelancer, the Style of Independence The Freelancer is so much more than a watch. This timepiece gives a nod to independent professionals wishing to remain masters of their destiny. This subtly elegant collection asserts its urbane personality and strength of character again this year. The Freelancer collection continues to evolve, always remaining true to the Brand’s classical watchmaking tradition, with up-to-date lines, dials in timeless shades and deliberate refinement. Available in three case sizes, 29mm, 38mm and 42mm, the Freelancer sits well on any wrist. With three hands and a date window, a visible balance wheel or a chronograph, the collection is broadening, while keeping its core strengths of elegance and classicism. This year, Raymond Weil offers a new chronograph model, in the 42mm size, with an opalescent dial and elegant blue hands. The watch’s dark brown

leather strap contrasts perfectly with the iridescent dial and the polished and satin finishes of its steel case. This new model with its intentional, calming simplicity, is irresistibly attractive. Stop into your nearest BTC store to see all this and more from Raymond Weil.

Jasmine Full-bodied, voluptuous and yet delicate, Jasmine, the new exclusively feminine collection from Raymond Weil, adorns itself in all its finery, blossoming like the most beautiful of flowers on ladies’ wrists. In the Brand’s purest tradition, the new Jasmine collection combines all the elements of Raymond Weil’s feminine watches: a voluptuously rounded, curved case; horns merging perfectly with the bezel in its most discreet version, or submerged in the brilliance of its diamonds in the set version; bracelet wrapping harmoniously around the wrist in refined elegance; dial embellished with blue-tinted, leafshaped hands – the Jasmine collection, exuding modernity, classicism and exclusivity, is the perfect reflection of the Raymond Weil woman. However, the Raymond Weil woman is as varied as the flowers in a garden. In its automatic or quartz version, with a 29 or 35mm diameter, with or without a diamond setting, in stainless steel or pink gold, the Jasmine will light up women’s eyes from East to West.

jasmine collection

Abbas El-Akkad: 012 7832 7505 - El-Korba: 02 2290 1742 Mall of Arabia: 012 7832 7330 - CityStar Mall: 012 2614 6056 First Mall Four Season Hotel: 02 3774 0607 - Dandy Mall: 012 2614 9463 Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Down Town Cairo: 012 2031 1198

Gucci introduces new

Twirl Watch

Gucci is pleased to introduce a new yellow PVD extension to its popular range of Twirl watches for women. Designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini, the Twirl features a unique rotating case back, which can be closed to hide the watch face and become a striking bangle. This new gold-colored Twirl represents a glamorous addition to the current Twirl line; gold Guccissima leather is edged with yellow PVD-coated stainless steel and matched with a yellow PVD case and clasp. The dial, in a harmonizing shade of light brown, displays a stunning sun-brushed effect. This expertly crafted timepiece features the Swiss Made logo on the watch face, together with signature detailing including the Gucci logo at 6 o’clock and scratchresistant sapphire glass. Once the dial is rotated in bracelet form, the case back detail is revealed - the GG pattern, also in yellow PVD, designed to blend with the Guccissima leather. 60

This versatile timepiece represents a strong statement - a glamorous watch for everyday use, with the option to wear as a bangle. The gold-toned Twirl will make an exceptional gift during the holidays and throughout the year.

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The 1973 sterling

Silver Collection

Gucci is pleased to introduce the 1973 Sterling Silver Collection. Inspired by a unique GG monogram in brass hardware from 1973, Creative Director Frida Giannini has applied this symbol from the archives to a new sterling silver collection of bracelets and a pendant necklace. The charm bracelet features the 1973 design along with a variety of motifs such as the LoveBritt symbol, a Gucci heart, and a lucky clover. Available in three sizes, the bracelet weighs 14 grams. In addition, a simple chain bracelet with a 1973 pendant may be paired with the long chain necklace, 50 or 55 cm, also featuring the same pendant. The 1973 Sterling Silver collection perfectly complements the iconic Gucci 1973 handbag for an elegant, contemporary statement.

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BURBERRY SPORT continues to define the athletic side of the Burberry Timepieces collection

Innovative water resistant timepieces including chronograph versions, scuba-inspired pieces and digital styles for men and women. Stainless steel or black ionized plated case, rubber clad pushers and rubber strap featuring the Burberry Sport logo. The collection features date and day counter functions. Timepieces available in the Burberry Sport colour palette of black, red and white.


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Introducing new additions to the Burberry Brit timepieces collection

Burberry Brit for Men Men’s styles include a new chronograph and three-hand dial. Smooth leather strap reflects the Burberry Brit casual ready-to-wear. collections - available in black, trench and olive.

