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The British School in The Netherlands’ Magazine

Language Zone

Students as linguists not just language learners

The BSN in 1931

As we celebrate our 80th year, we look back at the earliest days of the school

Students in the Spotlight

A look at some of our

students with a passion for sport Plus: School Governance – A Parent’s Perspective, The Sound of Music, My Story, Family Affairs, Wyrd Sisters and much more …

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Letter from the Principal


Language Zone


BSN students as linguists not just language learners

The BSN in 1931 The BSN celebrates its 80th birthday this year. Archivist, Mike Weston takes us back to the earliest days of the school

School Governance A Parent’s Perspective

Students in the Spotlight

The Sound of Music


A focus on some of the musical opportunities at the Senior School

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News from the BSN Family Association

The deadline for submitting information, photographs and advertising for the Spring Term issue of BSN Insight is Monday 5 March


A look at the achievements of some of our students with a passion for sport

The latest in our series of stories from BSN students and staff

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Thierry Guisan, new Governor representing Parental Interests talks about his role

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My Story


Family Affairs


Wyrd Sisters


A look behind the scenes at preparations for the Senior School production

Term in Review


A brief look at news from all the schools in words and pictures

Sports Report


A roundup of news from the pitches, fields, courts, vliets, tracks and sports halls

Cover photograph: Junior School Diamanthorst children from each year group help celebrate the start of the 80th birthday activities at the BSN


Violin &Piano Lessons

Principal’s letter

Home Tuition

Professional music tutors catering to the International community of The Hague For enquiries please contact Mr D Rabinovici or Ms C Conolly

Dear parents

E T 06 311 77 163


The school celebrates its 80th birthday during this academic year. Founded in The Hague in 1931, The British School in The Netherlands had just twelve pupils, based on the first floor of a Dutch school. The expansion of the city as a centre for international organisations, both commercial and governmental, and the growing reputation of the school has meant that we now we have nearly two thousand students and four sites. We remain the first choice school for most international professional families living in this region. But our size does not mean we are impersonal. In fact it is one of our core principles to ensure that we care for the individual needs of all our students,

helping them to develop their special talents, and making them feel comfortable and secure in the school environment so that they are open to the learning experiences on offer to them. One aspect of our effort to look after individual needs is the language provision we offer, both within the curriculum and via after school language clubs. You can read more about the range of our language provision in the article on page 6. For parents who want to know more about this aspect of the school, we are planning a new Language Information Evening, the details of which we will announce in the New Year. Although it may seem some time ago now, this is the first issue of our magazine since our external examination results were published in the summer. I know you will be pleased to hear that our students did exceptionally well once again. The average score for students who passed the International Baccalaureate Diploma was 36 (against a world average of 30). In A Levels, over 40% of entries achieved an A* or A grade, with a pass rate for all students of 98%. Once again students moved on to top class universities throughout the world, with over 70% of students achieving their first choice university place. This is a busy time of year for families as we run up to Christmas and I hope you

will find time to support the various school events, concerts and productions that are part of the tradition of this term. Many of these activities miss the Insight publication deadline but news of them can be found on Gateway and in some cases on our official Facebook page. My best wishes to you for a restful time with your family and friends during the Christmas break.

Dr Martin Coles Principal The British School in The Netherlands

All levels: Beginner to Advanced Morning, afternoon & evening classes Private Tuition Programmes

Call us now 070 31 on 5 40 for det 80 ails

In-company Courses

Make 2012 the year YOU learn a new language!


Children in Need Appeal On 23 November children, students, parents and staff from all four of the BSN schools organised a series of activities and events to raise moneyCHILDREN for the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal. The activities included IN NEED cake sales, students wearing spotty outfits instead of school uniform, as well as a fun run and sponsored silence. The final total is still being counted but at the time of publication the amount raised stood at an incredible €7,389.70. Huge thanks to all the children, parents and staff who participated and helped to raise such a phenomenal total!


The language zone


zone “I really cherish the opportunities I had to learn so many languages at the BSN. They have been an invaluable asset to me and I believe they give me a real advantage in the world’s workplace.”

We are living in an age of rapid change, where sophisticated communication systems and global travel mean that borders have diminished and our contact with people all over the world is simply a part of everyday life. In this constantly changing environment where we are all now citizens of the globe – the education of our children for this new world is increasingly vital. Although it may be pretty easy to live in The Netherlands and not speak Dutch, there can be few of us who really believe that being able to speak another language isn’t a valuable skill for life and in particular a career. With over 80 nationalities on roll at the school, the BSN places great emphasis on language learning within both the junior and senior schools. This is borne out by the school’s results which last year saw 85% of students achieving A* and A at GCSE, AS and A Level Modern Foreign Language exams.

comparably sized school in the UK, the Language department would be more likely to have a staff of 6.

Starting Young

“We place a real emphasis on maintaining and developing mother tongue languages as well as learning new ones. We want our students to become linguists, not just language learners." The BSN is currently offering students the opportunity to study, or sit exams, in a staggering 32 different languages at various levels. This variety demonstrates the importance placed by the school not only on modern foreign language learning, but also nurturing mother tongue language development. The BSN’s approach is clear as John Coombes, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at the Senior School explains: “We place a real emphasis on language learning, both to maintain and develop a mother tongue language as well as to learn new languages – we want our students to become linguists, not just language learners.” At the Senior School, the Modern Foreign Language Department is the largest Faculty at the Senior School, with a team of 24 staff – in a

At the BSN junior schools, Dutch is taught from Year 1 onwards and by Year Six, students are introduced to further lessons in French, German and Spanish. This year, these sessions have been delivered by specialist language teachers from the Senior School and will help to prepare students for their move to secondary level education, where languages form a significant part of the curriculum the following year. Tansy Graves has been teaching French at JSL this term and explains: “its great to be able to offer a really strong foundation for language learning in Year 6 and the children will be sure to reap the benefits later in their journey through school.”

Lifelong Skills This wide range of opportunities for students of all ages to access language learning both inside and outside of the curriculum lies at the heart of the BSN’s ethos. Ex BSN student Warren Rieutort-Louis speaks seven languages, and is studying for a PhD at Princeton University in the US. He is under no illusions about the value of his linguistic skills: “I really cherish the opportunities I had to learn so many languages at the BSN. They have been an invaluable asset to me and I believe they give me a real advantage in the world’s workplace.” In the new year, the school will hold a Language Information Evening where current BSN families and prospective parents will be welcome to come along and hear in more detail about exactly what is on offer.

Mother Tongue Clubs Additional linguistic opportunities are also available to students – both junior and senior – in the form of After School Language Clubs at various levels ranging from beginners through to mother tongue language learning in a range of languages. Denise Clenton, who co-ordinates all the BSN Language Clubs makes it clear: “Our ability to offer a variety of clubs for several languages, is dictated by demand for the club and vitally, the availability of highcalibre teachers to run the Clubs themselves. This is no mean feat, but we are always happy to hear from parents who may be interested in us starting a new club in their language.” As part of the school’s commitment to languages outside the classroom, each September, the BSN participates in the European Day of Language by holding a language village at the Senior School. Students are given a passport and ‘travel’ through eleven ‘countries’, communicating in the relevant language before having their passport ‘stamped’ and being allowed to pass to the next country.


