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tongue culture and language learning

 Foreign

language courses

 A

variety of different languages for children aged from 5 to 11 yearsw

 Latin

tuition for students from 11 to 18

 High

calibre professional teachers

 A variety of levels depending on language skills  Improved

emotional well-being and social development through cultural and language learning

 Motivating

Everything you need to know about BSN LANGUAGE CLUBS, as well as registration forms can be found on BSN Gateway

BSN Language Clubs for children

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language learning in a fun way

Mother tongue language courses  Russian  Arabic  French

 German  Spanish  Dutch

Other languages are also possible

General language courses  Dutch

We look forward to welcoming your child in a BSN LANGUAGE CLUB

 French

…and more to come centre

Learn about the cultures and traditions that go hand in hand with a language

Language is integral to every child’s learning at the BSN

There are two kinds of LANGUAGE CLUB offered by the BSN Language Centre:

Mother tongue language course Specifically tailored for mother tongue language development and is for children who are already exposed to the language at home. Intended for intermediate to advanced learners.

General language course We particularly value and recognise the importance of nurturing a child’s home culture and mother tongue language development. We also know that learning a new language opens a window on the world which makes us more aware, open-minded, and respectful towards other cultures, lifestyles and customs. The BSN Language Centre has developed the BSN LANGUAGE CLUBS with well qualified teachers who meet the high professional standards of the BSN. They fully recognise the importance of learning, not just the language itself, but also the culture and lifestyle associated with different countries and customs. For children from internationally mobile families, it is important to underpin their learning with a cultural understanding alongside the development of their mother tongue.

Currently the BSN Language Centre runs BSN LANGUAGE CLUBS throughout the year for Junior School children from Year 1. At present these are available in Russian, Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Dutch, at different levels according to a child’s language skills. At Senior School level we also offer BSN LANGUAGE CLUBS in Latin at various levels. Classes are limited to between 10 and 12 children and last for approximately an hour. Classes run throughout the year and are held at Junior Schools Leidschenveen and Vlaskamp at the end of the school day. Shuttle buses may transport children between Junior School Diamanthorst and Junior School Vlaskamp but is subject to availability. We run over 20 Clubs each week with as many as 140 children taking part, but this is flexible according to demand from BSN families. Our only proviso for adding further LANGUAGE CLUBS is that we have enough children interested in participating and that we are able to find suitably qualified, professional teachers who meet our stringent criteria.

Suitable for any child wanting to learn another language from scratch. These courses are available for basic, intermediate or advanced learners.

There are more details on BSN Gateway, along with a more detailed form to help guide you with your child’s level and language choice. To register your child for a BSN LANGUAGE CLUB, please use the registration form on the Gateway. You may also use the registration form to express an interest in your child participating in a new club: new clubs may be started if there is enough demand.

BSN Language Clubs Flyer  

BSN Language Clubs Flyer

BSN Language Clubs Flyer  

BSN Language Clubs Flyer