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Observation and Practice Teaching. Directed Observation in the Training School.

Miss Newton,


Second year.

Thirteen weeks, two periods a week.

The aim is to give famiharity with schoolroom conditions and methods as a basis for practice and detailed study of methods of teaching. It extends from the kindergarten through the grades in succession, under specific directions, with oral and wTitten reports, and discussion. Practice Teaching. Intensive teaching in the training school. Miss Newton, Supervisor. Third year. Thirteen weeks, forenoons. After careful observation the students serve as assistants in one or two grades. of children, organize the material for teaching in five or more subjects, and conduct the class exercises.

They study and teach groups

Apprentice Teaching.

Miss Newton, Supervisor.

Extensive teaching, under supervision, in the schools in near-by towns and cities. Third year. Thirteen weeks, all day.

The purpose is to give breadth of experience in teaching and in discipline. Opportunity is given for substituting. Student-teachers are \asited and criticized by the supervisor of training and by teachers from different departments of the normal school. Systematic reports of their work are made to the supervisor by the student-teachers and by the teachers with whom they are working. This experience is gained in upper grades or in departmental teaching in intermediate or junior high schools.

Conditions for Graduation.

Each student, who faithfully and honorably completes the full curriculum of any department, shall, upon the recommendation of the principal of the school, and with the approval of the Commissioner of Education, receive a diploma of graduation signed by the Commissioner of Education and the principal of the school.

Advanced Students. Graduates of colleges who desire to fit themselves to teach the elementary grades or in the junior high school may select courses covering one year's work, for which a special diploma will be granted. in

Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  
Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  

Catalog of the State Normal School at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 1923.