The BSN in 1931

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

As the BSN celebrates its 80th birthday this year, the BSN’s senior school archivist, Mike Weston tells us a bit about the school’s earliest days. Amidst much pomp and circumstance, the BSN celebrated its “ 50th Anniversary back in 1985. There were visits to the school by VIPs, including Lord Tonypandy (the then Speaker of the UK House of Commons), the Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Anne as well as various high profile events. Ten years later, the Duchess of Kent helped us celebrate our 60th birthday. Exciting and memorable years in our history – except that we got the dates wrong! It had been thought that the BSN was founded as the English School of The Hague in 1935. The mistake originating in the 1960s when an ex-teacher of the school, as an old lady, set down her reminiscences of the pre-war period. We had no reason to doubt it and there was certainly no one around who had been connected with the school at the time to question the date. However, Clare Baillie (née Macgillivray) was an elderly lady, living some 8,000 kilometres

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ away in Vancouver who would have questioned it because, by 1935, she had already been a pupil at the school for nearly 4 years. So here is what really happened and how we found out about it. Clare had an idyllic childhood in The Hague (before the chaos and horrors of the Second World War) and looked back fondly on her time at the English School. One of the teachers whom she remembered with particular affection was the Headmistress, Gwen Brunton-Jones, and later in life she made attempts to track her down. Her search had been in vain until by a stroke of good fortune, I was put in contact with Clare in 2004. As BSN archivist I was able to answer many of her questions about the fortunes of the school after she had left and to let her know the whereabouts of Gwen Brunton-Jones’ family – though Gwen herself had long since passed on. She, in return, was able to cast light on the very beginnings of the school and correct the mistake that had been made about the date of its founding. Clare’s father, Mr JC Macgillivray, was a Canadian Government Commissioner in The Hague and when the time came for his daughter to start school he and his wife were delighted to discover that there was a tiny English-language school not far from where they lived. It had been started the previous year (1931) by a New Zealand lady called Gwen Brunton-Jones. It was a very modest undertaking with two rooms rented from a school on the van Diepenburchstraat for around a dozen children. The staff initially consisted of Gwen herself, a lady called Miss Arnold and a young Dutch helper called Poppy Weersma. There were lessons in numberwork, colour-work, music, hand-work and writing, but much attention was also paid to character-building, and in the termly reports comments were made under such headings as Self-control, Initiative, Unselfishness and Concentration. Within a year or so growth in numbers and an extension of the upper age limit meant that it had changed to The English Kindergarten and Preparatory School and photos taken in 1933 show well over 20 children. The following year a small group of parents, backed by the British and American ambassadors, worked with Gwen to put the school on

■ a more formal footing. An enrolment circular was put together for distribution locally and according to the circular the reconstituted school would consist of “a Nursery School for small children and an Upper and Lower School for boys and girls up to twelve years of age.” It also said, “Special classes will be provided for children of other nationalities desirous of learning English.” Within a few months enrolment had further increased, new staff had been recruited (including the lady who in the 1960s got her dates wrong) and various legal matters had been sorted out. On 3 September 1935, the school opened its doors for the Autumn Term with a new name, The English School of The Hague. And that was the name which it kept until 1976 when it was changed again – into The British School in The Netherlands. Mike Weston

■ ■ ■ ■

Average cost of a 5-roomed house in the UK £379 World population approximately 2 billion. (It is now 7 billion) New Delhi becomes capital of India The Empire State Building in New York is completed The Yangtze river in China floods leaving 23 million homeless American gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in prison King Alfonso XIII of Spain forced into exile and Spain becomes a republic Celebrated films include Frankenstein and Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights The world is in the grip of the Great Depression British Head of State – King George V Dutch Head of State – Queen Wilhelmina Australia gains independence from Great Britain Massive earthquakes devastate the cities of Napier (NZ) and Managua (Nicaragua) In Italy Benito Mussolini is Prime Minister and in the Soviet Union Josef Stalin is General Secretary. In the USA the President is Herbert Hoover Donald Bradman scores 227 runs in 297 minutes for Australia against the West Indies In Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – the Father of the Turks – is President Max Schmeling of Germany is the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Beauchamp invents the electric guitar László Bíró invents the ballpoint pen


The BSN in 1931


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4/19/11 11:33 AM


School governance

Thierry knows a thing or two about the very real dilemmas faced by parents considering which school to choose for their children. This year saw a new appointment to the Board of Governors, with Thierry Guisan taking over the reins from Caroline Crunden who ended her tenure after four years working as the Governor representing Parental Interests. Thierry knows a thing or two about the very real dilemmas faced by parents considering which school to choose for their children. Thierry is Swiss and Italian and his wife Sophie, who is French, have both been long-term residents of the Netherlands and were unhappy with the local schools that their boys were attending. They felt that a change was needed. Their employer, the European Patent Office, regularly invites all the international schools to present to their staff and it was at one such presentation that Thierry ‘discovered’ the BSN. As Thierry explains; “I had no idea how international the school was and quite simply didn’t realise that our boys, who spoke French and Dutch, could get on and thrive at the BSN – it was quite a revelation!” Thierry and Sophie, who have five boys between them, moved three of them to the BSN in 2009 and have not looked back. Lars, who was 16 at the time of joining in Year 11, took on the challenge posed by

such an important GCSE year. The school tailored a programme for Lars which immediately enabled him to settle in and adapt to his new school. Arthur and Elliot joined Junior School Leidschenveen at its very beginning when it was housed in the old Tarwekamp building and awaiting the move to the ‘new’ JSL campus. Both boys settled in well and were quickly involved in all aspects of JSL life. As Thierry explains; “The boys were finally happy at school and for Sophie and me it was a tremendous weight that was lifted and completely changed our family life”. Thierry soon became involved in the school and as a Parent Ambassador at JSL he helped answer questions posed by prospective parents during last years’ Open Days held across the BSN. It was after this that Thierry started to think about putting his name forward to become a Governor representing Parental Interests. The application process to become Governor is an open process with five parental nominations required and on this occasion, since there were a number of applicants, interviews with three current members of the Board of Governors – Caroline Crunden (the outgoing Parent Governor), Peter Bayliff (the Chair of Governors)

Board of Governors and their roles

Alan Campbell Governor with responsibility for External Relations and Government (JSD school liaison)

Kevin Douglas Governor with responsibility for ICT + Health, Safety and Security + Co-curricular activities (Adult Learning liaison)

“My job is to keep parental interests to the forefront at all points during discussions and debates at the Board of Governors.” and Alan Campbell (Governor for Government and External Relations) were also conducted. Thierry received confirmation of his appointment from His Excellency the British Ambassador and took up his post at the start of this school year. As he explains; “Becoming a Governor was not something I took lightly, but with careful consideration and a desire to contribute and become involved in the management of the school from a parents perspective, I was very happy to take over the role.” The Governors meet every six weeks and each Governor has a particular remit, as well as a specific school affiliation – five of the Governors also have children at the BSN. The Governors role is to advise and make decisions on the strategic direction of the school, ensure accountability and act as a critical friend to the Board of Management which is responsible for the day to day running of the school. Ultimately, every decision made refers back to the students and children at the BSN. Parents with specific issues relating to their children, should always speak first to their child’s form tutor or teacher, and issues particular to a specific year group or school should be addressed to the Parent Representative Committee in each school, but Thierry is available for any parent to contact him for advice or signposting and

