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President’s Message Your Executive Committee


Rides Captain’s Corner A Year in Review


Cycling North Fork and North Shore Cycling on Long Island


13 Tours Multi-Day Tour Leader Incentive Program

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December Membership Meeting Thursday, December 8, 2016

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BTCNJ’s 39th Anniversary Party Saturday, January 21, 2017


Cape Breton Island - Nova Scotia September 2-9, 2017

On the Cover: Unexpected snow flurries, strong wind gusts, and chilly temperatures shortened the Favorite Western Jersey Hills ride from 36 to 24 miles. Photo courtesy of Gary Tracy.



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December Membership Meeting




Alan Scherl

Harold Todman



Harriet Einschlag

Renie Gaddi



Keith Schlanger

Marc Soloff



Jocelyn Concepcion

Karen Rose



Chuck Solomon

Don Schlenger



Don Kaplan

David Pawlyk

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Pot Luck Dinner Well, we can have meetings about riding cross country, tire changing, ice cream, cold weather, bad feet, sore butts, and GPS systems... but when it comes right down to it, the thing we like to do most (after riding our bikes of course!), is eating. After all, isn’t our motto “Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat?” Get ready to put on the proverbial feed bag at the Holiday Season Membership Meeting. You are invited to bring a favorite dish (or not so favorite if you are so inclined), to share with your fellow club members. There are few simple rules: 1. No open fires! Save the roast pig for the club picnic. 2. Food must be ready to serve. 3. Bring more than one serving. Duh! 4-5 small servings would be perfect. 4. No alcohol. Sorry! (Unless it’s in a cake.) 5. Bring a serving utensil. 6. Make a small name card with the title of the dish and your name. 7. Enough with the rules! You get the idea. We will provide all the paper goods and beverages. You provide the food, and we’ll all have a great time celebrating whatever holiday it is that you celebrate, with your friends. When: December 8, 2016 Time: 7:30 PM Where: Ridgewood Public Library 125 N Maple Ave Ridgewood, NJ 07450 PAGE 3

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Your Executive Committee By Bill Telgheder

The BTCNJ Executive Committee consists of 14 officers, working diligently behind the scenes, managing the functions of the Club. The Committee operates under the bylaws of the Club, fulfilling the purpose of BTCNJ: “The purpose of the Club shall be to encourage safe bicycling as a means of recreation and transportation and to promote bicycling activities for the enjoyment of the membership.” BTCNJ Officers: • Vice President: Alan Scherl fills in for the President when absent and is responsible for topics and activities at the Club meeting. Alan’s MasterLink articles are extremely witty. They are the first articles I read when I receive the MasterLink. For example: “In London, it’s a tap on your shoulder with a sword. In Hollywood, it’s a shiny gold statue. In Ridgewood, it’s a garishly colored shirt that reveals more than many of us are comfortable with!” “Now with computer applications like Zwift, you have a new way to ignore your spouse or significant other, EVEN in the winter! Go shovel the driveway? Throw some more coal in the furnace? ‘Not right now dear, but as soon as we finish our ride!’” “Chased by bears, swarmed by killer bees, awakened by the sounds of a snake’s rattling tail, drenched by monsoon rains, slowed by blizzards, and scorched in the sun on never-ending treeless plains, they biked all the way from California to Boston, Massachusetts. Well... maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But only just a bit!” Thanks, Alan, I am glad you are the one backing me up! • Secretary: Harriet Einschlag records the minutes of the Committee meetings. Harriet’s input at meetings is tremendously valuable. Harriet suggested automating volunteer sign-ups for the Ramapo Rally and permitting riders to sign up on the website the same day as PAGE 4

the ride, making both processes more efficient. Harriet led the Quebec tour this year and coordinated a BTCNJ booth at the Ride for Autism. Check this month’s tour listing for Harriet’s latest adventure. • Treasurer: Don Kaplan handles the finances of the Club. I know our finances are sound with Don; he even requires that I get Alan’s approval for reimbursements. Don recently suggested we invest funds differently to improve our interest income. Don and his family coordinated food purchases and distribution at the Ramapo Rally this summer. Thanks, Don, for your time! I know keeping track of the finances is time-consuming and vitally important. • Chairperson of Advocacy and Safety: David Pawlyk is responsible for developing and promoting safety programs beneficial to bicyclists. David has submitted several articles in the MasterLink regarding safety and is always encouraging everyone

