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Boys’ Training Centre

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THe UWI Open Campus Noble Laureate Youth Peace Forum 54th Anniversary of the Boys’ Training Centre Checkmate...BTC Chess Program BTC World Poetry Day Competition Donation by Flamingo Golf Group War on Illiteracy BTC Football Program Virtues Project Training Out & Bad (Pantime Steel Orhestra)

BTC Bed Construction Project


MANAGER’S THOUGHTS Given the huge mandate of the Saint Lucia Boys’ Training Centre (BTC), we strive to conduct programmes and activities that are geared towards the rehabilitation, integration and discipline of the youth at risk in Saint Lucia. Despite the numerous challenges that we face daily, management and staff work very hard to execute programmes which, touch all facets of the lives of wards in our care.This is achieved through the reinforcement of positive behaviour and the development of inter and intra personal skills, which aid the young men to cope with different situations upon their release from the BTC. As the manager of this facility, it brings me great joy to set the tone for the implementation of the various programmes and activities, which help us realize our mandate as an agency of the Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment. It is our hope, that each young man who leaves the BTC, becomes a success story and makes a positive contribution to his respective community.

EDITOR’S NOTES Thank you for taking the time to read and educate yourself about the Saint Lucia Boys’ Training Centre. It is my pleasure to publish this magazine, which includes the activities, programmes and projects that directly and indirectly influence the youth at risk in our nation. Furthermore, it is the passion and dedication of the staff, management and volunteers that continue to be instrumental in changing the lives of wards at the Boys’ Training Centre (BTC). It is my hope that individuals and agencies get involved in the rehabilitation process of the wards, eventually galvanizing all our resources to cultivate positive, law-biding and creative young men to lead the Saint Lucian society. Happy reading.

A BRIEF HISTORY Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret, officially opened the Boys Industrial School, on February 20th 1960 at Massade, Gros Islet. At that time, it housed seventeen (17) delinquent male juveniles and was staffed by three (3) persons. The school was the brainchild of Sir Stanislaus James. Sir James was the first trained Social Worker and first Probation Officer in Saint Lucia, and he brought about the establishment of this institution through sheer perseverance and determination. In 1974, on the recommendation of a Government appointed advisor, the Boys Industrial School was renamed Saint Lucia Boys’ Training Centre and its mandate was changed to include boys in need of care and protection.

ADMISSIONS All wards are committed to the Centre by an order of the Family Court in two categories: • Children in conflict with the law: boys under the age of 16 who have committed crimes. • Care & Protection: Boys who have not committed any crime but who have been truant at their schools; are disruptive in the home or school environment; or children who do not have parents/guardians with the ability to meet their needs. BTC ward range in age 10 to 18 years. However, a ward is not admitted once he has attained the age of 16 years.

THE STRUCTURE The Centre currently operates programmes, which are synchronized with the mainstream school timetable and every ward is expected to attend vocational training and/or remedial education classes. At regular breaks in the school year, wards are allowed home leave- a privilege earned for good behaviour. As each ward’s abilities are identified, he is given extra support with these specific abilities. The Centre is now looking to the wider community to develop formal apprenticeship programmes. Apprenticeship is mostly within the fields of Auto mechanics, Welding, Agriculture and Woodwork. In additon, there are intra and extra mural activities and programmes the wards participate in throughout their stay at the BTC.


THe UWI Open Campus Noble Laureate Youth Peace Forum

Flamingo Golf Group Donation

54 years of the Boys’ Training Centre Checkmate........ BTC Chess Program Grow Well Golf Program BTC Football Program BTC World Poetry Day Competition

Editor: Elvin Ryan Germain

War on Illiteracy (AUTOSKILLS PROGRAM) Virtues Project Training

Graphic Designer: Elvin Ryan Germain

National Junior Panorama Competition 2014

Photographers: Elvin Ryan Germain BTC wards

International Men’s Health Week

Cover Page: Elvin Ryan Germain

BTC Bed Construction Project

Writers: Samantha Joseph Patrick Fearon Daniel Jasper Elvin Ryan Germain

Second Step Training

January to June Moments Faces of BTC

THe UWI Open Campus Noble Laureate Youth Peace Forum by Elvin Ryan Germain


n celebration of Noble Laurate Week under the theme

OECS and Diaspora, presented opening remarks; followed

‘Promoting Peace and Security of the Community: Per-

by remarks from the representatives from respective spon-

petuating Empowerment and Prosperity of the People’, the

sors . The day’s activities continued with presentations from

University of West Indies (UWI) Open Campus Saint Lucia,

youth groups, interactive sessions with youth conusellors

on Wednesday 22nd January 2014, hosted a Noble Laureate

and ended with preliminary work on mural project faciliated

Youth Peace Forum and Art for Social change Project. This

by the 4 Kouleurs Grafik group from Martinique.