Thierry Guisan Governor with responsibility for Parental Interests (JSL school liaison)

Peter Bayliff OBE Chair of Governors with responsibility for Educational Attainment


Yalcin Canatan Governor with responsibility for Finance, Real Estate and Environmental Issues

Carol Cameron Governor with responsibility for Human Resources (JSV school liaison)

Ian Bedwell Governor with responsibility for Marketing and Public Relations + Health, Safety and Security (SSV school liaison)

Alison Smith Governor with responsibility for Community Services + Extended School + Child Protection (Day Care and After School liaison)

Thierry is an accessible member of the JSL community. All the staff and many parents and children know who he is; David Porritt introduced him to the children at a special assembly with his two hats – one for when he is a Dad and the other – BSN blue – for his more official role as a link Governor for JSL.

of course, always welcomes feedback – his email address is in the Parent Handbook on the BSN Gateway. Thierry sums up his role thus: “The BSN is like a big machine, and when I realised how much more of it there was behind the scenes, I was impressed. I believe one of its key strengths is its willingness to reflect, review and adapt where necessary. My job is to keep parental interests to the forefront at all points during discussions and debates at the Board of Governors. ” Thierry looks forward to meeting and talking to more parents from across the school and is happy for them to get in touch at any time – “I do my best to make myself available by regularly attending events and visiting all of the four BSN schools.”

School governance A parent’s perspective

A parent’s perspective

Sporting students

Many of our students pursue interests and activities, often to a very high level, outside the school. Here are details of some students with a passion for sport. Satoko Haru Nationally ranked tennis player Year 13 (SSV) Satoko started playing tennis when she was 8 years old, in a small club in Noordwijk.. Her first competitive match was for a competition in which she represented her tennis club in Leiden (TC Unicum). Her team played every Wednesday for 7 consecutive weeks against other clubs in the region and eventually finished second overall. Satoko nonetheless had managed to win all her matches! Tennis requires a balance of physical, mental and technical skills – all of which are needed to win matches, and as Satoko says; “You can never be perfect and I find the challenge presented by tennis as such a good motivation … naturally winning matches motivates me even more to keep up the hard work!” The highlights of Satoko’s tennis career so far have been winning senior tournaments and even prize money, as well as winning a few junior tournaments and most importantly achieving her first senior national ranking. Juggling tennis and school requires a busy schedule and takes some getting used to, but Satoko is an old hand at dealing with the fact that her whole day is laid out before her and as she says; “As long as I keep to the schedule, it’s quite simple to get things done!”


Satoko’s aim is to become a professional tennis player and although it may seem a long way off, she is confident that her hard work and commitment will pay off one day!

Eliott Savelon Champion sailor Year 5 (JSL) Eliott started sailing when he was 5 years old – his brother started first, then his sister and now they all have the bug! As Eliott tells us: “I started at a sailing club – I didn’t have my own boat, so I always used different boats but the class of boat is an Optimist” Eliott’s love of sailing has taken him all over Europe including Germany, Belgium and England and soon he hopes to go to Ireland to compete. The competitions are tough and have included national championships all over Europe.

With dreams of reaching the world championships, Eliott can sail the Optimist until he is about 15 and tells us; “I’ve been selected to train with one of the best coaches in the Netherlands – we train in different places each weekend. I’m the youngest in the group and love thinking ahead about what I’m going to do next. There’s always pressure!”

Christoph Winzer Internationally ranked squash player Year 11 (SSV) Christoph started playing squash when he was 10 years old when his parents gave him a voucher for 10 squash lessons at their club and he loved it immediately! A tennis player since he was 6, Chrisoph’s hand-eye coordination was good but he had to learn the different technique, but once he mastered that there was no looking back!

Christoph has taken part in so many tournaments that he has lost count and now regularly competes in tournaments for juniors as well as adults here in Holland. He plays international tournaments for juniors in age-related categories and has represented the Netherlands at the European Championships for the last 3 years. In July, he was invited by the Dutch Squash Federation to participate in the boys under

19 World Championships in Belgium – and in April this year, as Christoph turned 15 he moved up to the boys under 17 category. His progress has already taken him all the way to 34 on the world ranking list of the European Squash Federation. Training involves match fitness and lots of work in the gym and last summer he was selected along with two other Dutch juniors to have an intensive training week in Amsterdam with one of the world’s top squash coaches, Neil Harvey. As Christoph says; “He is an amazing coach and I really benefited from the whole experience.” Amongst his successes, Christoph has won six national titles in Holland: two whilst competing against adults and four competing against Dutch juniors. He has also been on the podium four times in junior international tournaments held in Italy, Portugal, Austria and Luxembourg. As an under 13 player, his highest ranking was 7th and as an under 15 player, Christoph's highest ranking climbed to 6th. If all goes well, Christoph hope’s that this time next year he’ll be approaching the top 10 of the boys under 17 category. Fingers crossed!

“Sometimes it gets tricky to juggle school and squash; I always have to be aware of future exam dates when deciding whether I should play the international tournament or not – I also have to catch up on any school work that I miss” says Christoph. With a clear aim to be the best player he can possibly be, to train hard and keep winning national titles, the ball is in Christoph’s court for a great squash career!

Amélie van de Klashorst Dutch champion of ice dance Year 6 (JSD) When Amélie moved to the BSN in Year 4, few people would have guessed the secret that she harboured … by the age of 8, she had already acted in several films, contended as a rhythmic gymnast and had turned her love of skating into a talent to be reckoned with.

At the age of four, Amélie took her first steps on ice at the Uithof and immediately fell in love with it. This love soon became a passion and with the support of her parents, her figure skating and dancing took off. Three times a week Amélie works with her current trainer Zsolt Kerrekes on her skills on ice. These sessions are complemented by additional off-ice training to help build her strength and condition. Ballet and ballroom dancing are also part of Amélie’s training programme which helps to develop poise and expression for her skating routines … and she loves it! Amélie has already passed a few national tests as a figure skater and has her sights firmly set on gold. Her bedroom glimmers with cups and medals! Most recently Amélie became Dutch champion of ice dancing in the 2011 KNSB cup finals. For four weeks this summer whilst visiting family and friends in Belarus, Amélie trained every day at the Minsk Arena which she describes as being just like golden time at JSD – “I really, really love it!” In November, to her great joy she was accepted for ballet lessons at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. She enjoys school very much, particularly speaking English all day. It’s hard to imagine Amélie’s ‘icy’ secret when you see her rushing around in the playground at JSD with her friends.

David Buglass Dutch academy runner Year 11 (SSV) Whilst David was in Year 5 at JSV, students were encouraged to enter a cross country race organised by PE teacher, Jamie Lowe’s running club in The Hague. Winning the race, to the shock of the boys from the local athletics clubs, exposed a talent that David had not realised he had and a new hobby was started. Little did he know that in Year 10 he would be competing in the Dutch National Junior Cross Country Championships and coming 7th. Most weekends, David can be found taking part in a competitive adult race of some kind, usually a 5km or 10km road or cross country race. In October he came 9th out of 4599 competitors in the 8km race which was organised as part of the Amsterdam Marathon event. As David explains; “Running into the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam at the end of the race, being spurred on by the cheering crowd and hearing my name being announced on the stadium sound system as I crossed the line was a very special moment, despite being exhausted!”

