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TRACK & FIELD/CROSS COUNTRY SPEED QUEST CLINIC SCHEDULE OF EVENTS & REGISTRATION FORM Dear Coaches & Athletes: We would like to invite you to the BSU Speed Quest Clinic. We have brought in some excellent clinicians to share their expertise with you during this "learn by doing" clinic. This clinic is not just for the track and field athlete, but can be used by all athletes and coaches. Saturday, March 17, 2012 @ 12:00 PM Registration for coaches & athletes begins in the foyer of the BSU Rec Center. Registration fees: $20.00 per athlete includes a Speed Quest t-shirt. $30.00 per coach includes a t-shirt and clinic notes. 12:45p.m. Opening Greeting- Coach Craig Hougen 1:00p.m. Ed Rousseau, Ultra Marathon Champion 1:15 p.m. A Dynamic warm up for All: Joe Ferraro 1:30 p.m. Speed Quest for All: BSU Coaching Staff 2:00 PM Pole Vault: Tommy Crummy, Mitch Drotts Shot put: Ben Baird Hurdles: Dick Phelps Distance Run: Vanessa Escobar & Melanie Hevel High Jump: Bruce Whiting Plyometric Training for Athletes: Joe Ferraro

3:00 PM Pole Vault and High Jump Continued Discus: Ben Baird Starts/Sprints: Eric Olson & Doug Carlson LJ & TJ: Shawn Peterson & Steve Sneide No Weight Strength Training: Joe Ferraro Distance Nutrition Tips: Ed Rousseau

4:00 PM Sprinters and Distance: 200 Intervals on the Track, Speed & Endurance Relay Exchanges: Doug Carlson Throwers and Jumpers: Individual with Clinic Coaches 5:00 PM Clinic over. Any Equipment Needs? Contact Bruce Whiting:,, 651-261-6329 Most items can be delivered right to Speed Quest with a weeks notice. Save even more on shipping on in-stock items, like crossbars! Contact Bruce for more details. Speed Quest Clinic Registration Name__________________________________ Coach ____________________________Grade___________ Address_______________________________________________________________T-Shirt Size__________ Phone Number___________________School______________________Events_____________________________ Release: In consideration of the acceptance of my registration, I do hereby release any and all sponsors, directors, and volunteers of this event, Speed Quest clinic 2012 and their representatives, from any and all liability from injury I may suffer as a result from my participation in this event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and properly trained for the completion of this event. I also understand fees are non-refundable. Signature______________________________________Date________________ Enclosed is a check payable to Bemidji State University T&F for $20 per athlete/ $30.00 per coach; forward this form and check to: Craig Hougen, Bemidji State University, Gillett Rec-Fitness Center PE 227 Bemidji, MN 56601.