project was a collaboration with Alliance Francais, 1st Na-

The initative was a welcomed activity from the normal rou-

tional Bank, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

tine of the wards. The five (5) wards identified with the theme

(OECS), OECS Juvenile Reform Project and US AID. The

of general activity and other supporting sessions such as the

UWI Open Campus project was aimed at engaging young

peace tableaus with Ms. Kentillia Louis/Youth SPAC/Cousel-

persons in innovative activities geared towards promoting

lors and the sketching of ideas for the peace mural with 4

acceptance and understanding of each others differences;

Kouleurs Grafik.

boosting their self-esteem; promoting non-violent ways of solving problems and utilising the visual arts to help bring about positive social and behavioural change. Picture above of Dr. June Soomer, Ambassdor Extraordinary and

Many primary and secondary schools including the Court Di-

Plenipotentiary CARICOM, OECS and Diaspora presenting open-

version Unit and five (5) wards from the Boys’ Training Cen-

ing remarks at the Youth UWI Open Campus Noble Laureate Peace

tre participated in the Youth Peace Forum. Dr. June Soomer,


Ambassdor Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary CARICOM,



Picture of Permanent Secretary, Human Resource Manager, BTC staff at Anniversary Ecumenical Service at Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, Gros Islet

Picture of wards at beach activity for Anniversary Day


Collaborating Our Efforts to Build the Men of Tomorrow’ by Elvin R. Germain


n February 20th 2014 the lone juvenile detention

spiritual consciousness of the gathering. The day’s celebra-

centre on the island and the largest in the Eastern

tion continued at the grounds of the BTC with a small goals

Caribbean, recognized its fifty fourth (54th) year of opera-

football tournament. On the 22nd, the wards were treated at

tion. To commemorate this milestone, the theme “Collabo-

Majoire’s Restaurant and Bar at Cas en Bas beach. A day of

rating our efforts to build the men of tomorrow” was coined.

fun, sun, games, and food; a perfect day for wards at BTC!

Short and to the point, our theme seemed to have consoli-

Throughout 2013 to 2014, the BTC has initiated new pro-

dated all efforts over years gone by and fittingly reminded us

grams and remained focused on and true to its mandate, and

of the immense work to be continued by our unsung heroes

that of the Ministry mandate, to empower the less unfortu-

, the (staff) of the Boys Training Centre.

nate, especially youth at risk. The programmes of the Centre

The Activities Committee of the BTC organized an Ecumen-

continue to be facilitated by the passionate human beings at

ical Service at the Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church in Gros

the BTC. These heroes ensure breakfast is ready; boys are en-

Islet on the anniversary day, followed by a recreational and

gaged in sports, educational, and vocational skills; and coor-

sporting activity for the wards and staff at the Centre. The

dinate daily operations. They consistently forge the mental

service was led by the Rev. Michael Junior George; musical

and social aspects of the boys with our limited resources. The

presentations were made by the Boys’ Training Centre choir

impact of staff unimaginable and ongoing, as wards

(composed of staff and wards) and an audiovisual presenta-

rehabilitate and are provided with alternative choices in life.

tion of events, activities and projects of 2013. The members

The 2014 theme speaks to and about our social reform war-

of the congregation included Ms. Juliana Alfred, Permanent

riors of the BTC. These individuals view our wards, as filled

Secretary of Ministry of Social Transformation; Mrs. Phillip,

with the potential to be an awesome human beings, who can

Human Resource Manager in Ministry of Social Transfor-

make a great contribution to society. As the management

mation; volunteers from BTC programmes; specially invited

and staff celebrate 54 years and beckon on 2015; the staff,

guests; as well as management and staff of the BTC. One of

volunteers and friends of the Boys’ Training Centre continue

the memorable moments for the wards, was the singing of the

to work relentlessly to empower and build the men of tomor-

song “I Know Who I Am” by Sinach. The musical rendition


was conducted by Ms. Samantha Joseph, a teacher. In addition, the pastor made some deep revelations that spoke to the