David trains during the week at Leiden Atletiek club and during the summer months he ran 800m for the club and helped the team win the Dutch National Club Championships for his age group (under 16s). David has recently been invited to join a new running academy which is being set up by the trainers of the top Dutch distance runners, so who knows how his future running career will develop, but it is sure to be exciting!


Sporting students in the spotlight

spotlight in the

FOCUS ON: Senior

by Cerrie Love. An additional vocal team called ‘Showstoppers’ has also begun this term, working alongside Dance and Drama staff, exploring music from traditional and more contemporary stage musicals. This forms the basis of an ongoing commitment towards involving students in the presentation of full stage musicals at the Senior School, another of which we hope to be able to put on next year. There is a great deal of music going on at the Senior School already and as John Saunders, Director of Music explains: “We have three full time music teachers at the school and Alex’s appointment is a great way for us to be able to diversify what we can offer and to provide more opportunities to students than ever before, to explore their vocal and instrumental talents even further.”

The music departments of all the BSN schools are never busier than at this time of year - the Senior School is no exception. John Saunders and his team have been preparing for the students 'Christmas Concert', a 'Music in the Community' day, performing at the Christmas Fair, and an evening of ‘singalong’ traditional Christmas carols and songs at the school. Students will round things off by

presenting a range of seasonal music in assemblies for each year group on the last day of term. The appointment of Alex Jarrett as Performance Director at the Senior School underlines the BSN’s commitment to developing and extending opportunities for more and more students to become involved in this important aspect of school life. Music is woven into the curriculum throughout the junior schools and in the Senior School through to Year 9, when students must make choices about their learning – and decide whether to continue with their music studies. At both the Senior and Junior Schools, the number and range of peripatetic music teachers is huge – with over 35 teachers offering lessons in a variety of different instruments including flute, woodwind, piano, guitar, brass and of course voice. This makes for a thriving musical community which continues to offer BSN students many and varied opportunities to develop a love of music.


Alex Jarrett, who joined the Senior School Music Department in September, teaches piano and voice and tells us about his particular passion; “I am setting up a series of smaller performance choirs and small instrumental groups at the Senior School and this term have worked with different year groups in their assemblies, to encourage students to continue developing their enjoyment of singing.” Alex comes to the BSN from Bangor University, where he did an MA in performance and a PhD in performance and research. Whilst there, he became involved with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, serving as one of several Assistant Conductors – a relationship which continues to this day. This involved him working with some notable figures including Dame Kiri te Kanawa, The King’s Singers and Laudibus. Alex wants to tap into this experience and offer more niche and specialist choral groups to BSN students, to run alongside existing provision, which has, up to this year, consisted of the Junior Choir, now known as ‘Vocalise’, run by Helen Andrews, and the Senior Choir, which is run

The Centre for Young Musicians at The BSN Another outstanding example of extended musical opportunities for BSN students can be found in the BSN Centre for Young Musicians (CYM). Founded in 2007 and running every Saturday. This specialist centre provides high-level tuition for students with a particular passion for, and ability in, music. The aim of the CYM is to provide a further opportunity for students aged between 6-18 to develop their musical potential and to rehearse and perform with other musicians to the highest level. These CYM students consistently achieve outstanding success in their instrumental, vocal and choral exams, participating in prestigious Dutch music competitions and festivals with prizewinning success. They have been

Many students from the BSN took their Associated Board of the Royal Schools Of Music Exams (ABRSM) at the Senior School in November. These exams motivate musical achievement by providing a series of goals to aim for which gradually become more challenging. These provide a continuity in musical development for internationally mobile children as they are available in almost every country worldwide. The BSN is the main centre in the Netherlands for these exams and children travel from many different parts of the country to use the musical facilities at the Senior School. The exams range from the prep test which is aimed at the beginner, through to a professional qualification for more advanced music students. As Karin Hollreiser, ABRSM Representative explains: “We are particularly keen to see more string players and children playing more unusual instruments such as the oboe or bassoon, taking these exams.” If you are interested in taking an ABRSM exam, contact or visit the website: The school also actively supports and regularly enters students for the Trinity/Guildhall music examinations, a complementary range of examinations, offering a similar type of package to students – these exams are held off-site and full details of the Trinity/Guildhall exams can be found at their website: Information about music provision can be picked up either from school receptions and the Senior School Music Department, or you can speak directly to the music teachers in any BSN school, who will be able to help you further.

invited to perform in the Festival Classique in Den Haag, The National Youth Jazz Festival and were prize winners in the Florence Music Concourse, 2011. CYM currently provides the following weekly opportunities for BSN students: Instrumental lessons on all instruments and voice Chamber group coaching ranging from duets, trios to larger ensembles Advanced String Group Vocal tuition towards scenes from musicals and opera International Youth Chamber Orchestra Theory and Aural lessons for ABRSM exams High level Jazz improvisation groups for students with a special interest in Jazz Opportunities to enter national competitions and music festivals Choral training CYM students work and perform regularly with students from the Royal Conservatorium in Den Haag and The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Full details can be found on Gateway ( CommunityActivities/CCA/Pages) and at


The sound of music

The sound of music…

BSN Hosts Music Exams

MY STORY In previous issues we have looked at the stories of both past and present students of the BSN as well as their families. Now its the turn of three members of staff – two of whom have also experienced life as a student before finding their way to the staff room! Femke Blackford “I started school at the BSN in September 1984 when I was 5. At that time there was a separate Infant’s School in Mariahoeve. My older brother, Tjeerd, was already there and my younger sister, Sjoukje, joined the school 3 years later. For the next 13 years I was to be a student at the BSN. In that time I have collected many great memories; that we had class pets, including a

tortoise, and I can clearly remember my first teacher, Mrs Mountain – I thought she was great! I remember each of my class teachers at the Junior School too and I won’t forget the specialist teachers: Mr Finch, now at JSL, was my PE teacher; Mr Hubee, also at JSL, was my Dutch teacher; and Ms Symms, now Mrs Gallagher, was my music teacher. My time at the Junior School was very happy and I loved ‘special’ days like the International Days. The Senior School holds many memories for me too – some of the most memorable being my time on the BSN swim team. Over the years I represented the school in many

swimming galas including ISST championships. I took part in a number of school plays including ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘The Visit’ which were always great to be part of. My fondest memories from my time at BSN are those of the friends I made. Often children joined the school and left again a few short years later which was not easy, especially when it was a best friend! By Year 13 there was only one other person in my year who had started with me in Lower Infants – everybody else had moved on. However, it did mean that I met people from all over the world who have since become lifelong friends. With the wonders of technology and facebook, I am in touch with a great number who are living all over the world from Nigeria, to Australia and the USA. I left The Netherlands for the first time when I started my degree in the UK at the University of Warwick. There I gained a BA in Drama and my qualified teacher’s status before returning to The Netherlands to work as a supply teacher at JSV. I taught all ages from Reception (now F2) to Year 6, following this I was offered the position of class teacher and spent the next seven years teaching Years 1 to 3. Last year I moved to JSD where I am now teaching in Year 2 and have been reunited with an old friend from my younger days: Mariam Schenk was in my class when we were in Year 5, she is now also working at JSD as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) in my class. My dad, Brian Blackford was also a teacher at the BSN Junior Schools and retired a number of years ago after 35 years of service to the school.”

