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Visual Thinking!! Billie Rae Spain!

School: Academy of Art University Semester: Fall 2013 Instructor: William Culpepper Course: GR_620 OL2 Project: Narrative Video / Process

Live, Bike, Love!

Global Impact!

Awareness & Safety!


Wearing Helmuts !

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Topic: ! Biking, Safety & Awareness Problem: ! Traffic congestion, not enough bike paths, bad drivers, popularization, urban sprawl, high property values, not enough city funding, education, tools, resources are available to help the fact of this issue. Solution: ! Live, Bike, Love comes together as a community to involve, engage, interact, promote, give resources, tools, options or alternatives to those that want to learn, help the cause, donate, become a member, be global and support the initiatives revolved around biking, safety, awareness and organize, guide and give purpose etc.

Brief:! Tone, style, mood, visuals are all part of the enhancement of the brand and vernacular of what makes a product, service or appeal. We wanted to search more in depth for the overall aesthetics, pattern, texture, feel of the company and what it had to offer the people in regards to biking, safety and awareness. Then there where other aspects that had to be taken into consideration. Audience: Young or Old Strengths: Community, engagement and involvement in becoming a member Weakness: Road sharing, traffic laws, popularization of cities, poor signage or decongestion. Opportunities: Protesting, engagement, involvement, community, technology, services, products and events.

Logo Brand: ! Of course the idea happened and then we had to build core values, initiatives, deliverables and develop a plan of action off these formed and concepts came to approach a common ground for bikers all over the planet to make way. Live, Bike, Love! Promotes change, efficiency, awareness, tools and resources, robust, meaning and purpose. It focuses on the people, the environment, the plan of action and wants your to learn and engage, evolve and build.

Deliverables: ! This is where the concept, ideas took appeal and went into the process of brainstorming and execution to make this brand happen. We wanted to make sure that we reached out to everyone in our goals to help with the promoting and persuading this issue to the masses. So that everyone across the globe could be aware of it through booklets, cards, APPS, clothing products and even a website.

How It Works.! Step one: Register Online No monthly payments, annual dues or hidden costs – Just a one time registration fee or donation. Get the APP to become a member on our website. Once you have that you it forever and you can use until you want to cancel it.

Step Two: Finding The Bike APP You just have to sign up in our login it’s that simple or hit the “join” button on the icon. Then once signed up you are in and get many perks, benefits to events that our campaign has to offer. You can even scan the QR code for cool discounts on apparel and other items.

Step Three: Starting The Bike APP Once people join they will not be able to get enough of our interactive engagement throughout the community locally and on an international level. You will keep updated on the latest safety, awareness, resource tools that are effective for riding and sharing the road with others.

Step Four: Using The Bike APP These are the most effective ways to navigate the cities in your neighborhood that you want to visit for the urban dweller and even for savvy tourists. It’s so high tech your grandma can use it. It tells about all construction, detours and areas of upcoming traffic congestion that you need to know.

Step Five: Tell A Friend By sharing the initiative you will receive a free gift for donating and sharing us to your friends or family. We will give you a nice incentive for signing them and yourself up. Plus give you good discounts and deals for supporting the cause and this issue!

Apps ! • Learn About Products & Services • ipad, iphone & Smartphone • Stay Resourceful • Tools & Tips • Login & Connect On The Go • Media Related Content (Videos, Blogs) • Keep Informed About Events • Simple & Easy To Use • Get Discounts • Interact & Engage

Learn !

Website ! • Learn About Products & Services • MAC or PC Compatible • Stay Resourceful • Get Tools & Tips • Login & Connect Anywhere • Media Related Content (Videos, Blogs) • Keep Informed About Events • Simple & Easy To Use • Get Discounts • Interact & Engage • Buy Products

Website !

Booklet & Cards ! • Learn About Products & Services • Fits In Your Back Pocket • Stay Resourceful • Get Tools & Tips • Keep Informed About Events • Simple & Easy To Read • Get In On Discounts • Interact • Tell Your Friends

Booklet & Cards !

Poster !

Products ! • Learn About Our Merchandise • Wear Our Gear To Promote • Stay Resourceful • Keep Informed About Events • Simple & Easy To Wash • Get Discounts • Interact • Tell Your Friends

Products !

Products !

Bike Presentation  
Bike Presentation  

This is for bike safety and awareness campaign for Live, Bike, Love which is a product identity service that promotes urban bicycling to ens...