CHECKMATE..........BTC Chess Program by

Jasper Daniel and Elvin Ryan Germain


oys' Training Centre, fifty fours (54) years and count-

mission to teach primary students, youth at-risk, and inter-

ing, continously works to take up new programmes,

ested adults critical thinking and life skills through the game

which are geared towards rehabiliation of youth at risk. Chess

of chess. The Chess program is a joint effort between the

is a board game of strategic skill for two players, played on a

National Community Foundation, The United States Peace

checkered board. Each player begins the game with sixteen

Corps, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Youth De-

pieces that are moved and used to capture opposing pieces

velopment and Sports, the Grandmaster’s Chess Club of Saint

according to precise rules. The object is to put the opponent's

Lucia, the America’s Foundation for Chess, and the Rotary

king under a direct attack from which escape is impossible

Club of Saint Lucia. Together, these organizations provide

(checkmate). The chess program has two sessions per week.

learning materials and instructors to engage the youth of

On day one the US Peace Corp Volunteer (Daniel Jasper) and

Saint Lucia in primary schools, after-school programs, reha-

local instructor (Ashford Jerson) come to the B.T.C. to facili-

bilitation programs and at community centers. The program

tate a two to three hour session with each unit at the BTC.

was founded with the idea that chess is a fun, engaging way

During the session the wards learn the significance of each

to acquire logical reasoning and conflict resolution skills, in-

piece and the ways the piece moves. Afterwards, wards learn

creased motivation, improved self-image, and the ability to

to play with the piece and as the weeks go by the wards learn

think before acting. Research has shown through a number

more pieces. On day two, the wards practice playing chess

of peer-reviewed studies that studying and playing chess is

with the piece that was learnt in the week playing against

correlated with the above benefits (Ferguson, 2011).

each other and staff. The management and staff hope to host

Currently, the Saint Lucia Chess Program is active in over 20

its own Chess tournament at end of 2014.

primary and secondary schools, as well as, the Boys Training

The Saint Lucia Chess Program operates in pursuit of the

Center, Saint Lucia Junior P.R.I.D.E., and the Court Diver-


the Saint Lucia Chess Federation (SLCF). The SLCF will provide Saint Lucians with the ability to hold an internationally recognized rank, to take part in international tournaments,

Picture of the BTC wards playing chess outside Wings n Tings , Rodney Bay

and may allow Saint Lucia to host international tournaments. The Saint Lucia Chess Program continues to grow as educators, community leaders, and students begin to see the won-

sion Program. Operating in the primary schools, the Saint

derful benefits and captivating nature of chess.

Lucia Chess Program utilizes an established curriculum pro-

The Chess Program is set to expand with its newest partner,

vided by the First Move Program. The First Move Program

the Ministry of Social Transformation, in the coming months.

provides instruction on the game of chess through a virtual

The program will begin to utilize existing resources to intro-

chess coach – known as the “Chess Lady” to students island-

duce chess to numerous after-school centers. Furthermore,

wide. The students spend one to two hours a week with the

students have begun to swell with excitement for the upcom-

“Chess Lady” and, once they have mastered the basics, each

ing school chess tournament this summer. Together with its

student is provided with their very own chessboard. Two

numerous partners, the Saint Lucia Chess Program envisions

Program Officers support the Chess Program in its day-

a culture of critical thinkers across the island and an island

to-day operations and provide instructions in secondary

populated by Kings and Queens!

schools and after-school programs, as well as, provide training to teachers across Saint Lucia. In coordination with the Grandmaster’s Chess Club, the Chess Program also provides free lessons to anyone who is interested in learning more about the game every Thursday at Blue Corral Mall (lessons start at 5:30pm). The Chess Program has undertaken several joint initiatives with the Grandmaster’s Chess Club of Saint Lucia including the founding of

