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What is it that you want to show to your customers? That is a question we have asked ourselves several times in the past couple of months. The reason for this question is that this is the time to develop our newest catalog for 2019. Just like every year, we are excited to show our newest articles. Of course, there is also space for some extra information. “We have to show that we have been nominated for several awards, and we have to mention that we have won two of them!’’ is something that came up in the office. And ‘’I think it would be great to inform all our customers about the Imageshare, our new database for imagery’’ followed soon.

Marcel CEO



Logistic Process Coordinator



Marketing & Communication

‘’Yes, but we also want them to show all our new images and videos right? Because we are so proud of all our images!’’ ‘’Would it not be great to also show everyone who we are, so that people really know who we are if they are emailing or calling us?’’ ‘’And don’t forget our Youtube movies!’’ ‘’Oh, and Instagram’ ‘’And let everyone know that we are working together with new distributors all over the world!’’ There was enthusiasm everywhere in our office!


International Sales Representative


Supply Chain Coordinator


Sales and Marketing Assistant

At the back of this magazine, you will still find all our articles on easy overview pages. Because, at the end, that is what we are proud of and we want you to discover!


Office BS® team in the Netherlands Nieuwe Gracht 45-47 2011 ND Haarlem T. +31 (0) 23 536 30 32

Warehouse BS Toys per adres GVT logistics Pyrietstraat 7 1812 SC Alkmaar

Well, that was a bridge too far, because that will not fit in our current format for the catalog. But we really wanted to share all this information with you, so then we came up with the idea for this magazine. Here you do not only find our articles, we have also added many background information. Such as, who we really are, who is behind the BS brand, what we do, why we do it and what we stand for. We can say that we are really proud of our great BS Toys brand and we want to share this with the world.


We wish you a lot of fun reading our magazine! Best Regards,

Team BS





1.IDEA Everything starts with the idea for a new product. These ideas come from everywhere. Sometimes we design complete new toys. In other cases, such as this example, we choose to restyle products.

>>> From sketch to product >>>

6. TEST IT! All products are tested strictly and then we are ready for our order to the producer!

7. MAKE THEM ALIVE! This crocket game consist of dogs and they will first cut the right shape out of the wood with a milling machine. Then they get the right base color (lilac). When the lilac is on the wood, they use a paint mold to further paint the dog with the different fun prints.

GA016 - CrocketJr.

LIGHT BLUE CMYK 35 8 0 0 2717 pc DARK GREEN CMYK 34 0 100 0 LIGHT GREEN 361 pc CMYK 34 0 100 0 390 pc RED CMYK 0 100 100 0 1797 pc

2. CAN I HAVE A DOG? We already have a crocket game with dogs, but we thought that these dogs look a bit sad. That is not what we stand for of course. We do not really like dogs who are a little bit sad and therefore, we have decided to give them an update to something fun!

PURPLE CMYK 22 35 0 0 522 pc

VIOLET CMYK 90 100 0 0 violet pc

DARK BLUE CMYK 95 45 0 0 285 pc

ORANGE CMYK 0 45 95 0 1375 pc YELLOW CMYK 0 15 100 0 7406 pc

8. JUST WAIT. It is necessary that the paint is dry. After this process, they will attach the pins to the dogs. RED CMYK 0 100 100 0 1797 pc

ORANGE CMYK 0 45 95 0 1375 pc

LIGHT PINK CMYK 0 65 0 0 218 pc

DARK PINK CMYK 0 100 0 0 proces maganta

3. LET’S MAKE FUN! The first step is to make some rough sketches. We decide which one is most fun and we make a final drawing in Illustrator. Then we look at the colors and sizes of the dogs. The last step is to send the drawings to our producer in China who will produce the first samples.

9. YEAH!! The product is finished, now it is time to produce the packaging! We write our own texts and develop our packaging before we send the design to our presser. The presser delivers the packaging to the producer of the toys who will then get all the toys inside the packaging. Now the production process is finished and the toys are ready for shipment! Our producer arranges the transport to the ship and from there it is just a matter of time before everything arrives in Rotterdam and our warehouse afterwards. Ready to play!

4.EXCITING FOR SAMPLE ARRIVALS! Sometimes we travel to China and visit our producers to see and judge the samples. In other cases, they will send them to our office in Haarlem. When we are happy with the design of the samples, we will further check the quality, colors and sizes thoroughly. If necessary we will ask our producers to make some adjustments.

5. CHILDREN CAN TRY OUT. Yes, the article is super nice and we are very happy with the outcome! Now we are ready to shoot the pictures of the product and we will shoot the packaging later, for Imageshare and our website. Moreover, we organize several photoshoots with children where they can play with our items. This way we can also look at the children and see what they really like or dislike about the products. This is very important information which we use to further develop our assortment.



Plastic bottles? No thanks!

Woooooooood 1. GA232 Tower of Balance -p49 2. GA319 Triangle Domino - p53 3. GA123 Kubb -p65 4. GA320 Find the Fish - p53 5. GA279 Domino p53 6. GA014 Large Poles -p47


We are not only taking care of children, but we are also taking care of the earth & nature. We are proud to be a partner of the Dutch company Dopper. Dopper’s goal is to live in a world where people are aware of the environment, where singleused plastic waste is reduced, and where everyone has access to safe and fresh drinking water. A lovely mission and especially wonderful to see the company’s passion to achieve this goal. Dopper creates active consciousness regarding single-use plastic waste, provides sustainable water bottles and supports safe drinking water projects worldwide. We are delighted to be a partner of this great organisation, but we are also happy to share with you that our office is P.E.T water bottle free since April this year. We pledged to be a positive leader, setting an example for employees, partners, customers and all other organizations. And as Dopper says: ‘’A small step for man, but a tidal wave forward for the oceans’’. Does your company want to join their mission to create a healthy world? go to and sign the P.E.T Free pledge!

2 “Change comes about quickly, make sure to be a part of it.”


- Dopper Foundation -



4 9


Boarding time!

Super 7!

In our office we do like some jokes ... and that is why we invited everyone with a “real“ airline ticket this year to visit the Spielwarenmesse. We had a lot of fun because of the fact that people thought this was a real entrance ticket for the trade fair, which of course was not the case ..! Luckily we had a very great success by speaking and inviting everyone at an agreed time. Thanks again for all our frequent flyers, we are already thinking about the fun way to invite you in 2019!

Coming up with new refreshing articles is very important for our team. Moreover it is a necessity to participate in the competitive toy landscape. During the year we always release 2 new toy lines ... and this year we are extra proud of our 7 super autumn articles. Active, educational, fun and slightly different from other toy brands. Now available!

Placing an order has never been easier

Further expansion on the other side of the ocean After the successful entry of the American market, the Canadians are now ready for BS Toys! With small steps we will join this beautiful country! There are many Canadians with actually Dutch roots; so we hope for some sentiment when seeing the typical games from Holland.