Mariam Schenk



“I started at the BSN in January of 1989 when my Dad had a 4 year placement at the Tanzanian Embassy in The Hague. I went into Year 5 and stayed until 1992. I have two sisters who are both younger than me – Isamba was with me at the Junior School in Tapijtweg and Milwa was at the Nursery School in Mariahoeve. Although I was not at the BSN for very long – three years in fact – I always loved the Golden Retriever dog that the Head Teacher had – it was always

Mariam Rhianna Herr This term Elizabeth Ainsworth and her Year 3 class at Junior School Diamanthorst have received invaluable support from teaching assistant Rhianna Herr who recently spoke about her time at the BSN. “I have been working at JSD on a 10 week work placement as part of the Educators Abroad programme, which sets out to promote teaching as a Global Profession. I’ve travelled more than 6000km from my hometown of Harrisonburg in the State of Virginia to work at BSN! I am currently studying for a Master’s in Education at James Madison University. During my time at the BSN I have observed a number of interesting differences between schools back home in the USA and the BSN. In particular, I’ve noticed how cosmopolitan and international the school is – at home it’s not unusual to come across tensions between

riam Femke and Ma

students from different nationalities even from a young age, so it’s very refreshing to see children from such a diverse range of nationalities mixing together and embracing each other’s cultures. The highlight of my time here has been International Day in which the entire school – children and staff – dressed in traditional costumes from either their country of origin, a country they’ve visited or a costume representing a friend’s country. It was touching to see how involved the children were and the pride they took in their work which helped make the day such a huge success. During my time in The Netherlands I have also enjoyed the opportunity to get involved with many aspects of Dutch culture and have appreciated the healthy lifestyle, fresh food and cycling, as well as the clean sea air and the beach.” The staff and children will be left with many fond memories of Rhianna’s time here, Victoria and Fabienne said “Miss Herr is lovely and kind and we really enjoyed her teaching us”. Class D3EA and Ms Ainsworth would like to say “a huge thank you to Ms Herr for all her help this term and wish you a very safe journey back to America, we’re going to miss you very much”.


in her office and was a familiar sight around school. I also remember that Paul Ellis was a class teacher at the time, but his memory of me is not quite so clear! Sue Janssen was my English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher. I left the BSN and in 1996 I went to Victoria Girls in Grahamstown, a Catholic girls’ school in South Africa that had opened its doors to black people the year before. Femke Blackford and I were BSN students together and now, 22 years later, we are working together with Key Stage 1 children at Junior School Diamanthorst. I returned to the BSN in April 2010 because I was looking for a job in an English speaking school and have been happy to work here as a Learning Support Assistant at JSD.”


Where the Money Goes As the various teams go about their work, organising events within the BSN Community, a happy spin off is the fundraising opportunities that present themselves throughout the year. From the more obvious major Winter and Summer Fairs, through to Bring and Buy Sales or Quiz Evenings, there are plenty of opportunities to raise money for the school. Understandably, parents are often interested in knowing what the funds raised have been used for, so we have put together an overview from the past 3 years to give you an idea of where the money goes. Any parents, students or staff members of the BSN can approach the Family Association with a funding request and we are always happy to consider new ideas – from any school or group. Check out the FA page on BSN Gateway for more information and to download the Funding Request Form.

2008–9 Giant chess set for the Senior School atrium Gymnastic mats (floor square) for the BSN Gym Team Outdoor play structure for JSD’s garden Portable keyboards for Foundation School and JSV Resuscitation dummies for Senior School

€575 €8,364 €2,259 €1,348 €164


Grand Piano for hall – to mark the opening of JSL Playground Train at JSV Donation to the BSN Bursary Fund Sound system – for whole BSN use Balloon Inflator – for whole BSN use Provision of refreshments at BSN social events

€15,000 €8,911 €1,083 €2,250 €157 €642


Contribution towards climbing frame at JSV Contribution to stage lighting system at JSD Contribution to BSN Bursary Fund 2010–11 Other smaller contributions and donations

€925 €2,072 €1,000 €645

In addition, over the past couple of years: • The Kenya Team from the Senior School were encouraged to use the Summer Fair as a fundraising opportunity for their trip. • The guides, scouts and brownies also raised funds during both the Winter and Summer Fair. • Charities and school clubs do not pay fees for stands at Family Association events and are allowed to keep all the funds they raise. • Some schools clubs/groups help us to set up and break down at major events and assist during the day – in exchange a donation is made by the Family Association to help their fundraising challenge (Kenya 2012 Team, Vietnam Team, Young Enterprise).

Family affairs

Family affairs A short word from the Family Association Chair Since changing its name and structure a year ago, the BSN Family Association (formerly the PTA) has been able to provide more and more people with the opportunity to get involved with the BSN community. Today we have 9 different teams working all year round to provide activities, information, parties, welcomes, services, conferences, events and last but not least farewells! It is a pleasure to see that everyone is enjoying their new, or not so new, responsibilities. They have a strong sense of pride in what they do, knowing that they are providing a great service – and often support – to so many BSN parents and kids. The feedback from everyone involved has been very positive leading us to look to the future with great enthusiasm. The Family Association has also been working with Senior School students to encourage and involve them in volunteering within the BSN community. The results have been extremely positive – not to mention great fun! The CAS (Community-Action-Service) program for students also makes an important contribution to our team with support in areas ranging from IT, waiting staff, ticket sales, photography at events and helping with setting up and running activities. As a mother with her own business and working from home, I sometimes feel lonely in front of my computer as I ask myself what are the right decisions for my business, but with the Family Association I know I am part of a much bigger team. I can send emails or call people to ask what they think about this or that idea or project. In a community where so many of us have faced a major change in our living environment, being part of the Family Association is a fantastic thing. It is like having a job, but within a very protected, happy and supportive environment. It allows each of us to do something different and the benefits are as much for the individual as they are for the wider BSN community. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved with the Family Association; without the help of all of them, none of our activities would be successful. Looking forward to many more ideas and projects, the Family Association wishes you all a fantastic 2012!

Welcome to New Arrivals With so many events for new arrivals in the early part of the school year, the Welcome Team decided to hold their events after the half term holiday in November. Although newcomers are the ‘guests of honour’ at these events, the entire community from each campus is invited. Leader of the Welcome Team, Johanna Dishongh, said: “We find that more often than not it’s all the conversation away from the formal presentations which provides the most value. Even if they don’t get the opportunity to talk to each

A note from the Social Team Keep Saturday 10 March free for the next Social Team Quiz Night – full details of where and when will follow on BSN Gateway. Don't miss it!