Burberry Brit for Women Drawing inspiration from Burberry Brit readyto-wear, women’s styles feature a canvas strap in the classic Burberry house check with tan or tangerine trim Dial framed by coin-effect textured bezel, inspired by the Burberry Heritage Stamp buckle.


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BURBERRY CERAMIC Introducing the new 34 mm case timepiece to the Ceramic timepiece collection

Styles include a three-hand and chronograph version in black or white. Iconic detailing on bracelet and an embossed Burberry logo on the dial.


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Swordfish Booster Iris

Piece of Art Dandy style, dashing suit and elegant shoes. Dressed to kill, I stride arriving early. My precious invitation in hand, I am so excited about attending the worldwide premiere. I have to hurry, a crowd is already gathering in front of the Saatchi Gallery, London. I elbow my way through the throng to the entrance. I cannot get over it! The place is wonderful. Colourful spots shed light on the red carpet. At the end, the exhibition room is waiting for the prestigious show to begin.


The camera flashes already crackle. The crowd scrambles to get closer to the catwalk. The atmosphere is highly-charged and the room jam-packed. The music starts, the curtains open. The show is on. The first male model on the podium is dressed in black, as the second and the third. The crowd is frozen with fear. What is going on? Rainbows are coming from their wrists. They are wearing iridescent-colored watches. The same watches but not one has the same colour. Green, purple, blue, pink, it is impossible to state the exact colour. Everybody is captivated. The onlookers gaze at the change of colours as the model walks. Never seen before. That’s the Swordfish Booster Iris. That’s the GRAHAM view of style. The multitude of colours is hypnotic. The iridescence of the Swordfish Booster Iris, similar to the most beautiful natural wonders, is eye-catching. Do you know what Iris means in Latin? Rainbow.

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This rainbow effect is not due to pigment but interferences of light. It means that light waves interfere with one another on a surface refracting parts of the spectrum which create the iridescent colors. You have probably already seen it in a soap bubble or in an oil stain on a wet pavement but it results from a high-technological process. The change of colours is also due to the extremely complex composition of the layers’ oxide. The steel case and components have been placed in big vacuums producing plasma reaction. This unique coating contains multi-layered structures that provide thin-film interference. The thickness across the surface causes changes of colours in reflected light. Iridescence adds a new dimension to “surface”. The nanometer-scale coating is a very fine process which has been developed exclusively for GRAHAM and makes every watch a piece of art. Main features also include: 48 mm steel case with black PVD coating and interferential substrate (iridescent effect) with two portholes at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, black mother-of-pearl dial with black Super-LumiNova, calibre G1710, automatic bi-compax chronograph, 34 jewels, 28’800 A/h (4Hz), Incabloc shock absorber, 48 hours power reserve, flat sapphire crystal with two loupes, anti-reflective coating, see-through sapphire case back, integrated green croco strap, waterproof to 100 m. GRAHAM-LONDON traces its origins to London clockmaker George Graham (1673-1751) who is responsible for many innovations in timekeeping. He invented the chronograph, the dead-beat cylinder escapement, the mercury pendulum to compensate for temperature differences. He also built the master clock for Greenwich Royal Observatory which defined time for most of the 18th century. GRAHAM-LONDON was resurrected in 1995 and is today a privately owned AngloSwiss watch company which designs and builds its own watches in its La Chaux-deFonds production facilities in Switzerland.

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khaki XWIND

automatic - swiss made

Lights, Camera, Action If you noticed and admired Will Smith’s watch in “Men in Black,” it was not by accident. Watchmakers know that one of the best ways to get you to picture yourself wearing a special timepiece is to place one on the wrist of the star of a popular movie. Throughout history, watchmakers have been trying to control and regulate time, while the art of film focuses on capturing moments in time. In both of these art forms, the highest achievements become timeless classics.


As awareness of fine watches increases, and watch brands become savvier about marketing and promotion, watches are being showcased more and more in Hollywood. Whether these watches are on the wrists of the heroes (or villains) in the latest blockbusters or sparkling on the red carpet, watches are definitely ready for their close-ups. Watches are one of the ways that men and wom-

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en can showcase their style and taste, so it makes sense that Hollywood uses them on the wrists of stars to delineate their characters. There have been some huge success stories in the world of watches and entertainment and people are paying attention to what watches are on the wrists of their favorite stars. In the best product placements, watches are key components to the definition of character in movies. After all, characters are defined by the choices they make: words, jobs, clothes, actions, cars and yes, watches. Hamilton Watch Company, founded in Lancaster, PA (USA) and now owned and managed by the Swiss (Swatch Group), is known as the Hollywood brand. From the very beginning of product placement, Hamilton has been at the forefront. Hamilton has hundreds of movies to its credit, including “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis, Stanley Kubrick’s “2001,” “Men in Black 1 and 2,” “Pearl Harbor” and more.

