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Phylicia Rashad Paulette Carter They say, “The people you surround yourself with, are the ones who will have the greatest influence on you.” 2

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In loving memory of: WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON This is dedicated to the woman with the beautiful smile that touched so many worldwide with her amazing voice! She had such an amazing impact on the entertainment world. As a child I grew up listening to all of her music! I knew all of the words to every song on all of her cds, still singing them today as if they were new to my ear and fresh to my tongue. She always carried herself as a woman, dressed very beautifully, and had such a sweet personality! Kept a smile on her face and continuously made hit after hit never allowing anyone to question her talent! To her beautiful daughter Bobbi, I know this may seem unreal and be very hard to handle but continue to pray and strive to be more than your mother would want you to be this is your time to step up and make her proud and reveal it to the world! I will keep your family in my prayers and I wish you the best of luck on any and all things that you will accomplish in the years to come.

*Whitney Houston 1963 -2012*


Founded in 2003, Explore Talent is now the world’s largest talent community and the premiere online source for acting and modeling auditions & casting. We have close to 1 million members and premium paying members have access to an inventory of about 10,000 current casting and auditions. Our company now has over 80 people working diligently to deliver the highest quality of service and access to a wide array of auditions and castings tailored to each of our members. We are constantly working to find even better ways to enhance our members careers, from new technologies to help casting directors find our members more easily to technologies that make the submission process easier. With a free sign up visitors can search castings and auditions and even post their resumes and pictures. Registered members can submit themselves to castings and auditions and have access to a wide array of other services.

Get Started Today Pilot Season Auditions and Casting Going on Now! Get discovered, gain experience, build SAG credit, and get paid. CLICK HERE 5


Paulette L.A. Carter

young christian woman hailing from Detroit, MI. A soon to be first time big sister. Business Administration major, concentration in Management, sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I came to college to better myself and further my education. My goal for my future is to become a very successful entrepreneur as well as lawyer and make a difference in the world! I write poetry and songs. I sing and play the piano, beginner level. I love to play video games, basketball and watch sports/wrestling. I love taking pictures/modeling and doing make-up! • Swagnumette Model for Robert “Rob” Curry (Day26) and Real Hustle Music Group (#RHMG) in Detroit, MI. <@rob_day26> • Currently interning for Island DefJam/DTP’s (Ludacris Disturbing Tha Peace Label) new RnB group “Untitled”. <@Untitleddtp> • An assistant for Cookie Irving, make-up artist at DivaliciousBrowz and Make-Up Bar in Atlanta, GA. <@ DivaBrowz> • Executive assistant for Lisa Watts’s 4sk Management <@Lisa_4sk> in Atlanta, GA • Business relations manager for Just Jerk Cafe <@ Justjerkcafe> also in Atlanta, GA! • Intern for Meltingpot mediaInc • Artist Promoter/Marketing Agent for BSocial Interactive online magazine. <@just_tonnines> • Intern for Cire Entertainment <@Cire_Ent> <@ Cire_Entpr> • • Artist Manager for David “Lyric” Taylor <@DaveLyric>, Antonio “Leeadrian” Marthini <@IamPerfiq>, Edward “EBaby” Poe <@ebabymusic313>, and Kimeray “Prawfet” Wells <@KimerayWells>, Kilee Jay <@Kileejay>, and party promoter/dj Kodaq <@iKicktoddlers> I started this online magazine for the benefit of others. To keep the world updated on the latest talents in the music, fashion, radio, and educational fields. I love to promote and support those who are talented and determined. We all are destined for greatness but together we can take over! My contact information is listed below along with a few sites to check out with previous articles and interviews done by me. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. 6

T.O.F. 101

2011: I created and publish my first two editions of my magazineTalk Of Fame 101 1st edition: < 2nd edition: <

