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HIGHLIGHTS: New Officer Information Sodexho Catertrax Survey

Attention: New Officers

IN Movie Form

Newly Elected President must

IN Network Spotlight Bulletin Board Lottery

This is the LAST issue this semester’s OSIL Weekly!

Re-register your club on the IN Network with the New Officer Contact Information… Otherwise, how will we be able to contact your club with questions? Ask your SPA if you have any questions!

Make sure this is done BEFORE May 2011

But don’t worry, we’ll be back! Make sure your club’s new officers watch out for the newest edition of OSIL Weekly coming Fall 2011

Sodexho Catertrax Climate Survey We need YOUR Help! About five weeks ago, we launched the Sodexho Catertrax Survey.

How can we help Sodexho if no one takes the survey?

STILL, only 13 out of 90+


This survey has Five (5) Questions and should not take longer than 5 minutes. Please help us help Sodexho! Your response is valuable to us!

clubs have completed this Survey/WEB22BN62TV2QS/

PLEASE HELP!! It takes 5 minutes of your time!


That‟s why we need your help!


When does your Club Meet? Ensemble Theatre

Student Diversity Council

Equestrian Club

Student Insight Meditation Society

Fiction Writers Club

Student Weekends Activity Team

Free the Children

Student Accepting a Challenge

Full Life Ministry

Students for Ethical Eating

African Student Association

Geographic Enthusiast Org.

The Opinionist Round Table

Afro-Am Society

Haitian American Student. Assoc.

The Seeds of the Poet Tree

Alpha Eta Rho - AHP

Hip Hop/Kinetic Edge

The Word of Mouth Coalition

American Marketing Association

History Club

The X Factor Math Club

The following clubs need to inform their SPA of their weekly meeting time, ASAP! Adventure Role-Playing Club (ARPC)

Help us compile a database of when YOUR club meets.

Anime Club

It will help YOU recruitment new members!

"There is a good reason they call these ceremonies „commencement exercises.‟ Graduation is not the end; it‟s the beginning.”

Kappa Delta Phi -

United Caribbean Culture Club


MCADOC Peer Educators

Until the Violence Stops


Men Integrated in Brotherhood

Yoga Club

Bohemian Street Chanters

Outdoor Adventure Club


Bridgewater Paintball Org.

Panic! At the Print Studio

Bridgewater Film & Video Assoc.

Phi Kappa Theta -


Phi Sigma Sigma -

only 4 clubs have responded to this

BSU Buddies

Philosophy Club


Cape Verdean Student Assoc.

The “PWND” Club

Catholic Connection

Pre-Law Association

Circle K International

Public Relations Student Society

What can the SPA‟s do to get you all to

Computer Science Club

Refined Movement


Criminal Justice Student Org.

Residence Hall Association

Help us help you!

Cue is for Pool

Sister Scholars

Dance Team

Social Work Student Assoc.

Economics Club

Student Anti-Genocide Coalition

Starting this Fall… Be on the look out for a form on IN if you plan to program a movie night on campus!

~Orrin Hatch~

This should only be completed after receiving a quote for the cost of the movie, requested and received appropriate funding and reserved a location for your event with your SPA.

The OSIL Weekly - A Resource for Recognized Clubs



IN Network Spotlight Did you know… If you‟re looking for other clubs or organizations to get involved in, the IN Network can help find the right one for you!

The IN Network allows you to rank a list of your personal interests and will match you with organizations with shared or similar interests.

It will select clubs that will fit your personality to help you find the right way to get involved! How cool is that?

"Coiled up in this institution,

New Officer Transition Workshops Available to all clubs!

as in a spring, is a vigor whose uncoiling may wheel the spheres."

OSIL is offering a New Officer Transition Workshop for all recognized student clubs & organizations. This workshop will begin at 1pm and end at 3pm, allowing you and your officers to drop-in at any time. Please bring something to take notes with, your new officers, and your old officers.

The more the merrier! ONLY 2 SESSIONS LEFT! Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Tuesday, May 3, 2011 If you and your organization’s members can not attend one of these Tuesday dates, please let your SPA know and we will find a time that works!

Learn effective tips on how to transition new officers. Brainstorm new creative ideas on how to better prepare your new officers for leadership. Find out how easy it is to effectively transition your new officers. Learn how to ensure that progress is being made in your organization for years to come!

Horace Mann August, 1846

Achieve Mor.

Bulletin Board Lottery

Learn More.

Engage More.

Want to keep the one you have?

Expect More.

Does your club want a Bulletin Board in the RCC?

A lottery for all clubs interested in having or keeping a bulletin board in the RCC will be happening at the end of this semester. Log into the IN Network and apply today:

Please complete this form by May 10, 2011.

OSIL Weekly - Volume 7  

A resource for recognized student clubs

OSIL Weekly - Volume 7  

A resource for recognized student clubs