The Watch Magazine of Egypt

The brand continues to work actively to promote its products in movies, as placements can generate fantastic word of mouth. “Hamilton has been established in Hollywood for decades, the relationship is there with the prop masters and the costume designers, so it’s on-going,” explains Sylvain Dolla, president of Hamilton Worldwide. “We have made this a focus of the brand that we are working hard to get our watches on the wrists of the right actors in the right movies. We have also done this in Europe and China.”

Harrison Ford Partnership At the same time, Hamilton is continuing its partnership with Harrison Ford for 2012, producing a special limited edition watch in association with the actor, with the proceeds from the sale helping to fund Ford’s charity, Conservation International. “I am not a jewelry person but I like well designed, simple and functional watches,” says Harrison Ford. “I am impressed by the craft and skill it takes to make a fine mechanical watch. Each time I play a new character, I choose a watch specifically to reflect his personality.

“It was important for me to create a watch that reflects the mission and values of Conservation International, and each detail of the design of the Hamilton Khaki Conservation Auto Chrono limited edition echoes the theme of nature, longevity and sustainability, reminding us the fragility of time and the importance of immediate action,” he adds. “I see opportunities to preserve the natural world

slipping away, and I want to be involved in correcting the balance between the pressure of human population and the potential benefits to humanity of healthy ecosystems. We are the problem; we are the solution. Our health relies entirely on the vitality of nature and our fellow species on Earth. We have to recognize our responsibility and take action now.”

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The Hamilton Behind the

Camera Awards Hamilton watches is the main sponsor for 5th annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, held in Los Angeles. The awards ceremony pays tribute to the brilliant behind-the-scenes talent whose individual work contributes to the quality of a motion picture or television series and to the lasting impression that it has on movie and television audiences. Isaiah Mustafa, the Internet sensation known as “the Old Spice Guy,” was the host of the 2011 awards, held on November 3, 2011, with presentations by an elite list of A-list actors, actresses and award-winning filmmakers including Jon Hamm, Harrison Ford, Michael Bay, Antonio Banderas, Jon Favreau and JJ Abrams. The Hamilton Behind the Camera 2011 Awards honored: • Director Chris Weitz, “A Better Life” • Producer Agustin Almodovar, “The Skin I Live In” • Screenwriter Yasmina Reza, “Carnage” • Production Designer Mark Ricker, “The Help” • Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, “The Tree of Life” • Film Editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, “Super 8” • Costume Designer Janie Bryant, “Mad Men” • Property Master Russell Bobbitt, “Cowboys & Aliens” • Visual Effects Specialist Scott Farrar, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” • Stunt Choreographer Vic Armstrong, Lifetime Achievement Award • and the Winner of the Hamilton Short Film Competition

The honorees are selected from movies/TV series released during the year and/or qualified and presented at the most recent prestigious movie festivals of Cannes, Toronto and Venice as well as at the Festival of the American Film Institute.

Helping Film Students In addition to established Hollywood professionals, Hamilton Watch Company is reaching out to the next generation of filmmakers and watch consumers. Targeted film schools around the world, the brand has instituted the Hamilton Short Film Contest. The idea? To get short films that will fit the new world of guerilla marketing and social media perfectly. Imagine if just one of these films goes viral, with millions of hits, how much exposure Hamilton will get. Every year, Hamilton provides a theme for the short films, then the students are given free reign to create whatever they want. The only requirement is that a Hamilton watch appear somewhere in the short film. In 2011, the theme was “Running Out of Time,” while in 2012 it is “Viral Videos.”


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Hamilton is involved with universities like Webster University Geneva and others to keep in front of new media and the next generation of film makers. “We have been linked with Hollywood for a long time and cinema has always been very important to Hamilton,” says Dolla. “We wanted to help upcoming talent, who are still students, to strengthen the link of the brand with the whole industry, including those just coming in. The benefit for us is that we are working with young people who are full of energy and have tons of new ideas. We didn’t do this for a commercial purpose, it’s more about getting fresh ideas around Hamilton, in a nice creative way.” These up-and-coming filmmakers work so hard to make innovative short films, please visit “ videos” to see their work.


Looking Ahead 2012 marks Hamilton’s 120th anniversary, so look for special anniversary-themed watches to be introduced this year, as well as great regular line timepieces.

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pensive Fascinating. Unique. ck Pensive. A seductively sleek timepiece that emphasizes the feminine wirst with an innovative cuff design. With curves that reflect from every angle, the watch encircles the wearer in a gleaming light. The lustrous bangle is available in yellow PVD gold and polished stainless steel, each with a off-white or pure black dial. Each of the watches feature the ck Calvin Klein logo discretely placed at 12 o’clock and is available in sizes small and medium.


