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67 Montrose Court Princes Gate SW7 2QG 03/12/2012 The Rt Hon William Hague, MP Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH RE: Appointment of Mr Walid Saffour as Syrian National Coalition Representative to the UK Dear Foreign Secretary, We the undersigned are writing to express our gratitude for the recent stance taken by her Majesty’s Government to recognise the “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary Forces and Opposition” (or Syrian National Coalition for short) as the legitimate and sole representative of the Syrian people. Equally we are delighted by the appointment of Mr Walid Saffour as the representative of the Syrian National Coalition to the UK and we sincerely hope that this step will strengthen the ties between the UK and the Syrian opposition as well as establish an efficient path for communication and cooperation. We the undersigned are writing to inform you that the new Syrian National Coalition lead by Mr Moaz Al Khateeb and represented by Mr Walid Saffour here in the UK represents us and that we trust this body to act as a Government in Exile to oversee and coordinate the efforts to overthrow the Assad regime. In the spirit of unity, which is one of our core values in this revolution, we aim to do our utmost to support the Syrian National Coalition in its aim to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Bashar Al Assad and rebuild Syria as a democratic and civil state.

Yours sincerely,

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BSS Letter to the FCO  
BSS Letter to the FCO  

On Monday 3rd of December British Solidarity for Syria (BSS) delivered a letter to the UK Foreign Secretary Mr. William Hague which was sign...