Catalo Speci

al sel

nad for Ca & toys games ection

g 2019

ci a Spe

ect al sel

mes ion ga

nad for Ca & toys


Placing an order for your favourite items will be much easier as from this year! With Portal4Sales, the sales portal for B2B companies, customers can place orders on phones, tablets, and computers. The sales portal is ‘plug and play’ and does not require any installation. This connection makes it possible for you to see stock information, customer-specific prices, and your order history for example. We will start within a few months and tell you more about it soon!.

Drinks at the Spielwarenmesse!

2018 Achievements

FD Gazelle Award We are very happy with the feedback that we get from our customers. This enables us to keep the business and the brand growing. Last years, our brand have grown rapidly which was fortunately not unnoticed! As you might know, we belonged to the fastest growing Dutch companies within the small enterprises category and won the FD Gazelle award in 2017! We hope to be among the fastest growing companies again this year, fingers crossed!

Enterprise Award by votes But this was not the only price we received! This year we were nominated for the Enterprise Awards, together with 30 other Dutch companies. We are very proud that we made it to the final 5, thanks to hundreds of special votes, which was not possible with you as our loyal fan. We proudly hung the certificate at our office!

We actually work quite international and that is why our retailers and distributors do not always know each other. But hey! They all market the same BS Toys articles, which of course connects them enormously. We would like you to meet one another; we think you can learn from every culture and sales method, so we want to offer the opportunity to get to know each other on the BS Toys get-together at SWM 2019! The invitation will be on your doorstep at the end of the year..

2019 Events & promisses More ecological and higher quality are key

Dedicated to lifestyle and design: Maison et Objet 2019 All the way to the USA In 2018 we crossed the Atlantic for the first time with our toys and games. A big step for us after our adventures in Europe, Australia and Chile .. as the US is a big country with lots of possibilities in the field of toys! Later in our magazine you will read the first experiences of our distributor. We hope to make the American dream come true :)!


Catalog 2018 Special selecti on games & toy s for USA

We have said it often before ... we must protect the world we live in for all our children and grandchildren. We are aware of the fact that placing more articles on the market is not circular in nature, but we can ensure that our articles go through generations, so that you can enjoy it for a long time! In the coming years we want to make a quality improvement, in which our articles will become even better and longer lasting.

The international authority for home decor, interior design and life style.. this is the fair we actually feel our assortment is ready for now. In 2019 we will be present at the Maison in Paris to show our brand to this audience for the first time! The BS Toys articles cannot wait to be seen in concept stores all around the world.



Taking Care

Children’s Party 1. GA250 Jumping Bags Cotton - p59 2. GA126 Jumping Cow - p59 3. GA093 Tin Throwing - p49 4. GA148 Red & white Bowling - p49 5. GA192 Horse Shoe Toss - p71 6. GA231 Tug of War - p67

At BS Toys, we love to encourage and motivate children to go outside and play together with friends. To make sure we can enable all children to play, we are working together with several organisations who share our vision to make playing possible for everyone in this world. We are proud to be a partner and to share our mission with these lovely organisations.



Since the beginning of 2017 we are a proud partner of the Johan Cruijff Foundation, an initiative that helps children getting more active by moving and playing sports. The foundation makes it possible for all children to participate in sports by organizing sport events and building different sport facilities. One of the great events they organise is the yearly Johan Cruijff Run around the Johan Cruyff Arena. A run which will bring you to the places that were part of the life of Johan Cruijff. This year we also participated in this run and did a good job altogether.



For many children is a birthday with gifts, visiting and treating at school self-evident. Unfortunately, for over 61,000 children in the Netherlands such a birthday is not self-evident.

Jarige Job helps these children and in that case the whole family by making the most important day of the year a great success. The foundation gives children a birthday box with all the trimmings, like garlands, balloons, a cake mix, treats and some gifts & goodies for at home. We are honored that we can help this great initiative by filling the boxes with BS Toys products.


5 4

Last but not least, we sponsored talent of Haarlem and surroundings by sponsoring a team of the ‘Haarlemse Muggenronde’. A cycling spectacle for the youth of Haarlem and surroundings!

This event encourages sportiness and most important is that every child can participate with his / her own bike, from mountain bike to city bike, from road bike to an old-school bike.

6 12



important is


This is the reason that we often speak with pediatricians, psychologists and pedagogues to check if we do the good things right. We wanted to share some insights with all of you here!

imaginary play. We do include instructions to our toys, but we believe that children should think of different ways to use our toys. One example is our Large Tower. It was developed to play a balancing game, but how cool is to use the wooden blocks as construction blocks and building your own house! A game without any restrictions and/or rules is much more important actually!

According to doctors, play and “Just throwing around movement are and catching a ball, crucial for their you will see it less development, especially for often nowadays and their mental that is why fewer childevelopment. It dren develop these has its role in the skills.” intellectual, social and motor skills fields. Children learn to think about things to resolve, learn to think forward and learn to plan. Moreover, children learn to understand their environment and how the world around them really works. By climbing, running and jumping, they work on their motor skills, while building with construction material and tinkering the fine motor skills are stimulated. Children who play get more insights in their own emotions and of others, that is super important!

Playing is actually learning at the same time. It is not that learning is obliged, but while playing, one learns to remember and develop skills. And because playing is super fun children get all kinds of positive associations, while that happens in their sub consciousness. Playing is fun and is also repeating (training), because it leads to control and competence. Solving a difficult puzzle is fun, because I am very smart! Trying out new things is also fun, because that leads to comic or exciting surprises. Unnoticed, playing leads to learning, working and achieving things in life and leads to positive feelings. Our really educational articles with a nice design leads to the fact that children can solve problems all by themselves and therefor learn while playing!

Just throwing around and catching a ball, you will see it less often nowadays and that is why fewer children develop these skills.


e have done the research en guess what? It is crucial and that’s why it is so important! At BS Toys, we are working on the improvements and ideas for toys, because we want to contribute to the development of children worldwide. We do that every day and we hope that children can learn from our articles and get an active lifestyle. Moreover, we want them to go outside and let them run, jump, play together and just let them have the best time. Very often it is said that children grow up playfully and that this is the best way for children to grow up. But is that really true and do we have any evidence for that? 14

To summarize, we really believe that we are on the right way with our development and improvements of the articles. But please, let us know if you have any comments and/or ideas. Thank you for your feedback in advance!

The Dutch inspection on education presented this in a research under 2.500 children in the last year of lower school. This is very different from what children could do 50 years ago! Moreover, children do not use their imagination as much as in the past. Most kids really love to play on computers, game consoles or smartphones from mom and dad. But there are some cons with these way of playing: they are leaving little to the imagination. Where did the imagination go or to put in other words, where did the time go that children played without any burdens? Children psychiatrists define playing without burdens as ‘’the kind of game that does not need any support from technology, no defined script included and finding the most important things in live on this planet and the development of new and personal ideas and point of views. Nowadays, a lot of toys do not really support these skills! That is the reason that BS Toys tries to develop toys which trigger the brain of children and their


“Achieving a new level is something that gives us positive energy to start the week.” Our team exists of only 7 people, the power of the success is our mutual connection. Seven different people; who became a strong team and work together every day to serve you in the best possible way and to make our brand grow.