Picture of Care & Protection wards learn to play with pawns by Daniel Jasper, US Peace Corp Volunteer



row Well, in conjunction with the Saint Lucia Golf Club, started a free Junior Golf Programme for

twenty (20) disadvantaged youth in the Gros Islet District in May 2011. The program is managed by Grow Well, Inc- a non-profit community organization whose goal is to encourage, improve and develop the positive and constructive growth of disadvantaged youth within the Gros Islet. The principal objective of the junior golf program is to introduce youth at risk to the elite sport, which otherwise our wards could not afford. Besides learning the game, the children will benefit from the discipline and concentration that is crucial to the game and which can be applied to their personal development. It helps build their self-esteem; it keeps them off

Picture of BTC ward receiving token from Golf Instructor Mr. Terry Verdant

the street; and it keeps them involved in a productive afterschool activity.

and uniforms are paid through donations and contributions

Each session runs for 6 weeks; two days per week. The Saint

to the Grow Well Golf Program. Volunteer monitors support

Lucia Golf Club is the program’s principal sponsor, providing

the program, providing care and supervision throughout the

not only its facilities, but also transportation for the children


to and from the Driving Range where they are taught. Their

Our major sponsors include the Saint Lucia Golf

instruction, equipment, snacks and meals, transportation

Association, and individual donors, many of whom are overseas golfers who have winter homes in Saint Lucia.




he Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA) hosted a Youth Clinic for young players in January 2014 at the

Mindoo Phillip Park. The clinic was faciliated by two foriegn coaches: Milkon Hayak from Belgium and Erik Nieuwenhuis from Holland. Eight (8) wards from the Boys’ Training Centre participated in the clinic in addition to other young men from the community of Marchand.

The BTC Football Program is coordinated by Mr. Alvin Xavier, former national player and professional player in Trinidad & Tobago. He has included the BTC wards into the Big Players of Marchand. Through this recreational and community involvement programs we seek to develop the values and attitudes in the wards which galvanize sports. The wards are performing satisfactorily and will be participating in Under 12 and Under 16 District Football Championship respectfully this year.




On March 21st the Education Department of the Boys’ Training Centre hosted its first ever Poetry Competition. The competition comprised of three (3) staff and seven (7) wards at BTC. The judges were Mr. Glen Charlery (member of Headphunk), Delano Payne (local actor) and Manager of the Boys’ Training Centre, Mr. Leonard Terrence. In addition, the competition observed the celebration of World Poetry Day. World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21st and was declared by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999. The purpose of the day is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world, and, as the UNESCO session declaring the day says, “give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements”. It was generally celebrated in October, sometimes on the 5th, but in the latter part of the 20th Century the world community celebrated it on October 15th the birthday of Virgil, the Roman epic poet and poet laureate under Augustus. The tradition to keep an October date for national or international poetry day celebrations still holds in many countries.


Boy Who Wants to Change How I wondered to catch a rainbow When the wind blows Good morning sunshine Fly away home east of the sun West of the moon Over the mountain under the sea My experience at Boys Training Centre I thought it would be easy but God didn’t give up on me So I told myself I need to change my life at the BTC. I cannot change one time So people are helping me to see a better side of me I know am not the best of person at all times But try to work with me that is all I ask of you. Ward CA

It’s All About Jesus Roses are red as red as the blood of Jesus Christ When it was shed on the cross for all our sins If wasn’t for the evil in this earth We would have been with Jesus Christ But we are still with him in spirit Under the sea at BTC I see everything That’s within me and when I look down in the sea I can see God’s creations God is in me God is in you God is in all of what we can be. Ward EB


I am a Child of God Take my hand and lead the way. Tell me all what you want to say. Whisper slowly in my ear. These things I may want to hear Bring out my passion deep within me, pull me close to you. And hold me near in the brightness of the sun; Show, me that you are the one. I am a child of God, so you make me laugh and smile tell me. I am your child I love you mum from your son I will be your son for life. Ward NW

The Moments of Life You look forward to reach the years when you are a teen, But these bring about experiences you‘ve never seen. There are days that seem hopeless, you wonder if you can cope. You pray to God oh Lord let me not reach Golden Hope. You need to play your part too, because you may need adjustment in what you say or do. Always remember to choose friends that are good, for they have lots to affect your behaviour and mood. Life is just beginning there is no time to rush so why kill yourself over a crush. Always think of what lies ahead, take time and think dearly while you sleep in your bed... Ward LS


The Blue Sky and the Blue Sea I got up I saw the blue sky, While I was dreaming deep inside On the way to the beach I saw the sea it was beautiful And I felt beauty within me And when I look at the sky I thought I was in paradise. Ward AH