Scan me Ta l k o f fa m e 1 0 1

2012: 1st of the year we were featured in BSocial Interactive Magazine < 3rd Edition: < issue_3reduced Purchase t-shirts, bags, pajamas, cups, pillows, and much MUCH MORE with my logo on them: TO VIEW ALL OF THE PRODUCTS (clocks, bags, hats, shirts, hoodies, tanks, pajamas, mugs, cups, shot classes, pillows, ,MUCH MORE) CLICK Purchase items with my logo and bar code on it and for all those who have the bar code scanner application on their phones you can scan your items and get directed to some of my work! BAR CODE CLOTHING WITH LINKS TO MY INTERVIEWS CLICK MORE ITEMS To find BAR CODE CLOTHING with links to my Facebook CLICK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT. Looking forward to working with you soon. God Bless!

Email: Phone: (313)969-5154 Links; Blog; BSocial;


Orlando Rawls

Cipher’s Corner

RED, WHITE, AND BLUE When anyone mentions the colors red, white, and blue to Americans, we instantly think of the Ameri-

Stele of Ha-Het

can flag. That flag which waves so graciously while imprinting upon our minds the colossal task which our Founding Fathers embarked upon in order to create a free nation. During the summer of 2011, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Egypt. Egypt was just as I had imagined it; full of majestic monuments and wonders which echoed the mental and spiritual prominence of a pristine people. The educational experience was astounding and left an everlasting impression in my mind. During my brief tenure in Egypt, I noticed something very significant in relation to ancient Egypt—I noticed the colors red, white, and blue. Exposure to this reality left my mind perplexed. I thought, “Could the colors of red, white, and blue, specifically the American flag, have an ancient Egyptian (African) origin?”

Above is a picture of the Stele of Ha-Het, an Egyptian priest of the 26th dynasty, exemplifying the colors of red, white, and blue.

Upon further research I learned that around 3100 B.C. there came a king from the south (Nubia) of Egypt by the name of Narmer (Menes) who unified Upper and Lower Egypt. He is considered to have created 8

the world’s first monarchy or nation. The crown which the king of Lower Egypt wore was red, and the crown which the king of Upper Egypt wore was white. Furthermore, the crown of war which was worn by Narm-

er when he unified the two lands was blue. So, for the Egyptians, the colors of red, white, and blue represent the first time in human history that a nation state or monarchy was created. The sacred colors red, white, and blue also refer to the star Sirius, or Dog-Star. Ancient Egyptians considered Sirius to be the soul of Isis which announced its presence every 1461 years on the Eastern ho-

rizon of the Giza Plateau during the summer solstice. Ancient Egyptian legend says that during Siriusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; rising on the Eastern horizon it would flicker red, white, and blue.

rance. To deny anyone truth about human history only leads to the detriment and destruction of an entire people. Only true education will promote and displays the summit of human intelligence.

For students of history, it should be simple to identify with the European incursion of Northeast Africa. Prior to their invasion of Northeast Africa, European countries had not too long developed a concept for a nation flag. Could the Founding Fathers of European countries such as France, Britain, and their colonies have adopted those same sacred colors from the people of ancient Egypt?

Orlando Rawls African-American Studies Department Clark Atlanta University April 9, 2012

Here is another example of the sacred colors of red, white, and blue displayed on the temple walls of Hatshepsut in Egypt. Notice this picture looks similar to the American flag and bald eagle.

It is well known that the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt occurred thousands of years before any European nation. Based on substantial evidence presented to me in Egypt, I maintain and advocate that the colors of red, white, and blue are not of American or European origin, but indigenous to ancient Egypt (Africa). Profound knowledge of such a creation should not be excluded, but included in all canons or systems of education. Why is this type of information not taught in the Western world? Could it be that the Western world is systematically protecting an educational foundation that has been built falsely upon the notion of a Greek origin of knowledge? If so, then such an assertion is racist and pure igno9

20/20 Vision Advance

Morehouse Colleges’ Bible Study Group


On February 17-19, 2012, I had the pleasure of attending the 20/20 vision advance with Morehouse Colleges’ bible study group. This three day advance also known to some as a retreat was very informative, relaxing, fun, and beneficial. The bible studies themselves are very beneficial in teaching the word as well as uniting young Christian college students. This advanced opened my eyes and allowed me to be more in tune with Christ through various activities and discussions. I am very grateful to have attended and participated in the great experience. Below are a very o four fond memories during our little Christian “vacation”. Michael Harding enjoying the environment and lake view 10

Terrence Jones, our guest speaker for the weekend The whole group!