New in the family

Not just by doing our duty or by achieving our tasks, but more importantly by creating an atmosphere at the office, so everybody can attain his/her goals of the day. How? By being open minded, flexible, respectful, caring, dedicated and responsible people. These personal values combined with; having our “lunch salad group” every day, going for a walk down town or in the park alone or with some colleagues, sing and dance when there is a good song at the radio, organizing spontaneous activities like a boat trip, going for a drink on Friday and going to events, makes our team this successful. We share our ideals together, we can work with every single person 1 on 1, support each other’s sports; cycling, hockey, tennis, boot-camp, running .. achieving a new level is something that gives us positive energy to start the week. Seven different personalities from BS Toys with challenges and success in personal live or at work to share. Designing a new game but not being possible to have the perfect price/quality ratio, almost having a new customer but just at the end cooperation will not work out, a bad production batch, creating new POS material but receiving a bad print, having a delay with stock coming in.. being able to share the frustrations with your colleagues is very important. On the other hand sharing and celebrating the success.. going to the USA, winning awards, having a great fair, finding that new customer, designing a new article what becomes a top seller.

We have worked hard to expand our collection with a lot of brand new, fresh items. Too many to point out all of them. But we proudly present you a selection of our new items ------->>>>>>

This team is looking forward to a new year working together with you as our great partners.



Monstrously Nice Attractive colors and robust quality; these monsters guarantee long-lasting fun. Packed in an attractive displaybox, ideal for schools but just as nice for families. Extreme concentration and a healthy dose of good luck are needed, but you will feel great when you finally win!


New in the family

New in the family

Come Fly with Me Spread your thumb and forefinger; this is about the size of the packaging of this cute little kite. Now spread your forearm and you see the size of the unfolded kite. A must-have for every picnic basket and beach bag!


New in the family

New in the family Brick by brick The packaging of these lovely stones is only 60 x 30 x 15cm. But when the bricks are folded the total volume is much bigger than you expect! Because of the inner structure, these strong bricks can hold a weigth of at least 40kg; so you can even build a staircase in your own dream castle.

Typically Dutch What a lovely facades, don’t you think? Not only a nice game to play, but a very nice eye-catcher in a childrens room as well. It must not come as a surprise that this game is designed in the Netherlands; this is really typical our style of building!



New in the family

New in the family 1,2,3....go! Adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying .. mathematics is a profession! So many games to think of; this set is ideal to playfully learn toddlers and preschoolers about the numbers.

Ice Ice Baby! A complete game about balance and speed, but also about memorizing the right order of the colors. Whatever taste you choose; there is always a taste that is disappointing .. and may fall over;)



New in the family

Hall 3A Booth F20

! e s s nme

e r a w l e i e sp

h t t a s u t Mee Slide on! If you cannot reach our office, we might be too busy playing indoor curling, because this is one of our favourite new items! With this set you don’t need ice, because the felt bottom allows you to play it on every smooth surface. Play it on the floor or on a table and become the curling king of the year.


The Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg. The world biggest platform within the world of toys, which you probably all know. A toy fair that is definitely worth to visit, whether if you are a toy producer, reseller or seller. Every year there are about 30.000 buyers and 70.00 visitors to see the greatest brands and companies. We, from BS Toys, look forward to this event every year and are keen to see the latest trends and developments. Knowing this information, we can anticipate and meet the needs of you and the end-customers in the upcoming year. We also love to talk to you to learn what we are doing great but also how we could keep improving. Of course, it is also a perfect time to inform you about our new additions and explain how our brand and products stand out from other toy brands. 25

BS Toys world wide

“We are a distributor that focuses on its recipients. They are consumers who appreciate design and the best quality. Our most important distribution channels are educational institutions and stores - mainly online, because that is the most. Stationary shop is usually small boutique, where the presentation of products is limited. Among other distributors, we try to distinguish a unique offer with attention to design and quality, to keep prices on the market and to take care of customers. In our opinion, the cooperation with BS Toys is 10:) in every aspect of both communication and order handling is very good. Quick and very friendly. Exactly the same as we work and how we like to work. We saw BS Toys at the fair in Nuremberg and we liked it immediately :) Yet there are things that we would like to see improved even more; such as the quality and the longer stocking of articles, but cooperation is also very important; so we are looking forward to expanding this in Poland.”

Our growth is possible, thanks to our good cooperation with different distributors worldwide. We asked some of our newest distributors to give their opinion. The feedback and experiences from every continent is important to support or adjust our strategy.

“We were thrilled to add BS Toys to our portfolio of brands” says Larry Hotaling, President of Hotaling Imports. Since 1998, Hotaling has taken pride in distributing European-designed specialty toys. Today, the company has succeeded in becoming the expert for USA retail distribution in specialty stores. “We cover all retail channels in the USA, but our passion are specialty toys that promote healthy play. That’s why we love BS Toys – with a variety of both indoor and outdoor toys that are meant for all ages and seasons, kids are encouraged to be creative and active while learning.” Distributing and marketing a Dutch brand in the USA offers Hotaling the opportunity to expose American families to toys made with a European flair. Americans love unique, different products. Moms in the USA want to maintain an educational focus for playtime, and savor those moments without technology. BS toys like the Large Tower or Four in a Row remind us to join our children at playtime. “We have just gotten started and we are excited to grow the BS Toys brand in the USA.”

- Monika Konon and Monika Gorska | Mokopico | Poland -

“Educational Experience is proud to be partnering with BS Toys to bring the range of high-quality educational focused toys and games to the Australian market. We have been in partnership with BS Toys for over 18 months and the feedback we have received from both the education market and our retail customers is strongly centred around the quality and value of the range. We have heard educators commented on the developmental benefits to children … and our retail customers have been impressed with the shelf appeal of the packaging; it is vibrant, engaging and sturdy.

- Larry Hotaling | Hotaling Imports | USA -

Our customers have taken a liking to the entire range, with Four In A Row, Tin Throwing, Gloves, Diabolo and XXXXL Bubbles sitting in our top 5 for this range.

