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The New Boyz They say, “The people you surround yourself with, are the ones who will have the greatest influence on you.” 2

Hot CommodiTEES Kayla Guerrero and Tyler McConner decided to start their own t-shirt clothing line, “Hot CommodiTEES”. This line is created for the bad

and bold, those who enjoy expressing themselves through their fashion. As of right now the website does not display XS shirts, but the size is available and can be ordered. Very soon they will have a kids line available, be on the look out! If you are interested in browsing through their line and purchasing items you may contact them via internet. The shirts and website were both designed by the creators themselves, they may also be contacted for graphic designs and website theme designs.

Designs: Website: Twitter: @ESTxx91


“No one can walk around saying the same thing all day long, so you might as well wear it on your chest! We don’t have boundaries!”- says Ms. McConner


Founded in 2003, Explore Talent is now the world’s largest talent community and the premiere online source for acting and modeling auditions & casting. We have close to 1 million members and premium paying members have access to an inventory of about 10,000 current casting and auditions. Our company now has over 80 people working diligently to deliver the highest quality of service and access to a wide array of auditions and castings tailored to each of our members. We are constantly working to find even better ways to enhance our members careers, from new technologies to help casting directors find our members more easily to technologies that make the submission process easier. With a free sign up visitors can search castings and auditions and even post their resumes and pictures. Registered members can submit themselves to castings and auditions and have access to a wide array of other services.

Get Started Today Pilot Season Auditions and Casting Going on Now! Get discovered, gain experience, build SAG credit, and get paid. CLICK HERE 5


Paulette L.A. Carter

young christian woman hailing from Detroit, MI. A soon to be first time big sister. Business Administration major, concentration in Management, sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I came to college to better myself and further my education. My goal for my future is to become a very successful entrepreneur as well as lawyer and make a difference in the world! I write poetry and songs. I sing and play the piano, beginner level. I love to play video games, basketball and watch sports/wrestling. I love taking pictures/modeling and doing make-up! • Swagnumette Model for Robert “Rob” Curry (Day26) and Real Hustle Music Group (#RHMG) in Detroit, MI. <@rob_day26> • Currently interning for Island DefJam/DTP’s (Ludacris Disturbing Tha Peace Label) new RnB group “Untitled”. <@Untitleddtp> • An assistant for Cookie Irving, make-up artist at DivaliciousBrowz and Make-Up Bar in Atlanta, GA. <@ DivaBrowz> • Executive assistant for Lisa Watts’s 4sk Management <@Lisa_4sk> in Atlanta, GA • Business relations manager for Just Jerk Cafe <@ Justjerkcafe> also in Atlanta, GA! • Intern for Meltingpot mediaInc • Artist Promoter/Marketing Agent for BSocial Interactive online magazine. <@just_tonnines> • Intern for Cire Entertainment <@Cire_Ent> <@ Cire_Entpr> • • Artist Manager for David “Lyric” Taylor <@DaveLyric>, Antonio “Leeadrian” Marthini <@IamPerfiq>, Edward “EBaby” Poe <@ebabymusic313>, and Kimeray “Prawfet” Wells <@KimerayWells>, Kilee Jay <@Kileejay>, and party promoter/dj Kodaq <@iKicktoddlers> I started this online magazine for the benefit of others. To keep the world updated on the latest talents in the music, fashion, radio, and educational fields. I love to promote and support those who are talented and determined. We all are destined for greatness but together we can take over! My contact information is listed below along with a few sites to check out with previous articles and interviews done by me. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. 6

Dawn Richards

& Paulette

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“I wake up in the morning and feel empty, make me wana squeeze the pen until its empty, I’m already standing on the edge so don’t tempt me, F.A.M.E.” What’s good, readers? It’s another crazy issue of Talk of fame 101 and I’m ecstatic. I’m ecstatic not just because we have another issue of bangin interviews, hot reviews, and inspiring stories of people affecting change. And surprisingly, not just because I get another chance to separate ourselves from the fake a... mags everywhere; F.A.M.E. And, I’m not excited solely because of the many new opportunities I get to satisfy my sporadic overindulgence in lushful behavior at the many delightful industry parties and insider functions I sometime attend while promoting new issues of TOF. I know... I know... I’m terrible. Pray for me, yall. I’m ecstatic because this month I get a chance to make an even more significant contribution to our beloved publication. I’ve been on the Boss Lady for a while now to let me showcase my writing talents and to my elation she finally gave me a shot; bless her heart. Between you and me, I think she got tired of micro-managing every little detail herself; she’s such a work horse. But, that just exemplifies the kind of work ethic we possess here at TOF. Paulette, I, and everyone aligned with TOF remains committed to bringing you the best magazine we could possibly produce each and every month. Let’s face it, this is a publication and like any other magazine the objective is to create a loyal following and ultimately sell units. But unlike many of the other publications we choose to achieve this goal by employing compelling content, good taste, and originality; oppose to pushing the boundaries of our creative licensing and fill our pages with fabricated gossip and scantily clad women. Not that there’s always something wrong with scantily clad women. As long as its done with class I to partake in an occasional glance at the normally obscure areas of epicdermy that envelope aesthetic feminity. But, I digress. At the end of the day though it is you beloved readers that are employed as judge and jury. You arbitrate with your time and hard earn dollars. So please, never look at TOF as above reproach and hesitate to contact us and tell us what we can do better to induct you into Talk of Fame reader family. Also don’t hesitate to tell the Boss Lady how much you enjoyed the addition of my voice this month. Thank you, and enjoy. 8