One of the young men from Morehouse college doing some studying after dinner Our leaders; Pascual Thedford (Green Shirt) Mwamba Johnson (Pointing at Terrence) Terrence Jones Byron Johnson (White Shirt) Ralph Gordon (Grey Hoodie)



Bright Ekeigwe

My name is Bright Ekeigwe from the Bronx, New York. Born Novemeber 20, 1989 to the proud parents of Dominic and Dorothy Ekeigwe. I am the first of four. I am a Senior, Computer Science Major at Clark Atlanta University. My favorite hobbies is playing sports, drawing, partying, hanging out having fun, and dancing. I am currently a member of The Alpha Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, A member of the Clark Atlanta University Panther Football Team, and a member of House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team Incorporated. I started B.E. Custom Designs almost 3 years ago. I was given the inspiration from a great man who was also a great friend 12

I Am Regular

by the name of Mr. Dudley Mapp, who recently passed about 2 years ago. With the drive and experience I was given, I took the opportunity to span out and start my own graphic design business. I plan to expand in all aspects of creative designing and hope to build an empire of my own.

Designs By Ekeigwe

Contact Info: Cell: (347) 283-2483 Personal Email: Business Email: Facebook: Bright Ekeigwe Twitter: @Dakidmr86 13

Nic Paper


Charisma is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a special magnetic charm or appeal”1. After spending two minutes in a room with burgeoning rap artist, Nic Paper, it becomes evident that he possesses the charisma needed to charm the girls, and inspire the guys. As the first recording artist signed to “Chartcontrol”, an Atlanta-based production company founded by Isaac “Ike Dirty” Hayes III (son of iconic R&B legend, Isaac Hayes), Nic Paper is positioned for success with a powerful team to navigate his career in the music industry. Often compared to the likes of TI, because of his charismatic persona, Nic Paper exemplifies the “It” factor needed to inspire the male fans to want to be like him, and the charm to entice the female fans to want to be with him. Nic Paper’s “pretty boy thug” appeal and rebellious nature adds his unique style to tracks on “Cash it or Plastic”, and the lead single of the same title, on Nic’s buzz-worthy street album made available to his fans for free on www. 14

BIO Nic Paper sites TI, Jay Z, Gucci Mane and Nas as inspirations for their real and uncut deliveries, and is adamant that future fans will be inspired by him. “When the world thinks of me, I want them to think of genuine music, and get a feel for who I really am”. Nic continues, “My hood has never been represented properly.” The perfect look, the perfect sound, the perfect team, equals a lethal combination creating the perfect storm for Nic Paper to become the East Saint Louis hometown hero. ME: What artists influence you? NIC: Jay-z, nas, eminem, and t.I. ME: Why is music important to you? NIC: Music is important to me because it drives me to become something bigger and hard times it helps me cope and get through the everyday struggles, it’s my life ME: As an up and coming artist who was your biggest support system and how did they support you? NIC: My mother is and will always be my biggest support system. She told me to leave and follow my dreams and has held me down ever since. Shout out