“We are a company specialized in distributing educational products, didactic, made with the best design and quality, . We started distributing Buiten Speel as of January 2018, so our experience is very positive but still a little small 6/7 months. Although our first experiences with our customers are really good, our customers appreciate the wide range of outdoor and indoor games that the catalog contains, the quality and design, and the great possibilities offered by the products. We see that the market recognizes BS as a company that produces outdoor games, so outdoor games are those that most identify the brand ... We think that the exterior and interior play lines are really the toy segment of BS. We are growing and we are sure that we will grow much more in our market, and we are very happy, excited and proud to belong and work in BS” - Joan Adell | Roda Toys | Spain -

“Even if we are new with BS-Toys, we’re totally crazy in love with them. We found a brand that represents our concept and our goals as a company, not only selling but helping children develop skills and have great fun at the same time. It’s very important for us to be able to play with our products. The wholesale was a surprise, our clients instantly put them on their shelves and they we’re thrilled about the concept, the design and the “flavor” of old times. The outdoor games were very high in demand mostly because our cooperation started at the beginning of summer. We’re looking forward to present the whole range in our trade fair on September. In less than 5 months we made a lot of orders and everything was on time, with quick response and even extra effort in some cases. The weekly update of the stock and what is expected is a very helpful tool so we can forecast and organize our sales. BSToys is very organized and really customer-friendly, we’re looking forward to see the brand growing in Greece.” - Maria Tserkezi | Babywise | Greece -



With Spring around the corner in Australia, our team are looking forward to further promoting the BS Toys range via our upcoming marketing activities.” - Jessica Merza | Educational Experience | Australia -

Feedback kcabdeeF


@Apetit Love It! Even as adults we have great fun!

@hammerandjacks The Catch-

ing tails from BS-Toys; perfect for running around the park on a sunny day. Very durable and safe toys.


@Ilse Great toy to develop hit - and ball coordination.

@GizmofromNL Outside family day, game Kubb needs to be there. @NathalieZW

ple, this is really a super fun game. Really recommended! price quality ratio. new home!



@Khendriks Positive about


@Jootjuh11 End result of the birdhouse; a great gift for Grandma’s

@jufYv super to use in schools for exercising between the

@Carol I am very pleased with this purchase! It also easily comes apart and

1. GA015 Waterball - p45 2. GA302 Diving Memo - p45 3. GA173 Diving Animals -p45 4. GA022 Ocotopus Waterparty - p63 5. GA343 Bouncing Ball - p45 6. GA171 Football - p67 7. GA271 Water Flower - p45 8. GA175 Animal Discs - p45 9. GA303 Bounce Tennis - p73


@HJDoo Nice game, also for elderly people. Also a lot of joy when playing

together with children. lessons!

Water & Playing

4 6

so can be taken to the park or beach to play as well as house or garden.

Did you know.... Inviting, interesting and original. These are the

...that storebased retailing decrease from 89% to 55% (2006-2017) in comparison to e-tail? When designing our packaging and products, we keep this in mind. We want to make sure our assortment fit both needs to be ready for the future!

words that our test panel use to discribe our brand and products. Recently, we have started with our BS Toys test panel. We selected several parents in the Netherlands, to try some great products of our collection. And we will expand our panel to other countries as well. Because feedback from the consumer is very valuable information for us.


retail e-tail


We are very happy with the first results and are looking forward to learn even more, to keep improving our brand and the products! 2006 28

2017 29


ImageShare |

As an innovative and modern brand, we are aware of the increasing popularity of online toy sales. To make sure the product design and the goal of the game is clear for the end customer and to make it quick and easy to download & use our images, we have set up a brand new image system. This new system is called Imageshare, with all BS Toys artwork gathered on just one website. Images and product instructions can easily be viewed and downloaded by searching for the product, keywords or choosing one of the categories on the left side of the page. All files and images can be downloaded using the following manual. Feel free to contact us for questions, comments or improvements. All opinions are appreciated!

More than 8 50 image s! Search by name or product code

Select an image to enter the menu below:

Find a link here to files with all product information: size, weight, order quantity, material...etc Scroll between multiple images of the same product.

Searching for packshots or pictures with kids? Select by catergory and find the picture you are looking for very easy!

Choose which resolution you need. All images are available in HR. Want to know the rules of a game? Download our manuals here.

Download or share the images with your colleagues.

Find a file with all links to our youtube channel here.



1 2



4 6


7 8

10 Small Gifts 1. GA039 Birdhouse - p572. GA333 Walking Bobbins Wood - p59 3. GA230 Large Jumping rope -p61 4. GA228 Jumping Rope Pink - p63 5. GA305 Diabolo - p73 6. GA336 Marble houses- p61 7. GA312 Race Plane -p61 8. GA299 Kandama - p61 9. GA169 Beach Ball - p45 10. GA344 Jumping Elastic - p55 32

play grow move learn (repeat)

Play fulfills a wide variety of purposes in the life of the child. ... It is crucial for children to have the opportunity to create situation with an active, gross-motor play every day, as habits and attitudes toward physical activity are formed early in life and continue into adulthood. Our toys can help with this! Who does not want to grow up in a playful way?


Children of age 3 love to investigate everything they see. It’s a wonderful age to

After developing the motor and thinking skills, children love toys that stimulate the

learn, explore and discover. They

imagination and offer a challenge. They are learning educational skills, which

are developing friendships and skills for playing with other children. Playing on their

own, they learn to use symbols in more complex ways and explore the relationships between objects and how parts & wholes fit together. Appropriate toys for children of this age are outdoor toys, puzzles and simple construction toys like building block. Art material and outdoor play materials (balls, bats, bubble blowers and street games) are other popular toys. All of these toys

release their energy and improve their fine motor and thinking skills. encourage children to

they need for school and to play


with friends. While playing with friends, they use their imagination for pretend play and develop skills to learn how to recognize different colours and letters.

Role play is also very popular at the age of 4, using play tents and playhouses. Furthermore, children have more strength at this age, which makes them able to control heavier items and improve their coordination. Having more control over their reflexes and movements, it is important for them to play with toys that involve brain

activity and hand & muscle movements. Appropriate toys at this age are

board games,


arts & crafts and construction games. Good examples for suitable toys are jumping ropes, toy cars & trucks, spelling toys and drawing equipment.



After the kids get home from school, they are looking for pure fun and excitement. To fulfil this need they want to explore, invent, create and conquer. At the age of 6, role playing is still popular and children love to play with construction toys. Children learn group skills like cooperation and conflict resolution. They follow rules designed by others (as in


games and sports), as well as

creating their own rules to follow with peers. New developed skills are used to organize objects, ideas and skills in a logical way. Abilities to symbolize by using letters and numbers have been developed.

Children grow up so fast, don’t they! Children from 8 years and older love self-expression and begin to develop hobbies and life-long interests. Furthermore, they develop their vocabulary through reading, telling stories and have a creative imagination. They also have a longer attention span, which enables them to play (active) games for long

hours. Educational board games are perfect

for this age, as children are eager to learn and are able to concentrate for a longer time now. Appropriate toys for children older than eight years are strategy-based board games, chess & checkers and active outdoor games.

Appropriate toys are toys that allow them to use their imagination or strategic board games. Traditional childhood games like skipping, hopscotch, marbles and elastic jumping are also often played outside. Interesting examples of games are checkers, chess, craft materials and word creating games.