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agile Contemporary. Elegant. ck agile. Less is more with this new offering, which presents a revolutionary take on the bangle watch. The ck agile bangle is composed of two delicately polished cables, outfitted with a beautifully closed buckle that is a piece of jewelry in and of itself. A stainless steel or polished PVD gold case effortlessly encloses the pure lines of the timepiece, deftly adding to its overall feminine design. The PVD gold version is complemented by a silver dial, while the stainless steel version is paired with either a black or silver dial. Each dial is minimal, with indexes at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and finished with a discrete ck Calvin Klein logo at 12 o’clock. Available in small and medium.


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swiss made

Super Meccanico Limited Edition Timepiece Collection

Introducing the Super Meccanico limited edition timepiece collection by Emporio Armani a collection that unites a combination of Armani’s aesthetic of clas sic and sophis ticated styling. A commanding barrel shaped stainless steel case houses a 2-eye chronograph automatic movement with unique multi layer dial construction. The dial features a textured center, sporty indexes, and is protected with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The screwed down case showcases the cr aftsmanship while the fusion of rubber and s tainless sets the final t ouch of originality.This limited edition collection, with 999 pieces produced worldwide, is individually numbered and engraved on case back and presented in an e xclusive Emporio Armani metallic bo x. Additional features include rubber s trap, black IP finish and w ater resistant up t o 330 f eet.

Ceramica Watch Collection Following a successful debut in 2009, the Ceramica family has evolved into a staple within the Emporio Armani watch line. This unique collection, aligning with the Emporio Armani DNA, exemplifies classic styling with a minimalist appeal. Ceramic, valued for its durability, radiance, and versatility is intrinsic in the Emporio Armani watch category as it maintains the brand’s excellence in innovative use of materials in design. The Ceramica Collection has evolved into an array of variations, with the newest additions being the slim C eramica: a sleek upda te to the original design.

The new slim Ceramica family is an iconic Emporio Armani case reinterpreted in ceramic with a simple dial featuring Roman numeral indexes. Available in two sizes, the streamlined design is lightweight and comfortable. Adding to newness for the holiday season, “chocolate” Ceramica models ar e offered in dark br own ceramic with rose gold highlights on the dial.

A new jewelry inspired bracelet style adds glamour to the Ceramica family. This feminine design features lustrous ceramic square links with integrated dial. The bracelet is ergonomically designed with a butterfly deployant buckle. Available in black and white.

Vividly reflecting the

luxury voyage

mood of the BOSS Black menswear apparel BOSS Black treats men with a taste for horological artistry and the beauty of classic watchmaking to a truly distinguished model that brings “the moon within reach” and in truly unique style. The broad steel or pink gold-toned case with contrasting dial and matching contrasted hour markers provides ample space to ensure optimal readability. The front of the watch shows a delightfully sophisticated design based on nested circles as well as contrasting polished and satin-brushed finishes - thus providing a perfect setting for the highly contemporary black and silver-toned moon-phase display with its fascinating 180° opening.

Dashboard-type watches exercise an lasting appeal and are a continual invitation to explore wider horizons and enjoy a sense of time travel. BOSS Black introduces a range of chronographs with 46 mm natural or pink-toned steel cases providing a particularly refined approach to this theme.


Through features such as a curving inner bezel ring bearing the seconds markings, as well as a well-balanced dial with hour, minute and seconds chronograph counters either tone-on-tone or contrasting with the dial background (black against silver-toned base, pink gold-toned against silver-toned base, or silver-toned against black base). A small date display offset at 4 o’clock completes the picture of this model that still retains an ideal readability despite the variety of information provided.

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A single timepiece for a man of many layers

Monaco by Cerruti 1881

The new Monaco watch by Cerruti 1881 is a gift to the modern man. Discreet but not bashful, this truly elegant timepiece proposes to unite his contradictions, meet all his needs, and follow him wherever the mood takes him. Toying with the precious nature of a cufflink or the cotton of a polo shirt, basking in sun and spray, the Monaco has no need to choose between refined and casual. Subtly sophisticated, it combines the sporty look of a dial with 3 counters and a chronograph movement, with the pure lines of a designer case in pink, black or classic steel. On the wrist, a crocodile-finish leather strap punctuates this spirited silhouette by Cerruti 1881 Watches. Engraved on the buckle is the Cerruti 1881 name, one that represents all the tradition of Italian chic united with the modernity of a typically Parisian brand. A name with multiple layers of masculinity.



