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Boys Training Centre ANNUAL 2015

issue # 2015/1

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

MANAGER’S THOUGHTS Given the huge mandate of the Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre (BTC), we strive to conduct programmes and activities that are geared towards the rehabilitation, integration and discipline of the youth at risk in Saint Lucia. Despite the numerous challenges that we face daily, management and staff work very hard to execute programmes that touch all facets of the lives of wards in our care.This is achieved through the reinforcement of positive behaviour and the development of inter and intra personal skills, which aid the young men to cope with different situations upon their release from the BTC. As the manager of this facility, it brings me great joy to set the tone for the implementation of the various programmes and activities that help us realize our mandate as an agency of the Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment. It is our hope, that each young man who leaves the BTC, becomes a success story and makes a positive contribution to his respective community.

A BRIEF HISTORY Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret, officially opened the Boys Industrial School, on February 20th 1960 at Massade, Gros Islet. At that time, it housed seventeen (17) delinquent male juveniles and was staffed by three (3) persons. The school was the brainchild of Sir Stanislaus James. Sir James was the first trained Social Worker and first Probation Officer in Saint Lucia, and he brought about the establishment of this institution through sheer perseverance and determination. In 1974, on the recommendation of a Government appointed advisor, the Boys Industrial School was renamed Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre and its mandate was changed to include boys in need of care and protection.

ADMISSIONS All wards are committed to the Centre by an order of the Family Court in two categories: • Children in conflict with the law: boys under the age of 16 who have committed crimes. • Care & Protection: Boys who have not committed any crime but who have been truant at their schools; are disruptive in the home or school environment; or children who do not have parents/guardians with the ability to meet their needs. BTC ward range in age from 10 to 18

EDITOR’S NOTES Thank you for taking the time to read and educate yourself about the Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre. It is my pleasure to publish this newsletter, which includes the activities, programmes and projects that directly and indirectly influence the youth at risk in our nation. Furthermore, it is the passion and dedication of the management, staff and volunteers that continue to be instrumental in changing the lives of wards at the Boys Training Centre (BTC). It is my hope that individuals and agencies get involved in the rehabilitation process of the wards, eventually galvanizing all our resources to cultivate positive, law-biding and creative young men to lead the Saint Lucian society. Happy reading.

BTC Annual

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years. However, a ward is not admitted once he has attained the age of 16 years.

THE STRUCTURE The Centre currently operates programmes, which are synchronized with the mainstream school timetable and every ward is expected to attend vocational training and/or remedial education classes. At regular breaks in the school year, wards are allowed home leave- a privilege earned for good behaviour. As each ward’s abilities are identified, he is given extra support with these specific abilities. The Centre is now looking to the wider community to develop formal apprenticeship programmes. Apprenticeship is mostly within the fields of Auto mechanics, Welding, Agriculture and Woodwork. In additon, there are intra and extra mural activities and programmes in which the wards participate in throughout their stay at the BTC.

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

Contents United States visit to the Boys Training Centre........p6 BTC Educators and Instructors Retreat.......p9 Monthly Birthday Party.......p10 2015 Independence Chess Tournament.......p11 Parental Skills Workshop.........p12 UN World Poetry Day Festival........p14

Editors: Elvin Ryan Germain Graphic Designer: Elvin Ryan Germain Photographers: Elvin Ryan Germain Randel Harry Solange Alfred Cover Page: Elvin Ryan Germain Writers: Patrick Fearon Elvin Ryan Germain Lousie Ann Albert Priscilla Nelson Adhara King

BTC Annual

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SALCC Nurse Visit to BTC..........p23 Good News Project..........p23 Aggression Replacement Training: Pilot.......p24 World Environmental Day........p26 Digicel & BTC Christmas Party.......p28 2015 Sponsors........p30 Faces of Boys Training Centre......p32

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

United States

January to December 2015

Ambassador to O.E.C.S

Visit to Boys Training Centre by Elvin Ryan Germain


ednesday 14th January 2015, the

everyday, especially the areas to which the US

Boys Training Centre was graced

Aid donateds equipment and tools During the past year the BTC has received

by the visit from the United States of America Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, Dr Larry Leon Palmer and US Embassy delegates. His Excellency Dr Palmer was greeted by Ms. Juliana Alfred Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment ,Mr Leonard

equipment, resource material and administrative training support through the JJRP through the OECS and US Aid. The visit was hosted by management and staff of the Boys Training Centre, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy in Barbados.