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Did you know....

kid’s room in style

A lot of our products come with a cotton bag, You can take your toys anywhere you want to!

It is not unusual for some animals to play with toys. An example of this is a dolphin being trained to nudge a ball through a hoop. Young chimpanzees use sticks as dolls – the social aspect is seen by the fact that young females more often use a stick this way than young male chimpanzees. They carry their chosen stick and put it in their nest. Such behaviour is also seen in some adult female chimpanzees, but never after they have become mothers.

Our assortment is never complete without short movies. Of course, the pictures tell a lot about the articles, but movies explain much more. That is why we have produced many movies to further explain our toys. What is better to just check out our YouTube channel and look up your favorite game? This way you will directly know and understand many of our toys! Go there and entertain yourself!

“Some toys are not only fun to play with, but they are also excellent as decoration in a stylish childrensroom.” 40



ur toys are mainly focussed on children, however sometimes we also catch parents who have a lot of fun with the games of BS Toys. We love to see the joy that parents have, while playing with friends or the entire family. Is there antyhing more awesome than to see how good daddy is at Tin throwing or how cool it is to beat him when playing Kubb together? When looking at the reviews on several web shops, we read the best stories of how games are used in multiple situations. In addition to games such as Kubb and Tin Throwing that are played during family weekends, we also read great stories about the Parachute used at residential care centres. In this case, the game is used to have a fun time and laughter together but also to stimulate movement for the elderly.

Daddy steals your toys!

Not only children pla traditional y with gam toys; 9,5% es and o toys is sold f total to age 20 and older!




Water Flower

Connect this water flower to a garden hose very easily. The blades spray water in all directions. That’s certainly fun for 10! 3+ | height 38 cm

GA173 Diving Animals

Practice your underwater skills with these fun diving animals.

GA015 Waterball

Inflatable ball that sprays water from different sprinklers. Easy to connect to a garden hose. 3+ | diameter 38 cm

Fun in the Water

GA169 Beach Ball

Have fun with this beach ball rackets! 6+ | neoprene | 2 rackets + 1 ball | 39 x 18 cm

GA174 Gloves

This is a fun catch and throwing game for 2 persons! The inner side of the gloves are made of velcro.


6+ | neoprene | sand filling | diameter ca. 14 cm | packed per 3


6+ | neoprene | 2 velcro catch pad + 1 ball| 18 x 23 cm


GA302 Diving Memo Who can hold his breath the longest? This marine animals-memo game is specially for in the water!

6+ | neoprene | sand filling | diameter 10 cm | 12 pcs (6 sets)



Animal Disc

This is the only time you are allowed to throw with animals. 3+ | 10 pces per display (2pcs of each) | diameter 21 cm


GA343 Water Bouncer

This fine ball hops overNthe water when you EW over in the pool throw it. A nice ball to throw COL ORS or the sea. 6+ | neoprene | diameter 5 cm


GA278 Domino

GA014 Big Poles

GA134 Giant Ball

4+ | 28 pieces | plywood | 18 x 7,5 x 1,5 cm

8+ | 31 poles | bamboo | length 90 cm | diameter 0,7 cm

3+ | inflatable core | fabric cover | diameter 50 cm | can be inflated with a needle pump (not included)

The well-known family game but now in an extra large size and bright colors. Made of fine quality wood. Cotton bag included.

Can you pick up the most poles, without moving the other ones?

Hours of active fun with this inflatable ball.



GA277 Large Tower


Build a high tower and remove blocks without knocking the tower down or use them as construction blocks. Includes a dice

Board games are no longer just for those dreary autumn days. This game is lovely and big, making it perfectly suitable for playing both indoors and outdoors.

4+ | incl 60 blocks and 1 dice | wood | block size 20 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm | max height tower 1 m | incl cotton bag

GA242 Draughts Deluxe

This extra large draughts game includes a board and wooden fiches. Winning this game makes the vicitory even greater! Includes cotton bag.


6+ | non woven field | 85 x 85 cm | 40 wooden chips, 7 x 7 x 0,8 cm

GA166 Giant Running Home

6+ | 4 x 4 pawns, 6 cm | 2 dice | wood | size 50 x 50 x 2,8 cm | cotton bag included

GA195 Goose

GA324 Chess

4+ | including 6 chips and a dice | wood | size 50 x 50 x 2 cm

8+ | non woven field, size 90 x 90 cm | 32 wooden chess pieces

A gorgeous, wooden, extra large version family game for 2 - 6 geese. Including cotton bag.


This is a strategic game! Use your entire brain to put your opponent in checkmate within just a few moves! Can you capture the king?


Tin Throwing


Tin Throwing

GA260 Tin Throwing

Tin throwing continues to be great. With three editions to choose from, it’s even more fun! 3+ | incl 3 throwing bags | 10 metal tins diameter 6 cm height 10 cm

Hit it! GA129 Ball Throwing

GA148 Red & White Bowling

Nice wooden bowling game. Can you throw a strike? Cotton bag included.

Be the first to knock over all the boards in the fewest throws or reach the agreed point limit. Cotton bag included.

4+ | 10 pins | 2 balls | birch wood | height 18 cm

4+ | 7 wooden targets | 2 balls | height 16 cm

GA128 Finnish Throwing Game

GA232 Tower of Balance

8+ | 12 pins | pine | height 15 cm | diameter 5,5 cm

8+ | incl a rope to mark the field | pine | 9 blocks | 4 sets of 3 fiches | total height 65 cm

Score exactly 50 points by throwing the stick and knocking over the pins. Cotton bag included.


Try to knock over the top block of the tower and you may keep this block. The player with most blocks wins. Cotton bag included.


GA149 Skittles Jr.

Cheerfull wooden bowling game for the little bowlers. 3+ | 6 skittles | 1 wooden ball | birch | height 18 cm

GA237 Sword

GA239 Shield

GA253 Sword + Shield

Feel like a real knight with this wooden sword and/or shield. 3+ | pine | sword 50 x 13 x 2 cm | shield 34 x 27 x 0,5 cm

Be who you want to be, whether it’s a pirate or a princess

GA249 Teepee (Blue)

This teepee is made of strong cotton and can be build up very easily. Play with it or use it as a storage space. 3+ | wooden foldable poles | tent of strong cotton | including floor mat | size 110 x 110 x 162

GA326 Teepee (Stripes & Dots)

GA095 Princess’ tent GA096 Pirate’s tent

These beautiful tents are very easy to build up. In these tents, you will imagine yourself being a real princess or pirate...

3+ | wooden foldable poles | tent of strong cotton | size 110 x 110 x 162 cm

3+ | polyester | diameter 105 cm | height 135 cm


This fancy teepee is made of solid wooden poles and cotton with happy dots! It is also a nice decorative piece in a child’s bedroom.