The Golden Cow These are the cows all hungry and dry Who mooded for rain to fall from the sky To green up the grass all brown and dead That needed the rain from cloud over head That big black cloud all heavy with rain That shadowed on ST. LUCIA’S PLAIN Ward DJ

The Sun The sun is yellow, A jolly good fellow, it`s bright like a light That I can follow. I took a journey beyond The human mind And I came to a thought That I know to myself I can find, Oh what a sunny day I can find. Ward JM


Pictures of the Poetry Competition


Flamingo Golfers Donation


he Flamingo Golf group with members in the United Kingdom (UK) and Saint Lucia, under the recom-

mendation of Ms. Sue Sanders and Mrs. Sandra Ayres, donated six (6) foldering tables to the Boys’ Training Centre (BTC), especially to the Care & Protection Unit. The philanthropic group has already been very generous in Picture of Foldering Tables donated

aiding the BTC Education & Vocational Program and the Sports Program in 2013. They hope to initiate a music program in September 2014 which will be funded by the Amy Winehouse Foundation.




Samantha Joseph



oys’ Training Centre (BTC) declared a war against

or are educated in-house. The wards come to us conflicted

illiteracy in 2014, and is taking bold steps to reduce

with a number of issues which also influence their cognitive

illiteracy at the Juvenile Detention Centre. The Education

and social ability.

Department of BTC has observed throughout the years that

The Boys’ Training Centre began the computer based soft-

the literacy and numeracy level of the wards committed was

ware ‘Auto Skills Program’ in January 2014. The software and

below average. The wards lacked basic prerequisites which

training programme was provided by the Ministry of Educa-

would allow for them to operate cognitively and which there-

tion. The two teachers selected to manage and execute the

fore hindered their educational success. All wards who are

programme were Ms. Samantha Joseph and Ms. Ann Yarde.

committed to BTC by the Court either attend formal school

The programme began with seventeen (17) wards; who are


educated in- house being placed into two (2) groups. Each

in reading and reinforces that students read out loud. Pres-

group attends and participates in daily sessions in the In-

ently, the programme has made vital discoveries in identify-

formation Technology Lab. The wards who attend formal

ing the wards that operate at Kindergarten level or in some

school (primary and secondary) were incorporated in the

cases, Pre-Kindergarten in Mathematics and Reading.

programme in an after-school session. The wards sitting Common Entrance in June 2014 were specially targeted as the programme hopes to aid preparation for promotional examinations into secondary school. This information is significant to all the caregivers of the wards at the BTC, as it complements the traditional teaching methods and provides audio visual lessons through the computer based software. The commencement of the programme became a reality through the construction of an Information Technology Lab by the European Funded SFA 2008 Education Enhancement through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Management and Staff of BTC hope to make a difference

Programme. Hopefully, programmes of a similar nature and

in the lives of the wards who are committed and who do not

other ICT based programmes could be facilitated at the BTC.

possess basic skills in Mathematics and Reading. Everyday,

Auto Skills Program is a literacy and intervention pro-

the teachers and instructors endeavour to motivate the wards

gramme designed for students who need to develop basic

to improve their cognitive level. Our goal is that all wards

reading and mathematics skills. There are three intervention

faced with the challenge of not being able to do basic reading

programmes for the Auto Skills; the Academy of Reading,

and mathematics, are able do so upon release.

the Academy of Mathematics and the Portfolio for the Academy of Reading. Each academy focuses on different concepts to strengthen student skills. The Reading Academy focuses on skills such as: phonics, letter- sound matching, decoding etc. The Mathematics Academy looks at ten basic math skills, which include fractions, measurements, addition, division number sense, etc. The students are to learn the appropriate terms; use them in operations; as well as use them in problem solving. The Portfolio Academy of Reading addresses fluency





by Patrick Fearon


pproximately forty staff members of the Boys


practice of universal virtues among people. Although

Training Centre participated in a Virtues Pro- by no means an exhaustive list, 52 virtues are high-

ject workshop Monday, March 17, through Wednesday,

lighted in the Virtues Project, which persons can focus

March 19, 2014. Following the training of the staff, the on in an organized manner—one for each week of the boys of the institution participated similarly in a Virtues

year. These virtues include values such as compassion,

Project exercise in two separate training groups. The

courtesy, forgiveness, generosity, honesty, justice, mer-

general feedback has been positive, and the consensus is cy, moderation, patience, thankfulness, truthfulness, that participants thereafter looked forward to its practi- self-discipline, unity, etc. The Virtues Project notes that cal implementation and overall effect on the institution.