to Isaac “ike dirty” Hayes III ME: If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be and why? NIC: Determined, strong, and official. ME: What advice would you give to our youth as well as other up and coming artist? NIC: Get your education (at least graduate high school), listen, be aware of your surroundings, and be yourself always. ME: What makes you passionate when it comes to music in general whether it be your own or another artist; is it the lyrics, melody, beat, the artist..? NIC: Being able to express myself and be as creative as I want makes me passionate with my music; knowing that I can make my family and a total stranger’s life better makes me even more passionate. It’s all I have that I can actually call mine ME: How do you feel about old school music? Who did you grow up listening to that might have inspired you at a young age? NIC: Growing up that’s all I listened to. Artist like Johnny Taylor, Isley brothers, Teddy Pendergrass, E, W, and Fire, and many other great artists. I could go on for hours ME: How do you feel about the music today as far as it having no valued meaning like old school music? Do you think it will continue to be this way or will it only continue to go downhill from here? NIC: I just feel like artist these days aren’t making quality music like artist have in the past. It seems like they say whatever on anything, hoping it catches for a fast buck. New artist like drake, big krit, and myself are bringing it back along with veterans like Lil Wayne, jay-z, kanye, and Eminem are keeping quality real music alive. It can only get better

want if they stay focused, as I am. I have goals to take care of my family and put the economic circumstances of my hood, East St. Louis in a greater state, with jobs and better education for the kids. I need a Grammy too. ME: Do you write your own lyrics and if so what is the inspiration behind most of your music? Is the meaning of your lyrics from a personal stand point or do you write about everyday situations? Is most of your music influenced by fame or real life situations? NIC: I do write my music, along with my producers. I speak from personal situations, things I have done, and things I’ve seen. 1


iTunes: id381074148 Videos: Cash It Or Plastic: watch?v=a9KlbS8_Gp0 Upset:

ME: What is your goal as an artist? NIC: My goal as an artist is to reach the youth on a level where they can see what I’ve accomplished, and know they can do whatever they 15


Battle Hotlanta

Blood Money Entertainment

WINNERS OF BAT entertainment wise. The event was held by the beautiful Boss Lady from BossLady Ent. & Atlanta Hot Radio, she called out all artists, A&Rs, Djs, as well as anyone who simply wanted to network. For this to be her fist battle showcase in Boss Lady & Stro (CEO of Blood Money) which she put together, she did a tremenThis three-day event dous job! Boss Lady had to of had been one has such an amazing of the best weekends I heart, she is very kind have ever come across


and helpful to everyone, she has ambition and is a very determined individual, and her future definitely holds much success. I am glad to have met such a wonderful human being and it is without a doubt an honor for her to relate to me as more than a friend, but for her to call me her mini me and treat me as if we have known each other all of our lives.


Artist name: A.K and andwww. AK’s mixtape thats in stores now is title: AK “THE ANONYMOUS KILLA” and his video on youtube is “WE RUN IT” AND his next mixtape comin soon is “DONT SLEEP ON ME” Artist name: NON-FICTION and Non-fiction’s mixtape thats in stores now is title “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” and his videos are “MARIA SANCHEZ THE MINI MOVIE,, THANK YOU CARD,, NON-FICTION RAW VIDEO & RETWEET ME. Artist name: I.R.S and IRS has a video on youtube called “WHIP IT 2 THE OILS” and AK, RO & NON-FICTION IS ON IT. WE SHOT THE VIDEO IN ATL & KEVIN TOWNLEY WAS THE DIRECTOR. WE WENT STATE 2 STATE PROMOTIN THIS SONG WHIP IT 2 THE OILS.. IRS mixtaped is called “I AIN’T SHIT...I’M EVERYTHING”. MS.PARKER VIDEO COMING SOON. Artist name: RO and Ro’s video for “FUNNYBONE” will be hittin the stores soon along wit mixtape “PRESSURE”


Links to press: Magazine Article Magazine Article Februaryfeatured video and review in Online Magazine www.Airitoutradio.netfeatured artist (2011) on Website independent artist on website in printed magazine htmlarticle in online magazine Onlineblog blog in printed magazine




Tech talk

Cellular Watches from your pocket and hip to your wrist ible with most if not all cellular providors and come unlocked. Service provider compatibility can be dependant on the watches network capability.