masterlink / DECEMBER 2016

to ride safely. David runs training programs on GPS devices; look for one next spring. David is valuable on the Committee because he lets us know when we are off track and tells us what to do when we are stumped. • Rides Captain: Keith Schlanger is responsible for Club rides, and for recruiting and training Lieutenants and Ride Leaders. Keith manages our Ride Leader award point system, the jersey design contest, and the distribution of jerseys. This is the heart of our Club, with enormous responsibility. I am not sure how Keith does everything. He works in NYC, cycles all the time, and accomplishes his duties of Rides Captain seamlessly. Wow! • Chairperson of Membership: Harold Todman is responsible for promoting Club membership, conducting the New Member Dinner, and providing Club merchandise. The New Member Dinners are welcoming and informative to the newer members who, in return, volunteer their time to the Club. Harold receives email all the time from current and potential members involving membership issues; some are not so easy to resolve. Thanks, Harold! • MasterLink Editor: Marc Soloff is responsible for publishing the monthly newsletter: the MasterLink. I am always impressed with the designs, pictures, and graphics that Marc selects; so creative! It takes a good amount of time gathering, organizing, and laying-out each edition. Each MasterLink is a piece of art. Marc also creates the Year-in-Review. As Alan Scherl states, “Once again, Marc Soloff, our club multimedia impresario, has put together a show for the ages. After culling through thousands of photos and videos, he’s put together another exciting wrap-up of the BTCNJ cycling season.” • Webmaster: Larry Schwartz is responsible for all areas required to maintain and update the BTCNJ website. Thanks to Larry, our website has worked flawlessly. I do not know how much time Larry spends on the website, but I would bet it is significant. Recently, Larry has begun investigating a new online management system for clubs. It is supposed to be quick to set up, customizable, easy to update, and provides several features we are missing today. Stay tuned! Jocelyn Concepcion has volunteered to assume the duties of Webmaster beginning December 1, 2016. Jocelyn has the education, experience, and skills required to fulfill this position. Jocelyn will be transitioning with Larry for quite some time, as there is a lot to learn. Thanks, Jocelyn! We are happy to have

you on the Committee. And thanks, Larry, for all your years of service to BTCNJ as Webmaster! • Publicity Chairperson: Karen Rose is responsible for our monthly eletters, BTCNJ publications, and the promotion of the Ramapo Rally. Karen’s work is professional and flawless. I just love the look of the eletter. Thanks, Karen, for all you do for BTCNJ! • Tour Chairperson: Don Schlenger is responsible for encouraging and helping members lead tours, listing tours in the MasterLink and website, and making sure necessary reports are submitted. BTCNJ is known for its outstanding tours. Recently, Don developed a new incentive program to encourage members to become Tour Leaders and/or to lead tours in new locations. Details can be found in the October eletter or the November MasterLink. Please consider leading a tour. • Special Events/Volunteer Development Chairperson: Chuck Solomon is responsible for planning the Anniversary Party and Annual Picnic. He also recruits volunteers and recommends members for volunteer recognition. Chuck planned our recent BTCNJ Happy Hour at Miller’s Ale House, which he will conduct again next spring. What a delightful evening – outside on the patio, watching Game 7 of the World Series, and munching on sliders with our BTCNJ friends. • Rally Chairperson: Alain Chahine was responsible for organizing the 2016 Ramapo Rally. Alain and I became quick friends working together for 6 months on the Rally. I truly enjoyed working alongside Alain. He is quite industrious and conscientious. Thanks, Alain! Renie Gaddi has volunteered to be the Rally Chairperson for 2017. Renie has been a BTCNJ member for 4 years. He is a retired engineer, skilled in time-management and efficiency. He currently has 55 Ride Leader points, which he has earned one ride at a time. Thanks, Renie! These are 12 of the 14 officers. The remaining 2 are the President, myself, and the Past President. The President presides at Club and Executive Committee meetings, upholds the Club bylaws, and ensures the decisions of the Committee are carried out. The Past President is currently vacant, but when filled, acts as an advisor to the Committee. There you have it – Your Executive Committee! Please let them know how much you appreciate their time and efforts. And, if you have the wherewithal, please consider giving back to the Club by volunteering. PAGE 5

