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Founded by Melting Pot Media Inc. BSOCIAL Magazine was created to provide the everyday person and entrepreneur a voice. Our magazine looks to provide interesting readings and advertising space. We welcome writers, journalist, photographers, and others looking for a public venue which will assist them with exposure. Being discovered can be very difficult without exposure. Our goal is to support professionals, those who are passionate, and serious about their career path. The possibilities are endless as our publication’s digital platform is limitless. We are committed to supporting the local community and its neighbors. If you would like to advertise, promote yourself, write an article, or just looking for exposure in your profession, we have a place for you. President, Tonnines Elliott

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igger and better than ever, the Detroit Auto Show is an iconic event for the auto industry and Detroit. Held in Cobo Hall, this event almost changed locations. With all the repairs to Cobo, the political foreplay, and a struggling auto industry, the Detroit Auto Show’s future had become bleak. Then, the date arrived. the Detroit Auto Show was a go. The In Review

repairs and upgrades made a big difference. It was a wonderful experience. There was no holding back this year as auto companies put on their best of show. Simulations, interactive stations, and concept cars that will actually make production were on hand to wow the crowd. Auto companies were very optimistic about the consumer turn-out and the response to


their alternative fuel vehicles. Potential buyers flocked to models that were not only stylish, filled with features, they were also more fuel efficient. In the picture above, the Range Rover Evoque is Detroit Auto Show

which connects via Bluetooth® streaming or USB cable.” The Evoque also has a powerful 6 cylinder engine which consumes gas like a four cylinder due to it’s Ecoboost engine design. Another crowd pleaser definitely a model to keep an eye on. It is scheduled was the Toyota “Swagger to hit the market mid 2011. Wagon.” This unique spin on the traditional mini van has This Range Rover’s price broken the mold for famhandsomely ranges between $40,000 to $50,000. According to Land Rover, it’s packed with all types of features “including iPhone®, iPod®, other smartphones and MP3 digital music players, and most other technology SWAG G E R WAG O N

ily fun on four wheels. The interior is unmistakably different with its wood-textured flooring. There are tons of features like the custom captain chairs, swiveling moni-

tor, drawers for storage, rear bench seating, dual sliding doors, and so much more. Without a doubt the Detroit Auto Show is back in full swing and ready to show us where the auto industry is headed. The 2011 auto show was truly the first representation of a new beginning for fuel efficient, technologydriven, and consumer-centered vehicles. Resources:

Horrel,P. September 13, 2010 “Style trumps off-road substance” article archived at roadtests/suvs/1009_2012_range_rover_evoque/index.html plus-size-modeling/


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Entertainment Media Delivery Methodologies by Wanda Elliott, EBMS Media delivery has expanded tremendously to almost every nation in the world within the last century. It has brought us as humans closer in many ways. With the latest technology and innovation along with what is in store for the world to see for the future, media will continue to expand and will ultimately reach every human being on the planet. This paper will answer questions regarding three media methods that were chosen by the writer. The methods are: Radio, Cable & Satellite TV, and Cell Phone.

Entertainment Media Delivery Methodologies

What were some advantages the new media delivery method had over what was being used at the time? The radio has been very beneficial in delivering information and entertainment to the public. It has also benefited the armed forces in many ways. The old way of delivery, which was through basic radio frequency, has become outdated because of new technology. New technology such as High Definition (HD) radio, Internet radio, and Satellite Radio such as “Sirius/XM Radio” or “Pandora”, and mobile devices allow users to experience clearer sounds and further listening ranges. The old method is still used by some, but it will become obsolete in the near future. Cable & Satellite has been around for many years. Some of the advantages this new media method delivery method has over local television broadcasting are that they can reach hundreds of millions of viewers versus a few millions viewers. These outlets also have a number of stations that

are marketed to individual tastes. The cell phone has had the best advantages regarding the new media delivery method. Individuals are able to carry it practically anywhere. It can be used as a planner and keeping up with appointments more convenient. The cell phone can be used as a camera and those pictures can be mail, texted, or uploaded to a social networking site. The Internet can also be viewed from the cell phone. Therefore, products can be marketed directly to and from an individual’s phone. Did the new technology completely replace the existing delivery methods and if not why? (Ex. why do people still attend live concerts, why do some people prefer Vinyl to CD’s etc.) New technology did not completely replace what is in existence for the radio. Radio waves are used in different ways because of new technology. The old technology regarding audio is still used by some, but it will become obsolete in the near future. Radio is in a transition stage where many people are still using the same radio frequencies for audio that have been in use for decades. The problem is that the sound quality and reception has gotten worse. People will have no choice but to switch to HD radio (free access with the HD radio hardware), Internet radio (with internet access) or Satellite Radio (paid access) to be able to get a better reception. New technology for Cable and Satellite TV did not completely replace the existing delivery method as well. Many people cannot afford to pay for those services or are not interested in viewing more that the local stations, so they need an alternative in order to view free local television. Because free local television service is not on analog any longer, people are required to purchase a digital box

