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28 Directed Miss

First year.

thirteen weeks,

The aim tions

Observation. Observation in Miss Wells, Supervisors.

the training school.

Newton and

Grades, thirteen weeks, two periods a week; kindergarten, two periods a week.

of this observation


to give familiarity with schoolroom condi-

and methods through participation

in the


of the


in a variety

of ways.

Second year.

Thirteen weeks, two periods a week.

Observing and assisting in the kindergarten.

Practice Teaching. Intensive teaching in the training school. Miss Newton and Miss Wells, Supervisors. Second year. Kindergarten, thirteen weeks, forenoons; primary grades, thirteen weeks, forenoons.

After careful observation the students serve as assistants in one or two They study and teach groups of children, organize the material for teaching in five or more subjects, and conduct the class exercises. In the kindergarten each student has her own group of children for the term.


Third year.

Thirteen weeks, forenoons.

Extensive teaching in training school kindergarten, or outside kindergartens, to give experience in all phases of the work.

Apprentice Teaching. Third year.

Miss Newton, Supervisor.

Thirteen weeks,



Extensive teaching in primary grades, under supervision, in the schools in near-by towns and cities.

Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  
Bridgewater State Normal School. Massachusetts. 1923 [Catalogue]  

Catalog of the State Normal School at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. 1923.