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BHARATIYAM SCIENCE SOCIETY H.NO.16B/400, Vrinadaban Yojna PGI Road, Lucknow- 226002 Tel- +91- 9454 362 069 Email: Website:



ver the last two decades, Bharatiyam Science Society (BSS) has grown to be one of India’s largest grass-roots initiatives for water and livelihood security, working with its partners on a million acres of land across 72 of India’s most backward districts, mainly in the central Indian Purvanchal, Bhanja Nagar Orissa. We take inspiration from the life and work of Nanaji Deshmukh (our Pramukh Sahayogi) who rejected charity and successfully empowered even the most challenged. BSS is headquartered in land of agriculture, Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, which typifies the most marginalized of the country. We concentrate all our direct interventions in about 20 villages and towns of this area. This work is not so much a model as a living laboratory of learning for others to adapt to their own areas. To facilitate this mutual learning, in 1998 we set up the Deendayal Centre for Rural Sustainability in village Pipra Beni, where our VirtualAgri Project started. BSS believes that river restoration, location-specific watershed development combined with low-cost, low-risk agriculture, other nature-based livelihoods and women-led microfinance, can dramatically raise rural incomes, providing an enduring panacea to India’s suicide-ridden drylands. This approach arrests distress migration towards the metros and liberates the rural poor from the clutches of usurious moneylender-traders. Our central mandate is the empowerment of India’s most disadvantaged people – women, Adivasis, Dalits and the poor, which we believe contributes to strengthening our fragile democracy at the grass-roots.



has taken the initiative of

river conservation and participated in Save Ganga Movement with SAVE GANGES SAVE HERITAGE. During 2009-10, BSS family members become the part of Save Ganges Yatra from Haridwar to Sri Nagar. After 2009-10 BSS family completed 3 yatras and organized 5 awareness programs along with various partner organizations. In 2012-13, Bharatiyam Science Society along with People’s Livelihood Upliftment Society,

Orissa initiated Bhanja Nagar River Restoration project to optimize the river flow throughout the year. So that livelihood of dependent community can be enhanced. We also organized “Naional Conference on River System” in Lucknow in which more than 50 national level scientists, social activists participated. Scientists from NBRI, IISc Bangalore, BHU, BIT- Mesra,ITRC, Khudai Khidmatgar, were participated, whereas Ganga Action Pariwar was the part organizing committee. The finding of the conference was communicated with National Ganga River Basin Authority as well a Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Environment.

SUSTAINABLE NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND LIVELIHOOD In 2012-13 Bharatiyam Science Society and PLUS collobaratively started Black Buck conservation project in Orissa and efforts become cause to increase the number in the region. Prof. Arun Kumar Lenka co-ordinating the team in the region.

GLOBAL PEACE YATRA India shares the transboundary with Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal & Bhutan which makes it special in terms of geopolitical and development prospects. In this rapid development there is need of mutual collaboration and anticipation to develop each other. Prabuddha Bharat Sangh would like to initiate a technological framework for peace & the harmony initiative for sustainable development in the region and pass a message to all world how we can extend the technology to uplift the socio-cultural relations. To achieve the goal Bharatiyam Science society decided to organize a “Global Peace Yatra” on 16th19th September 2012 from Lucknow to Kathmandu to send message of peace through technology & sustainable development in the region. This journey consists of experts from various fields of administrative bureaucrats, science & technology, socio-scientists and activists. We are focusing on sustainable development on various issues:  Sustainable development of region  Uplift socioeconomic conditions through technology  Education exchange

 Gandhi, Satyagrah & Peace  SARRC- Peace & Sustainable Development Youth forum SWAPAN Samudayik Pathshala Any initiative can reach their goal until peoples participation can’t be insured. With peoples participation, BSS initiated SWAPAN Samudayik Pathshala in Salempur region, SWAPAN-Pipra Beni, SWAPAN-Salempur & SWAPAN-Bhatani is proposed. Also, we are planning to implement Rural BPO cum training center in Bhatani in association with Nanoglint Technologies, Kanpur on various technologies like mobile applications, web applications, basic computer proficiency. We are also providing technological training program to Bachelor of Technology, Master in Computer Science etc.

INTRODUCTION We are Bharatiyam Science Society…


To restore India's diverse tradition, culture, science behind spirituality and heritage.

To make each to proud on their Kul -gotra and uplift economic status of common man.

To work together and unite in our diversity in order to accomplish any goal set forth.

To provide knowledge to make responsible and sustainable development that ensure our future.

OBJECTIVE The Bharatiyam Science Society was formed with the following objectives:  To provide an opportunity to bring together youth from all walks of life including peace makers, academicians, researchers, policy makers, lawyers, social activist and students to share knowledge, raise issues, to listen to one another and determine ways to promote peace and social reform in the region.  To strategies an action plan for building peace, providing justice and rights in a society ruptured by years of conflict.  To strategies an action plan for building self-reliance rural community, providing technical support and direction.  To find solutions to promote empowerment of rural youth in the region by involving them in decision making.

 To analyze and recommend the best ideas to the Government of India promote peace in the region.  To provide a platform to those youths who are marginalized in the region with the help of rural development organizations.

DESCRIPTION Bhartiyam Science Society is a national level non-profitable organization registered under society act 21, 1860. Society frequently states that it focused on three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values, promotion of cultural and environmental values, and innovation of rural India. Bhartiyam Science is a family of all who believe in Indian Tradition and interested to again establish its prosperity.

“Believe is base of Indian heritage.” In year 2008 by the advice of Padam Bhusan Dr. Adya Prasad Mishra, Pdt. Kamlakant Shukla and many scientific saints, put the base of Bhartiyam Science Society at a special 'Journey of Genome' function. The main purpose of that event was to raise awareness about the holistic effort as well as scientific theory behind Kul and Indian genetic system. With the special blessing of His Holiness Pujya Swami Ram Hriday Das ji Mahraj and powerful speech about Journey of Atma Tatv makes it glint of knowledge. The massive event included participants pledging to conserve our Kul temples, thereby forming the beginnings of a soon-to-be world family. NATIONAL COMMITTEE consist many renowned educationalists across world and few mentioned here: Dr. R. Shankaran, Indian Institute of Technology, Rorkee Dr. Suprabhat Bharadwaj, New Delhi Mr. Jitendra Tripathi, Manoyog, Lucknow Mr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Tripathy, PLUS, Orissa Dr. Vivek Kumar Morya, Inha University, Korea Mr. Ashwin Pandey, IBM Germany Dr. Sourabh Kumar Sinha INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. John Antoine Labadie Professor of Art, Art Department University of North Carolina Pembroke Pembroke, NC 28372-1510 USA email: web: Dr. Vivek Morya, Inha University, Korea

Mr. Santosh Shah Today’s Youth Asia, Nepal

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