Cipher’s Courtyard

Cipher’s Corner

“Write so hard make readers wanna find me, first they gotta find me, what’s half a... writing can you please remind me. Write so hard....” That’s the anthem, people. I take this magazine stuff serious. I don’t play with my craft. I will not rest until Talk Of Fame is read by millions. Well... I might take a quick nap after the first 300,000, but then it’s back to being the poster boy for Ambien. Speaking of fame isn’t it to muse over how so many people desire something they’re not able to handle. If you’ve been tuning into X-Factor you’ve witness second hand the emotional weight of this four lettered word. The show has almost second-handedly turned the word Fame into in-fame-y. Granted, 5 million is a lot of money to compete for, however prior to the show these people were virtually unknown. Just performing on a show like that can give your career a giant boost. Of course the kids weren’t supposed to behave as well as the adults - Stacey Francis and Leroy Bell, both looked like they were an emotional tug away from a nervous breakdown; staring incoherently into the audience like they weren’t a part of the show. And Rachel and Astro, tell me those weren’t spectacles. I’ll admit though, the kid’s departure gave me no further reason to watch the show. Talent wise their both phenomenal; can’t believe Astro is not signed yet. In any event, X-Factor is considered reality T.V., and the reality is these people have gone from relatively nothing to having complete and utterly life changing money waved in their face. X-Factor should have at least two A&R’s to help competitors deal with the aspects of an audience, and being on stage in front of millions of viewers. And if I were them (and I know.... I’m not!) I’d also have two agents that work with the most popular of the aspiring stars and broker major deals for them. I mean, I - I being the X-factor - discovered them. Why not capitalize further while helping more of them achieve their dreams. Capitalism is not a curse word. As long as you’re not capitalizing at another’s expense capitalism actually helps strengthen a nation. Now, as far as the producers at x-factor, I really can’t expect everyone to have the astute business mind that I possess. Don’t worry, you’ll get use to the arrogance. But I’ve had to wane myself off of reality television. The cattiness, the fights, the brawls, the lewd behavior, the drunkenness. And that’s just during the

commercials. Sorry... couldn’t resist. As of late I’ve only been watching some of the better reality shows; Tough Love, Love N Hip-Hop; how could you not like Yancy with her clueless a.... And Crissy, so succinct. But my favorite of late was actually a big surprise. TI and Tiny? Who would of thunk it? From what I witnessed there’s a lot to be learned from these two young black entrepreneur / moguls. The way they balance family and business is commendable. With everything going on, the court cases, jail, shooting deaths, movies, production companies, and T.V. shows there seem to be no sign of visible dysfunction. The way they interact with the children is beautiful. If we really are products of our environment then these kids will go on to do big things. Watch out for King, TI’s young son. He’s like 7 going on 27. Think we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future. It’s crazy to think the suave, charismatic, debonair ladies’ man Flavor Flav threw one of the first bricks in seeing black representation on reality television. A, I bet you never thought you’d see the words charismatic, suave, & debonair in the same sentence as Flavor Flav. Felt weird even writing it. Personally I believe slowly but surely we’ll see the decline of scripted shows and more reality T.V. It’s way more cost efficient. Producers pay these people a few thousand an episode for their antics which attracts millions of viewers and consequently millions of advertising & licensing dollars. Great formula, think I’ll create a reality show. Think I’ll call it... Talk of fame. That’s a stretch. And I thought of it all by myself. Staying historically accurate with blacks in Tinseltown there’s a double standard a midst. Am I the only one that realizes the 9