in order to get a reception. New technology for the cell phone did not completely replace the existing delivery. The main goal for the cell phone was to enable individuals to use phones anywhere and everywhere. It did limit the number of pay phone booths that are seen in the U.S. because most people own a cell phone. The many different designs of cell phone do not interfere with placing or receiving calls. What marketing opportunities presented them as each new media delivery method (example radio, the internet etc) was introduced? The marketing opportunities for radio are endless. Although an individual cannot see the product that is being presented, it can be visualized. Radio is the first stepping-stone to those who want to learn more about a product. Companies can let the public know where a product is found whether on the Internet, via web address, or a physical address. The marketing opportunities that presented themselves for Cable & Satellite are that these companies can target and market to a larger population. Not only can they market to a larger population, they also partnered with other companies to market all types of things from almost any industry. Cable & Satellite also serves as a direct marketing platform for stations such as HSN and QVC. Since the cell phone is more personal than a landline phone, marketing opportunities such as telemarketing became a way to reach individuals. Individuals are able to text certain numbers for various marketing campaigns such as for charity or for entertainment. Smart phones have enabled marketers to reach

individuals just by marketing through avenues such as email, text messaging, and gaming. What challenges may have been faced in trying to use existing marketing methods with the new technologies. With the invention of new technology, challenges for marketing will arise if a company is using existing marketing methods. Using existing marketing methods through an audio radio such as “HD radio” and “Sirius/ Xm” satellite radio will not be a challenge because nothing is changed except the quality of the sound and how the sound is presented. Existing marketing methods may pose a challenge for other forms of radio because of the number of choices and combinations of products a company’s target market has to use. The marketer will have to find cost-effective ways to reach their target market (Krum, 2010). With Cable & Satellite, the challenge that may have been faced using existing marketing with new technology is trying to get the audience to view the new technology. For example, the latest in television technology is viewing pictures in 3D. Commercials were supposed to allow viewers to experience 3D, but they not work on a 2D television. Ultimately, the new technology was advertised in the stores that sold 3D television. The challenge that may have been face with the cell phone is that customers were complaining about receiving too many phone calls from telemarketers as cell phone technology advanced, the number of calls continued to annoy individuals. There were measures taken to limit marketing calls. Marketers found other ways to reach

the audience. The challenge for companies who are trying to use existing marketing methods with the new technologies is that they must not upset the audience because the audience will turn away will entertain other interests. What lessons learned from previous technologies can be applied to the new world of mobile marketing? When the radio was first discovered, it was only used for conver-

sation and then later for music as well with no thought of expansion. With the development of new technology, the use radio waves have grown and are now used for other products. Cable & Satellite has grown and improved since its introduction. It has incorporated High Definition into daily programming for a better viewing experience. The cell phone is the bridge that has closed the gap between marketing of the past and marketing of the future. It has enabled companies to market to

Companies should always be creative and find ways to reach their targeted audience.

Customizable website visitor sign up form Over 100 professional HTML email templates (newsletters, promos, invites and

more) List management and hosting (including unsubscribe and bounce mgmt); Automatic delivery in the correct

format, HTML or text Real–time reporting (including opens, who clicked on which links and more)

individuals based on their likes and dislikes. The lesson learned from previous technologies in all three cases is that companies should always be creative and find ways to reach their targeted audience. As technology changes, so will the audience. Companies will have to be able to keep up with those changes. Reference: Krum, Cindy. (2010). Mobile Marketing. Pearson Education Inc. Indianapoilis, IN

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“Untitled” ....DTP’s New RNB Group