Terrence Manager of the Boys Training Centre and Mrs Lyndon Archibald, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States JJRP Coordinator. The visit coincided with a series of projects and programmes financed by US Aid and OECS in regards to JJRP Project. Dr Palmer visited of vocational areas that wards participate in

BTC Annual

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015



n Friday 20th March 2015, the education

individual contribution to life of the wards at the

department of the Boys Training Cen-

Boys Training Centre. During the day sessions offic-

tre hosted a retreat for its instructors and

ers in Ministry and Manager of the BTC, Mr Leon-

teachers. The one day retreat was held at the confer-

ard Terrence observed the members of the educa-

ence room of the Ministry of Social Transformation,

tion department renew their spirits and purpose to

Local Government and Community Empowerment

enhance the rehabilitation of the boys in their care.

BTC will be certified as a 2nd chance institution that will also provide other persons besides the wards opportunity to receive certification.

chance program, which provides person between the

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

The retreat provided the instructors and teachers

ages of 15 and 35 years the opportunity to receive

-Chinese Proverb

the opportunity to reflect on the past year and their

certification in a variety of subjects. In addition, the

(M.O.S.T) under the theme’ Dare to Change Lives’. The day’s program comprised topics such as Spiritual Leadership (presenter Mrs Ann Yarde); Educational Needs of children with learning difficulties (presenter Mrs. Karleen Mason) and working with children with mental illness and behaviour disorders (Mr. Patrick Fearon).

BTC Annual

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With renewed spirits and cheerful hearts the members of the department sharpened their focus on new projects and instructional methodologicals for remedial and the respective vocational areas. The department will embark on implementation of the 2nd

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

2015 Independence Chess Tournament by Elvin Ryan Germain

Monthly Birthday Party


ebruary 26, 2015- The National Community Foundation hosted the first Independ-

ence Chess Tournament at Castries City Hall, which comprised Junior and Senior divisions. The Boys Training Centre was represented by two wards in Junior and Senior divisions. At the end of the tournament, the wards received tremendous support and encouragement for their participation, especially their level of skill. National Community Foundation continues to foster the development and nurturing of chess in primary and secondary schools. Through its coordinators, tactical,

“I don’t believe in psychology.



persons game





cognitive and social aspect of their lives.

I believe in good moves” (Bobby Fischer)

BTC Annual

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015


by Mrs. Priscilla Jean Nelson


n March 2015, the counsel-

tinue with their participation in an

they do not have the necessary or

work, personal, professional and

ing developmentally-appropriate

lors and social workers of

effort to offer support to new par-

effective coping skills. This train-

family obligations. It teaches the

physical contact and affection.

the Boys Training Centre

ents and to build on their acquired

ing provides the avenue for sup-

It gives clear and developmentally-

(BTC) embarked on a new ap-


port, education and socialization

appropriate di¬rections; setting

proach to rehabitation; not only

Parenting is one of the most dif-

in a non -threatening environ-

limits and rules; stating behavioral

the boys but their natural care-

ficult and complex task. Parents,

ment. It is very interactive and

expectations and consequences.

taker- parents and families tha

even the most knowledgeable

parents learn from each other’s

Parents learn new skills through

ones, can easily become frustrated

mistakes and strengths. The pro-

role-play, modelling and group

and overwhelmed with their chil-

gram covers a wide range of top-

discussions. They are also given

dren’s maladaptive behaviours if

ics to encompass the demands of

behavioural assignments to com-

they return to after their tenure at the BTC. Entitled “Parental Skills Training Program” this program is geared towards assisting parents in acquiring the necessary skills needed to make them better and more involved parents. It is being held bi-weekly from 10:00 - 1:00 pm on Wednesdays at the Carielle Garden Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC). It will be moved to Boys Training Centre conference in the second phase. The program adopts the National Parenting manual, which is deBTC Annual

Page 12

signed specially to educate and guide parents on some of the best practices, that can enhance their quality of parenting. The parent

importance of positive interac-

skills training program is being fa-

tions with children using skills

cilitated by the staff of the Social

that promote positive parent-child

Work and Counseling

interactions demonstrating enthu-

Department. However, profession-

siasm, following child’s interests,

als from other fields are brought in

offering appropriate recreational

to support the quality of the train-

options and providing positive

ing. After successful completion


of a twenty (20) week program,

It also teaches parents how to re-

parents will receive a certificate

spond with sensitivity to child’s

of participation and attendance.