Kardashian Empire is predicated on a sextape. Granted, their biological father was one of O.J.’s lawyers, but how many remember the name Kardashian from the O.J. trial. During that trial Cochran proved no one upstages him. Not saying the Kardashian Clan would be middle class if not for the sextape, just saying they wouldn’t have a third of their fame and fortune. All from sleeping with Brandy’s brother. Sure he’s Ray J now, but back then he was still just Brandy’s brother. He too monetized the impact of the tape. Regardless of status Ray J, or Brandy’s brother is only one person, while Karrine Steffans has had more lovers than Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and Herman Cain put together. Celebrities lovers at that. And what she get? 4 minutes to promote her book on MSNBC. Or was it CNN? Personally I’d tune in for an episode of “Superhead: Between the pages”. You know... for research purposes. Maybe she just burned too many bridges in Hollywood and the Kardashians are just diplomatic ho... ah, homosapien females. Still, they could have given Karrine something on Cinemax or SHO. SHO had a reality show about a family-owned porn company for Pete sake. SHO and Karrine Steffans are a match made in purgatory. Fair warning people, I’m not a couch potato. I’m a couch asparagus. Cipher’s Courtyard will not only consist of reviews and discussions of mindless entertainment. Since I’m here, I’m gon’ be fair. We define Fame as having great influence and it can be achieved through many disciplines. More difficult, it’s achieved through the social, political, economic arenas. Thus fame is the Chairman and CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault and CEO of Xerox, Ursula Burns. Its US Attorney General, Eric Holder and

US Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin. And of course our President and First Lady. Its also entertainers who use their influence to affect change, like 50 Cent and his Street Kings venture; feed a billion kids across the planet. These brands of Fame deserve just as much audience in the Courtyard; more even. And to yall other pens out there scribing mags. I’m just saying you could do better, tell me have you heard that lately. That’s my time people. I think I hear boss lady calling me. Must have forgotten to refill the toner in the copy machine again. “Coming....” This has been the usual suspect, Cipher Soze, holding court in the courtyard. And like that (snapping fingers)... he’s gone! To contact Cipher here is his email address:



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Kreemo “beg to differ”

“beg to differ”

©Kreemo 2011


Kreemo® Kreemo® is a brand intended for the individual who stands out in society. It is the lifestyle of the person who views and thinks without boundaries. Commonly those who initially attempt to do something diverse are viewed as a nuisance, an annoyance, or an outcast to society. Once they succeed they become a strong influential force. In order to attain significance in the world one must separate himself from “the average Joe.” Kreemo® is made for people in society that choose to be significant. People, who choose to go the other route, people who “beg to differ” Kreemo® is a brand made of highend and luxury sportswear. The Kreemo® brand offers a variety of t-shirts, polo’s, knits, and accessories. All Kreemo® products are produced in very limited quantities.



Name: Lavan Wright “Prince” Age: 21 College: NYFIT Position: Head Designer

Name: Brian Wright “B.write” Age: 21 College: Morehouse College Position: C.E.O

Name: Desmond Attmore “ Dez” Age: 21 College: Morehouse College Position: Marketing Director

Street Life, Gang Banging, Jail Bound… Unfortunately, these vernaculars are used far too often when referencing today’s youth. ENTREPRENEURS, DRIVEN, FUTURE MOGULS are characteristics most repeatedly used to depict the young founders of one of the most fashion forward clothing brands on the rise, Kreemo®. Two cousins born and raised in New York City, Brian Wright (Brooklyn) and LaVan Wright (Queens/L.I.) each possessed a natural set of gifts that was brewing inside them at very young ages. At just 16 years old, Brian (B.write) would often meditate on strategies to break into the Entertainment industry on a business level. He was aware that his set of talents did not include rapping or singing but he knew he had the ability to create a product and transform it into phenomenon with the right opportunity; all he needed was an open door and his natural entrepreneurial instinct for business would seal the deal. During holiday vacations back in NY, these three young men (all 18 years of age at the time) began to form a strong bond and decided to form an online tee shirt company that would soon be known as “Kreemo®”, a name that was derived from Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, a psychiatric hospital based in Queens, NY. It is unquestionable that Kreemo® is reaching ground-breaking achievements with the combinations of Brian’s entrepreneurial knack, LaVan’s art & design aptitude and Desmond’s marketing flair. In just a short amount of time, Kreemo® has become a household name amongst the young, innovative and fashion forward community but has also commanded the attention of the Entertainment Industry as well. The inventive young men have collaborated with Atlantic Records on Wiz Khalifa’s merchandise and promotional campaign for his album, “Rolling Papers”. They’ve also worked with Wiz Khalifa along with other artists such as Lupe fiasco, Wynter Gordan, Vashtie Kola, Dj Don Cannon, Lil chuckee, and many more.