“Untitled”….DTP’s New RnB Group Music’s newest R&B trio hit makers, “Untitled”, are setting a new standard for R&B with their songwriting and vocal skills. Their catchy tunes and sex appeal will keep you entranced and hooked to their sound. Untitled’s voices are unique and their music appeals to several genres because their lyrics focus on a variety of

relatable circumstances. Each group member draws something different from music and brings it together for a tight concise unit. Untitled is the newest pop and r&b sensation. P.B. was brought up to the popular music of the late 80′s to early 90′s and brings a lot of that creativity to the group. Nixx, the harmonious

member, was influenced by Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway and brings the foundation and soul. With an edgier style, Intro found his passion for music from the more recent artists such as Tyrese and R.Kelly. Their originality combines to make an unstoppable trio. The group has known each other

since they were 4 years old and have been singing together since the age of six. With over 12 years of performing behind them they are sure to get even the most conservative woman all hot and bothered. P.B. says, “We do this for the ladies, so at every show we make sure that they are satisfied, but also wanting more”. They have shared

the stage with artists such as SWV, Jagged Edge, Donnell Jones, K-Ci and Jo Jo, Carl Thomas and the legendary New Edition just to name a few. Now the stage has opened up just for them. Their one of a kind sound and style has caught the attention of many of the music industry’s movers and shakers, most recently catching the

attention of “Disturbing Tha Peace Records”. With a mixtape out and hits being produced left and right; the set up for a win is officially in progress. Their combination of writing, singing and production won’t allow Untitled to remain nameless for much longer.

By Paulette Carter, DTP Intern!/UntitledDTP

Bio Blast

Paulette Carter

I am a student at Clark Alanta University, majoring in Business Administration, concentration in Management soon to be a minor in Entertainment Law! I am an only child, from Detroit, MI. I write songs and poetry. I sing and play the piano. I love to play video games, basketball and watch sports and wrestling. I love taking pictures and modeling and doing make-up. My favorite colors are: Red, Green, Blue and Pink. Currently I am an intern for DTP’s

(Ludacris’s “Disturbing Tha Peace” Label) new RnB group “Untitled”, an assistant for a makeup artist at DivaliciousBrowz and Make-Up Bar in Atlanta, GA, an executive assistant for Lisa Watts’s 4sk Management in Atlanta, GA and the business relations manager for Just Jerk Cafe also in Atlanta, GA! I came to college to better myself and further my education. My goal for my future is to become a very successful entrepreneur as well as lawyer and make a difference in the wolrd!

Urban Republic is a group of three young musically talented individuals all coming from similar

backgrounds and the same urban upbringing. They were all exposed to a lot at a young age, but through their experiences they learned that things did not always have to be done a certain way and just because you are surrounded by certain things that does not mean that you have to be apart of them, but instead they could help put a stop to it through their music. Members: James “Dewey Da Don” Harris, Casonova “Novacain”Butler, And Elisabeth “Maria Juliet” Smith


Modelling Acting Melting Pot Media Inc. contact


Financial DETERMINING YOUR COMPANY’S FINANCIAL DIRECTION by Wanda Elliott, EBMS Time Value of Money Companies use time value of money to determine its financial direction by comparing “investment alternatives and to solve problems involving loans, mortgages, leases, savings, and annuities” (Get Objects, 2004). According to Farlex, time value of money is “The idea that money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future, due to its potential earning capacity. This core principle of finance holds that, provided money can earn interest, any amount of money is worth more the sooner it is received” (Farlex, 2007). Time value of money consists of interest, periods, payments, present and future value (single amount and annuity falls under the two), and amortization. This paper will discuss these components and how time value of money is applied in various companies. Interest The interest plays an important role in the time value of money. Interest is the cost of one

Determining Your Company’s Financial Direction

party borrowing money from another for a period of time. There are two different types of interests: 1) Simple and 2) Compound. To find out what the simple interest is for the amount of money borrowed, the calculation is principle times interest for one period times the number of periods (p*i*n). The calculation is for the original principal amount only. Credit card companies use this method to charge its customers for the use of their cards. The compound interest is a bit more complex. It “is calculated each period on the original principal and all interest accumulated during past periods. Although the interest may be stated as a yearly rate, the compounding periods can be yearly, semiannually, quarterly, or even continuously” (Get Objects, 2004). Periods Periods are time intervals that are even and consistent. The time interval can vary depending on the circumstance. Periods let parties know how much time is involved in the time value of money. The formula for calculating the number of periods is: natural log [(FV * i) / (PV * i)] / natural log (1 + i) where PV equals present value, the amount you invested, FV equals future value, the amount your investment will grow to and i equals interest per period. (Get Objects, 2004). Insurance companies use this method. Under contract, the company agrees to pay the insurer the full amount of the