Flexible ways to develop your career or interests Flexibility is the key to improving your career or exploring your interests. That’s what the best distance learning provides, with The Open University leading the world. It is the UK’s largest university and offers short courses, Bachelors and Masters degrees and an MBA. For details of information events or to make an appointment with an adviser visit Find out more 070 360 7443


On behalf of all the Family Association Anne Nielsen de Bérard CleverClogs_Leaflet_A6_V2.indd 1


other there, it provides a familiar face and a point of contact across the playground for later” If you’d like to help the Welcome Team in welcoming new arrivals in the future, please contact us:

13-01-11 12:38



Term in

heroes of the stage As we go to press with Insight, preparations are almost complete for this year’s Senior School play, The Wyrd Sisters – we take a look behind the scenes of this ambitious production. When the actors take their final bow and the audience applause dies away, it is worth reflecting on the wealth of energy, time and commitment that really makes a play as successful as this term’s is sure to be. The Senior School’s production of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters has seen all the student actors thoroughly rehearsed and directed by Head of Drama, ‘H’ Ball and the audience is in for a real treat. But as the curtain raises on this ambitious production and the characters perform on a well-lit stage, with its striking set and atmospheric music, spare a thought to all those unsung heroes who transform a school play into a spectacular performance.

Student technicians, stage managed by Nicky Welch have worked hard to ensure that the props and actors are all in the right place at the right time, that the lighting helps create the right feeling and that this sense of atmosphere is extended through to the music and sound effects designed by ‘H’ Ball. As every theatre-goer will know, the impact of every scene is reliant on the set and this year Richard Cunliffe and Jasper Fijnvandraat have designed a striking set which has been constructed and painted by a team of talented art students along with the teaching and support team.

review Junior Schools Celebrate International Day of Peace

Actors often talk of the moment they put on their costumes as being the time when their character really takes life. This year’s production includes a mass of stunning outfits all created from scratch by a team of talented seamstresses and knitters who have been working since the summer term on 33 different and often complex costumes. Before the play was even cast, Keyna Kettle and Marion Blacker made 11 beautifully lined cloaks and Alison Michels devised a perfect plan for making chain mail … Kirsty Molnar, Vivienne Brodrick and Alison have been knitting chainmail with string which is then sprayed to look more realistic. Other beautiful creations have been made by Tansy Graves, Hilary Davidson and Alison Michels who has picked up the lion’s share of the costumes. It has been a real team effort. All that remains is for the actors to bring these elements to life and treat audiences to two nights of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld madness!

Shortly after the start of term, children from Vlaskamp, Diamanthorst and Leidschenveen schools joined over 1000 school children from across The Hague region to participate in the fourth annual Peace Walk, marking the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. This was a particularly momentous occasion for the school as it was the first year BSN and other international schools had been invited to take part. One of the highlights of the day was the simultaneous release of over 1000 balloons by the participating school children, which was a sight to behold. Following the walk, the children attended a special concert in which they were treated to a performance by Moroccan Dutch rapper Ali B who went down a storm!

SSV Servus!

JSL Sounds Inspirational! Phil Davis, a visiting consultant from England inspired both teachers and children of JSL to use their own imagination and creativity though visual images and sounds. His input helped the children to develop their

l and dress ked, technica oc bl en be cast and Scenes have ace and the pl n ke ta ve rehearsals ha ain to rise… y for the curt ad re e ar ew cr


knowledge of descriptive language and ability to use mind mapping to organise their writing. The children in Foundation Stage were visited by Tattybumpkin, a puppet, who told stories. The stories the children took part in used lots of physical activity, relaxation and yoga poses, exploring texture and the senses. KS1 “We had a great day with Phil who inspired the children to write some lovely stories and really brought out the creative side in all of them”. KS2 experienced ‘Skiing down a mountain side’ to the sound of a beating drum! This not only got the children’s creative juices flowing, it also raised a smile on every single face in the house! The children went on to be inspired by the pictures and music shown to them. The result was that every single child realised that they indeed could ALL come up with fantastic ideas that could be used for creative writing. KS2 now all consider writing to be fun!!

Every year, the German department organises a residential trip to a town in German-speaking Europe - this year saw forty students and four staff head for Vienna. The group, led by Head of German, Matthew Stower met at Schiphol at 04.50 – an unearthly hour for students and even worse for the parents no doubt. A packed week ensued, starting with a German language orientation exercise which enabled students to discover the opulence of the city centre for themselves – with an equally opulent snow globe being offered to the best performing team. The week passed in a blur – The Spanish Riding School, Schönbrunn, magnificent museums, a flea market treasure hunt, the United Nations building, and the Hundertwasser house built according to it’s designers philosophy that “the straight line is ungodly”. These activities were punctuated by regular encounters with Austrian cuisine; notably the delicious Wiener Schnitzel – although “sour lung soup” was also an option at the famous “Zwölf Apostel Keller”. A fun and useful week for all concerned. Matthew Stower would like to thank the students for their good behaviour and enthusiasm as well as Herr Quick, Frau Hardy and Frau Bourne for their tireless support.


The International Award continues to play a key role in the shaping of the lives of the young men and women at the BSN by giving them leadership opportunities and by encouraging them to participate in the communities in which they live. As the Benelux equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh programme there are three main levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and the BSN supports the students throughout each phase by co-ordinating the various activities that the students must complete. The annual presentation evening is not only a celebration of the students’ success but also an acknowledgement of the support and encouragement that the parents give their children throughout what can be a very challenging programme. Thirty-two students completed the Bronze Award and fourteen completed the Silver and they were presented their certificates and medals by Baroness de Vos van Steenwijk and Sir Wim van der Laan, respectively Vice Chair and Director of the International Award in the Netherlands. They were accompanied by two Gold Award holders, Marieke Meelen and Sophie Kerstens who encouraged the students to share their fascinating stories with their friends and family about their journey towards completion of the Award. Tim Pauwels, a Year 12 student, put this into practise by performing a piece on the violin, the instrument that he learned to fulfil the Skill category of the Award. Rosie Worster and Charlie Nourse spoke about the ups and downs of the Expeditions in Breda and the Ardennes and also about their hope to complete the Gold Award through participation in Expedition Kenya 2012. What is significant about this evening was the high number of Year 12 students who had completed both their Bronze and Silver Awards since January 2010 and have every chance of completing their Gold by the time they leave the BSN. This is a rare occurrence indeed as most Gold Awards are completed while the candidates are at university. Congratulations must therefore go to all these students who successfully achieved their Award. Michelle Callaby and Ben Le Heux – International Award Coordinators


SSV Drama Showcase Early November saw Year 10 Drama students put on a fantastic performance of their work this term. The audience of friends and family enjoyed a lively and provocative evening – thank you to everyone involved.

the collections of coins, crystals, fossils and scientific equipment. The trip was the perfect lead to the Y3 Collections day which was a great success – high praise and thanks to the curators of the Year 3 Collections Museum. The whole of Year 3 organised and prepared to display their collections. It was noticeable how knowledgeable the children were and how willing they were to discuss and share with everyone, no matter how young or old. Well done to Year 3 for doing themselves proud and of course thank you to all our visitors who helped make the Collections Museum a success.