the sacred traditions of cultures all across the face of

The Virtues Project, whose concept is based on univer- the earth embrace such values. Certainly, no person of sal principles or values that are embraced by cultures reasonable state would argue against the intrinsic worth and societies all around the world, was founded in Can- of these principles for individuals and society in genada in 1991 by Dr. Dan Popov, Linda Kavelin-Popov,

eral. Christianity specifically notes that there is no law

and John Kavelin. Presently it is existent in over 100 against values such as love, joy, peace, longsuffering, countries, where it is used to encourage the

gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance, and additionally refers to such virtues as “The Fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22).

Dr. Dan Popov Linda Kavelin-Popov


John Kavelin

Through the use of five basic strategies, facilitators con- d) Honoring the Spirit, which encourages meaningful veyed to participants proven ways to effectively awaken reflection, celebration of reverence, and appreciation for the virtues within persons using motivational exercises.

mystery and beauty. Finally e) Companioning, which

The five strategies entail: a) Speaking the language of

motivates persons towards the cultivation of genuine

the virtues, which, among other things, includes recog- compassion for people, for example, by being deeply nizing and using the power of words to motivate, en- present to listen to their story, or to help them find clarcourage, and inspire. It encompasses verbally acknowl- ity in order that they may arrive at their own construcedging people and using language with tact even when

tive solutions. As such, companioning facilitates and

one has to mete out a corrective response, b) Recogniz- elevates an attitude of compassion and attentiveness in ing teachable moments to accomplish constructive and

listening, while subjugating attitudes that gravitate to-

affirming goals, for example, employing appropriate

wards undue-advising or destructive criticizing.

responses in situations at hand, or modeling growth-

Essentially then, the Virtues Project, which seeks to

enhancing behaviours through positive reinforcement

help persons (whether individually or in community)

and encouragement, c) Setting clear boundaries, which bring the timeless virtues to the forefront of their lives, serves to facilitate respect, cooperation or restorative

is nothing short of a good thing for any individual or an

justice, which in turn leads to a climate of peace and institution. As such, the Boys Training Centre considsafety in our environments. In this regard, setting clear

ers it an opportune venture in having its population of

boundaries fosters healthy relationships through the youths and staff capably trained in the Virtues Project safeguarding of personal space, time, energy and health. exercise, and now looks forward to the practical implementation of its central tenets and the resultant effect on the institution.



Elvin R. Germain


ost of the world’s popular footballers came from humble origins. It is not different that the next

young Messi is a fourteen (14) year old from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia and a ward at the Boys’ Training Centre. Ward CC has aspirations of playing for the national football team, but also professionally in the big leagues of Europe. Ward CC was selected in May 2014 to undergo training with the National Under 15 football team. He expressed in an interview that he couldn’t believe it and was surprised he was selected. His achievement was further cemented when he attained the captain’s arm band. In July 2014 the Under 15 national team participated in a tour which took place in Trinidad & Tobago. Young Saint Lucians went up against W Connection Football Club (FC) and 500 Football Club (FC) of Trinidad. Their performance was above exceptional in both games (W Connection 0-Saint Lucia 1; 500 1-Saint Lucia 14). Ward CC scored 2 goals in the demolishing of 500 team. During the tour, ward CC expressed mental strength and leadership qualities of a captain. In an interview, he highlighted the impact of sports on his life and expressed that it can be a vehicle for change in the lives of other youth in Saint Lucia. It was extraordinary to note that ward CC, despite the circumstances which contributed to him coming to BTC, he is becoming a success

Picture of ward CC in Digicel kit




Position: Left Defensive Back Number: 4 Favourite Player Footballer: Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid FC, Spain Favourite Teams Club: Real Madrid/ Manchester United/ Germany Favourite Brand: Adidas Favourite Colour: Black Favourite Shoe: Jordans Favourite player in your position (left defensive back): Navi Louis, Barcelona FC, Spain What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a Professional Footballer for Manchester United What do you eat before a game? Umm, I eat mango in sour Favourite music: Hip Hop/ RB and slow tunes Favourite Artist: Chris Brown Best Manager/ Coach: Sir Alex Ferguson