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You can now register on our website for BTCNJ’s 39th Anniversary Party on January 21, 2017 from 7–11 pm at the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes, NJ. This is our biggest social event of the year and gives members a chance to shake those winter blues. Still bargain priced at $42 per person for members and their guests. The price includes hors d’oeuvres, an elegant buffet, soft drinks and dancing to our own DJ Chris Andres… and a raffle with prizes and gift cards totaling $1000! Prizes include a Garmin Edge cycling computer and several Amazon Dot Echos.

So unclip your pedals and get out from under your helmets because it is time to dress up and help our Club celebrate its 39th Anniversary!

Here is what members say about our Anniversary Party! “Even as a newcomer I found the parties lots of fun because everyone is so welcoming. Great food, great music and great new friends.”

Susan Holmberg, member since 2014


“...this is the best event of the winter to celebrate the Anniversary of our incredible bike club. It is always nice to see everyone all dressed up, not in our usual bike gear. Our party has evolved over the years and we have a very special venue to share with all our friends... Great food and of course, lots of fun on the dance floor with my friends.”

Cynthia MacVicker, member since 2003

“As a new member I heard how terrific the Anniversary Party is each year... Looking forward to attending my first.”

George Sackett, member since 2016

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A Year in Review By Keith Schlanger

As 2016 comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the changes we have made this year. We wanted more rides posted. We knew Leaders don’t lead to get stuff, but we wanted to reward those who do more. To that end, we changed the Incentive System from 2 tiers to 4 tiers. Do more, get more… and it has paid off. As I write this on November 25, we already have 172 more rides this year compared to all of last year! We define our Ride Categories better. Some rides that should have been A’s were not posted as such since the A category didn’t have a limit. We gave A a range and created an A* for our strongest riders. We gave better definition on what you can expect in all categories on Flat rides. Terrain description in no longer an arbitrary guess. We now have a numerical definition for what is Rolling, what is Hilly, and so on. There is now no cut-off time for Signing Up for a Ride. I know our

members like this…not so much that can sign up for a Ride the day of, but they can now see who is planning on attending the ride up until the start of the ride. It’s been a safer year. We only had to file 4 accident reports this year, compared to 9 last year. For 2017, we are going to keep thinking of how we can improve your riding experiences. We have already something in the works, which I hope to announce in the next few months. The theme for 2016 was More Rides, and Safety. We have accomplished both. For 2017, the theme is New Routes, New Starting Points, New Midpoints… and, of course, Safety! Let’s shake it up for 2017. Below are some Ride ideas. Thanks, Pat Butcher, for the suggestions! 1. Bicycle Scavenger Hunt. 2. Theme Ride (examples: dress like Santa or an elf in July; tie a yellow ribbon on your helmet in honor of something/one, etc.). 3. Same Color Jersey Ride (every

rider wears the agreed-upon color jersey). 4. Pizza or Donut Ride (eat at every assigned stop for points=prize, maybe). 5. My Buddy Ride (Buddy with a Rider more advanced than you, to learn how to ride faster, ride hills better, and enhance some techniques. Even learn how to take care of your bike better). 6. They Know We’re Coming (stores/delis/diners are notified in advance of our arrival; they have pre-ordered food waiting). 7. Connect (pick a middle point in northern NJ for all/many Bike Clubs/Teams to ride to on the same day for a NJ Bicycle Clubs’ picnic gathering). I like to end by thanking all the Ride Leaders who have made this a truly great year of riding, the Ride Committee, and our Executive Board for support and help in making the changes we did. Happy and Healthy New Year to all! PAGE 7