They are also encouraged to con-

needs (e.g., soothing); provid-



plete between sessions.

Some aspects of the training will focus specifically on strengthening the parent self awareness. Topics such as, “Who Am I” will be explored. Self Care is also a critically aspect of the training. In a nutshell “being the best parent that you can be, when nothing seem to be working.”

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BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015



arch 19 2015, The Boys Training Centre hosted the 2nd Annual World Poetry Day

activity. The day’s celebrations showcased increase participation from seven (7) wards in 2014 to thirteen wards in 2015. In addition, in observance of the day special invited guests made a brief presentation and performances of their literary work-Glen Charlery (member of headphunk); Naomie ‘Naozi” Grandison (member of headphunk and local recording artist) and Kevin Desir (local published writer). Other invited personnel were volunteers of BTC and members of Amy Gift to Saint Lucia Music Project Committee.

World Poetry Day was celebrated on March 21 and was declared by UNESCO in Paris, 1999. UNESCO recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. One of the main objec-

dance, music and painting, and to support small publishers and create an attractive image of poetry in the media, so that the art of poetry will no longer be considered an outdated form of art, but one which enables society as a whole to regain and assert its identity.

“Every poem is unique but each reflects the universality in human experience, the aspiration for creativity that crosses all boundaries and borders, of time as well as space, in the constant affirmation of humanity as a single family.” Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

tives of the Day is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities. The observance of World Poetry Day is also meant to encourage a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals, to promote the teaching of poetry, to restore a dialogue between poetry and the other arts such as theatre,

BTC Annual

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Page 15

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

A Little Guy

The Deep Blue Sea

I am a little guy, that when people look into my eyes

I am so excited about the deep blue sea

Sometimes I tell a lie.

She always comes running back to me.

Boy Who Wants to Change

And if I tell a lie I cry. Then I fly into the sky with my little lie.

for there are so many places to go.

How I wondered to catch a rainbow

I don’t know why I tell a lie

I dive and swim into the treasure store

When the wind blows

But I know for sure I won’t tell a lie anymore.

of the shimmering big blue sea.

Good morning sunshine

Then I said goodbye to my little lies

Filled with many creatures

Fly away home east of the sun

And I will always try and try to never say a lie.

down below, some unknown to me

West of the moon

Oh I love the beautiful deep blue sea.

Over the mountain under the sea

Ward AG

My experience at Boys Training Centre

I See Something New

I thought it would be easy but God didn’t give up

While life is sometimes hard,

So I told myself I need to change my life at the

not all the time you get your way in life.


That’s why you need God.

I cannot change one time

Only God can save us, that’s why we are on earth.

So people are helping me to see a better side of

That’s why am trying not to stay behind in life.


That’s just me.

I know am not the best of person at all times

Not everyone has a shot in life like some people do.

But try to work with me that is all I ask of you.

No man is an island. That’s where God comes in. I give trouble but I need help in the end. With more encouragement once in a while, I will be good Thank you staff at the Boys Training Centre. Ward CA Page 16

Ward DM

on me

Everyone needs somebody.

BTC Annual

Boats dancing too and thro

Ward CA

Is About Love Would you catch me if I fall in love with you? When you kiss me, I evaporate like rain upon your lips. I feel comfort of your heart beating when I hold you close to me. If life puts us on hold, I would like to hold on to you forever. Would you catch me if I fall in love with you. Ward DJ Page 17

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

The Blue Sky and the Blue Sea

Spirit of Love

I got up I saw the blue sky,

Love and hatred are two different feelings.

While I was dreaming deep inside

Love comes with things like peace, kindness and respect.

On the way to the beach I saw the sea

Some people want love but they can’t get it.

Mya life is not a bed of roses

it was beautiful

Some people have love but they don’t want to share it

And am holding on your rope

And I felt beauty within me

with mankind.

And you got me ten feet off the ground

Why Am I On Earth

And when I look at the sky I thought I was in paradise.

Ward AH

I’m Sorry

And am hearing what you have to say But I just can’t make a sound

Hatred comes with things like

You tell me that you need me

For example men and women that on the street all alone,

I am on earth because God sent me or,

People watch them like they should have to die, because

Because God sent me to be who I am…

they have nothing doing on this planet.