Cellular Watches by Tonnines Elliott

Have you ever been some where and couldn’t take your bulky easy to recognize cellphone inside? Maybe you just want to where a nice suit without having to dig into your pocket of have a big phone case on your hip. Try going to the gym and keep your watch on your hip or pocket that is a sure way to loose it. Today with advanced cellular technology we have finally been able to compact a cell phone into the confined space of a watch! These watches come in many styles, colors, sizes, and offer many features. Above is the ZW6 Touchscreen Cell Phone Watch. The ZW6 has great features especially for a cellular watch which includes: • LCD: 1.5 inch TFT260k Pixels, High Resolution Touch Screen • 1.3M Pixel Camera • Memory Card Slot - add up to 2gb in memory! • MUSIC FORMAT: MP3 • MOVIE FORMAT: MP4, Full screen playback • Bluetooth Supported It is also packed with most of the standard features you’ll find in most cell phones. Most importantly these cellular watches are compat20

The CECT Mobile Phone Watch is another great cellular watch which is loaded with tons of Functions: MP3 / MP4 player, Calendar, Alarm clock, World time, Calculator, Video recorder, Support memory card, Support GPRS, Support full screen, Caller picture, Caller ring tone, Caller Video, Sound recorder, To do list, Touch Screen, Ebook reader, FM, MMS, and WAP.

I like this one cause it also supports wireless stereo headphones for hands free answering and mp3 playback. Considering these are watches, the video Phones Display: 1.3 Inch, TFT display, 256K colors, QVGA 240 x 320 pixels resolution is great for glancing a movie while you wait in the doctors office, on lunch break, or visiting Mr. Porcelain to “drop the kids at the park”. Lets say that your a very active person. Your running, playing tennis, doing yoga, or just getting your full work out on. Who can do this comfortably with shorts or stretch pants on? Well At&t has a great cellular watch for you. The CECT SW8192 sports cellular watch is the perfect

cellular watch for activities.

It features a great loud speaker for radio play, 1.5 inch TFT 260k color touch screen * External MemorySupported (up to 8GB) * Message Types: SMS, MMS, Voicemail Server &amp; chat. * Handwriting: English, Chinese, and numbers * Call Setting Options: Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Divert, Call Barring, Auto Redial, Closed User Group, Black List * Internet - GPRS and WAP, and don’t forget Bluetooth. There are quit a few styles to choose from and just like a regular watch you can find the style that fits you. Below are a few more designs to choose from. Check them out play or work in comfort and not worry about missing a call.




Mr. Dats Life -Name: Alvin Codner -Age: 21 -Born: May 12th 1990 in East Orange, New Jersey -Hometown: Kissimmee, FL -College/Major : Clark Atlanta University Art Major , Fashion Design Minor -Favorite Quote: Dats Life -Play football and run track & field for CAU -The reason why I started my clothing line is because I am very passionate about my philosophy Dats Life and a good clothing line is one of the fastest ways to get a movement worldwide. -I have been making Dats Life Apparel since December of 2010


Dats Life Clothing


I (Alvin “Dats Life” Codner), created this movement November 27th 2010. It has now grown to over 500 hundred and growing rapidly. I have people in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Jamaica, Canada, South Carolina, Georgia, and All over Florida saying Dats Life, doing the Dats Life shrug daily, and Living the Life in a “Dats Life“ way. I have taught all of them the Dats Life Mentality and changed all of their lives. They are all behind me and they promote and tell others about the Dats Life mentality to others in their towns and cities. My team will buy anything that says Dats Life on it… Literally. And I have facts that this is a true movement and the biggest thing of the century. If you have a facebook, please search for me (Alvin DatsLife Codner) and you will understand how big it is. Once on my page you will see I have a group page called Team Dats Life, which is about 300 strong and growing rapidly. At the least 2 to 6 people get added to the group. On this group page all Team Dats Life members post Dats Life quotes up daily. As of now there is around 3,000 Dats Life Quotes on the page. Also, in my photos on face book, I have a Team Dats Life album where the members of Team Dats Life are all doing the Dats Life Shrug or modeling the Dats Life Clothing. Those two words “Dats Life” will not just change this nation but it will be worldwide and this world will be a much better place to live in. Sincerely, Alvin Codner