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North Fork and North Shore Cycling on Long Island By Keith Danish

While we await the return of warm weather, I would like to report on the pleasures of visiting or bicycling on Long Island’s “North Fork”, as an alternative to the more crowded and (still?) trendy Hamptons area of the “South Fork”. For years, I have had a second home in Stony Brook, a town with New England charm but only a 55 mile drive from Fort Lee, NJ, or a 1 hour and 45 minute train ride from Manhattan. This year, what is said to be “Long Island’s first bed and bike inn” opened in Stony Brook, and it should be a fine jumping-off point for bike touring on LI’s North Shore and eastward out to Orient Point at the end of the North Fork, about 55 miles from Stony Brook. One could also stay at inns or motels right on LI Sound on the North Fork itself, such as the Sound View Inn or the Sunset Motel. The new B&B is called the “Stony Brookside Bed & Bike Inn,” and it is located next to a duck pond and historic grist mill, right in Stony Brook Village, a mile or so from the LIRR train station. See “”. When touring on the North Fork’s Sound Avenue (Route 48), one passes a procession of farms and wineries (with tasting opportunities), and there are charming towns on or near the water such as Greenport, Southold, Mattituck and PAGE 8

Aquebogue. Greenport has many restaurants, with seafood being the specialty, but my favorite joint is a fish market and casual dining spot called “Southhold Fish Market,” just west of Greenport. Also, “Billys by the Bay” is surrounded by boat docks, slightly east of the Greenport business district. Eight miles or so east of Greenport is the Orient Point lighthouse and state park, at the tip of the North Fork. Closer to Stony Brook there is the harbor town of Port Jefferson, the Sunken Meadow and Wildwood state parks, and the giant State University at Stony Brook. A biking

Greenway currently runs from Setauket to Port Jefferson, and is due to be extended east to Wading River, near Wildwood park. From Port Jefferson, there is a ferry across LI Sound, to Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the Bridgeport Blue Fish minor league baseball team plays within walking distance of the ferry terminal. From Greenport, one can ferry over to Shelter Island and then to the South Fork, to ride through Sag Harbor, East Hampton and on

to Montauk. The largest cycling club out my way is the Suffolk Bike Riders Association, and they can provide helpful advice about two-wheeled travel in their domain. See “”. Other informational resources include the book “Short Bike Rides on Long Island,” the websites “” and “,” and the maps for touring local wineries by bike offered at “” The New York State Department of Transportation provides biking advice at “” and a printed map called “Long Island Bikeways and Trailways.” Bikes can be transported on the Long Island Railroad after one buys a lifetime permit for $5.00. The permit also works for Metro-North trains. For conditions and travel restrictions, see “”. Folding bikes can be brought on board at any time. If you are passing through Riverhead, which is the county seat of Suffolk County and the spot where the North and South Forks split off, you can cycle to the nearby town of Flanders and see “The Big Duck,” the world’s largest duck, which was built in the 1930’s to promote the business of a local duck farmer. While many restaurant menus still feature “Long Island Duckling”, the actual business of duck farming has just about disappeared from the island. So, why not take a break from “NJ” and try riding in eastern and northern “LI”, for sun, beaches, seafood, sea air, colorful harbors, and plenty of local wine?

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New Member Dinner Held November 18 The New Member Dinner was held Friday evening November 18th at the Darlington Ridge Clubhouse in Mahwah, and it was a great success! 20 new members were briefed by Board Members about the Club, our extensive ride schedule, weekend tours, safety, our website, other activities and most importantly about the camaraderie and the familial atmosphere created by our Club and its Members. Each Member had the chance to tell us a little about themselves, their riding experience and how they heard about the Club. There was also a brief Q&A session where many topics such as riding in groups, ride captains, cue sheets and our ride classiďŹ cation system were discussed. All participants seemed to enjoy the food, the company and the information shared. Several of the attendees talked about how welcomed the Club made them feel as new members. Of course we stressed that all of our events are made possible only through the hard work of our Volunteers, and we encouraged everyone to think about volunteering. I would like to thank Steve Greenberg and Peggy Telgheder for all their efforts in making the evening a success! -Harold Todman, Membership