Kreemo “Wiz Khalifa” Designs

WIZ KHALIFA’S ROLLING PAPERS POSTER These designs are Wiz Khalifa official poster his first studio album,“Rolling Paper” totaled 500,000+ copies sold

WIZ KHALIFA’S MERCHANDISE DESIGNS These designs are Wiz Khalifa new merchandise designs releasing next year.


Kreemo Products












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Dom Kennedy Fan Art Keemo Ghost Clay

Machine Gun Kelly

Dj Cannon Theophilus London

@kreemo kreemo 28

Smoke Dza & Big Krit



BoB Ali of Travis Porter

kreemo kreemoTv 29

Meth od

Man Big K ir


Curren$y 30

inz 2 Cha

“beg to differ”

©Kreemo 2011


Kreemo Photos



Urban Republic is a group of three young musically talented individuals all coming from similar backgrounds and the same urban upbringing. They were all exposed to a lot at a young age, but through their experiences they learned that things did not always have to be done a certain way and just because you are surrounded by certain things that does not mean that you have to be apart of them, but instead they could help put a stop to it through their music. Members: James “Dewey Da Don” Harris, Casonova “Novacain”Butler, And Elisabeth “Maria Juliet” Smith 33


Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior stir up a frenzy

wherever they go. Mingling R&B grooves, pop hooks, and hip hop swag, the teen quartet-Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton-has quickly become a modern musical phenomenon with an army of screaming fans following them everywhere. On their debut album for Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records, #1 Girl [released September 20, 2011], the group fuels that hysteria with numerous worldwide anthems. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s another dimension to this experience. Each member boasts an eyecatching, 21st century fashion sensibility as well as


impressive and incendiary dance moves. In the tradition of The Jackson Five, New Edition, and B2K, they’re the new vanguard for pop. They’re Mindless Behavior.... In 2008, the group was born from a concept created by Conjunction Entertainment Inc. CEO Walter Millsap [Beyonce, Alicia Keys, J.Lo] and Streamline Records head Vincent Herbert [Lady Gaga]. An open audition was held by Conjunction’s Millsap [Beyoncé, Timbaland], Keisha Gamble, songwriter Candice Nelson [Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Ciara], and choreographer David Scott in Los Angeles. Among over 600 kids, Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray shined the brightest, instantly charming the team and solidifying the lineup. For the next two years, they immersed themselves in music, developing their singular sound and style under the guidance of Herbert and Millsap. Soon afterwards, IGA chairman Jimmy Iovine signed Mindless Behavior to the label.


The chemistry between the boys proved kinetic from the moment they entered a rehearsal room together. Given his penchant for quickly learning new styles, Prodigy wields incredible dance and vocal skills. Ray Ray studied under legendary L.A. battle dancer Tommy the Clown, while Roc Royal started to rap at eight-years-old. Princeton kicked off his career at the age of four, starring in commercials for Skechers, McDonalds, and Nike as well as music videos. “We clicked from the first day we met because we all love music and performing. On stage, we go all out,” declares Princeton. Audiences felt that passion as Mindless Behavior swiftly went from touring high schools to opening sold-out tours for Backstreet Boys [This Is Us] and Justin Bieber [Pop-Con]. A fervor for the music swept through crowds on the strength of their first single “My Girl” in 2010. A propulsive pop gem, the song is almost at 14 million views on YouTube, and it was nominated for a 2011 “Viewer’s Choice” BET Award. The follow-up, “Mrs. Right”, continued to turn heads and melt hearts with its combination of infectious beats and sweetly soulful harmonies. It landed at #1 on BET’s 106 and Park three weeks in a row and was the #1 most added song at Urban Radio. Directed by Brett Ratner [Red Dragon, Rush Hour], the track’s cinematic music video even features cameos from Mike Epps, LL Cool J, and Diggy Simmons, quickly becoming the #1 most demanded video on Music Choice. The third single, “Girls Talkin Bout,” bounces from energetic electro production into an unforgettable chorus. Equally showcasing each member, it’s ready for the clubs and the radio. As the song says, they’ve got “swagger on a hundred thousand million and beyond.” Princeton reveals, “The song shows how all of these girls talk about us because of our 36

confidence, style, swag, and how mindless we are.” So how can you be “Mindless?” Ray Ray goes on, “Anybody can be mindless. It doesn’t matter if you’re two-years-old or eighty-two-yearsold. Be yourself. Love who you are and love what you do, no matter what it is. That makes you mindless.” It’s an inspiring message that transcends all boundaries. Mindless Behavior bring people together under the banner of this positive lifestyle choice. They’ve chosen to be “Mindless,” and you can hear it in their universal, undeniable songs. That’s also why the fan reaction has been so explosive. Their meet-n-greets will draw thousands of girls lining up hours in advance just to meet them. One Washington DC in-store even had to be shut down because four-thousand fans swarmed the mall. “Our fan base is really growing and we couldn’t be 37