NO I am on earth because

Then you go and cut me down

But if the rich people were in their shoes, what they will

Of life, I am on earth because God sent me

But wait you tell me that you’re sorry

say they won’t do nothing for me.

To make a change in this world

But I didn’t think of turning around

So I won’t be on the road like this,

God made this world with peace, love,

And you say to me that it’s too late

But in this life I wish that everyone had

kindness, trust and happiness.

to apologize and I say to you that I love you

the same positive mind.

He wants us to have hope in Him and trust

So that the world would be a better place for life and

There are no good or bad people

My love for you is like

peaceful as we sleep in the spirit of love.

we all are the same

The stars in the sky at night

we can choose to be good

And the great light tells you

or we can choose to be bad

How much I love you

Will God get to know us

And the lesser light tells you

Yes He will but God is our friend

How much I need you

Ward DC

since when we were babies, God has made a difference in everyone’s

In the beginning there was God and I

life today

And in the end was God, you and I

We must try to pray everyday

Spiritual love for me you and every body

Ward AH BTC Annual

Page 18

Ward EB Page 19

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

Touch My Heart

The Things I do

The Moments of Life

Touch my heart, feel the beat

I don‘t know what happen to me

You look forward to reach the years when you are a

Tell me how I am so sweet.

When I do the things I do


I am your child

I feel cursed in the things I do,

But these bring about experiences you‘ve never

I am wild

when they are done.


I never wanted to be wild

Some things come!

There are days that seem hopeless, you wonder if

Take my hand help me through

And some things go!

you can cope.

Make me feel that you love me too

But some things still stay the same

You pray to God oh Lord let me not reach Golden

God above send your love

I feel so hurt by the things I do.


Touch my heart

I know I have to change.

and that of my mother’s too.

It would not be easy to change the way people

I am a Child of God

need adjustment in what you say or do. Take my hand and lead the way.

see me.

Ward JM

I want to change, so people can see the change in me.

Ward NW

You need to play your part too, because you may

Tell me all what you want to say.

Always remember to choose friends that are good, for they have lots to affect your behaviour and

Whisper slowly in my ear.


These things I may want to hear

Life is just beginning there is no time to rush so

Bring out my passion deep within me, pull

why kill yourself over a crush.

me close to you.

Always think of what lies ahead, take time and

And hold me near in the brightness of the

think dearly while you sleep in your bed...

sun; Show, me that you are the one.

Ward LC

I am a child of God, so you make me laugh and smile ; tell me. I am your child I love you mum from your son I will be your son for life.

Ward NW BTC Annual

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Page 21

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

It’s All About Jesus Roses are red as red as the blood of Jesus Christ

January to December 2015

S.A.L.C.C. Nurses Visit

When it was shed on the cross for all our sins If wasn’t for the evil in this earth We would have been with Jesus Christ But we are still with him in spirit

Seven (7) student nurses from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College visited the Boys Training Centre (BTC) on Thursday 19th March 2015. The student nurses annual visit completes mandatory research and clinical work at social and health institutions like the BTC. During their

Under the sea at BTC I see everything

visit the student nurses received a glimpse into the daily operations at

That’s within me and when I look down in the sea

the lone juvenile detention centre on island. In addition, they received

I can see God’s creations

a guided tour of the property, the vocational areas (welding, agriculture

God is in me god is in you God is in all of what we can be.

Wards EB

and woodwork) and participated in one the activities that aid in rehabilitation of the boys .

Good News Project The Good News Project continues visit the Boys Training Centre providing volunteer services to the staff and wards. Good News Project began with a pioneer group of five musicians from Wausau who wanted to share their talents with people in the West Indies. In 1983, the first year, they traveled to St. Lucia with their instruments, voices and open minds. As they traveled around, the St. Lucians would wave and call “Workshop!” as a way of greeting the group (The group gave music workshops to local institutions). A better name was needed and they quickly decided on ‘Good News’. Talking with St. Lucian leaders, those musicians realized that the country could use much more than music-sharing, and so a planning group returned in 1984. The first official group of Good News Volunteers returned in 1985 to start a legacy of hands-on volunteering and relationship building that has continued ever since.