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Photo Submission Deadline is Sunday, December 18, 2016 The following categories have ZERO submissions: Picnic, Cycle the Adirondacks, Southern Andalusia, Cross the Continent Please use the following email addresses to submit your photos. BTCNJ Miscellaneous

BTCNJ Lake George

BTCNJ Anniversary Party

BTCNJ Southern Andalusia

BTCNJ Ramapo Rally

BTCNJ French Creek Iron Tour

BTCNJ Picnic

BTCNJ Hudson Valley

BTCNJ Cycle the Adirondacks

BTCNJ Southern Vermont

BTCNJ Quebec’s Eastern Townships

BTCNJ Cross the Continent

BTCNJ Bike the Amish Country

BTCNJ Amagansett

BTCNJ Rhinebeck PAGE 10

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2017 Ramapo RallyPlease Volunteer to Help We are searching for volunteers to help with some of the 2017 Ramapo Rally administrative duties. The below positions are available. Please contact Rennie Gaddi at or Bill Telgheder at if interested. Thank you! • Rally Co-Chairperson – Assist the Rally Chairperson as required. • Permits and Certificates – Help obtain permits from Bergen County, Fire Marshal, Board of Health, Rest Stop Locations, Towns we ride through, and Certificates of Insurance. • Sponsor – Help recruit Rally sponsors. • Rally Lunch – Help determine a Rally lunch and source the caterer. • Bike Shop – Source bike shop mechanics for the Rally rest stops and for merchandise sold at Campgaw. • Signage – Coordinate and organize the placement of signage for Rally cyclists. • Volunteer Party – Organize the Volunteer Party, including the caterer. -Bill Telgheder, President

b u l C g n i r u Bicycle To h Jersey of Nort se i d n a h c r e M For information about club merchandise, contact Harold Todman at You do not need to be a BTCNJ member to purchase BTCNJ merchandise. The color photos on your screen may differ from the actual item color, due to differences in computer monitors and settings. PAGE 11

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TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS Cape Breton Island - Nova Scotia September 2-9, 2017 We are travelling to remote Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia to cycle the famous Cabot trail, one of the world’s most beautiful bicycle routes. The Cabot Trail winds through glorious valleys and along an expansive coast as it traverses the Highlands. This is a fully supported trip offered through Pedal and Sea Adventures and we are looking to book a group of 16 participants on the dates Sept 3 through Sept 8.  We would need to arrive in Halifax at least one day before the tour begins, An optional 2-day pre-trip sightseeing extension is also being planned from Halifax.  The tour returns to Halifax late in the day on Sept 8, so an additional hotel night in Halifax would be needed, departing from Halifax on Sept 9 by air. This is a hilly route, and strong c* or above riding ability is required. The trip cost would be approximately $1600-$1800 USD* based on double occupancy (which includes 5 nights lodging and 6 riding days, the shuttle from Halifax at the beginning of the trip and back to Halifax at the conclusion, and bike rental.  Full van support is offered, 2 guides, and most meals). Airfare to and from Halifax (from Newark airport the cost would be approximately $450 to $800 depending on your preferred flight options) and hotels before and after the trip (cost approximately $60 per night based on double occupancy) are additional.  To book your reservation, please send Harriet Einschlag an email at with your name, phone number, email address, riding ability, preferred roommate, and if you require twin beds or queen bed. She will reply with the details to book the trip directly by calling Pedal and Sea Adventures. For more information on itinerary, please see; *If there are 13 or more participants, we get a 10% discount, if less than 13, we get a 7% discount. PAGE 12

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Multi-Day Tour Leader Incentive Program By Don Schlenger

To provide more opportunities for members to participate in weekend and longer tours, and to broaden the Club’s tour offerings, BTCNJ is initiating a Tour Leader Incentive Program for 2017. Right now, tour leaders can earn 2 points per riding day towards a Club jersey, membership or other merchandise. Under the incentive program, BTCNJ members who lead or co-lead:* • An original BTCNJ tour (which requires laying our routes, identifying accommodations, etc.)—get 4 points per riding day