insurance if an unexpected event occurs only if the premium is paid at regular intervals. Payments According to Get Objects, “Payments in Time Value of Money formulas are a series of equal, evenly-spaced cash flows of an annuity such as payments for a mortgage or monthly receipts from a retirement account” (Get Objects, 2004). State governments use this method to pay recipients of lottery money. To determine the payment amount, the formula is: payment = PVoa / [(1- (1 / (1 + i)n )) / i] where PVoa equals Present Value of an ordinary annuity, i equals interest per period, and n equals number of periods. The formula for Future Value is: payment = FVoa / [((1 + i)n - 1 ). /i]. Without the present or future value of money, payments would be difficult to calculate. Value of The Dollar According to Stanley Block and Geoffrey Hirt, “The future and present value of a dollar are based on a number of periods involved and the going interest rate”. (Block and Hirt, 2004). Both the present value and future value can be calculated based on a single amount or based on an

annuity. The present and future value single is based on a single payment. The present value is defined as the amount that money is worth at the present time. The formula for present value using a single amount is: present value equals future value times present value interest factor (PV = FV * PVif). The formula for future value is opposite of present value. The future value is defined as the amount that money is worth in the future. The formula for future value using a single amount is: future value equals present value *future value interest factor (FV = PV * FVif). Annuity Value The present and future value of annuity works almost the same way as the single, except that annuity deals with a series of payments. Retirement Plan financial service providers uses this method to plan for future retiree’s annuity payments. The formula for present value annuity is: present value annuity equals annuity * present value interest factor annuity (PVA = A * PVIFA ). The formula for future value annuity is: future value annuity equals annuity times future value interest factor annuity (FVA =A x FVIFA).

tion means an equal dollar amount is paid each period to retire principal and interest. According to the law, a loan amortization schedule is the final authority in the calculation of the APR. The amortization schedule always has an annual percentage rate that diminishes the principal to zero over the loan period” (Block and Hirt, 2004). Commercial banks use the amortization method to determine repayment of loans in equal installments. As the number of year’s progress, more money is paid towards the principal while less goes towards the interest. The components of time value of money are interrelated in each one of these instances. Without these components, companies will not operate properly. Financials are one of the most important aspects of your business. Using this process will help keep you and your business on track.

Amoritization Block and Hirt states, “Amortiza-

References: Block, S, & Hirt, G. (2004). Foundations of Financial Management. Illinois: Irwin/McGraw-Hill. Farlex Inc. (2007). Time Value of Money. The Free Dictionary. Retrieved: February 14, 2007. Get Objects. (2004). Time Value of Money. Cedar Spring Software, Inc. Retrieved: February 14, 2007.

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Internet Money Making Tip

Internet Money Making Tip

back to sleep, some say “another damn gimmick”, and a few actually thought about giving it a try. The Lets face it, everyone most discerning thing about infowants to make money no matter Companies spend millions mercials are their ability to tell you what your situation is! The biga whole lot of something without gest hurdle for most people when of dollars a year on marketing giving you anything until you invest and advertising. According to talking about making money is some ridiculous amount of money. spending money first. It is true that Stephanie Paul of Legalzoom. Of course, this is the nature of the there are many business ventures com, “industry, marketing budbusiness. In his infomercial he gets can range from as low as that require you to spend money discusses and introduces affiliate first before you can begin making 1% of sales to over 30%. New companies may spend as much marketing, which is not something money. You are always hearing as 50% of sales for introductory new, but has not been shared to people say, “it takes money to the masses. marketing programs in the first make money.” year” (Paul, nd.) So, how can Affiliate marketing is a great you become part of that budget Well, that’s not absolutely true. With the vast and expansive which companies are so eagerly way to generate extra income with little to no investment. An affiliate internet market, there are several ready to spend? advertises various companies’ ways to make money with little to Many of you may have products or services. Do you have no out of pocket money. The only to pay to become an affiliate? No. thing keeping many people from heard of Anthony Morrison, the The process to become an affiliate taking advantage of these money- internet marketing millionaire is very simple. There are some reor you may have even seen making opportunities is knowlquirements and recommendations his late night infomercial. Most edge. You do not have to be a internet wizard or work your gluts people probably roll over and go prior to and when applying to an By Tonines Elliott, EMDTMS

off! However you should have a commitment to yourself, your goals, and enjoy yourself.