GA319 Triangle Domino

Try to match the triangles’ sides with matching colors. 6+ | 35 triangles | plywood | size 10 x 10 x 10 cm

GA279 Four in a Row

Extra big size! Put a token in the frame and make sure that four of the same color are aligned. This can be either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Cotton bag included.

GA318 Fat Animal Domino

Classic game with happy and a little chubby animals. IM


4+ |28 pieces | plywood | size 13 x 6,5 x 1 cm


6+ | 42 chips | plywood | size 57 x 39 cm


Family games

GA054 Giant Card Game


It is not possible to play an inconspicuous card game with these large cards!

GA329 Ice DreamN




8+ | 54 cards | laminated paper | size 21 x 29 cm

COdifferent Take a card and pile upW the LOR flavours to create the ice cream shown onSthe card. The first person who makes the ice cream, without dropping the flavours, wins the game. 4+ | wood | 24 pcs | 30 cards | incl bag | Size cup 60 x 60 x 20 cm | size ice 55 x 25 x 20 cm


GA310 Lotto

Play the game and make sure you cover all your own numbers first! Learn numbers in a fun way together with your friends! Cotton bag included. 6+ | 150 wooden chips to cover the numbers on the board | 10 boards size 25 x 10 cm | 90 wooden numbers



Mommy NEW Match

COfind Throw the dice and kid with the right LOthe RS colour! Your next challenge is to find the mommy with the same colour. 3+ | wood + wood composite | 12 pcs | including bag | size mom: 100 mm | size kid: 40 mm,


GA320 Find the fish

Throw the dice and try to be the first to find the matching fish. 4+ | wood | 56 fishes 6 x 4 x 2,6 cm | 56 cards: 7,5 x 5,5 x 0,3 cm | 3 dice 5 x 5 x 5 cm







GA264 Moves!

Train your brain by remembering (and doing!) all the moves as shown on the chips. Cotton bag included.


PRO IM 6+ | 18 chips | diameter 8 cm


GA342 Tail Ball

So nice to throw over with this sturdy tailbal. See him fly with his tail LORinSthe air. How far can NEW CO you throw it? 6+ | polyester | size 100 x 6 x 6 cm




EW GA340 Slingball C

GA331 Moves & sounds

6+ | polyester | 4 balls, 2 hoops | size ball 95 x 10 x 10 | size target diameter 65 x 65 cm

3+ | wood | 12 pcs | size 8 x8 | incl bag


OR Grab the tip of the tail,Lor grab S it closer to the ball. By swinging the ball you have to land it into the circle. Score more points then your opponent and win. A cool game for young and old.

Move Around !! VED




RS Who remembers most sounds and movements? Every chip represents an animal or object. Try to personate IMPto what is written on the chip. Do you know how ROV personate an elephant and afterwards also know what ED sound a train makes? P



Egg Party




Balance the egg on your spoon andRS IMPthe egg race! Try to finish first without dropping ROV ED and win the game. Did your egg fall out the shell? Start over and catch up with the other players! 4+ | 4 spoons | 4 eggs | 4 inner eggs



GA130 Wooden Walking Ski’s

Fun way to practice coordination and balance. 6+ | for 2 persons | wood | size 90 x 8,5 x 2 cm


GA344 Elastic Jump

GA333 Wooden Walking Bobbins

4+ | elastic | length 3 meter | width 2 cm

3+ | wood composite | cotton rope | size 12 x 12 x5 cm

Adults surely remember it from back in the LORisSBACK. Sing, jump day, but jumping elastics EW CO N and make the coolest move by jumping on - or next to- the elastic.



NE With these funny and colourful walking bobbins, WC OLOline without falling. you have to cross the finish RS Practise your balancing step by step!







Paint this birdhouse in happy colors. 3+ | including brush and 4 colors paint | size 9 x 9 x 13 cm

GA334 Superbricks N

GA125 DIY Walking Bobbins


W Cmade of solid This set contains 24 bricks OLO RS stand on cardboard. A child of 40kg can easily a brick. Make the nicest buildings and let’s pile on!

Happy walking bobbins! You can easily decorate these walking bobbins, using stickers to turn them into a robot, flower garden or a funny face. 4+ | incl 3 sets of stickers | 50 kg max | size 10 x 12 cm

3+ | cardboard | 18 large bricks (7 x 14 x 29 cm) + 6 small bricks (7 x 14 x 14,5 cm) | 40 kg max

GA255 Circle Set

Brightly colored wooden blocks to make the nicest figures. The 48 sample cards with different characters provide inspiration for hours of puzzle fun. Choose the easier variant with colored patterns or accept the challenge by using the grey image. Handy cotton bag included.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” -Maya Angelou-

4+ |incl 22 solid wooden blocks in various circular shapes and colors | 48 pattern cards in 6 languages | rabbit size 36 cm.

GA317 XXXL Coloring

Cotton coloring page with educational twist, wash it at 40 degrees in the washing machine and start over again. This product has a plastic protection layer on the back so it won’t make stains on the table or floor underneath.

GA254 Sport Blocks

Create the sport figures as shown on the cards. 6+ | 71 wooden blocks | 48 sport figure cards in 6 languages

3+ |incl 12 washable markers | cotton front, plastic back | size 100 x 60 cm



GA292 Pixel Art

This pixel art game includes 20 cards with examples of images that you can try to rebuild with the 150 wooden pixels. Colourful and educational game! 4+ |150 wooden pixels | printed on both sides | 20 examples to build | size of a pixel 4 x 4 x 0,4 cm

GA126 Jumping Animals

Inflate and ride these lovely animals! 2+ | 50 kg max | sitting height 27 cm | length 50 cm | incl. pump

GA220 Juming Cow Pink

GA274 Juming Deer

Hop Hop GA275 Juming Dog

GA322 Jumping bags

Jump around with these jumping bags in fresh and happy colors. 3+ | 4 bags | polyester | size 50 x 70 cm

GA227 Party Set


3+ | 4 jumping bags, 4 spoons, 4 eggs, 4 throwing bags, 2 ankle straps |start/finish line, 4 pegs, red flag | jumping bags: 70 x 50 cm

3+ | 4 jumping bags | cotton | 65 x 37 cm | washable at 40 degrees

Sack racing! This set is ideal for a (birthday) party and will provide a day with loads of fun.


Jumping Bags Cotton

Big bags made of strong material. The handles make it easy to hold the bags.


GA261 Hopscotch

Place the rings close together or far apart to make it easier or more difficult. You can play this game on your own, but play it with more children together for more fun! 4+ |10 rings | 3 throwing chips | diameter 30 cm

“Topproduct! Mooi materiaal, toffe kleuren!”

GA230 Large Jumping Rope

GA161 Boomerang

6+ | wooden handles | cotton rope | length 5m

6+ |size 39 x 16 cm | thickness 0,8 cm | plywood

With this jumping rope it will be very nice to work out!

