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English Expression 5. Methods of teaching in the senior high school (elective). Miss Beatley. Fourth year. Thirteen weeks, three periods a week. One unit.


course includes



study of the aims, subject-matter and methods of teaching, EngUsh expression in the senior high school. 2. Oral and written themes. 1.

Library Instruction First year.

This course


Miss Knapp.

Thirteen weeks, three periods a week. is

outlined in the elementary department.

Library Instruction 3 (elective). Miss Knapp. Second year. Thirteen weeks, four periods a week. This course gives practice in the routine work involved in the administration Training is given in the mechanics of preparation of books for circulation; in reference work; in the making of bulletin boards, exhibits of books and lists of reading; in accessioning, classification and cataloguing of books. Illustrative material for school use (including pictures, clippings, pamphlets) is organized. Students act as assistants during library hours. of a school library.

Library Instruction 4 (elective). Miss Knapp. Second year. Twenty-six weeks, four periods a week.


continuation of Library Instruction 2. Practice work in the library is Some library hours are conducted with children from the training school. As much time as possible is given to the discussion of children's literarequired. ture.

Library Instruction 5 (elective). Miss Knapp. Third year. Thirteen weeks, three periods a week. One unit.

The story-hour and the use of the library by grade children. Experience in planning and conducting library hours with the grades is gained by practice with classes from the training school. Library Instruction 6 (elective). Miss Knapp. Fourth year. Thirty-eight weeks, two periods a week. Advanced



for those

who have had



the courses outlined above.

Literatm-e 2. Junior high school literature. Miss Hill. Second year. Thirty-eight weeks, three periods a week. Three units.

The aim of the course is to give students a working knowledge and appreciation of the literature appropriate to the junior high school, and to acquaint them with methods

of teaching literature to children in these grades.


course includes narrative and lyric poetry, short poems and longer masterpieces, prose fiction, short stories and novels; biography; the drama. Methods of presenting literature are discussed in connection with subjectmatter.

Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  

Catalog of the State Normal School at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 1923.