Picture of ward CC with Mr. Alvin Xavier (BTC Football Coach)





(Pantime Steel Orchestra) by Elvin Ryan Germain


he Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) local artiste Teddyson John. Their performance left the closed the curtains on another edition of the Jun- supporters and critics electrified.

ior Steel Pan Competition on Sunday 30th March 2014 The steel pan program was initiated by the UNESCO at the National Cultural Centre grounds. The competi- and is in its fourth year. The selected wards of Boys’ tion is annually held and celebrates the musical talent of Training Centre (B.T.C.) have enjoyed participating in juniors and the local bands that forge their skill.

the program. This program is one of many, which aims

The Caribbean Metals Pantime Steel Ochestra is the to meaningfully engage our youth at risk. The hope is defending champion in the Junior and Senior catego- that through these activities, the wards grow to make ries. A few of our wards from BTC joined Pantime jun- better choices and develop wholistically to contribute ior team in battling to keep the title of Junior Steel Pan more positively to the nation. Band of the year. Caribbean Metals Pantime title came under attack by the the usual suspects: St. Lucy Ochestra, Diamond Steel. Caribbean Metals Pantime came out on top. They performed the song Out and Bad by



by Elvin Ryan Germain


n Tuesday 10th June 2014, the Human Services De-

low strict guidelines on quality and quantity of the content.

partment of the Boys’ Trainng Centre conducted the

This adhering to the guidelines was to aid and assess the

Second (2nd) Step program training and awareness work-

program’s effectiveness and impact.

shop. The program is funded by US Aid and the Organiza-

The Management and Staff of the Boys’ Training Centre

tion of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Juvenile Justice

would like to thank US Aid, OECS and the JJRP for the

Reform Project ( JJRP). The Second Step program is a pre-

provision of the Second Step Program. It is the hope of BTC

vention based program with several lessons that are galva-

that this program and others similar in nature will

nized by Core concepts such as Empathy, Communication,

complement the overall goal of the institution.

Bullying Prevention, Emotional Management, Goal Setting and Substance Abuse Prevention. The program targets children that express risk factors (rejection by peers, alcohol and drug use, implusivity, etc) and hope to increase protective factors that make them meaningful members of society. The staff received the initial training before implementation of program. The wards were to have one session per week with counsellors and social workers. Worksheets were distributed to help reinforce the core concepts identified in each lesson. The Second Step Program requires that facilitors fol-




n celebration of International Men’s Health week, June 10th to 16th 2014, the Boys’ Training Centre coordinated

a series of health-related activities to provide knowledge to help shape the attitudes of both male staff and wards. The week started with a video presentation which concentrated on men’s overall health and the importance of positive healthy lifestyle. The week continued with a session faciliated by the Caribbean Alliance for HIV/ AIDS on Thursday 12th

hygienist and Ms. Naomie Grandison- a registered nurse

June 2014. The faciliators provided the staff and wards with

specially trained in emotional health. The wards were ex-

vital information on the myths of HIV/ AIDS and conjured

posed to the importance of proper oral care and they each

thought provoking lessons.

participated in executing proper brushing techniques with guidance from Ms. Montoute. After this wealth of knowledge from the week’s faciliators, the week concluding activity was Paintball War. The activity was hosted by Sidney Bertin , the managing director and owner of the Paintball Wars Company. Mr. Bertin

On Saturday 14th, the focus was Dental Care with present-

was happy to sponsor a free morning session for the wards,

er, Ms. Felicia Montoute, a dental hygienist and partner of Well Innovators. Wellness Innovators is a health team which recognizes never ending need for health education in Saint Lucia. They believe that apart from building health centres, polyclinics and hospitals, we need more importantly to build a culture of awareness. Their team consists of Dr. Andre Matthew- medical doctor, Ms. Felicia Montoute- a dental


where the boys received the red carpet treatment and were

Dwight Alexander, BTC Volunteer. The session focused on

shown the safety protocols before being sent on their merry

being a man and becoming a father, coincidentally the same


day being observed as Fathers’ Day.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Paintball is

The Management and Staff of the Boys’ Training Centre ex-

a sport in which players compete in teams or individually,

tends appreciation to individuals and agencies that contrib-

to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules con-

uted to the importance of International Mens’s week. It is our

taining water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside (referred

hope that the wards will make the right choice with regards

to as paintballs) propelled from a device called a paintball

to their health and overall well being and thus, adding to

marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun). Paintballs

their development as positive men and fathers in the Saint

are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble

Lucian society.

polymer. Saint Lucia Paintball Wars Company provides tours to individuals or groups (local or foriegn) looking for an excursion into the outdoors day/night and unadultered fun. After the activity the wards had a group session faciliated by the Mr. Elvin Germain, Activities Coordinator and Mr.