Did you know boomerangs were used by the IMPis made aboriginals? This lightweight boomerang R of wood. Makes throwing and catching easy!OVED




XXXXL Bubbles

THAT’s what we call HUGE bubbles!

VED O3+ | cotton rope | poles 45 cm


EW GA338 Kite to Go CO


ORS size packaging. This is a great kite with pocket You can easily bring it with you anywhere. Just put it in your bag and if you feel some wind, throw it in the air.

GA299 Kendama

Practice cool tricks by catching and throwing the ball in different ways. 8+ |wood with rubber coating



3+ |polyester | size 46 x 32 cm | packed in polyester bag

NEW GA312 GA313




O GA336 Marble House WC

N made from wood, are typical These facades, for the Netherlands! Roll the marbles to their homes and score points. 3+ | incl 12 marbles and cotton bag | houses made of wood | size 34 x 15 x 12 cm


GA312 | GA313 Race Planes

Lovely wooden plane. Pull back the plane for a smooth ride on the runway. 3+ | available in red and blue | wood | size 4,5 x 12 x 15


GA241 Wooden Jeu de Boules

This happy set is made of an excellent quality of wood. Who can throw his ball the nearest to the small ball? 6+ | incl 3 sets of balls (6 in total) and a small target ball | diameter 6,5 cm




GA327 Cat Toss


GA022 Octopus Waterparty

Throw the rings around the cat’s tail. Throw more rings around the tail than your opponent and win the game! The game also includes chalk to keep the scores or to transform your cat into a big panther.

Easy to connect to a garden hose. The tentacles will move around and spray water everywhere due to the water pressure.

GA127 | GA228 Jumping Rope

With this jumping rope it will be very nice to work out! 6+ | wooden handles | cotton rope | rope length 1,6 m

3+ | height approx 16 cm

6+ | wood | 5 plastic rings | incl bag 30 x 30 x 3 cm

Beautiful Beasts GA323 Crocket Big 5

GA122 Crocket Jr.

Don’t be scared... these animals are not dangerous like the real Big Five! Who can hit the ball with a mallet through all the hoops of these animals.

Players must hit the wooden ball with a mallet through all the hoops of the dogs. The player who gets his/her own ball through allIthe hoops MPRO with the lowest number of strokes as possible, VED wins the game.

3+ | 5 animals | 2 balls | 2 mallets | wood | length of the mallet 42 cm | height of the animals approx 20 cm

3+ | 6 dogs | 2 balls | 2 mallets | wood | length of the mallet 42 cm | height of the dogs approx 20 cm


GA335 Shargets



LORyou These sharks are craving for fish. Can S feed them without getting too close? You don’t want them to bite your fingers! 3+ | large 22 x 24 x 3,5 cm | medium 19 x 17 x 3 cm | small: 14 x 12,5 x 3 cm| fish: 6 x 4 x 1 | 10 fishes


GA235 Puzzle Giraffe

Big wooden puzzles. Wooden pieces include the alphabet on one side and numbers on the other side. Teaches children the alphabet and counting numbers! 4+ | 26 pieces | wood | size 60 x 40 x 1,5 cm




Everyone wants these fun and tropical fish in their own fish tank. Who can catch the most fish and/or score the most points? 3+ | incl cotton bag | plywood | 15-25 cm length | thickness 0,3 cm | 10 fishes





GA330 Flying Monsters


Whip your monster in the boxes. Win the game by whipping the monsters in the right boxes! Did you whip the monster in the middle box? Unfortunately, your monster is out of the game‌.




GA202 Shooting Game



Shooting rubber bands has never been as fun as it is with this wooden rubber band gun. 6+ | incl 12 rubber bands and score board | birch

3+ | wood | diameter 25 cm | incl bag


GA337 Indoor Curling

Zoooof! These lovely curl stones fly over the floor. Who can get the closest to the target? Suitable for multiple floor types like wood, laminate and vinyl.




GA269 Mini Golf

Build all 18 holes with these wooden parts. Including 18 example cards and a cotton storage bag. 4+ | 10 parts | 2 balls | 1 hole | 2 clubs | wood | size stick: 62 cm

6+ | wood | felt bottom | 8 stones, 1 target, 4 apllicators | incl cotton carry bag | curl: 10 x 10 x2,5 cm | applicator 6 x 6 x 5 cm | puck: 6 x 6 x 1,2 cm

GA123 Kubb

GA233 Marbles

Populair Swedish outdoor game for the whole family or a group of friends. Cotton bag included.

Classic wooden marble game board and 12 marbles. wCotton bag included.

8+ | 8 x kubbs 7 x 7 x 15 cm | 1x king 7 x 7 x 30 cm | 6 x throwing stick 30 cm | pine | incl cotton bag


4+ | 12 marbles | inner score can be taken out | diameter 19 cm


GA171 Football

GA172 Rugby Ball

6+ | neoprene | diameter 22 cm

6+ | neoprene | diameter 18 cm | length 29 cm

Have fun with this inflatable, neoprene football!

Inflatable! For cool beach days!

GA117 Batting

Try to hit the ball right and who knows you might even hit a home run! Four wooden bases and cotton bag included. 8+ | 2 different bats | 1 ball | 1 home plate, 3 bases | wood | bat size 6,5 x 50 cm


Catching Tails

Run Baby Run

Active game where children have to try to pull off each others tail! 3+ | 6 clip-on tails | felt | size 30 x 2.5 cm

GA133 Parachute

In this game it is important that you work well together with your friends! Release the bouncing balls into the parachute, but make sure that they do not fall out. A cheerful and educational game that provides a lot of fun! 4+ | diameter 3 m | 12 handles | Includes 24 plastic balls

GA321 Belly Catch Set

Always wanted to play Belly Catch with more than just the two of you? Here it is! With these four velcro vests you can invite more friends to come over and play together.


4+ | 4 vests | velcro on front and back | includes 3 soft balls

GA304 Belly Catch

Play belly catch with a friend and catch the velcro balls on your colorful velcro vest! 4+ | 2 vests | velcro on front and back | includes 3 soft balls


GA231 Tug of War

A tug of war game for cool kids! The rope is made of hemp and is 10 meters long, so you can invite all your friends for a tournament! 4+ | incl centerline and pegs | 10 meter length | diameter 2 cm





GA204 Crazy Coordination Game

ORS COL W NE GA341 The Count Games

6+ | incl 3 challenges | 2-8 players | 3 balls | 35 x 35 x 4 cm

3+ | 12 bags | incl polyester carry bag | bag size 9 x 9 x 1.5 cm

You must work together as a team to roll the balls through the labyrinth or try to roll the balls in the holes. How quick can you get them in the right place?