more excited,” says Roc Royal with a smile. “We give them what they want. We can relate to them because we’re all kids and we love having fun.” Online, the group constantly stays in touch with that wild following. As a result, they’re the #2 UMG artist behind Lady Gaga in terms of online presence and they have the #1 artist page on Prodigy concludes, “We really want to show our fans how much we love them with #1 Girl. We want them to know we’re just like them. We’re all mindless 24/7, and they can be too.” Booking inquiries can be sent to John Marx at WME: Mindless Behavior’s interview with Talk Of Fame 101 Magazine can be watched on the Talkoffame101 YouTube Channel; TOF101 Channel: TalkOfFame101?feature=watch Actual Interview: watch?v=s1QRLHmMci4 SUBSCRIBE Follow us on twitter; @MindlessBhavior & @Talkoffame101




Hey it’s Nana,

important titles of Christ is the Greek Happy New Year! I’m praying that this word Logos which means word. Jesus year will be filled was called the word with the Lord Jesus of God because the Christ, leading and phrase occurs over guiding your every footstep, and your life 1,200 times in the will be truly blessed Old Testament to refer to the message by his love. of God. Jesus is the expression and the You got it, let’s talk communication of about the WORD the word. He is both We are such creative people; we take the incarnate and inwords and give them spirited word. Christians need to study new meanings to fit our life style. For in- the word of God to learn, of God ways, stance: Word Webster’s dictionary and his will for our lives. (ref. Gen. 1:51 says: word– mouth and John 1:1) Just a opening, speech, to thought!!! speak Young people of We must stop and today use it as an not just read God’s acknowledgement word, but we must of connecting with something being said meditate on the word to them ex. Hey man, and question ourdid you see that car? selves about allowing the word of God to Yeah man, word But the word I want have movement in to talk to you about is our lives on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid the word of God. to ask questions, a One of the most

Nana’s Corner

question asked is a lesson learned, but a question not asked is a thought unborn. The bible tells us to hide the word in our hearts that we might not sin against thee. First we must learn to think with our spiritual minds where the carnal takes on different meaning. The word hide only means to put away (it’s not like a kid hiding a Easter egg, then has to go find it) but that we will put it in our hearts, so that the Holy Spirit can bring it back to our remembrance in time of need. We must start treating the word of God as we do our so called “precious things of life.” Some of us have safety deposit boxes that we keep our money or fine jewelry in, or things we deem to be special, or valuable. What

we need to be concerned about is the word of God. Some of us are literally hiding the word, we read it, but then we put so much junk and mess in that when we need the word it has to fight against all that junk and mess before it can reveal itself to us. Ask yourself, if God was before you in human form today would you treat him as you treat his word? Read John 1:1; In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God!!! So when you pick up your bible remember, that if the word is God we need to handle it with reverence, care and love. Timothy 2:15

God Bless You,


The Giver

As I think of God and all the joy and peace he’s Because of his love, grace given unto me. My heart swells with tears and mercy he gives to me I follow in his steps so for his love for me that I can be, witness to As I realize the life he has all how he lives in me

given to me, the good and the bad, and yet how he’s So take hold of your life, and give it to him, beauty blessed me is not on the outside it As I think of all the times, comes from within, and in his hands he will mold I tried to do things my and shape you that you way, but it was his compassion and patience that may be, one of his chilbrought me through an- dren set apart and free…. other day

As I think of the times when I just had given up hope, I was too tired to “To know the will of God even care, But his peace is the greatest knowledge! and joy they filled the air To do the will of God is the greatest achieveHe gave of himself, That ment!!!!” no other could give. He George W, Truth

gave his life that I might live

Who am I that he might 39

do this for me, I’m nobody, nothing, no good in me, but because of his love he saw in me, a greater person than I thought I could be

Dj Genius

Entertainment My Bio My WebPage: Twitter: @iamthegenius Facebook:


DJ Genius (Carson Clarke) was born and raised in Westmoreland, Jamaica. At the age of 12, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent most of his adolescent years growing a deep love for music and DJing. At the age of 13, he got his first pair of turntables and became exposed to the art of DJing by spending countless hours studying and learning the art of “the ones and twos”. He started off as a reggae DJ, performing at small family functions and social gatherings. Carson’s trademark name, Genius, originated from family and friends, because he was always known for skills and expertise in computer technology. Throughout his high school years, DJ Genius took his DJing ability to another level by booking high school house parties and functions around his area. It was during these crucial developmental years that he became known for his DJing and strong dedication to the hip-hop music game, where he was most commonly known as the “CD man”. If anyone needed any new tracks or the latest album, DJ Genius was the man to see. Around his junior year, DJ Genius became known as the Hu$$le Man due to his ability to sell everything and anything he got his hands on. In May 2005, DJ Genius graduated Towers High and went on to start his college career at Georgia Southern University, which marked his transition into a larger and more diversified market. While attending Georgia Southern, DJ Genius made the life altering decision to make his current hobby into a lifelong career. In his freshman year of college, DJ Genius embarked on his first mixtape series known as Forever Krunk. The mixtape series was an unprecedented hit and paved the way for his evolving career in Club DJing. Soon after releasing mixtape, Forever Krunk Vol.1, he crossed paths with international superstar and up and coming radio personality, DJ Flux. DJ Flux immediately recognized the skills and talents of Genius and created a gateway for him into the Music Industry. In the following months, DJ Genius continued to release mixtapes as he grew to become a major DJ brand in the Southeastern Region, especially with his signing to G.M.I records in 2005. In the spring of 2006, Genius took a short intermission from his DJing to start a dream company that he had always had in mind. After joining forces with Robert Graham and Curtis Williams, they founded Hu$$le Hard Entertainment, an Event Planning, marketing and promotions firm. Over the years the firm has grown to become the 1 Event Planning, marketing and promotions firm in Georgia’s Southeastern 40

Check Out Most of DJ Genius Mixtapes here: DJ Genius Mixtapes Contact DJ Genius for your next Mixtape Project, Event, Or Marketing Campaign. DJ Genius also works exclusively with H.H. Enterprises; one of the top marketing / Event Coordinating firms in the southeastern region. DJ Genius can ensure your project gets the full placement and marketing it deserves. Services include (But Not Limited to)

Event DJing (Clubs, Concerts, Wed dings, Etc) Mixtape Hosting Mixtape Promotions (All Major Mix tape Sites) Single Promotions (Clubs Spins, Radio Spins, Mixtape Placements, etc) Online Social Media Promotions to 40K Plus (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Etc) Mass Email Blast To Over 20,000 DJz and Industry Personals Graphic Design (Album Art, Flyer, Posters, Etc) CD Duplication, Replication, Packaging


For any or the services listed above please call 678-439-6873 or For all press or public relations please contact Amber Grimes at Amber@buvision.netor agrimesmanagement@

Carson Clarke

Region. In the spring of 2007, Genius resumed his DJcareer with the release of The Inception Vol.1. With his promotional and marketing firm and record label to support his DJ career, Genius went full fledge into Club DJing and the Mixtape Industry. DJ Genius is now known as the 1 Upcoming DJ out the Southern Region of America. His mixtapes are changing the hip-hop industry and paving the way for the future of mixtape DJs. Currently, DJ Genius is in his senior year of college as an Information Technology/ Information Systems major. DJ Genius is determined to take the Music Industry by storm whether in the Club, on the Radio, or at home on your stereo. DJ Genius Specializes in Mixtapes, Rocking clubs across the country, and Breaking new talent into the music industry. Since 2006 DJ Genius has been building a huge brand on the Underground Hip-Hop Mixtape Scene, Working with over a 100 Artist in the southern region of theUnited States. DJ Genius has racked in over 20 MILLION mixtape Hits just in the past year alone. DJ Genius has rocked some of the biggest parties in the southeastern region, Shutting downPanama Cityspring break2K11, Wild Bills inAtlanta, and Huntsville Alabama FRATPACK party just to name a few. DJ Genius creates brand campaign for artist through his multilevel distribution channels.


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BIO: The young man who would be known as Kirby “THAHOTTEST”, was born to a single mother on Febru-

ary 22, 1987. As the youngest of four boys, Kirby often found himself relegated to the sidelines of any group action, no matter what that action might actually be. From this vantage point he watched and learned. The game was played out before him in vivid living color. He quickly internalized the Do’s and Don’ts of the streets.