affiliate network. Affiliate networks email, mobile devices. These are are the center-point for applying all possible marketing distribufor individual companies’ affiliate tion methods for affiliate marketprogram. Some major compaing. You can even pay yourself nies can be very selective when by just doing simple things like choosing who they allow to adbuying from yourself through your vertise their products or services. own links. You’ll get exclusive sales and offers and will probably 1. Having a business name, llc, spend money on some products dba, or corporation is not required and services anyway! Don’t be but helps in the approval process. afraid if this sounds like it may be a challenge. Most networks or 2. Make sure you have a web affiliates have a coach or contact site, blog, or an internet presence that can assist you with marketfor the companies to review being. fore you apply. Affiliate networks will not approve you if you do not Once you get in, be paror if you have content that is, or ticular with the type companies may be adverse to their marketyou apply to. Make sure their ing. product or service fits your web presence or delivery method, as 3. If you plan to email their ads, they will be doing the same. Also tell them how you acquired the choose products or services you emails (ie. social network, other are familiar with. This will help businesses, etc.) you choose individual products or a specific service within a 4. Make sure you answer all the company’s affiliate program. For required questions. example, if you have a business blog, posting an Efax ad is rel Many of us shop online, evant, versus an ad about baby have social networks, blogs, products.

Overall it’s a great means to generate money. Take a look the proof is in the pudding almost every site you land on has some type of advertisement or link to a service, site, or product. The compensation you’ll receive from the publisher will very. It could be a flat rate for each prospect or a percentage of sales. It is always good to do your research when looking for products or services to see what’s hot. Above is the recommended affiliate network you can use to get started. It has been chosen for it’s ease of use, tools, the publishers within their network, and support that they provide. There are several Youtube videos that give plenty of information on Affiliate Marketing! Resources Paul, S. (nd) Cost of Marketing: What Is the Average Budget? archived at http://www.legalzoom. com/business-management/ promoting-your-business/costmarketing-what-is

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Don’t Blame The Bank Opening a bank account is a contract between you and the institution of your choice. Just as you’d read before you sign a lease, or documents for a loan, your bank account is no different, read. The booklets and paperwork given to you has a great deal of information from what they charge for money orders, to the cost of closing an account early. I must say again, read.

Don’t Blame the Bank! Due to our weak economy changes in the banking industry have become unavoidable. These changes have caused a general feeling that banks are the enemy to your money. This type of thinking could not be further from the truth. The absence of a budget, poor planning and simply not understanding how banking works leaves a lot of people broke and bitter. The single most important thing to do when an account is established is to ask questions and read all documentation before you sign on the dotted line.

By far, the biggest complaint overall are fees: overdraft, transfer, ATM, account maintenance fees. Why must the bank charge so many fees? Just as you pay for cable television, cellular phone, or electricity to power your home, you pay for the services you receive at your bank. The convenience of debit cards, online banking, and check writing usually come with a nominal monthly service fee. This service fee is usually waived by a minimum balance determined by the bank, establishing direct deposit, or having a “bundle” of other bank services. ATM fees are usually very small, so small that we often don’t notice how much they add up to. When you use an ATM that is not owned by your financial institution it costs you, twice. The first fee

is assessed by the owner of the machine you use and again by your bank for not using he machines they provide for you. On average these fees are $2 from each institution. So if you need $20 on the way to work, it will at least cost you $4 to get it. A twenty percent fee to get your own money…. And if you hit the ATM frequently this can really add up. Decide what you spend in a week and minimize your trips to machines not owned by your bank. Overdraft fees make me cringe at the mention of them. The average charge for overdrawing your account is $27 peaking to around $38. The easy fix would be to simply say don’t spend more than you have. If there is only $20 in your pocket it would be impossible to spend $30, right? Your account is no different; the only difference is you need to know what’s in your account at all times. With online banking, text messages, and mobile banking the ability to manage our accounts have become much easier. With a budget, monitoring, and a little awareness you’d save yourself tons of your own money. Inika Williams, BBA Personal Banker For Banking and Financial Questions Email:

Teen Spot - What’s on Their Minds?

Teen Love

What is love? Is it an emotion; something you give somebody; or something that can be taken for granted? Love is stated to be a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another By Raiven McDaniel person. I think there is more to this “Webster” definition. Most of us don’t know what love is, but will one day experience. Some run away from love without knowing the true meaning.

