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Please complete the top information section to the best of your ability. Contact the Office of Athletics Compliance if you have any questions.

Sport: ____________________________ Name: _______________________________________________

BSU Student ID (if known): _____________

Permanent Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Social Security Number: ____________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________ Eligibility Center ID: ______________________________ 1.The above student-athlete is being tendered as (check box & skip to #2): _____ Incoming Freshman *Initial term of full-time collegiate enrollment (anticipated): ____________ _____ Continuing Student-Athlete _____ Junior College Transfer Name of junior college(s): ____________________________________________________ Term of first full-time enrollment at junior college: _______________ College Graduation Date (if known): __________ Qualifier: _____ Partial Qualifier: _____ Nonqualifier: _____ _____ Four-Year College Transfer Name of four-year college: __________________________________________________ Date of first full-time enrollment at four-year college: _______________ 2. Tender valid for the following academic year or term: __________________________________ Tender includes (check appropriate line): NOTE: This tender form will be written as checked unless specified in dollar amount listed under OTHER. _____ Cash amount:___________________________ _____ Full Grant-in-Aid [Tuition, fees, room, board, books] _____ Partial Grant-in-Aid (check appropriate box) _____Tuition and fees _____ Room _____ Board _____ Books _____ Midyear Upgrade _____ OTHER (list dollar amt, name of scholarship, etc) ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________ Head Coach’s Signature Date FOR USE BY THE OFFICE OF ATHLETICS COMPLIANCE Date added to budget: __________ Initials: __________ Individual equivalency: __________ Team limit: __________ Registered with EC Incoming Freshmen SA: ___________ Registered with EC(Junior College Transfers): ___________

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