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IRISH EXPRESS October 27th - November 2nd 2013

Volume 1, Issue 1


OUTSIDE THE DOME Eddy Street brings life to ND Eddy Street has quickly become the place to be. It’s a great meeting place for faculty and students alike, whether it be for shopping or eating. The wide variety of dining options is enough to

South Bend’s first original pizza

please any hungry ND fan. O’Rourkes is a crowd favorite, but good luck getting a table on a Football Saturday. Rocco’s, a local South Bend pizzarira provides authentic Italian meals and a great atmosphere for Notre Dame students and families alike. See page 2 for the story The weekend special of homemade lasagna is an abosulte must. See page 7 for the full review

Students continue to go bananas for Apple

More than three years after the iPad revoltionized the world of tablets, Apple recently announced the release of the the new iPad Air. Why is it that ND students continue to spend $500 for the latest craze?

ND Research Programs see results The University has recently increased spending on faculty research programs. The program is developing in record numbers with new innovative ideas.

Apple’s new iPad Air - starting at $500 - hits stands this Friday, November 1st

See page 3 for the story

See page 3 for the full story


The South Bend Chocolate Company 3300 West Sample Street South Bend, IN 46619 800-301-4961

Time to pay college football players? Ticket - $150 Jersey - $80 Attendance - 60,000+ Salary - $0/year

With the culture of college football changing, there have been discussions on the possiblilty of paying collegiate football players. Will this ever become a reality on campus?

See page 5 for full story

ND Fencing update The Irish Fencing team is in full swing for the season. The 7-time National Champion team recently traveled to Ohio State to compete in an exhibition match. The

Irish won the team relays in four weapons, with a new match format that closely resembles the Olympic style. See page 5 for the full story

Photo Credit: Thomas Campbell, USA TODAY Sports

Arts & Entertainment An evening at the theatre Ths is your last chance to see the South Bend Civic Theatre’s fall production of Spider’s Web. It is a tale full

of suspense, mystery, blackmail and deception, complete with spectacular visuals such as vanishing bodies and secret rooms. Come to the show wearing a costume on Halloween at 7:30pm and have the chance to win a Pick 5 Season Ticket subscription for 2014. This mystery is a must-see!

Irish Glee Club Fall Tour The Irish Glee Club continued its Fall Tour last week over Fall Break. The nationally recogognized all-male group made its way to Michigan, New York, and even Ontario. Fans around the country are always thrilled when the University comes to them. In case you missed it, the group will have a concert on Friday November 1st at 8:00pm in the Leighton Concert Hall.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

See page 9 for the full review

Branch located in basement of LaFortune Student Center

See for more information






High: 54o Low: 32o Chance of Rain 0%

High: 58o Low: 33o Chance of Rain 0%

High: 54o Low: 32o Chance of Rain 20%

High: 65o Low: 57o Chance of Rain 20%

High: 61o Low: 46o Chance of Rain 80%


High: 55o Low: 41o Chance of Rain 10%


High: 46o Low: 35o Chance of Rain 50%

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