Recognizing Your Teen’s Talent

Talent, what is it? Is it God-given, were you born with talent, or is it something that you learned, and worked hard to develop? However you received, learned, or developed your talent, people should always use By Rosalyn Pressley the talent that they have. Always work hard on your talent. Do things that will help you develop. For example, if you are a singer stay active in the church choir etc.... Don’t allow Why do we hide? Is it because of posothers to make you doubt your talent. You can sible rejection, bad observations, or even peer also develop your talent in school. Take classes pressure? Teens usually want to follow in their that involve using your talent. Most high parents’ footsteps in every way but when they schools have courses that promote creativity. see that they’re extremely hurt because of this Even if you want to be a business professional, thing called love, it makes them turn the other there are several courses for you. You need way and never giving it a chance. Peer presdetermination to make your talent better and sure has a big influence on falling in love, direction to keep you on track. It is also a good coming from my perspective. Friends telling thing to surround yourself around people who you “don’t fall for him, he isn’t cute enough” support you. Your parents are good people to or “don’t date him, his swag is horrible”. Well, talk to and help you out. Stop putting your listening to negative people will get you notalent off and procrastinating. Parents who where in life, causing you to miss out on a lot. are reading this, always support your kids and How do you know when you’re in love? make sure you advise them. You are in many ways their inspiration and guide. Support is the Something I can’t answer, but your heart will truly determine. Be ready for every obstacle it best remedy for success. Not supporting them can create doubt in their ability to do many brings. I guess we’ll never know what love is things. Everyone has the desire to succeed, until that day comes. even us teens. The key is to hone our talent and give it a strong foundation for growth.

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Restoring The Roar

Who will be most responsible for the Lions resurrection?

by Ted White There have been 45 Superbowls played in the history of the NFL. Ford Field, has hosted one of those championship games. The Detroit Lions have played in how many Superbowl’s? None. Say it again, none. After watching years and years of the Lions struggles and the infamous Matt Millen era; fans of the home team may have reason for hope. There is a man in town that seems to have this organization trending in the right direction. While Ndamukong Suh and Calvin Johnson are the biggest names associated with the Lions since Barry Sanders, they are not the only ray of hope shining through the walls of Ford Field. When fans think of what it takes to turn an NFL team around, the first place they look is on the field. Who’s

the quarterback? How can we fix the defense? When will we get a great coach? Yes, those are very relevant questions. For all of the Superbowl era, the Detroit Lions have been unable to find the answer to those questions. When Matt Millen was relieved of his duties as General Manager, William Clay Ford made a decision which appears to have brought hope for the future. Retaining Martin Mayhew and naming him GM. Martin Mayhew. Who? Martin Mayhew is the man who is spear-heading the Lions resurrection as a relevant team in the NFL. The former player, turned front office executive, hit the ground running as General Manager. Mayhew almost immediately jettisoned wide receiver Roy Williams to the

Dallas Cowboys, for multiple draft picks. Those drafts turned into Brandon Pettigrew and Louis Delmas. Along with the drafting of Matthew Stafford and the number one pick in the 2009 draft, set the foundation for what looks to be an up and coming team. Mayhew’s biggest move may have had nothing to do with the talent on the field. Mayhew hired Jim Schwartz, the Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator to coach his football team. Schwartz, well respected as a tactician throughout the league, was able to bring in Kyle Vanden Bosch, who had played for him with the Titans. While Schwartz was locking up Vanden Bosch,

sive Rookie of the Year, Ndamukong Suh. A young defensive tackle who has taken the league by storm and terrorizing quarterbacks throughout the league. Mayhew’s shrewd moves and draft competency has put the Lions organization in position to compete again the NFL. Competing has been few and far between for a team which in 2008 went 0 -16 and cemented itself as the worse team arguably in sports history. Taking an organization which had hit rock bottom and put in the position of being widely recognized as one of the teams to watch in 2011 is nothing short of amazMayhew brought another ing. From the players on the sought after free agent, field, to the coaches, to the wide receiver Nate Burscouts Mayhew has brought leson, from the Seattle a feel of competency to the Seahawks. Free agency came in with a bang for the Lions for which most fans Lions and Mayhew followed and those who cover this up with a draft that brought league have never seen from this organization. in the future NFL’s Defen-

Yes N. Suh, Mathew Stafford, Jahvid Best and Calvin Johnson are the names that will shine the brightest if and or when the Lions roar is restored. One name that I think people should know, which will probably have the greatest affect on how loud that roar will be is that of the little known defensive back from Florida State. Martin Mayhew, won a Superbowl as a player with Redskins. Martin Mayhew, brought to Detroit by Matt Millen, the man personally responsible for crashing the Lions organization into the ground. Martin Mayhew when all is said and done has the opportunity to truly be the Lion King.