Match Puzzle

30 cards with challenging puzzles in different levels. The solution of the puzzle is on the back of the cards. Cotton bag included. 8+ | 24 wooden matches | 30 cards with examples | wooden parts | size 21 x 0,9 cm


Yard Dice

With this funny garden game you roll the five dice and score points by making combinations with the numbers. 8+ | incl 2 markers and an erasable score form | neoprene dice | size dice 8 x 8 x 8 cm | score form size 29,5 x 21 x 0,3 cm


So many ways to play with this set. Playfully learn about the numbers and the priciples about adding and subtracting. Are you ready for the Olympic Count Games?

Learn & Play

GA309 Running Quiz

Answer multiple choice questions by running to the right field that matches the correct answer. Stay in the game by answering the most questions correctly. Play this game in 6 different languages 6+ | incl 3 wooden letters, 3 ropes to mark the field of answer options, 1 bell, 1 score board with marker and quizcards in 6 languages


World Game

Educational game that will teach you a lot about countries all over the world. Find two similar cards and train your memory! Cotton bag included. 4+ | 15 pairs | MDF | size 20 x 20 x 0,3

GA293 Mirror Game

GA194 Balance Buddies

6+ | 24 pieces | wood | 1 ropeww

4+ | 20 buddies in 3 sizes and 1 dice | wood | balance size 10 x 50 cm

First, build the example of one of the 25 existing cards with wooden components. Then, try to build the exact reflection of the example on the other side of the blue river.


A fun way to learn about balance and gravity. Roll the dice to see which color Buddy you have to add on the seesaw. Don’t let them slip off!

“Topproduct! Mooi materiaal, toffe kleuren!”

GA050 Disc Deluxe

GA190 Velcro Darts

6+ | incl 3 discs and 4 pegs | diameter field 2 m

6+ | incl 3 balls | inflatable core | diameter 50 cm

Play Darts, But play it with discs! Try to throw the discs on the playing field and count who has the biggest score

Large dart board. Hang it on the wall with the attached band.Throw the balls on the board and get the highest score.

GA088 Darts

The days of complaining about the size of the dart board are over! 6+ | incl 4 ground stakes and 3 inflatable darts filled with sand | 120 x 120 cm

! e y e s ’ bull GA192 Horse Shoe Toss

GA162 Throwing Game

6+ | 3 pins with numbers on top | pin 22 cm | 6 horse shoes 14 x 14 cm | incl cotton bag

6+ | incl 6 balls | 75 x 55 cm

Yiiiieeeehaaa! Toss the horse shoes. Which cowboy can score the most points?

GA145 Ring Toss

Throw the rings around the wooden posts. A challenging game for young and old. 6+ | incl 5 rings | 1 doubler | pine | size 50 x 50 x 10 cm

If you manage to throw the balls around the frame, you will score the number of points mentioned on the side.

GA263 Noughts & Crosses

An active version of noughts and crosses! Put the rope ‘board’ on the ground and try to put three of the same playing bags in a row. Make it more difficult by throwing the sand bags in the desired box. Or try a relay 4+ | 10 sand filled throwing bags | 4 wooden ground stakes | bags made of polyester | field size 70 x 70 cm



GA325 Ring Toss

Use your coordination and try to toss the ring around one of the colorful wooden pegs. 3+ | 3 wooden pegs in 3 different colors | 5 rings | height 21 cm | diameter 18 cm




NEW GA223 Bullet Ball

Keep on moving the ball as fast as a bullet! 6+ | rope 240 cm | diameter 13 cm

GA303 Bounce Tennis

These two elastic rackets and fluffy ball provide even more fun at the beach or in the park. Play with your friends and see how long you can keep it in theair 6+ | 2 rackets | 1 fluffy ball | size 57 x 32 cm

GA291 Stackman

These strong armed stackable men use all of their muscles. Find all the different ways to stack all men and build a tower as high as possible.

Last but not least :)

6+ | 10 stackable men | plywood | size 12,5 x 10 x 10 cm per man

GA270 Scoreboard

With this handy scoreboard it is easy to keep track of the score. You can use it with any kind of game or sport you want. Made of wood and easilyfoldable. 6+ | wooden base and plastic numbers | size 30 x 16 cm


GA339 Rainbow Kite

The diabolo has made its comeback. Practice cool tricks at the schoolyard and show your friends your best tricks. With this cool diabolo you can do endless tricks. 6+ year |material of the diabolo: rubber, sticks: wood | diameter diabolo 10 cm | sticks 38 cm length



What a cool two-line kite this is! Steer the kite by pulling the lines. How long can you keep it up in the air? 8+ | polyester | 120 x 55 cm | incl polyester bag

GA311 Bird Race

Train your coordination by balancing the birds on your head and bring them safely to their nest. Cotton bag included. 4+ | incl 15 birds, 2 nests, 2 head plates and a home plate | wood | height bird 4 cm | diameter head plate 12 cm | diameter nest 15 cm


GA305 Diabolo


Road ‘n Cars

A great wooden puzzle road including two robust cars. Puzzle your favorite road and let’s drive! 3+ | 24 wooden road pieces of 15 x 15 cm | 2 cars of metal and wood | 8 traffic signs | height traffic sign 8 cm | car size 14 x 6 x 6 cm

Index GA014

Big Poles



Yard Dice









Skippy Cow Pink



Bird Race



Octopus Waterparty



Bullet ball



Race Plane (Blue)



Birdhouse 13 cm



Party Set



Race Plane (Red)



Disc Deluxe



Jumping Rope



XXXL Coloring



Giant Card Game



Large Jumping Rope



Fat Animal Domino






Tug of war



Triangle Domino



Tin Throwing



Tower of Balance



Find the Fish



Princess' Tent






Belly Catch Set



Pirate's Tent



Puzzle Giraffe



Jumping Bags









Crocket Jr.



Crocket Jr.






Chess XL






Jeu de Boules



Ring Toss



DIY Walking Bobbins



Draughts Deluxe



Teepee Stripes & Dots



Jumping Cow



Teepee Cotton



Cat Toss



Jumping Rope



Jumping Bags Cotton



Mommy Match



Finnish Throwing Game



Sword and Shield



Ice Dream



Ball Throwing



Sport Blocks



Flying Monsters



Wooden Walking Ski’s



Circle Set



Moves & Sounds



Tin Throwing



Tin Throwing



Egg Party









Wooden Walking Bobbins



Giant Ball



Noughts and Crosses






Ring Toss









Red & White Bowling



Mini Golf



Marble House



Skittles Jr.






Indoor Curling



World Game



Water Flower



Kite to Go






Jumping Deer



Rainbow Kite






Jumping Dog






Throwing Game



Large Tower



The Count Games



Giant Running Home






Tail Ball



Beach Ball



Four in a Row



Water Bouncer









Elastic Jump



Rugby Ball



Pixel Art



Diving animals



Mirror Game






Match Puzzle



Animal Disc



Road 'n Cars



Velcro Darts






Horse Shoe Toss



Catching Tails



Balance Buddies



Diving Memo






Bounce Tennis



XXXXL Bubbles



Belly Catch



Shooting Game






Crazy Coordination Game



Running Quiz





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