BTCNJ has a library of cue sheet and accommodation information for a number of multi-day tours, including Trexlertown (PA), Shenandoah Valley (VA), New Hope/Delaware River (NJ/PA), Stowe (VT), the Finger Lakes (NY), New Paltz (NY), Cape May (NJ), Eastern Shore (MD), Cooperstown

(NY), the southern Catskills (NY), the upper Chesapeake Bay, Columbia County (NY), Saratoga Springs (NY), Avon (CT), Washington, DC, Gettysburg (PA), Maine, the southern Connecticut shore, and more. Check the Club website or contact the Tour Coordinator for more information.

Anne Marie Gorman

• A new BTCNJ tour that is substantially based on another organization’s tour (hotel, routes, etc.) —get 3 points per riding day • A tour from the Club library which hasn’t been given for 5 years or more—get 3 points per riding day • A BTCNJ tour for the first time (regardless of whether it’s a new tour or an existing tour)—get 4 points per riding day Planning a tour is fun and rewarding. We can provide practical guidance to help you plan and lead a tour. *Up to 5 days; maximum 2 leaders per tour; does not apply to simply coordinating participants in commercial tours or other organizations’ tours; incentive awards for same the tour are not additive.

Mary Maki, Anne Marie Gorman, Glenn Barnes, Karen Ribaudo Piermont Pier, March, 2016

We are sad to learn that Anne Marie Gorman passed away in August. Anne Marie was a member of BTCNJ, resided in Pompton Lakes, and was a friend of Mary Maki. She had been a member of St. Mary’s Church in Pompton Lakes. BTCNJ sends our condolences to the family.


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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP The owners of all these shops support BTCNJ. Please tell them you saw their shop in MasterLink. Show them your BTCNJ membership card for a 10% discount off accessories and parts. They are skilled bicycle pros, and we urge you to use their services. Please note that the discount may not apply to sale items and may not allow credit card payment. Please note that the individual shop owners have sole discretion over the definition of “accessories and parts” and of the items in their stock to which any BTCNJ-related discount applies. D.J.s’ Cycles .............................................Belmar