a timepiece for woman by Cerruti 1881 BTC News

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

Balmainia Chrono a new take on a collection to the

Delight of Aficionados A contraction of Balmain and mania, Balmainia has fuelled passions since first hitting the scene in 2006. The brand’s aficionados cannot fail to be pleased the Maison de St-Imier is presenting its collection in a new light, with an outstandingly extravagant Chrono Lady version. Watch out for utter folly! 92

When Balmain reworks a line, it does so in depth. Without losing its original soul. Everything contributing to the success of Balmainia, like the imposing case and extravagant dial, still features in the new

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settings. Discover the rest (again). The bezel is now decorated with notches. The lefthand rim inherits a logo decorated with two screws. The silvered dial maintains this zest for classicism and a dose of extroversion with its august Arab numerals. Other new features worthy of note - a strap with a double-snap clasp (increased comfort andfunctionality) which seems capable of moving at any time.

Balmainia Chrono Gent Grande

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From the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Collection, Jacquelyn makes a bold style statement with minimalistic design and bright color. Unmistakably Hilfiger, this striking timepiece features a 19 mm ‘H’ shaped stainless steel case finished in rich red enamel. Providing clear contract, the bright white horizontal rectangular dial is minimally adorned with stick hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and the TH micro flag at 12. The wide red calf leather strap with matching top stitching unifies the look.

Casual Sport


Peyton makes a stylishly preppy impact with this fully equipped sports watch!


The Peyton chronograph features a 45 mm stainless steel case and brown calfskin leather strap with contrast top-stitching. The white dial sports 3 timing subdials highlighted with TH signature colors in red, white and blue. The repeating sequence of Arabic numerals in the top subdial adds a modern touch, and the date window at 3 o’clock is enhanced by the signature micro flag. A bright red chronograph pusher adds a unexpected pop of color! Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM/30 meters.

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Style and functionality. Bayside by Tommy Hilfiger is a modern-day classic and elegant new sportswear option. This classic 3-hand men’s watch is rendered with a sturdy 44 mm round stainless steel case and brown calfskin leather strap. The textured white multi-eye dial is defined by Arabic/stick hour markers, a month subdial at 12 o’clock, and 24-hour hand at 6 o’clock A TH signature micro flag at 3 o’clock accents the date window. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 5 ATM/50 meters.

Sport Luxury

Moab & Kelsey

Moab is the ‘must-have’ women’s sport timepiece of the season. This glam sports watch is crafted with a rose gold ion-plated stainless steel case embellished by a white cramic bezel. The textured rose gold-toned multi-eye dial is adorned with alternating white Arabic numerals and sparkling crystal-set stick hour markers. The Tommy flag icon sits beneath the numeral “12”. White enameled hour and minute hands adds striking contrast to the rosetoned dial. A white calfskin leather strap completes the look of this large, stunningly feminine timepiece! Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM/30 meters. Be ready for action! The Kelsey is a classically pretty women’s 3-hand sports watch option elegantly rendered in rose gold ion-plated stainless steel with a 38 mm case and bracelet. The rose gold-toned double-layered dial is embellished with oversized Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The bezel is subtly etched with hour markers and the TH micro flag logo at noon. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM/30 meters.


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+202-269 000 01/2

Time NY8502


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New York Coast A blend of color and sophisticated materials marks the dkny fall 2011 men’s and women’s watch collection. Sexy, modern style that lends itself to the ever changing city, every day, every season and all the moments in between.


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A collection of ready to go men’s and women’s looks from the coast to the city • A splash of color in aluminum, new material this season, in neutrals like gray, coffee, silver, gold and black and muted brights like burgundy, all with glitz accents in black or clear crystals. • Rose gold, silver and gold dominate in metals and brushed IP. • Ceramic in city white or black with polished stainless steel gives a modern edge • Glitz details adorn the side of a stainless steel case for an unexpected surprise with stainless steel bracelets or leather straps.

• Clear or black baquettes glow and are seasonless • Urban tailoring is evident in the exotic phython snake double wrap bracelets or straps with matching dials in classic neutral tones. • Chunky bracelets with dkny logo graphics in polished ip are expressive. • Men’s sport looks with chronograph function, polished ip top ring detail is offset by brushed and polished stainless steel. • Rectangle cases add tailored attitude to neutral classic colored straps for men with modern ease. 100

• Finishes are everything new york, the ultimate in city style.

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City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

Spring 2012 bursts of color Delightful texture. Jaw-Dropping Detail

This spring, we’re feeling revitalized, and our newest collections reflect this freshness. From mint greens to soft pinks, our color palette is laid-back and lovely. We’re also having fun with materials. Pythonembossed Maddox bags have rich textural appeal, and a Vintage Re-Issue bag with detailed embroidery is on our must-have list. Iconic keys and turn-lock details as always take our accessories to the next level of style. This is our spring 2012 collection. We hope you’ll fall for it, too.