Picture of Mr. Sidney Bertin, Managing Director of Paintball Wars Company Saint Lucia

BTC wards ready to Paint ball



very year the Boys’ Training Centre commemorates the observation of World Environment Day (WED). This

year the wards and staff members participated in viewing a documentary highlighting the rise in sea level and its effect on life in small island states. World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This year’s theme is ‘Raise your voice not the sea level’. World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to be a broad and global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet.





by Elvin Ryan Germain


n 2013 the Management of the Boys’ Training Centre

have been placed at the Care & Protection Unit. Mr. Octave

(BTC) undertook the mammoth enterprise of construct-

estimates a bed of its nature would cost of $3000.00 and the

ing beds for the wards from both Care & Protection and

beds are equivalent to any bed purhased at one of the furni-

Offenders unit. The project is executed by the carpartnery

ture stores in Saint Lucia.

skills of Mr. Augustin Octave, the Woodwork Instructor.

The construction of beds is part of projects and assignments

The project will comprise the construction of forty (40) pine

the woodwork program offers to the wards at BTC. Further-

bunk beds. Each bed would be 115 mm X 930 mm and be

more, the tools and equipment used to construct were fund-

at a height of 182 mm with a laddler at the side. The life ex-

ed by the US Aid and the Organization of Eastern Carib-

ceptancy of the bed is estimated twenty five (25) years with

bean States (OECS) Juvenile Justice Reform Project ( JJRP).

good care and maintenance. Mr. Octave hopes the project

Through similar vocational skills programs; the wards devel-

will take 5 days for 1 bed therefore, 60 days or 3 months. He

op practical skills, which will help in obtaining meaningful

is getting assistnace from wards enrolled in the Woodwork

employment upon release from the Centre In addition, the

program. Presently, six (6) beds have been completed and

Boys’ Training Centre looks to decrease the dependency to buy or obtain furniture with government funds.




Community Service Activities THe UWI Open Campus Noble Laureate Youth Peace Forum


Educational & Vocational Activities

Wards engaged in Vocational Skill areas and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) based software


Other Activities Woods Instructor and wards building steps to the BTC Information Technology

Wards participating in Virtues Training Project

Visit by the Marc Seventh Day Adventist Church

Augier Evangencial Church Monthly Prayer and Worship Session



Ms. Cavalier Farewell to activity for Mrs. Cavalier in the Ministry of Social Transformation


Other Activities Picture of participants and Foriegn Coaches at Youth Clinic

Action in the Inter District Football (Marchand Under 20 team comprise of youth of Marchand and wards of the BTC).


Farewell Ms. Jahn Mc Farlane



FACES o Michelle Desir-Auguste Housemother

Leta Lucia Regis- Yarde Assistant Manager

Vincent Samuel Welding & Auto Mechanics Instructor

Jahn Mc. Farlane Counsellor


of B.T.C Elvis Charles Security Officer Hilary Calixte Driver

Osmund Jules Security Officer

Ann Yarde Remedial Teacher


Andrea Alcide Social Worker

Patricia Daniel Assistant Housemother

Patrick Fearon Senior Mental Health Counsellor

Augustin Octave Wood Work Instructor


Khalid Pompey Security Officer

Joanna Joseph Data Entry Officier

Nipher Lansiquot Warden

Samantha Joseph Teacher




Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government & Community Empowerment 758 450 8336 (direct) 758 450 9611(fax)

Boys Training Centre Annual 2014  

Annual Magazine on the activities and programs at the Juvenile Centre for boys in Saint Lucia January to December 2014 edition

Boys Training Centre Annual 2014  

Annual Magazine on the activities and programs at the Juvenile Centre for boys in Saint Lucia January to December 2014 edition