Poetry became an early outlet, an expression of all that he experienced. He often wanted to speak, but he felt he was never heard. His poetry became his passion, and the words he wove together garnered attention. He felt that through his words, committed to paper, he had a voice that would make people listen. Growing up in Detroit was a difficult proposition at best. Being young, he was touched by much, but still very insulated. He was surrounded by people that loved him, cared for him, and got him through the worst, the things that threatened to break through his insulation, and do him harm. Kirby always had a good ear. He worked to perfect his ability

to listen. He was a quick learner, and the streets. He had a vision for himself, dark ties of the nighttime hustle. He was and from whence he came, but a future in the story being told, packfamily relocated to Atlanta. Kirby strong desire to succeed. The streets had intruded into KirHe was a child of the North and maelstrom of deeply rooted, heated and images connected many facets spiritual, Kirby was able to defy the knew deep inside he was better than avernecessary in order to withstand the nega-


fast became wise to the ways of and it did not include the would always be true to who he given his talents, he knew there was aged, and then sold. At 14 his arrived with dreams, energy, and a by’s life on more than one occasion. South, and in his mind swirled a words and images. These words of a young man’s life. Being deeply worst parts of the hustle. He age. He knew he had what was tive forces surrounding him.

As time went by Kirby found himself living in a household with seven other kids. His mother is currently raising eleven children. Things only got harder for Kirby and his family. The daily grind of life’s struggles continued to intrude into his existence, sometimes violently. For Kirby, this was simply more gristle for the storied storm in his mind. His poetry gave rise to music, and his music became a vivid representation of the struggle on the streets, crime, drugs, money and ho’s. Having seen so much, he came to firmly believe the only thing promised to a man is death, so a man must be committed to living life to the fullest, with a deep, abiding respect and love for God. This is how Kirby lives. Music has now become Kirby’s metaphor for life. The words from the storm in his mind combined with mood altering music became his personal escape. He came to understand his passion, and to seek fulfillment within the confines of his gift. He knew with certainty that it would be a far better thing to live average doing what he loved, than to live rich, spending a lifetime doing something he hated. Kirby was his given name. When he blessed the microphone with his words he turned heads, literally commanding people to stop and listen. And listen they did, eagerly, deeply, often saying, “Damn, that lil’ dude gon’ be HOT!” In high school, on the streets, on the court, wherever Kirby encountered a crowd, and a beat was to be found, he blessed those there gathered with his words, again, and again eliciting the comment, “Damn, that’s HOT!” As Kirby considered it, the creation of his name seemed like a natural progression, just the next step in his growth. He was Kirby. And he was damn sure the hottest around. And so, Kirby “THAHOTTEST” was born

Kirby “ThaHottest” *Pictures attached *Super Bad (Official Video) { } *Super Bad Available on I-tunes { } *Super Bad “Behind The Scenes” Video { } *Name: Kirby Tha Hottest *Location: Atlanta, GA *Genre: Hip-Hip *Label: G.E. Entertainment *Social Network: @KirbyThaHottest




BIOGRAPHY Born in Detroit, Michigan, JaySkip, James Skipper, is very determined to pursue his dreams in the music industry while still being a fulltime student at Wayne State University. Now 22 years old, JaySkip has developed a great number of fans around the city and his buzz is steady rising. With the voice like a breeze of fresh air that’ll blow you away and a very intriguing persona, The passion and soul of his tone is quite mind blowing. He is also a very amazing songwriter. Working with a lot of different local artist such as producer Jon Blakk, rap artist Key Diego, and producer Young Truth, JaySkip put his writing skills to use with his first track “I Love It” ft. Key Diego that was featured on Key Diego’s album, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” JaySkip has been on his grind, releasing his first independent CD called SECRETS: The Mixtape, on February 14, 2009. He also appeared in his school newspaper and was featured on local rap recording artist D. Martin’s album titled “Enter the Game” with hits such as “Special Lady” and “It Feels Good.” JaySkip has performed in front of thousands of people, opening up for the “Legends of Hip Hop Tour” in Chicago with fellow hip-hop recording artist and friend Tobias “Profit” Smith. The tour featured Rakim, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, and E.P.M.D. He has also performed and worked with many great big local artists such as Nate Calloway, Young Roc & the Stak Musik family, Prophecy, Janise, Stretch Money, Tone Tone, Keely, Selena Jordan, Kanglosta, P.L., Lady Te and many more. Currently apart of the up and coming label, Surreal Legacy Music Group, big moves are being made as he has already released his first EP called 4 Play: The Affair for download on his website ( on May 14, 2010. He has recently currently completed two new projects. First up is the “No Looking Back Vol. 1” Surreal Legacy Music Group Mixtape, which features the entire Surreal Legacy Music Group family. Following the mixtape was JaySkip’s second mixtape and third solo project, “Faces of Love” and it was released on February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day). He is currently in the process of working on his very first album titled “Evolution” and is going to keep the tradition going by releasing it on February 14, 2012. JaySkip is truly a phenomenal and gifted artist as well as an amazing songwriter & performer and is looking forward to touching the hearts of people around the world. With his dedication and love for the art of music, it won’t be long before the world sees why he has earned his name as the “Prodigy of Music.” R&B/Soul Artist/Songwriter (BMI) for Surreal Legacy Music Group. For BOOKINGS & FEATURES, contact Mark Grey at (586) 484-6457 or 47


