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Summer 2017

NEW Boxford Trail Guide & Trail Map The long-awaited 2017 Boxford Trail Guide, A Guide to Over 100 Miles of Trails in Boxford Including the Bay Circuit Trail and the Rail Trail, debuted at the Apple Festival on September 16. This 5th edition of our guide to trails throughout Boxford features 20 COLOR maps, 2 new properties, and all updated trail and property descriptions.

Fall 2017

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the Acorn

Fall 2017

NEW Boxford Trail Guide & Trail Map, Cont’d

We have also recently published a new Boxford Trail Map, 20” x 28”, which includes all of the major trails. Using this map, it’s easy to see how all of the properties and trails connect throughout town. The Boxford Trail Guide ($25) and the Boxford Trail Map ($7) are both available at all of our events, the Essex Coop, West Village Provisions, Wayne’s, the Boxford Library, and on line at (Trail Guide - $20, member price at our events and on line.)

BTA/BOLT, Inc. (Boxford Trails Association/Boxford Open Land Trust) is a member of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition, the Land Trust Alliance, and the Bay Circuit Alliance. We are a volunteer, private, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to preserving and protecting natural and aesthetically important land and wildlife habitat, including fields, forests, wetlands, and trails to preserve the nature of Boxford. Founded in 1978, BTA/BOLT has helped protect over 100 miles of trails and over 1,300 acres of land and is supported by your membership and contributions. Is Your Membership Current? If the number above your name on the address label reads 6/2017 or H, then your membership is good through June, 2017. If not, please bring your membership up to date by sending a check or pay by credit card at www. Our membership year goes from July 1st to June 30th.

BTA/BOLT, Inc. Officers Natasha Grigg - President Jessica Grigg-VP Jessica Grigg - Secretary David Ingalls - Treasurer

Board Members At Large Jennie Bridge Alison Chase Steve Davis Chris Delaney Bruce Eaton Judy Gore Jeffrey Hixon Bev Ingalls

Bonnie Lucas Nancy Merrill Dennis Pyburn Angela Steadman Richard Tomczyk Cathy Wallace Priscilla Welch

visit our website for updated information

Fall 2017

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Boxford “Trails Less Traveled” Running Festival

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It was a beautiful day for our Trail Running Festival and we had a wonderful turnout. Thank you to all the runners, walkers and families who came to participate and support BTA/BOLT. A special thanks to our generous sponsors and to the volunteers who helped keep everything organized and running smoothly. Links to the wonderful photos taken by Lindsay Welch and Marini Gallagher found at You may download free pictures by clicking the down arrow that is over each image. High res images may be purchased through the buy button. The 10K winner was Matthew Veiga with 2nd place going to Scott Maxwell Full race results can be found at 5K Finishers, Robbie McKersie (right),

And they’re off!

1st Place and Daniel Buckley, 2nd place.

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Bottled Water Natasha Grigg

the Acorn

Fall 2017

Courtesy of the MA STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE The State of Massachusetts is spending a fortune on bottled water - a one-liter bottle costing $1.50 is 1,850 times as expensive as a liter of tap water. This is a wasteful use of taxpayer money, and secondly it can be unhealthy. Bottled water is tested only by the manufacturer, test results are not made public, and water sold within its state of origin is not required to be tested. The town of Concord, voted in April 2012 to ban the sale of single-serve bottled water. Our entire nation should follow suit. Our oceans are drowning in plastic as are our landfills, roadsides, and almost anywhere you look! Rep. Chris Walsh is proposing bill (H 3451) to prohibit the use of state dollars to buy bottled water "for use in facilities that are served by public water supplies or potable well water, except when required for safety, health or emergency situations." There have been earlier attempts to introduce similar legislation, but they have failed. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority provides "some of the best tap water in the country." Bottled water spending and related equipment rental costs totaled $192,215 from the July 1 start of the fiscal year through Oct. 19, according to the state's Open Checkbook database. In fiscal 2017, spending on bottled water topped $1 million. Janet Rothrock of "Concord on Tap" told the state committee there is a "particular need" for state government to take environmentally friendly actions like limiting the use of disposable, plastic water bottles, saying there is "no effective federal environmental action" from the current administration. I look at our own activities and see that we provide our attendees dozens and dozens of plastic bottles of water, most of which aren't fully consumed, and I end up emptying them under various trees and bushes and then putting them in the re-cycling bin. People should bring their own water in re-usable containers and perhaps we need to consider renting those big-jug dispensers and paper cups. I'm going to end on an "old lady" note. When I was a kid and then a teen-ager and young adult, we played outdoors all the time, played sports, hiked, camped, with nary a bottle of water in sight. How did we survive? I remember hoses, sinks that you soaked your head in, water wagons at games and maybe someone's mother brought a pitcher of lemonade to a game...