CrankWorks Cycles ........................Nyack, NY


Brookdale Cycle .............................Bloomfield


Nyack Bicycle Outfitters ..............Nyack, NY


Get-a-way Cycle Center........Bloomingdale


Pedal Sports .........................................Oakland






Bikeland II.............................................Chatham


The Bicycle II........................................Paramus


Congers Bike Shop ....................Congers, NY


Cycle Sport Cyclery......................Park Ridge


Steve’s Moped & Bicycle ..................Dumont


Cycle Craft .......................................Parsippany


Urban Cycle Outfitters LLC. ............Dumont


Bicycle Depot..................................Pearl River


Sam’s Bicycle Repair.............Elmwood Park


Heino’s Ski and Cycle................Pequannock


Bike Master......................................Englewood


Piermont Bicycle.......................Piermont, NY


Strictly Bicycles...................................Fort Lee


Cycle Center...........................Pompton Lakes


Marty’s Reliable ........................Hackettstown


Bicycle Source.......................Pompton Plains


Bike Pad ............................................Hawthorne


Bike & Ski Shop ....................................Ramsey


Grove Street Bicycles ..................Jersey City


Ramsey Outdoor..................................Ramsey


James Vincent................................Jersey City


Ultimate Cycle Shop...........................Ramsey


Ramsey Outdoor..........................Ledgewood


Marty’s Reliable ....................................Randolf


Bicycle Tech ..................................Lincoln Park


Cosmic Wheel ........................Ridgefield Park


D.J.’s Cycles..................................Long Branch


Fit Werx....................................Ridgefield Park


Peddler ..........................................Long Branch


Ridgewood Cycle .........................Ridgewood


Cycle Craft ......................................Long Valley


Bikeworks....................................Rochelle Park


Madison Bicycle Shop.......................Madison


Original Bike Shop ...................Saddle Brook


High Gear Cyclery ...............................Millburn


Valley Cycle .........................Spring Valley, NY


Diamond Cycle...................................Montclair


High Gear Cyclery................................Stiriling


The Bikery............................................Montclair


Bicycle Workshop .................................Tenafly


Marty’s Reliable .............................Morristown


Fusion Cycles..........................................Tenafly


Cycle World.................................New City, NY


9W Bike Shop ....................Upper Nyack, NY


James Vincent...........................North Bergen


Town Cycle............................West Milford, NJ


Chelsea Bikes.......................................NYC, NY


Albert’s Westwood Cycle ...........Westwood


Gotham Bike.........................................NYC, NY


Whippany Cycle ..............................Whippany


Toga Bike ...............................................NYC, NY


Wyckoff Cycle......................................Wyckoff


As proof of BTCNJ membership, you will need to print your membership card through the BTCNJ website. Log onto the site, select Membership Card under the Membership tab. Printing instructions are provided. PAGE 14

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Average speed 19+ mph - for strong, experienced cyclists. Should be prepared to ride Single and Double Paceline. Be able to work together with other riders as one cohesive group. Stops every 30+ miles.


Average speed 17 – 18.9 mph – average speed on flats 19.0 – 21.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average. For strong/experienced cyclists. Stops every 30+ miles.


Average speed 15.0 – 16.9 mph – average speed on flats 17.0 – 19.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average. For Strong cyclists. Stops every 20 – 25 miles.


Average speed 13.0 – 14.9 mph – average speed on flats 15.0 – 17.0 mph. On Flat Rides, the average speed can be closer to the average flat range than overall average. For solid cyclists. Stops every 15 – 20 miles.


Average speed 11.0 – 12.9 mph – average speed on flats 13.0 – 15.0 mph. For solid cyclists. Stops every 15 – 20 miles.


Average speed 9.0 – 10.9 mph – average speed on flats 11.0 – 13.0 mph. For average cyclists. Stops as needed.


Average speed Under 9.0 mph – average speed on flats 10.0 mph. For new, inexperienced cyclists. Frequent stops.


Family ride for families. Frequent stops, child friendly.


Mountain Bike - Single track with challenging surfaces, rocks, roots, logs and technical terrain. Extended ascents and challenging descents.


Mountain Bike - Single and double track trails with uneven surfaces and minimal obstacles. Gradual and moderate climbing and descents.


Mountain Bike - Unpaved wide trails and fire roads with obstruction-free riding surfaces. Small and gradual changes in elevation.

A*, A, B*, B Categories: No obligation to wait for stragglers if advertised pace is kept and written directions (cue sheets, maps) are issued. C*, C, D Categories: Group will wait for stragglers and assist those having mechanical difficulty. MTB rides: The slowest participant dictates ride pace; no rider is ever left behind. TERRAIN DESCRIPTIONS Hilly: Numerous long and steep climbs Moderately Hilly: Numerous climbs, with no “killer” hills Rolling: Some small hills, farmland ups and downs Flat: Minimal gear shifting required RESPONSIBILITIES FOR RIDERS Riders must obey NJ motor vehicle laws. Bring tools: tire irons, pump, and spare tube. Bicycle must be in

good working order. Don’t ride in a category that is too difficult for you. Advise leader if you are making an unscheduled stop or leaving the group. Rides will leave 15 minutes after the published meeting time (unless otherwise noted.) Note: anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on all rides. Every rider is required to wear a helmet that meets CPSC Performance Standards on all club rides. Headphones are not permitted on rides. PAGE 15

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Executive Summary of Meeting Minutes November 3, 2016 Present: Bill Telgheder, President Alan Scherl, Vice President Don Kaplan, Treasurer Karen Rose, Public Relations Harold Todman, Membership Dave Pawlyk, Advocacy and Safety Chuck Solomon, Special Events and Volunteer Development Harriet Einschlag, Secretary Renie Gaddi, Future Rally Chairperson Larry Schwartz, Webmaster Jocelyn Conception, Webmaster Elect