Stella Our all-time favorite watch collection is rooted in a forever-classic design and comes in all of our favorite colors and materials. 102

We love Stella’s boyfriend-inspired styling and ultra-feminine details, like crystal embellishments and of-the-moment hues. No matter which one you choose, Stella is the perfect everyday timepiece.

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Machine The Machine watch is the ultima te masculine accessory. Oversized, rugged, and immediately eye-catching, its design has an indus trial feel we can’t get enough of.

Estate Portfolio Brief Our Estate collection is rooted in heritage designs that span generations from its belted closure that hearkens back to vintage luggage, to an antiqued patina on the hardware. The silhouette we love for spring? The Slim Portfolio Brief an updated (and completely irresistible) interpretation of the classic briefcase.

103 63

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Nate In heavy-duty steel, Gage combines industrial design elements (like lug-inspired pushers and a bold s teel topring) with a Mid-C entury Modern sensibility. We love how the wood-grain dial evokes vintage dashboard gauges while still feeling fresh and modern.

Vintage Re-Issue Vintage Re-Issue is our richest, most vintage collection to date. Inspired by the beautiful Italian bags of the ‘70s, our versions combine the deep, luxurious glazed leather of our men’s collections with refined, feminine silhouettes the perfect mix of boy and girl styling.

Wallace 104

A true heirloom piece, Wallace’s timeless design is inspired by 1920’sera men’s dress watches. Delicate yet decidedly bold, this is the piece to wear day after day, decade after decade.

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The Watch Magazine of Egypt

Flight Timepieces from the 1940’s and 50’s continue to inspire us every day, and our Flight collection is a perfect example of this vintage influence. We like to think about what a pilot might have worn during this era something classic, with raised and domed crystals and an oversized dial.

Classics The classics never go out of style they are the pieces we go back to season after season because of the rich, authentic details they possess. From a perfectly crafted sterling silver necklace to a vintage-inspired timepiece, these are the items we’ll covet for years to come.

Maddox With its chic, casual vibe and timeless style, Maddox is our most classic handbag collection. Inspired by vintage luggage and created with our softest pebbled leather, our must-have silhouettes are available in our favorite colors and materials for the season. For work and play, Maddox is our bes t-loved bag.


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Ansel Vintage Re-Issue is our richest, most vintage collection to date. Inspired by the beautiful Italian bags of the ‘70s, our versions combine the deep, luxurious glazed leather of our men’s collections with refined, feminine silhouettes the perfect mix of boy and girl styling.


Sterling Jewelry Our delicate sterling silver jewelry was designed with a few of our favorite Fossil details, like oversized keys and embellished locks. These unique and lovely necklaces make perfect gifts.

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City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785


Glenwood Rounding out the collection are two new highlight models in the Glenwood line that are a blend of elegant design, advanced performance, intricate functionality and elegant style. The Glenwood features three windows for the advanced chronographs and 60 minute and 60 second counters. Each Glenwood model also features a unique 1/10 second counter and a date window. The look of the new Glenwood models is as accomplished as the functionality with a black dial with silver Arabic numerals and black leather strap or a brown dial with silver Arabic numerals and indexes and a vivid orange strap.

Watch Collection


Since the introduction of its first waterproof leather boot in 1973, Timberland has consistently built upon its heritage of innovation and leadership in performance, design and environmental standards. For spring 2011, the innovation continues with new designs to help people make the most of their time in the outdoors. 108

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The Timberland Spring/Summer Watch Collection for 2011 is guaranteed to help you stay on time and in tune to any environment. There are finely detailed, fashionable, rugged and affordable classic timepieces as well as new and innovative models for boldly blazing new trails.

studio mixer Collection

the ERA OF ROCK IS ON YOU Rock n’ roll matters, everyday, every ticking moment. It is what drives the soul. Get this lo-fi realness with the Studio Mixer Watch and Jewelry Collection inspired by audio and stereo equipment for the inner vinyl or tape deck lover in us all.


Timeframes Collection: Capture the lo-fi sound The watch collection is inspired by volume and gain meters that measure sound output into mixing boards, while all watches have a durable black canvas band with leather details inspired by electric guitar straps. Fine vertical brushing and high polishing on stainless steel: these are the finishes, inspired by volume knobs from vintage stereo tuners. Watch DZ1456 is a square stainless steel case with a dial in black and see-me yellow. ‘Crank’ the knob on the top ring of style DZ4217 and see the hatch marks turn around the dial, just like cranking up the sound of an amp. In addition it has a brushed and polished stainless steel square case with chronograph function. DZ7234 is an oversized, bold timepiece with bright yellow dials featuring chronograph, digital and three-hand movement functions, offering the ability to view multiple time zones on one timepiece.