Justified Fear One what seemed to be peaceful night I was pulled over and didn’t know why My music wasn’t loud and I wasn’t driving fast No broken car parts and a valid driver’s license with insurance I had. Before I could find out what the stop was all about The cop had opened my door and snatched me out Threw me forcefully to the ground Started beating me while no one was around I didn’t understand, I was so confused Too nervous to try to move Too afraid he was looking for a reason to shoot and kill I kept silent and remained still. Not knowing the cause nor effect but sure this was something I would never forget. The pain became too much so I took a chance and went to scream Only to realize I was in my room having a bad dream. Please don’t be upset with me over this thing Remember what happened to Malice Green and Rodney King!

LeRhonda R. Carter


Touch From Heaven Morning sky Rising high Joyful sounds All around True love From above Together again Everlasting friend Peaceful bliss True happiness Gracefully expressed Heavenly blessed

LeRhonda Renee Carter

Sickness OUCH! As I lay here my mind wonders “what’s going on inside of me?” One minute I’m jolly and moving around freely but the next minute I’m falling down in pain full of AGONY My heart picks up speed as I begin to think of all the intense moments we’ve had Pounding on my heart jumping to my side landing in my stomach, giving me butterflies I squeeze my chest super tight as my heart begins to sink...I feel myself losing life or is it all in my mind? Tears overflow rapidly as I soak inside...Thoughts no longer freely float my mind Memories evaporate and everything I think becomes something that I just have to say I’m SICK from holding in all the BULL SHIT You would think that by now with my heart and happy smile I would be USE TO IT BUT I’M NOT Closed mouths don’t get fed and closed hearts can never be read I am an open book collecting dust is what I’m good for No one has the audacity to open me up n look inside To hear my story n feel my pride To understand the life of a single parent child But yet as I sit and cry n wonder why I’m so lonely I come to realize it’s because I let my pride uphold me Too afraid to speak my mind not knowing if I can change the hands of time but never willing to try I don’t want to be here I never asked to be who I ma But since I was created I’m going to live like NO ONE ELSE CAN whooooah starting to feel a little healthier now! Seems like all I needed was a ear and a smile Even though I can’t physically see it I mentally picture it and looking through these Hazel eyes I know no one else can live this life I’m destined to be a great woman But I’m testing the world to see me as a great black woman I know color doesn’t matter but in my world it determines how much faster you LIVE or DIE Look into my big brown eyes and listen to my strong angelic voice and try to tell me NO I wonder how far you think this will go....if it was up to me nothing would be impossible but for now I’ll sit awhile and think on the impossible!



Speechless It’s only for the moment that I’m open to exposure Behind closed doors heavy sleeping on the sofa You’re a fool to believe that what’s more appropriate for our closure is how I am indecently When truthfully I don’t need a fool to see that what lies ahead is simply everything that has been laid before me... I predict that my hypothesis will result in a fairy tale As I proceed to observe my materials with a mind that is talented and lyrical I’ll sit back and let the world just hear a few, of my more than less thought about ideas of what it is that I wanted to get into No help no faith depending on make a way.... Reaching out to someone who doesn’t even hear me Let alone hear the words that I speak to try and save a soul of someone who was never near to me How could this be? For a complete stranger to be so dear to me.... Lost in this cold cold world competing with the soul of another girl...hmmm I know it sounds crazy but all I can say is that lately...I cherish more and more the family that shaped me... They say I’m ahead of myself when really they’re just a few steps behind Not prepared for what it is I have in store cause once it’s released I’ll only bring you more and more! There will never be an ending to any story that I tell ‘cause even when I’m gone they can say I left a trail Resting my mind so that my thoughts can begin to gather, with a flow so heavy you wonder how it is that I flow like a feather! PLAC…

Think Actions exposed Out cold Truly dangerous Continuous mistrust Situations unprotected Still undedicated Oath taken Relationship forsaken Fake tears Unfaithful years Wasted time Cooked mind Wild & free Calling for HIV LeRhonda Renee Carter 50

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Talk Of Fame101 Issue 3  

In this issue, Mindless Behavior, Dj Genius, Keemo, more artist, entertainment, writing, and poetry.

Talk Of Fame101 Issue 3  

In this issue, Mindless Behavior, Dj Genius, Keemo, more artist, entertainment, writing, and poetry.