BTC Annual

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Page 23

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

If you patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. -Chinese Proverb

Aggression Replacement Training: Pilot test at BTC by Mr. Patrick Fearon


asseterre, St. Kittis-April 20th - 24th. Twenty-four (24) representatives from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) were trained and certified as Group Facilitators in the highly esteemed cognitive-behavioral program—the Aggression Replacement Training® (ART). The training was made possible through the sponsorship of the regional body’s Juvenile Justice Reform Project (JJRP). Dr. Barry Glick, who co-founded the ART® program with the late Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein over a quarter century ago, was the chief facilitator for this training. His wife, Joan Glick, was the co-facilitator. Dr. Glick and his wife were ably assisted

BTC Annual

Page 24

administratively by Velita Heholt of the OECS Commission in the capacity of Administrative Assistant of the JJRP. Her tireless work (most of it behind the scenes), ensured the smooth running of the training. Numerically, the trained group facilitators of the ART program represent six member states as follows: Antigua & Barbuda (4), Commonwealth of Dominica (4), Grenada (3), St. Kitts & Nevis (5), Saint Lucia (5), St. Vincent & The Grenadines (3). Members of the Saint Lucia contingent who will now serve as local group facilitators of ART® are Patrick Fearon (Boys Training Centre), Shahini Gravillis (Family Court), Marian Modest (Upton Garden

Girls’ Centre), Maria Flavien (New Beginnings Transit Home) and Alina Auguste (Department of Probation and Parole Services). In a specific sense, ART® seeks to teach skills that clients never previously acquired (Habilitation), as opposed to attempting to reinstate previously learned skills, qualities or behaviours that have gone into disuse (Rehabiliation). ART® is recognized as a very effective intervention for juveniles at risk who display aggressive behaviour, as well as for adults. ART® is described as a cognitive-behavioural, multimodal curriculum that is composed of three interdependent components: 1. Social Skills

(Behavioural), which teaches clients what to do in anger-producing situations. Teaching this component includes the use of the tools of Modeling and Role Playing. 2. Anger Control Training (Affective), which seeks to diminish the occurrence of anger arousal in chronically aggressive clients. Essentially, clients become equipped with the means to acquire self-control to deal effectively with an impulse whenever anger is aroused. In Anger Control Training, persons effectively learn what not to do when angry. 3. Moral Reasoning (Cognitive) is based on Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Stages (specifically the first four stages, namely, Power, Making of Deals, Mutuality and Systems. The

Moral Reasoning component is facilitated through the use of Problem Scenarios in which choices, which typically range from Immature Moralities through Mature Moralities, are made by peers in the group. Consequently, particular emphasis is placed on the role of peers throughout the Moral Reasoning component of the program. In order to maintain the fidelity and integrity of the ART® program, certain factors must be adhered to throughout its implementation. An ART® group should comprise twelve (12) clients (minimum 10) and should run for a period of ten (10) weeks—a total of thirty (30) group hours. Group sessions should take

place three times per week at regular intervals, for example, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The sessions each week follow a particular order, namely, the first session of the week is Social Skills, the second is Anger Control Training, while the third is Moral Reasoning. Physical resources such as Flip Charts, Note Cards, Home Work Assignments, Projector, etc., are essential. It is imperative that ART® group facilitators be afforded a minimum of six hours per week for program preparation and actual group facilitation in order to run the program effectively. Two trained facilitators are normally needed to conduct each session.

Page 25

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015


n June 5 2015, a total of five (5) staff members and sixteen (16) wards of the Boys Training Centre embarked on the physical and pyschological challenge of climbing Gros Piton. This is was to observe World Environmental Day (WED) under the theme ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’. World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. World Environment Day activities take place all year round and climax on 5th June every year, involving everyone from everywhere. The World Environment Day celebration began in 1972 and has grown to become one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action.

BTC Annual

Page 26

Environment Programme is able to personalize environmental issues and enable everyone to realize not only their responsibility, but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development. World Environment Day is also a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.. The Management and Staff of the Boys Training Centre would like to extend special recognition to Consolidated Foods Limited: Super J and Blue Waters for their sponsorship of the annual Boys Training Centre WED activity. Also, special recognition is extended to the staff of the Gros Piton nature trail for their professionalism and assistance in making this year activity a awesome experience for the staff and boys.