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City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

Swiss Made With an afordable price

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785


Michael Kors has created a Spring 2012 watch collection that offers updated classics perfect fpr the urban experienceand new pieces inspired by the rugged beauty and palette of South Africa..

Signature Styles


Expanded offerings of classic designs in gold-tone, rose gold-tone and silver-tone stainless steel are imbued contemporary features such as oversized shapes, Swaroviski crystal delailing and sporty chronograph dials. There are also new versions of the increasingly popular mini size and espresso metal styles

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This collection is all about mixed materials. Twotoned metal combinations such as rose gold and silver, and rose gold and gunmetal are perfect for city and work. Pale alabaster and dark safari horn with espresso metal and tortoise create a rugged chic effect. In keping with the mood of rustic elegance, there are also chic leather cuffed styles with oversized faces.

Key Piece The brushed antique brass finish of the Oversized Runway watch, with its three-eye chronograph dial and contrasting white time stops, evokes the vintage feel of 1930s cockpit instruments. Michael Kors is a leading American luxury lifestyle brand with an influential global presence, offering women’s accessories, footwear, clothing and fragrance collection under the signature Michael Kors collection, KORS Michael Kors and MICHAEL Kors labels. In addition, the company offers men’s sportwear, tailored clothing, furnishings and fragrance under the Michael Kors Label. Each reflects the unique point of view of designer Michael Kors: Style that successfully juxtaposes tailored and glam, sexy and sporty, polished and casual, whether for day or night, weekend or work, home or destination. Created in 1981 and headquartered in New York city, Michael Kors stores are located in some of the most prestigious cities in the world including New York, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Chicago, London, Milan, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Seoul and Dubai. The Michael Kors organization will have over 200 stores in 74 countries wordwide by the and of 2011, as well as a wholesale to top department and specialty stores globally.


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Chrono Bike


As every year Festina is faithful to its dedication to cycling with the introduction of this year’s Chrono Bike collection. Once again the inspiration for this exciting new collection, longawaited by collectors, is the world of cycling.


Festina presents the new Chrono Bike 2011 collection with 18 new gents chronograph models with a sporty design combined with advanced technology. Eight models are fitted with solid stainless steel bracelets, eight with a black rubber strap. The large round robust case includes many features with cycling connotations. Chain links have been included in the design of the top ring and the sub dials have the form of the chainwheel.

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City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

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Swiss Made quality, modern designs and competitive prices: the reasons to purchase the Candino brand are more cutting-edge than ever, predicting a positive future for the brand’s new 2011 collections. In order to ensure it fulfils the high standards demanded by the Swiss Made label, Candino continually modernises its facilities and carries out quality control checks at each stage of production. Several thousand Swiss Made watches are produced monthly at the factory in Herbetswil. The production ratios constitute 80% quartz movements and 20% automatic movements. Candino also develops its own modules.

Resolutely focused on the future, Candino invests in both the planet and in future generations. It is sponsoring PlanetSolar, the first round-the-world trip in a solar-powered boat.


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This unique eco-adventure aims to promote renewable energies. By supporting this ambitious project as main partner and official timekeeper, Candino actively contributes to sustainable development.

City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785

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A Swiss Brand with character From the foot of Switzerland’s Jura mountains, TITONI has become an international watch brand since more than nine decades. Since it was founded in 1919, this independent Swiss company has been devoted to bring its first-class watchmaking craft to clients worldwide. All the three CEO’s from the Schluep-family have continuously and with persistence pursued a strong quality brand.


For three generations now, the company has been specializing in the manufacture of high-quality handmade watches with mechanical movements. Its in-house manufacturing facilities employ state-ofthe-art technology, enabling the company’s skilled watchmakers to produce certified, “Swiss Made” quality. Refined details underline the character of every TITONI watch line. As always, the focus of the company’s timepieces

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is uncompromisingly designed with quality in mind and timeless, elegant looks. In addition, TITONI has invited artists as design collaborators to produce special pieces for art-lovers and watch collectors. CEO Daniel M. Schluep is, on the one hand, proud of the company’s long tradition: “Our heritage is the cornerstone for the development and creation of timeless models based on new technology and precision work. We consider this long-standing tradition of making high-quality timepieces at affordable price an obligation to our clients.” On the other hand, he is courageous to set new ambitions: “This decade is a special one for TITONI, because we are approaching the 100th anniversary. Besides our classic popular watch lines, I want to create something new and artistic for our clients as a special memory in the future”

