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You Share We Care

You Share We Care

A youth centre for young MSM

Contact Us Bandhu Social Welfare Society 99 Kakrail, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh P: 88 02 9339898, 9356868, 835604 E: W:

Call: 01912918056 to register

Key Offerings We do not promise to give any material gain, but what we do promise, is to give you a space where you can breathe into a new world in which you can dream with their fellow identities. Our main offers are: . 타 Safe and Sound Environment

Safe and Sound Environment We do ensure you a safe and sound and an empathetic environment where no one will bully you or question your gender identity. Why Youth Corner MSM (male who have sex with males) is often treated 타 Social Networking You can make friendships; share your thoughts with as a stigmatized and distorted practice in our society. them. You can also communicate with people home Males with this identity cannot express their sexuality and abroad virtually. publicly. They are variably harassed at schools and 타 Mental and Health Counseling work places and in some cases in public. Young MSM We kindly provide you expert consultation on your often experience negative reactions from their health issues if you need it. And this does carry not parents. Research shows that young MSM are more any financial implication for you. likely to experience depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation and to make suicidal attempts derived from 타 Leisure and entertainment You can use computer and internet facilities of HIM the emotional distress (Almeida et al., 2009). As it is of for communicating with others. We do also provide utmost importance to protect young MSM from some refreshments with a very tiny cost. harassments and to protect their social and mental condition and make them aware of their dignity as human beings with human rights, we have taken action. Realizing these mentioned necessities we have established a youth corner- 'HIM'.

What HIM is HIM- a Youth Corner- is a place dedicated to the young MSM. The aim of this corner is to make an avenue for this community to meet their fellow people in a safe and sound and empathetic environment. It also intends to provide with medical care and expert consultation like e.g health and safety care and psychological consultation. Up till now already 20 people visit the youth corner every day because of their well treated experiences.

HIM, a Youth Corner for Young MSM  

HIM- a Youth Corner located at Dhaka Bangladesh- is a place dedicated to the young MSM. The aim of this corner is to make an avenue for this...

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