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Lynzee Mychael Blanks Born and raised on the west side of Detroit, MI, Lynzee Blanks aspired to be something great at a very young age. Almost instantly she knew that entertaining, in all aspects of the word, was her calling. She began public speaking at the age of seven. She spoke at churches, programs, and even at her school. Her desire to be a writer started around the age of eight, where she began to write short stories just for fun.


After a while, stories were not enough. Blanks began to write music, plays, movie plots, public service announcements, and eventually began her first novel. It was only right that she began and finished her high school career at the Detroit School of Fine and Performing Arts (DSA). DSA molded her training for mass media field. She also studied accounting at Golightly Career and Technical Center.

Lynzee continues her educational career at Wayne State University where she now studies journalism, with a minor in public relations. Lynzee has successfully completed one novel and plans to self publish her book when she graduates. Lynzee also enjoys music. Recording music is one of her passions. Rapping under

the name of Myc Monroe, she is currently working on a mix tape titled, Some Like it Hot. Lynzee says that writing music is a way to release tension and create something original. She writes Hip Hop, R&B, and even has

experimented with some Pop music. The possibilities are endless with Lynzee Blanks. She even has begun to explore the modeling aspect of media. Blanks says that she enjoys different outfits, hairstyles, movements, and being in the

spotlight. Lynzee Blanks currently still lives in Detroit. She has never been married and has no children.

Her dream is to travel with her novel and network all she can in this entertainment world. Lynzee says her only wish in life is to be all she can be. “I want to just enjoy

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life and explore everything that makes me happy. I know that when you are creative and in control of your destiny the limit is pass the sky.�

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Poetry Especially when we fall in love Every time we talk Every time we touch Every time we kiss Every time we ...... I thing my ....... loves him as much as I. But he is forbidden. And how can that be when I love him so much? He is married But not to me I am married But not to him

LaCrystal Jones


How can he Who is so perfect for me Be forbidden? My heart has gone to war. I am love’s prisoner. And the casualty in this war? It is my soul. How can I Give all of myself to him From which I am forbidden? My heart, my mind, my body Ah yes, my body, He had that last night, But I digress. How can he To whom I am married Continue to live in a world Where ignorance is bliss? Where I am constantly smiling But he did nothing to make it so? Come on now, he has to know... How can I Keep myself from smiling At him whom I love? Smiling with my eyes, my lips, my ...... Ah yes, perhaps my ...... Loves him as much as I. How can we Who have everything in common Continue to hide the love we share

So how does love find its way into the forbidden? I will never know. But I do know this, I love him and he loves me. We are forbidden to each other. And forever will remain. But we’ll still be together. That will never change.

Before the Kids Come Home Only the cats know What goes on in our house Before the kids come home Speaking of cats Our house has two One white and one black Our white cat belongs in our room She thinks she own the space But what the black cat say Goes - up in that place The black cat gets you mesmerized The black cat makes the rules The black cat will have you stuttering Like you’re a goddam fool He grabbed the black cat up one day To plant on her a kiss And oh she started to drool You see, that heifer loves to do this

The more he kissed The more she drooled Those two are so perverted I have to admit I love to watch Them as they enjoy one another The white cat purrs softly To let them know They only have a minute The black cat purrs loudly To let him know That she is almost finished And oh sweet ecstacy They find when at last the white cat chimes The white cat you see Is just a clock To let us know the time And oh the black cat Whose warm delight Has made many a grown man cry Can be found sitting perfectly between My left and my right thigh!

LaCrystal Jones

Steven “KingdomKid” Dawson

Poet Writer Modeling Acting

Beautiful Why are women treated like animals, When they’re Beautiful whether they got short hair like Amber Rose, Or long hair like Seminoles, Or big breasts like Ann Nicole, Or they’re barely there like Paris and Nicole. There’s the good girl that look so bad, She’s Fabulous and its not a Dream that she can throw it in the bag, She on the cover of the latest mag, Everything that she own she inherited from her dad. Her favorite initials are GG and LV, She got TB but you wouldn’t know it from TV, She a fighter her name should be GI her favorite word ends in VE. Nobody understands that it’s hard to fit in the life she living in, We need to appreciate women, Let’s start back at the beginning. With a girl stuck in poverty, She’s an anomaly, She probably, Would grow properly, If she could stop going from hotels to hotels like Monopoly. It’s a round trip through GO she earns $200 a year, She’s never heard congrats is somebody funding a cheer. Because she needs a handclap, Whenever she see a man she always picture a man slap-. ping her in the face and that’s why she’s bruised, This is no joke but somehow he always ends up amused, She out selling herself like a used.