The Watch Magazine of Egypt ” TITONI’s corporate culture is marked by its family character and long-standing international partnerships. A personal relationship between the company and its clientele is of utmost importance to the current CEO. “We want to be as close to our clients as possible. I want to set together with our clients the rhythm of time and its product – the TITONI-watch.” The company’s current campaign reflects the character of this family-run, charismatic Swiss company. It shows people who approach life with selfassurance, who know what they want and where they are going. TITONI watches are for people who know how to enjoy and cherish special moments in life. Not luxury determines TITONI’s brand culture, but highest quality at reasonable prices. Facts and figures • The company was founded in 1919 by Fritz Schluep • An independent company, it remains in the hands of the family that founded it • Daniel M. Schluep leads the firm since 30 years as a CEO and representative of its third generation • Since its beginnings, the headquarters and manufacturing facilities of TITONI have been located in the watchmaking town of Grenchen, at the foot of Switzerland’s Jura mountains • The company’s high-quality products are manufactured in-house at its headquarters in Switzerland • TITONI employs around 60 staff members • Sales of watches in Europe, Russia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China • Approximately 800 sales outlets in the Greater China region as well as roughly 50 service centres • TITONI Showrooms in China in the following cities: Beijing, Changchun, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jinan, Shantou, Shenzhen, Wulumuqi, Zhengzhou • Two TITONI Galleries in China: Shanghai (Peace Hotel), Chongqing (SML Central Square)


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City Stars Shop # 113: 012 7796 1397 I City Stars Shop # 358B: 012 7331 0612 I El Korba: 2419 3030 I Sun City Mall Shop # D48 : 0127 894 59 50 Golf City Mall: 012 7409 0504 I Mall of Arabia Shop # SGO 462: 01278773463 I Dandy Mall shop # 83A: 01278803948 I Alex City Center: 012 7853 1785



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BTC Outlets & Retail Network For a selective group of customers who seek premium brands in a luxurious setting (medium high and high end brands) BTC Exclusive



Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 1210


Cairo BTC EX, CityStars Mall

BTC EX, Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Lobby (Opening August 2010) Giza BTC EX, First Mall

Giza, First Mall, Four Seasons Hotel, Shop # 102


For a larger segment of customers who seek Swiss quality medium priced brands (medium and medium high brands) BTC



BTC, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # B2 A


BTC, El Akkad

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, Tiba

Cairo, Nasr City


BTC, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 250


BTC, Kasr El Nil

Cairo, Down Town


BTC, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Shobra

Cairo, Shobra


BTC, El Obour

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26


BTC, Dandy

Giza, Dandy Mall, Shop # 132


BTC, Mohandeseen

Giza, Mohandeseen


BTC, Mall of Arabia

Giza, 6 October City, Shop #SGO 461


BTC, Down Town

Alexandria, Down Town


BTC, City Center Mall

Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 33






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The Watch Magazine of Egypt




Swatch Boutique, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 1220


Swatch Boutique, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # D3 A


Tissot Boutique, CityStars Mall

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 248



Alexandria Swatch Boutique, San Stefano Mall Alexandria, San Stefano Mall, Shop # 5 Tissot Boutique, San Stefano Mall


Alexandria, Four Seasons Hotel, San Stefano, Shop # 42 +201008500622

For a younger group of customers who seek fashionable watches in a trendy setting. Link (Fashion Brands )



Link, CityStars Mall 1

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 113


Link, CityStars Mall 2

Cairo, CityStars Mall, Shop # 358B


Link, Golf City Mall

Cairo, El Obour City, Shop # 26B


Link, Korba

Cairo, Heliopolis


Link, Sun City Mall

Cairo, Heliopolis, Shop # D 48


Link. Dandy Mall

Giza, Dandy Mall Shop # 83 A


Link, Mallof Arabia

Giza, 6 October City, Shop # SGO 462


Alexandria, City Center Mall, Shop # 11




Alexandria Link, City Center Mall

The first specialized private - sector duty free company for watches and accessories in the Egyptian airports. BTC Duty Free



BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T1

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Cairo Airport T3

Cairo, Heliopolis


BTC DFS, Hurghada Airport

Hurghada, Red Sea


BTC DFS, Sharm Airport

Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea


Cairo, Heliopolis



Boutiques Swatch boutique T1

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First Mall Four Seasons Hotel: 02 37 74 0607 Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Down town Cairo: 012 2031 1198

BTC Watches News Magazine - 3rd Issue  

BTC Watches News Magazine - 3rd Issue

BTC Watches News Magazine - 3rd Issue  

BTC Watches News Magazine - 3rd Issue