SSV Beijing Exchange

JSL Teylers Museum and Collections Day Y3 had a great time visiting Teylers Museum in Haarlem. This museum, which opened in 1784 is the oldest in the Netherlands and is proud to still be located in its original building! The children were fascinated by

This October saw the return part of the fourteenth exchange visit with the Beijing Number 3 Middle School. The first two days were spent with the Chinese host families, experimenting with food, meeting grandparents, learning a little Chinese and sight-seeing. On Monday the students all went in to school, where they were honoured with a flag parade and speeches, which were followed by an English lesson. Lunchtime was taken up with a basketball match between the two schools, which the whole school turned out to watch – the BSN were defeated but not dishonoured. In the afternoon the group visited the junior school, and joined in music and art lessons. The day was rounded off by a Chinese dumpling-making competition, the results of which were eagerly consumed! The remainder of the time was taken up with sightseeing: the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Opera House, the Confucian temple and the Great Wall, rounded off by a little shopping. During the week all the students learned a great deal about Beijing daily life – transport, food (a great deal of it and all delicious), exercise in the park, haggling – and some of its history and beliefs. The BSN party was treated royally by the school, the students and the families, and we would like to express thanks to the BSN's generous friends in Beijing and look forward to next year’s visit!

JSD International Day JSD Celebrated their 9th annual International Day in spectacular fashion earlier this term. The purpose of the day is to celebrate diversity, highlight the wide range of cultures across the school and offer an exciting opportunity for the children to learn first-hand about different customs, traditions, values and beliefs. The celebrations kicked off with the customary parade through the school in which the children dressed in traditional costumes either from the country of their own origin, a country they've visited or a costume representing a friend’s country. The festivities included activities such as Diwali dancing, Maori mask design, Rangoli art and Chinese calligraphy in which children practiced writing their names using Chinese characters. One of the highpoints, particularly for the staff, was the delicious assortment of food prepared by the parents and children.

SSV Reading Club Reading Club is a fun and enjoyable club run by Ms Harding in the school library. Many students attend on Friday lunchtimes to discuss book suggestions and recommendations. Members of the Reading Club play games and on Halloween the library was decorated with spooky stuff. Recently, students made bookmarks which were laminated and a few weeks ago we had National Non Fiction Day. Shuchita Dobhal, Year 8


Term in review

SSV International Award Presentation

BSN Creative Showcase

JSD F2 Explorin g their Senses! children enjoyin g exploring their senses and playing with shaving foam – it’s great for writing and making patte rns as well as being great fun!

Track printing involv es a high degree of concentration … and enjoyment!

It’s fun eating lunch while chatting to your friends in your mother tongue. That’s just what a number of excited pupils enjoyed doing at JSV during the first half of term. The first International Lunch in the calendar was for our Italian speakers. Some children had to get used to the idea of NOT speaking English in school! However, when they had settled down, they soon started chatting happily together and joined in singing Italian childrens’ songs. A couple of boys played “hangman” after lunch, in Italian of course, whilst, while others watched an Italian cartoon. Two weeks later it was the turn of an enthusiastic group of Portuguese speakers. Once again the children enjoyed interacting in their mother tongue and one of the Portuguese parents was kind enough to join in, making it extra special for the children. Being able to relax and communicate in your mother tongue is especially important to those children who are new to the school. It helps them to feel at home during the early weeks, which can be rather difficult when they do not speak English. We look forward to hosting more International Lunches in the future!

JSV’s Year 4 take a cre ative approach to the Rainf orest

Aaron Donlon chiselling an alabaster stone sculpture

Chloe Le Larg e experimen ting, building a se aturtle with ch icken wire and papi er mache an d decorating it with various media

create were asked to The children about lp them think monster to he is aracters – this developing ch t! il Ca Skye Brier’s Ev Marta Moreno Corcoles created this beautiful Rousseau inspir ed Rainforest picture using pastels

JSL Kingfishers celebrate Rosh Hashanah 29 September marks Rosh Hoshanah, literally ‘head of year’ and is the Jewish New Year celebration. Jews believe that this marks the creation of Adam and Eve, 5,772 years ago. The Kingfishers found out all about the celebration, made New Year greetings cards and sampled some of the delicious traditional sweet foods, yummy! They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to say Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim, which means ‘May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.’

ing a Greek statue

Zita Stratis sculpt

in clay

Louisa Kaestner painting

a fish with acrylics


t foot a go a d a s h n ourney ildre their J The ch g in r g du paintin ey compared o! th ints to – topic shoepr d n a ints footpr t playing a Rainfores The boys here are was a homework boardgame which task for Year 4

s mad zed lizard Clay, gla s t 9 studen by Year

JSD’s F2 class made some beautiful Russian nesting dolls out of plastic bottl es as part of their International day activities



Term in review

JSV International Lunches

ng Y11 combini Connor Brady Bank G IN e th ture of the architec ith the msterdam w building in A ll shape of a bu

After an eventful trip on what felt to some students like a bi-plane, followed by a nausea-inducing coach ride around the winding Devonshire lanes, the Year 13 biologists arrived in Slapton for a week of field studies. Based at Slapton Field Study Center the students spent the week experiencing first-hand a range of practical experiments, sampling and research skills. These experiences involved donning wellies and wet weather gear to, investigate a range the height-width ratio of limpets (stratified sampling) and the different organisms present in each shore zone (systematic sampling). There was work in the classroom too, to process data and learn to use the t-test (statistics test). The students occupied themselves on shingle beaches where they investigated succession, made sketches of the plants and analyzed

JSD TV stars Children from JSD Years 2 and 3 visited the JVTV studio in Hilversum recently to star in a brand new interactive digital board application called ‘Take it Easy’ which is currently being developed by education resource specialists Thiememeulenhoff. The application will be offered to more than 800 primary schools across The Netherlands and will provide an innovative method for teaching English to Dutch school children between Years 1 and 4. Four separate classes visited the studio across four separate days.

Although the sun was not au rendez-vous, the trip was intense and rich and the students enjoyed many of the sights and sounds of Paris. Among the highlights of the visit were the play which was performed in Le Marais area of Paris as well as a Molière walk organised by La Comédie Française, and a visit to Molière’s grave in Le Père Lachaise. The students also enjoyed other Parisian pleasures and places including the Bateaux Mouches, Panthéon and Montmartre grapeharvest celebrations as well as a visit to the hallowed halls of Dalloyau, renowned as les inimythables de la pâtisserie Française … as Moliere himself said: "Il faut manger pour vivre, et non pas vivre pour manger".

their adaptations to the respective area. The group measured and recorded wind speed, soil depth, plant diversity, light intensity and took soil samples at regular intervals and compared the plant diversity in managed and unmanaged areas. The students observed climax communities and a coppiced wood used to conserve dormice and for a bit of light relief, they collected as many snails as possible within 10 minutes, and marked them with tip-ex on the underside of the shell. The students studied woodland and river ecology and learned about the different microhabitats and learned that the Slapton woodland has existed for several centuries. A steep hill walk culminated in the collection of a range of insects with a ‘pooter’ and after seeing the range and variety of experimentation possible, the final day led to students carrying out their own experiments.


Mr Hellier gave KS2 and KS3 pupils a very informative presentation about E-Safety and Terence Crawford a Fire Control Trainer, gave a fascinating insight into safety in the school and at home. Filling the music room with smoke was an inspired illustration of how a fire would look in reality! Feedback and views of all the individual school student councils will be gathered and reported back early in the Spring Term, leading to a BSN 'Top ten tips' for Safety!

The JSL community came together for a wonderful walk along the beach this term. We were blessed with some of the most fantastic weather of the year. Several families joined in, chatting, making friends and relaxing together under the blue skies over Wassenaar. Once again it was a great opportunity for families to connect with others in the school community. Judging by the excitement that the children showed and by how wet they ended up getting, they all enjoyed a fantastic afternoon.

