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Tips On How To Prevent Armadillos From Making Your Backyard Home Armadillos are one of the wild animals that are entering into more neighborhoods because they do not have a lot of natural enemies. Armadillos used to be found mostly in Texas but they have now made their way into the Midwest, East Coast and the South. For those who have issues with armadillos making your yard their new home, use a top quality organic repellent as a good means of controlling the armadillos. You can actually spot one given that they have unique armor-like skin. You'll find them ranging in size from small to medium. Armadillos are quick despite the fact that have short legs. They have a tendency to jump straight into the air if they are caught off guard by something, like a passing car for instance. You may find they're able to get past any obstacle to seek the security of your yard. They can swallow air and inflate their stomach to twice its size. This buoyancy will allow them to float so that they are able to swim across a variety of ditches and narrow creeks. Your yard may offer them the exact kind of environment where they enjoy to live. The armadillo has 3 to 5 toes which have heavy claws found on their front feet. They are considered experts at digging under lawns or nicely landscaped floral beds. A lot of people have been rather amazed to discover that the armadillo has dug near their natural gas line, even underneath their concrete patio and their foundation. This kind of behavior can weaken the home’s structure and if not eliminated, may cause more extensive and costly damage. Armadillos will dig to locate their source of food which consists of grubs and earthworms, and to find some type of burrow to stay in. Usually they do not share their burrows with adults. If a pregnant one is residing in your yard it'll usually have four babies, which in turn might also make their homes on your property. Doctors for the past couple years have begun telling people to steer clear of the armadillos and never try to handle them. These animals are the only ones other than humans that can carry leprosy, and there's growing evidence that they may be able to transmit it to people. Many doctors are telling patients to never eat armadillo or touch and handle anything made from them. The research is ongoing but doctors say it is better to be cautious round the animals. Leprosy can be cured if it is treated in its initial phases. If you have just one nuisance animal you may want to call a wildlife trapping expert to get rid of it and then relocate it elsewhere. You can also get an environmentally friendly repellent, on your own that will keep animals out of your yard. There are many common items that you already have around your home that could irritate the animals and keep them away including ammonia, moth balls, castor oil, cayenne and Epson salts. You'll find various recipes that can tell you the different ingredients to mix together along with other items like liquid soap detergent plus some even call for playground sand. When you create your own repellent you'll want to be certain that you're being extremely cautious. Make sure the ingredients are safe to mix together and will not be harmful to children or family pets. Also, wear protective clothing such as long sleeves and gloves as a few ingredients may irritate your skin. Regardless of what type of armadillo control plan you follow, you'll want to start it as soon as you notice the animals trying to make a home in your yard.

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Tips On How To Prevent Armadillos From Making Your Backyard Home Yard Gard now offers armadillo repellent capable of safeguarding yards to as much as 10,000 sq ft. Drop by to read more info on Yard Gard.

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Tips On How To Prevent Armadillos From Making Your Backyard Home