Fall 2017

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Pumpkin Hunt Angela Steadman

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Thank you to everyone who helped out at another highly successful Pumpkin Hunt!! I think this was our 12th year doing the Pumpkin Hunt, if that is possible? Although it is hard to get an accurate head count with the little ones in perpetual motion, we think we had around 125 participants this year. Assume a parent or two with each child, and that easily explains how we ended up with such a crowd. And the new addition of the honey bear was a big hit! Once again, the event was wrapping up just as the rain was starting. Strange how that always seems to happen at this event.

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Bookshelf Natasha Grigg

the Acorn

Fall 2017

Look out for the new documentary film by National Geographic, JANE, about Jane Goodall's early life with chimpanzees. There are many amazing Nature films on PBS, particularly Naledi, One Little Elephant. A moving story of how an orphan beat the odds with lots of help from her friends. One can go onto www.pbs. org/wnet/nature and watch these right on your computer!

Natasha's Notes

Natasha Grigg Our season of living outdoors is coming to an end and our last celebration of the year will be the Great Pumpkin Hunt, which will have taken place on the Cargill Hayfield by the time you read this. I hope that its conditions and weather will be as lovely as they were at our other outdoor events this past year. Aside from the importance of our doing these activities to bring attention to our goals and mission to save and enhance open space and natural environments and to create and maintain the trails that make so much of our town connected off the trafficked roads, these are fund-raisers for us, so that we can do the work to maintain and also acquire these beautiful places. These activities, the Dog Show, the Pumpkin Hunt, the Trail Ride and this year, in its stead, the Trail Run, our Apple Festival booth, the Annual Meeting and guest speaker program are also a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our members and to make new friends. I hope that you will join us in all or some of these happenings and that you get as much joy from looking at and being in our beautiful Town fields and forests as I do. Wishing you all a peaceful and harmonious Autumn.

Steven’s Pond

the Acorn

Fall 2017

Spofford Pond School Visit Jeff Hixon

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On October 4th, I had the opportunity to visit Lisa Holt and the Spofford Pond School third grade classes to discuss the uniqueness of Boxford’s natural environment and the role that BTA/BOLT plays in it. I had a very lively discussion with the children about the wildlife we have in town, the many trail systems, and open places that we have access to. The children had many questions about the trails and how to help clean up and maintain them. Everybody was very excited to get their families out onto the trails to explore nature and what Boxford has to offer. Did you know: BTA helps to maintain the over 100 mi of trails that are within Boxford’s borders? Boxford is an intersection for 2 larger trail networks – the Bay Circuit Trail ( which runs from Newburyport to Duxbury linking open spaces around Boston suburbs traveling over 230 miles, and the Border to Boston Rail Trail project ( which is converting previous rail beds to foot and bike recreational use. These two trails converge at the newly acquired Hemlock Junction property off of Kelsey Rd. The kids were very interested in the upcoming projects to turn Hemlock Junction into a meeting point for all of these trails. I look forward to seeing all of you kids and your families out on the trails soon! Thanks for having me in to talk to you!

October 29 Storm

Jeff Hixon

After the storm on Sunday night, October 29, the trails and woods are quite a mess as I’m sure you can imagine just by looking at your own yards! As you get cleaned up and out on the trails, we could really use your help moving small debris off the trails and letting us know of larger trees across the trails needing attention. If you see something, please report on the form found at our website: Thank you for the help and be careful out there!

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Winterfest, West Boxford Dec 2 Winter Program at Lincoln Hall: Coyotes Mar 4

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New Boxford Trail Guide & Map Boxford Running Festival Soapbox - Bottled Water Pumpkin Hunt The Bookshelf Natasha's Notes Spofford Pond School Visit October 29 Storm

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