Not Present: Don Schlenger, Tours Marc Soloff, MasterLink Keith Schlanger, Rides Captain Call to Order President Bill Telgheder opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. President: • Bill welcomed Jocelyn Concepcion to the meeting. Jocelyn will be working with Larry Schwartz to transition to BTCNJ Webmaster. • Bill opened discussion on the 2017 Ramapo Rally. The committee, considering the responses from the Rally Wrap-Up meeting and the recent survey, felt that the rally should move in the direction of the BTCNJ purpose as stated in the BTCNJ bylaws. “The purpose of the Club shall be to encourage safe bicycling as a means of recreation and transportation and to promote bicycling activities for the enjoyment of the membership.” The main purposes of the Rally are: 1. Facilitate camaraderie among club members. 2. Promote BTCNJ to non-members. 3. Raise money for advocacy and the club. In light of the above, we decided to move towards those purposes for the 2017 Rally and reevaluate after the 2017 Rally. Items discussed include: ‣ The Rally will be held at Campgaw in August. ‣ Encourage more BTCNJ member to ride the rally. ‣ Reduce the rally price for club members and keep the rally price the same for non-club members. ‣ Create BTCNJ group rides within the rally. ‣ Reduce the number of volunteers required. ‣ Proceeds from the rally will be directed towards cycling advocacy organizations and BTCNJ funds. ‣ Reduce charitable contributions to other organizations. ‣ Simplify where possible the routes, rest stops, breakfast, lunch, sponsors, marketplace, gift, and arrows. PAGE 16

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Vice President: • Alan Scherl reported on meeting plans through January: The owner of Tenafly bike shop will speak about winter bicycling at the November meeting. There will be a potluck at the December meeting. The Year in Review will be the program for the January meeting. A food drive will be incorporated into the YIR meeting. Mara Miller, a cycling coach, will speak at the February meeting. • Alan encouraged new ideas for future meetings. Treasurer: • Don Kaplan made a motion to move BTCNJ cash into two CD’s: one CD with a one year maturity and the other CD with a two year maturity. The remaining cash would be used to cover operating expenses. David seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Rides Captain: • Keith Schlanger was absent, but updated the ride statistics for 2016 via email. Our 2016 goal is 1991 rides. As of October, 1779 rides have taken place, and Keith believes we are on track to meet the 2016 goal. • Keith will announce the winner of the ride leader jersey contest at the November club meeting. • Keith reported that he will send the ride leaders an email emphasizing the need to close out rides and examples of how the information gathered about the rides is important to members. Webmaster: • Larry Schwartz discussed plans to mentor Jocelyn and transition her to be the new Webmaster. • Larry reported he is still working with He is working with the functionality aspects with various BTCNJ officers and will submit a proposal and transition plan to the Executive Committee. Tours: • Don Schlenger was absent, but Harriet Einschlag presented a plan for a week-long tour to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia for early September 2017, using Pedal and Sea Adventures, a commercial company. The board approved Harriet’s plan to contact Pedal and Sea Adventures and make arrangements. Special Events/Volunteer Development: • Chuck Solomon reported on the success of the November Happy Hour at Miller’s Ale House. There were more than 80 members who attended. Chuck would like to plan a similar spring event. The board congratulated and thanked Chuck on this new successful event. • Chuck reported that the Anniversary Party will be at the Indian Trail Club in Franklin Lakes on January 21, 2017. He is still working on details. The price should be the same as last year. Publicity: • Karen Rose requested topics for the December E-letter. Membership: • Harold Todman reported that the Fall New Member dinner will be held on Friday, November 18 at the Darlington Ridge Clubhouse in Mahwah. • Harold reported that the new member ride held in October was successful. Publicity: • Karen Rose requested topics for the October E-letter. Ramapo Rally: • Renie will create a small team of people to work on the ride routes. Meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Harriet Einschlag Harriet Einschlag

BTCNJ Board Secretary PAGE 17

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