Page 27

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

Digicel & Boys Training Centre Christmas Party

Castries, Saint Lucia. December 18 2015: The Serenity Park in Castries came alive to melodies of Christmas mu- The climax of the evening did not come before a full sersic, laughter, gifts and all the joys of Christmas as the

vice Christmas Feast was enjoyed by all. Then, it was time

island’s leading telecommunications company, Digicel for dancing. BTC staff joined the boys front stage to take partnered with the Boys Training Centre (BTC) to host in Ricky T’s performance, creating new dance moves and the Annual Wards’ Christmas Party.

encouraging the boys to “freestyle” alongside the Soca

The day’s program showcased the talent of the BTC Artiste. The evening ended with encouragement to the band, their Amy Winehouse Foundation music teacher

aspiring BTC artistes from Ricky T to be respectful, am-

Lestan Celestin, guest band Kosmik Riddim, and official bitious and determined in following their dreams. Digicel guest artist: three 3 time Soca Monarch of St Lu-

The Boys Training Centre is grateful for the kind support

cia ‘Ricky T’.

of Digicel, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, volunteers,

Digicel staff, including Marketing Executive Fiona Smith, staff, and friends of the BTC who contribute to rehabiliwere on hand to deliver personalized gifts to the boys, and

tating the juveniles in our care.

to spread good cheer. The BTC wards, who were asked in advance to send a “wishlist” to Digicel, were delighted to open their gifts and find the items they had hoped for. Members of The Lions Club of Castries were also part of the action- bearing gifts of cologne and other items for the already ecstatic young men.

BTC Annual

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Page 29

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

2015 SPONSORS The Management and Staff of the Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre would like thank the corporate and public sector partners for their continued support in the programs and activities which rehabitat tand develop the young men during 2015.

BTC Annual

Page 30

Page 31

BTC Annual


January to December 2015

Mrs. Priscilla Nelson Senior Social Worker

Ms. Regina Sydney Security Officer

Mr Alvin Xavier Coach

Ms. Mary Alexander Cook

Ms. Joanna Joseph Data Entry Officer BTC Annual

Page 32

Mrs. Beverly Emmanuel Executive Officer

Mr Kim Willie Security Officer

Mr. Dorian Joseph Maintenance Officer

Mr Marlon Williams Agriculture Instructor

Ms. Emma Emmanius Domestic Worker

Mr Windel Bertrand Warden

January to December 2015

Mr. Callistus Jn. Louis Counsellor

Mr. Kirby Charles Security Officer

Mr. Denver Reynolds Security Officer

Mrs. Patricia Colvis Cook

Mr Neil Lafeuille Warden Page 33

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

January to December 2015

Mrs. Theresa Daniel Cook Mr. Mandel Thomas Security Officer

Mr. Keith Fontenelle Security Officer

Mr. Kayal Gilbert Vocational Apprentice

Mr. Kent Laurencin Groundsman BTC Annual

Page 34

Ms Krissa Virgile Cook

Mr. Keith Smith Warden

Mr. John George Warden

Mr.Tony Monlouis Warden

Mr. Michael Alfred Security Officer

Ms. Andrea Alcide Social Worker

Mr. Jonathan Alcide Security Officer

Mr. Osmund Jules Security Officer

Mr. Vincent Samuel Welding & Auto Mechanics Instructor

Mrs Michelle Desir-Auguste Housemother

Mr. Thomas Placide Special Reserve Police 26

Ms. Marian Mathurin Security Officer Page 35

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

Ms. Janica Alexander Secretary

Ms. Nepher Lansiquot Warden

Mrs. Patricia Daniel Assistant Housemother BTC Annual

Page 36

January to December 2015

Ms. Samantha Joseph Teacher

Mr. Khalid Pompey Security Officer

Mr. Elvis Charles Security Officer

Mr. Hilary Calixte Driver & Office Assistant

Mr. Dwight Francis Security Officer

Mr Cuthbert Henry Acting Assistant Manager

Ms. Louise Ann Albert Social Worker (study leave)

Mrs. Ann Yarde Remedial Teacher (retired)

Mrs. Lucia Leta Yarde Assistant Manager (transferred) Mr. Kieran Valcin Special Reserve Police 31

Mr. Leonard Terrance Manager (transferred)

Page 37

BTC Annual

January to December 2015

B.T.C. Annual 2015

Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government & Community Empowerment 758 450 8336 (direct) 758 450 9611(fax)

BTC Annual

Page 38

Boys Training Centre Annual 2015  

This is magazine highlights all programs and activities focused on rehabiliation of young men at the Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre in 201...

Boys Training Centre Annual 2015  

This is magazine highlights all programs and activities focused on rehabiliation of young men at the Saint Lucia Boys Training Centre in 201...