The Philosophy behind â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dats Lifeâ&#x20AC;? D.A.T.S L.I.F.E. Do Anything To Say Life Is For Everything.... My philosophy is the easiest and simplest way to live the so-called Hardest and/or worse Life... Humans do not understand much about what goes on in this world. They keep their brain in their head. If you and/or any human, recognizes that another human in this world would risk their life to have your horrible day, week, month, year, or life, Then you would be grateful and always know it could


be worse and you wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have so- called bad days.. You would only have good days and great days no matter what happens between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep. Example, any human who is reading this now is having a good day no matter how bad they think their day is because the humans in Jail would love to be out in the free world reading something other than whatever the jail has for them to read. Or there are some people in this world that never learned to read because they have no school education or canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford


to attend school. Example 2 “ I hate living in my house” people who never had a home a.k.a. Homeless individuals would Love to “hate living in a house.” There are plenty more examples I could go on for days But all I’m trying to reach out to people is this is How life Goes. Whether good or bad it happens and when IT happens you deal with it because you cannot go back in time. Deal with it in a positive manner and everything will Fall in place... But like I said whatever the conclusion is Always know it’s part of Life and it could be worse a.k.a. DATS LIFE.


Kenyatta Smiley Founder of Beautiful Creations

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Age: 32 Education: University of Phoenix, Southfield, Michigan Past Jobs: Kenyatta always had an eye for business, working as an Administrative Assistant for multiple corporations and now as an administrative assistant for Health Systems. Givens all of her business experience, it made perfect sense when she decided to extend as well as launch her company, “Beautiful Creations”. Beautiful Creations is currently known as her progressing hair profession business. Loves: Helping others in need, giving, shopping and spending time with her family. Kenyatta Smiley, founder and creative director of Beautiful Creations. Services provided: makeup, hair styling, grooming of eyelashes and eyebrows, facials and skin consultations. Kenyatta is deeply passionate about her beauty profession. She is so dedicated that she decided to extend her name and brand to an online boutique that will be up and coming very soon…. Her store’s address starts with “www” “You don’t have to have as much staff, you don’t have to carry as much inventory, it’s easier to manage inventory with an online store and you have better reach with an online store. The cons will be that you still have that shopper that likes the experience of touching and feeling and trying on clothing… But I still believe that it’s a huge win for a new business…you can reach people all over the country, all over the world, with your brand!!” Beautiful Creations is a good thing simply because it represents a new era in fashion philosophy. It’s a standard of style, belief and it’s an attitude… Why helping others is her passion “I want people to wake up and start feeling and understanding that you are beautiful and you are somebody… Advice for women would-be entrepreneurs “Listen to your inner self, that voice inside of you; let that guide you…. Mrs. Smiley 27

