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Statement on Term Dates The British School in The Netherlands sets term dates eighteen months in advance. The dates are organised to ensure at least 180 teaching days and at least 190 days where teaching staff are in school (with ten days given over to training and administration for teaching staff). The BSN junior and senior schools have the same term dates, so that families with children in both schools are not inconvenienced. Setting term dates is complex since the school has to take in to account a number of factors, which do not always overlap. We attempt to ensure that:            

the three terms are approximately of the same length half term breaks are a full week and approximately in the middle of a term the school is not in session on public holidays the school is in session during public examination periods the school terms dates do not fall too far outside school term dates of other schools in The Netherlands there is a substantial summer break

It is not always possible to construct terms dates so that all of these factors apply. We recognise that BSN terms dates are not always similar to the patterns families are used to in other countries (e.g. in Australia the academic year starts in January after a long Christmas break). BSN has students from over eighty different nationalities and so to construct a pattern for the school year that all families are familiar with would be impossible ; as a British School therefore BSN uses the UK system as a basis for the pattern of its school year.

May 2013

Policy Statement on Term Dates  

Policy Statement on Term Dates