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Physical Education. Physical Education 1 and 2. Gjnnnasium work for all students* Miss Cronix and Miss Purnell. First and second years. Thirty-eight weeks, three periods a week.


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Physical Education 3 Third and fourth j'ears.

elementary department.



Miss Cronin and Miss Purnell.

Thirteen weeks, three periods a week.



Special development of field meets, pageants, athletic tournaments; experience in coaching and refereeing in athletics; (c) methods of teaching hygiene; {d) community recreation. (a)



General Science First year.


Applied science.

Mr. Shaw.

Thirteen weeks, four periods a week, including work in the


The chemistry of human activity in the home, school, industries and farming. In this course attention is given to the orderly study of chemical facts, with their simple interpretation and application to human needs. Considerable attention is also given to laboratory procedure, to furnish the basis for the later courses in industrial chemistry.

General Science 3. Third or fourth year.

Economic chemistry


Mr. Shaw. Three

Thirty-eight weeks, four periods a week.


The purpose of the course is to prepare for those projects in general science that involve a knowledge of chemistry. The first term includes so much of chemical analysis as is essential to an and effective study of industrial and economic chemistry. The student learns how to organize chemical facts for a definite purpose, gains insight into chemical processes and procedures, and acquires a useful mastery of laboratory technique. The second term affords opportunity to elect work in water analysis, milk analysis, soil and fertilizer analysis, food inspection and mineral analysis. intelligent

General Science 4. Applied science (elective). Mr. Jackson. Second year. Thirteen weeks, three periods a week, including work in the laborities.



The aim is to develop power to interpret common physical phenomena in the light of the principles that underlie them; also to prepare the student to use the laws of physics as involved in other subjects.

Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  

Catalog of the State Normal School at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 1923.