Car with no air conditioner but everyone always venting on her, No price tag so nobody has been spending on her. She end up with HIV, And receive no aids when it turn into AID. There goes her life it was short-lived, Women come assorted. You never know what u getting like a box of chocolates, They need their wings because they’re a box of hotness. Not all of them are innocent, It’s plenty of them in the sea just make sure that you’re a good fisherman , Some of them are always on the road like they’re daddy’s name is Michelin, Some don’t care if u let them go down the drain like the toilet that you pissing in. Some show a little leg like a midget at a burlesque, Why do some get drunk and they’re word seem to slur less, This one chick got a dirty closet so she keep the door closed so you wont see her mess. But her legs always open like her arms are when somebody needs affection, Her mouth is always running off a good lie like a candidate in an election, Her mind’s gone she can’t make the right selection, Looking in every direction, For progression, But she in such a depression, That she don’t care if she find protection. So she ends up with a dude that’s a raw dog, He tears her up as she watches her building blocks all fall. Down like Tetris, Then he disappears into the blue like a bottled up message, Not a lot of them are considered as the bestest, They’re just taken for granted like a best wish, All women are precious, They need to be lifted up not beaten down lower than Texas, Women getting screwed by everybody y’all so sexist, That last line is more right than west is. We need women more than vegetables, Because they keep us moving down life’s long vestibule, You should always be in the best of moods, Dudes are nuts without testicles. Because what makes u a man is respecting all kinds of women, Their love is sugar sweet but u make them feel sour like a lemon. You should make your girl feel like she the Kel to your Keenan, Y’all the perfect partners like a track team and, Y’all running through all obstacles like He-Man, Give her your full attention because she feigning. For it you was a loser now you winning, Because she a champ she should be the beginning, And the end she a homerun in the ninth inning, *sigh* look women, Shouldn’t have to face so much criticism, Or men hitting, Them in the face cutting them deep like an incision, They should have full bliss and, They shouldn’t wanna Kill Bill like they’re name is Quentin,

But whatever if you get married you should never feel separated like the thumb on a mitten, You were once smitten, But now you feel bitten, Because you feel drained empty like a pipe that’s splitting, A convo shouldn’t feel blown out of proportion like a volcanic emission, Beautiful is the word to describe them I’m not in denial like an Egytian, All of y’all that’s rite I said all of y’all are Beautiful......not intimately but on every other level I love all women.

Steven “KingdomKid” Dawson

Deep Thought

Paulette Carter

The light to my pathway The sun that shines above me at a rapid pace The smile that is constantly on my face The reason I want to wake up EVERYDAY The rose in my flower garden.... that is constantly growing next to me..... blooming into something beautiful with a love so strong it won’t decay as we Rest In Peace Inhaling and digesting this love spell that has no cure ENORMOUS clouds rain down on me with a love that is so pure :) Never getting tired of this feeling..... always regurgitating the urge of patience to deal with the lack of communication Simplistic rhyme schemes can’t relate to the way that you treat me But very detailed metaphors explain the way that things should be Together 4 life, with no reason to separate From a woman’s point of view, I’m only here to educate!

Jealousy Tired of this abuse You choose me, just to use me, so you can be “satisfied” But I think it’s you who’s usually stuck with the bullshit you see Brains and beauty are what sculpt me into the person you want to be Too bad there’s only room for 1 of ME! Envy me, hate me, it’s all because your jealous of how he made me Wanting to be put into your shoes at the same time you want to wear mine

No one is ever satisfied but we will all learn in time That in order to shine you must start off as a smear........ We all were once visualized but in order to make his dream a reality it’s going to take more than your personality Great minds can sit and write but the talented ones write on site Demanding with their eyes rather than their lips Letting their minds do the thinking so their lips are simply preaching Na, no preaching to the choir but simply reaching out to the paralyzed ‘Cause evidently your mind has shrunk down a size to believe that you control the world when you can’t control yourself Planning out your every move and praying that things will turn out well Knowing that when i it comes down to it you determine if you succeed or fail I had to learn that the world is simply mine, as I sit it on my shoulder I predict it’ll fall behind ‘Cause I’m much greater than myself and the world put together I’m addicted to attention and it’s a habit I can’t withdrawal from I tried counseling and it only makes me worse it felt like a script that I had to sit and rehearse Why practice in front of just one when I can be speaking to the world I’m a independent participant accused of simply writing some of the realest shit that you have ever heard

Paulette Carter

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