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UPCOMING EVNTS:  Mar. 5– Speaker Meeting: Laura Stanelle & Andrew Wiech from Thirsty Boy  Mar. 12– General Member Meeting  Mar. 19– Speaker Meeting: Dave Fantle from VISIT Milwaukee  Mar. 26– April 1– Spring Break

Although spring break is a fun time with memorable adventures, some memories are best kept simply as a memory. Leaking any photos or even sharing stories via Facebook or other social media sites is not the best or brightest idea when it comes to protecting your reputation and marketability to future employers. Keep it clean. In order to do so, here are some rules to follow. A simple rule of thumb that should be followed with everything you share online is: “Don’t put anything online you would not want your grandmother to see.” Inappropriate photos or stories may seem like a great idea to post now, but down the line could turn out to be regretful choices. Keep it family and future employer friendly. Be cautious of not only what you are sharing online, but also what your friends share. Make sure they are not putting anything up in regard to you that

grandma may deem unsuitable. If you can’t prevent certain things from going on, just make sure your name is not attached to the photo and “un-tag” yourself. If you don’t care about the scandal level of your photos or stories that you plan to share, at least make sure your privacy

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settings are set appropriately on your social networks so only those you want to see them do. This may seem extreme to some, but it’s simple really. Just don’t share anything via your social networks that may come to bite you in the behind later. Keep in mind grandma! Enjoy spring break and get a little crazy, but don’t let that crazy be more than a mental image or photo never to reach the Internet, my friends. Trust me, ten years from now that beer-bong bikini contest won’t seem like such a proud moment. Rachel Bennett Community Relations & Assistant Insight Editor


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CRAMER-KRASSELT TOUR PROVES BENEFICIAL University of WisconsinWhitewater students learned that public relations professionals must be dedicated and creative while getting an inside look at an advertising agency in Milwaukee on Friday, February 24. UW-W Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA) members had a unique opportunity to tour Cramer- Krasselt (C-K), one of the world’s top advertising agencies in the world. In addition to the tour, they received a one-on-one panel discussion with a variety of employees at C-K. The group started off the morning learning about the company itself. Assistant account executive, Hannah Thulin, explained that C-K’s Milwaukee office is one of four, and that it is the “laidback and the least stressful office of the four.” With the

slogan, “Make friends, not ads,” C-K is the second largest agency in the world, and it hosts big-name clients like Weber and Spice Islands. The firm recently moved to its new location in the Third Ward three years ago. Thulin also gave the group some insight on her journey to the agency. She was a 2011 UW-W graduate, majoring in print journalism and public relations. After completing a summer internship with C-K, Thulin was hired on as a full-time employee. “Whitewater really prepared me for my job at CK, so the opportunity to show students where I work and where they could someday be is very exciting,” she said. Shortly after learning about the company, PRSSA was taken on a tour of the building. While the outside view suggests a smaller

space, C-K was not lacking in size. All departments were situated by each other, and the agency is very proud of their “open door” policy. UWW PRSSA President, Kelly Katona, was very impressed to hear about some of the unique features of C-K. “I thought the open door policy was a great idea, and it made the environment seem much more friendly and welcoming,” she said. To end the day, the students had a networking dinner at The Milwaukee Ale House, where they had the opportunity to speak with Thulin further on her experiences at C-K. After speaking with her, Katona noted that “the entire experience was a great chance for students to get a view into their future.” Kelsey Ostby PRSSA Treasurer

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORNER This March we have some great speakers. On Monday, March 5, we will have Laura Stanelle and Andrew Wiech, Brand Managers for Thirsty Boy, coming to speak about their work in PR. On Monday, March 19, Dave Fantle from VISIT Milwaukee will speak about marketing and career paths for communicators in the hospitality and tourism field. All of these speakers are anxious to come and speak to us, so if you can attend the speaker meetings please do so. We want to pack as many people into 310 Heidi Hall as possible!

Lastly, the Whitewater Advertising Association (WAA) and PRSSA are looking at coordinating some agency tours and speakers to get a well rounded view of advertising and PR for those interested. WAA is also hosting the Collegiate Advertising Summit this year on Friday, April 13. They are bringing in speakers from the surrounding areas to talk about different topics like social media and advertising, account services, and creative responsibilities, how they got to where they are now, and more. There will also be a resume review on this day.

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“The entire experience was a great chance for students to get a view into their future.” Kelly Katona PRSSA President

All students are welcome to attend. It will be $20 for the day, which includes lunch and breakfast, as well as admission to all of the speakers and the resume review. If you are interested in any of these events please e-mail me at: and let me know. Amber Cook Professional Development Chair of PRSSA

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BMA LIGHTNING ROUND 2012 Networking with real communications professionals, learning what it takes to wear the big shoes of the industry, and polishing a professional

session of the night was focused on enhancing interviewing skills. The process was a lot like speed dating, where professionals asked

the professionals, students for younger college students, rotated to the next profesbut the event also served as sional. Another session ina resource for learning more cluded a resume review. Stuabout personal image and dents got a chance to show what the field is looking for in their current resume to employees. the professionals and BMA and UOC host many get valuable feedback events for students throughon format and gramout the year. All events are a mar. The last session valuable opportunity to netwas a social media work and learn. The profespresentation where sionals are extremely willing students learned how to help students. To view to use the different upcoming BMA events, visit platforms of social media to their advantage when applying for Britta Svoboda jobs. PRSSA Vice President & The event was exInsight Editor tremely beneficial for students. Those that are graduating could Stephanie Higgins gets advice in the resume review session. Photo credit to BMA Flickr. utilize the opportunity image. Students had the students interview questions to network and take the next chance to participate in the for six minutes. After getting step into landing a career. Business Marketing Associafeedback and advice from Networking was also helpful tion’s University Outreach Committee event to experience these opportunities. The Business Marketing Association (BMA) and the University Outreach Committee (UOC) hosted the 2012 Lightning Round: Speed Interviewing and Resume Review on Wed., Feb. 29. The event was held at ManpowerGroup in Milwaukee. It was a must-attend event for students looking for a career in marketing, advertising, and public relations. The event was split into numerous sessions. After the networking portion of the night with pizza for dinner, the Students had the opportunity to enhance interviewing skills during this speed interviewing session. Photo credit to BMA Flickr. sessions began. One

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The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is proud to be a part of PRSSA, a national society which is recognized by thousands of public relations practitioners and professionals. The UW-Whitewater Chapter hosts many activities including socials, charity, fundraising and other events. All majors are welcome! PRSSA meets every Monday at 5:15 p.m. in Heide 310 Our Mission: Serve its members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities Serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals

PRSSA is open to new ideas and suggestions! Contact us with comments, questions, and concerns!

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