Baby Phat Southpole Nike COOGI


Apple Bottoms Dereon Rocawear Timberland

Air Force Ones Pump Shoes Adidas Reebok


Fashion Models

Keisha Chambers Age: 20

Atlanta, GA Bio Keisha Chambers is the epitome of strength, courage, determination and love. She recently transferred from Michigan State University to the Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue her dreams in becoming a professional photographer, dancer and model. Although, Keisha is only 20 years old her mindset and work ethic is of 30 year old woman. She has been through and overcome some trailing times realizing that life is to short not to live doing what she desires. Keisha has been dancing a little over 17 years and is skilled in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop and contemporary. In addition to that, Keisha has always been into fashion and modeling. She has been in a few fashion shows at Michigan State University. She is more so involved with commercial modeling because she does not fit the height requirement for a runway model. Keisha has recently dicovered that she would learn the techinical aspect of being behind the camera instead of in front of it all the time. She is working toward her bachelors degree in Photographic Imaging and is now striving to build her own photography line â&#x20AC;&#x153;Irresistible K Photographyâ&#x20AC;?. Keishaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main objective is to further her experience in the field of professional dancing and commercial modeling and her ultimate goal in life is to live it to the fullest, and help as many people as she can in the process. 30




A Priceless Blessing (Roy Granger IV) You are a bundle of joy given to us as a gift from God. As you grow inside me, to get around as I normally do is hard. It is truly worth that exciting day, I can hold you in my arms and see your face. Looking forward to singing you lullabies and rocking you to sleep, The day I got the news of being blessed with you our family became complete. The sweet sound of your first cry, Is the beginning of your life-Here on the outside. We will love, protect & comfort you in every way, We will grow along with you each and every day. You will be abundantly blessed, When we fall short, family and friends will step in and do the rest. Looking for the day you take your first baby steps, Then comes the potty training, bike riding and you will have plenty of help. You will never understand the joy you will bring, Already to Me, your Dad and your Sister you are everything. So I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish every night. That our family continues to be blessed with love, happiness and peace, Because now we are a family complete. LeRhonda R. Carter 32

Deep Thought The light to my pathway The sun that shines above me at a rapid pace The smile that is constantly on my face The reason I want to wake up EVERYDAY The rose in my flower garden.... that is constantly growing next to me..... blooming into something beautiful with a love so strong it won’t decay as we Rest In Peace Inhaling and digesting this love spell that has no cure ENORMOUS clouds rain down on me with a love that is so pure :) Never getting tired of this feeling..... always regurgitating the urge of patience to deal with the lack of communication Simplistic rhyme schemes can’t relate to the way that you treat me But very detailed metaphors explain the way that things should be Together 4 life, with no reason to separate From a woman’s point of view, I’m only here to educate! PAULETTE L.A. CARTER

Beautiful Suicide No sleep for a gangster, playing by their rules, ruthless torture of an idea we once knew, something different but we all used to. Weird turn pro, yet the amateurs are the real, stand too far out easy to kill. Can`t run back for the fear of a better past, so we run towards our great futures. Just another name to greet you, look at the fame and money is how they treat you. Fighting for something that`s not ours and gladly assassinate for what`s theirs. Love is in the mind, with hate in the hair. Brushing it willingly while it waves in the air. Not ready for heaven, because the world is not ready for us to let go. Fuel with any intention to start this car`s engine. Stepping on the right path while God watch me tripping. My mind is the weapon I tote when its murder she wrote. Good for me, but me kill I when society dies. It looks like another suicide. -Kenneth Lamar

Dangerous Before cutting the grass While he was getting prepared As he pulled off his shirt I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do anything but stare. His chocolate skin looked so soft The way his stomach was cut His shirt, I wish he had not taken off. But to look at him-was such a delight. From head to toe his body was tight. I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t finish the chores because he was all in my mind, So I had to go peek one more time. Watching him as the bottled water touched his lips, His muscles flexed while his arm rested above his hips. Once again-I had to walk away from that door, But once I calmed down, I could go back for more. I wish just once his body I could hold, This chocolate stranger has me loosing control. LeRhonda R. Carter 33

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Roy Granger II January 4th Farmington, MI Jane Granger January 6th Farmington, MI Cornell Bailey (ChadKoolington) January 12th Atlanta, GA Joslyn Carter January 14th Farmington, MI Derrick Green Jr. January 14th Detroit, MI


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Talk Of Fame 101 issue#4  
Talk Of Fame 101 issue#4  

Entertainment, Fashion, Business, Modeling, and Poetry