SSV Students enjoy Parisian Delights! During the weekend of 8 October, twelve Year 13, A2 and IB students of French, were lucky enough to visit the beautiful city of Paris on the path of Molière. Molière was a French playwright and actor who is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature – his play, L’Avare (The Miser) is the A2 Literature set text.

For the A level students, this investigation was the main part of their A2 coursework, and for the IB students, the experimental write-up would be internally assessed. The IB group headed for the woodland, where they spent hours counting woodlice and investigating if light intensity affected their abundance. Other students investigated the diversity of species in the stream or on the shingle ridge, and there were also four people who ventured back to the rocky shore to investigate limpets, anemones and topshells. At the end of each busy day, dinner was well deserved and sleep came easily to all! The children all had great fun filming and turned out to be complete naturals in front of the camera from the moment the director counted down and called out 'action'. Speaking about his experiences of the studio Bailey from D3EA said he was "very happy and excited about seeing himself on TV". Claire from the same class also had a fantastic time and said "I've wanted to be an actress all my life and today my dreams have come true".

JSL Walk on the beach!

BSN Student Councillors The theme of this year's Student Council Conference was 'Safety, Self and School' and saw representatives of the Student Councils from each of the BSN schools attending. Many thanks to all the staff and students across the BSN who contributed to what was a fantastic day.

Language Clubs The BSN Language Clubs continue to expand with the addition of the school’s first ever Turkish Mother Tongue Language Club which started this term. After searching to find a teacher of the right calibre, the new Spanish Club has kicked off and with registration of interest continuing we hope to launch another one in the new year.

Term in review

SSV Biologists in Devon

As Insight goes to print, ten Senior School students are preparing to take part in the next New European Speech, Debate & Acting Association (NESDA) Competition being held in Brussels in December. Students participate in a mix of disciplines which include Debate, Duet Acting, Impromptu Speaking, Oral Interpretation of Literature and Original Oratory – all challenging

stuff but great for developing research and teamworking skills as well as confidence, understanding of literature and its effect on an audience. The BSN’s NESDA team was selected from auditions and once chosen, students are responsible for working on their own disciplines with coaching from staff – students are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and ownership throughout this process. Good luck to Becky Hersbach, Sarah Weinberg, Tari Ajeh, Amelia Wainwright, Emily Porritt, Ines Sousa, Abbi Davies, Fergus Taylor, Veronica White, Maaike Brown!

JSL and the world of business! Earlier this term, Year 6 worked in teams for “Apprentice Week” – a fantastic opportunity for both year six classes to work together to produce a finished product. Not only did they have to focus on a product, but also looked at the different skills in the teams and considered how to organise themselves to work in the best way. Through designing a product, the students included aspects of PSHE and learned skills of compromise and to prioritise what was important for the team. In English, the Apprentices worked on catchy names and slogans for their product, as well as writing a good advert jingle. Maths saw them consider different nets of shapes in which to place their products – this involved considering the size of the product and how many pieces would be contained in the packs. Before embarking on any design ideas, the Apprentices ran a survey and presented their results using a graph. Another part of the challenge was to use their art and design skills to design and build effective packaging. In addition, the Apprentices were responsibile for some stunning display boards in the reception area. It was also vitally important for the students to work on presentation skills and use their ICT skills to create a powerpoint to support their ideas.

Monday 26 September saw The BSN celebrate the European Day of Languages (EDL) with its own Language Village. SSV was transformed by a team of International Representatives who turned the Atrium into a truly global village representing an array of European languages; Dutch, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and English and new this year Polish and Danish. The guest of honour was The Mayor of Voorschoten, who cut the ribbon and declared the village open for business. Throughout the day, students armed with a guide book and ‘passports’ visited the Village and took part in a number of simple role-play tasks using phrases from each country and put into practice what they have learned during their language lessons. As Madame Chantal Rieutort-Louis, Language Teacher and Coordinator of the BSN Language Village explains: “The European Day of Languages is such a great way for the school to celebrate the number of languages used within the school and for students from the Dutch community to experience first hand how languages can take you further.” The school is indebted to the energy and enthusiasm of all the International Representatives who worked with Madame Chantal to make the event such a success.

the work that they have brought back will now be used in class to help prepare units of work for the GCSE, A level and IB exams. John Coombes, Head of Modern Foreign Languages would like to thank Mr. Floyd, Miss Smith and Alicia Cascón for accompanying the students and a special thanks to Srta. Hernández for all the help she gave in organising the trip.

SSV Viva Barcelona!

By the end of the week, the suspense was immense. The Apprentices were all ready to present their products to Sir David of Porritt. Each team did a super job, but only one team could be hired. Sir David had a tough job choosing one team – everyone had worked so well together, and each individual had learned something new about themselves and how they work with others. Finally, Lord Coles of Swindon arrived, and with his arrival – the winners were announced! Class teachers, Mel Rogers and Chloe Gillie were both bursting with pride, and indeed the whole JSL team felt that Apprentice Week cemented many friendships and good team spirit throughout all of Year 6. A fantastic fun filled week which really set high standards for the rest of the year.


BSN Language Village

Term in review

SSV A Matter for Debate

On 19 October, 45 students from Years 10-13 set off on the annual school Spanish Trip to Barcelona where students spent 5 days staying in a Youth Hostel in the outskirts of the city. The group visited some of the many sights and attractions that Barcelona has to offer – including the Camp Nou football stadium, the Liceo Opera House, the Olympic Stadium and Sports Museum with a cable car trip to the nearby castle. They ventured outside the city to San Sadurní to visit the Freixenet bodega and spent Saturday afternoon in the seaside town of Sitges. The students took advantage of the many opportunities to visit the architecture of Gaudí and ate each evening in typical Spanish restaurants so that students had the opportunity to experience the local culture and food and practise their language. The students enjoyed all the activities in the packed programme. There was lots of cooperative work between the year groups and as an added bonus the weather was good to us – apart from a brief but heavy downpour of rain on the last day. During the week the students carried out a number of linguistic activities to focus their language skills and

JSD Curriculum Evening During October, JSD held their curriculum evening to which parents were invited to learn about the innovative techniques and methods applied by teachers within the classroom. Deputy Head Tim Springham welcomed parents by explaining that “the school is unique in terms of its diversity of cultures and location, and the curriculum evening provides an excellent opportunity particularly for new parents to truly understand what the BSN aims to achieve in the 21st century”. The evening was very well attended by 75 parents who were also invited to drop in at a number of open sessions which were on offer throughout the school in areas including the media centre and music departments. Mr Mohd Shar Noor whose daughter is in Year 1 spoke about his experience: “I found the evening to be extremely helpful, I’ve come away with new ideas about handling behavioural matters as well as some great tips for supporting my daughter with her Maths homework”.


The BSN Language Centre – Adult Education

In September, Year 7 students were lucky enough to go to Outdoor Valley in Bergschenhoek which meant camping in tepee tents, rock climbing and falling in mud! Most of the students and some of the staff were covered in mud by the end of the survival course or had overcome fears on the zip wire or even burst a balloon in archery. During the two days and nights we were there, new friends were made and the year group has a shared experience which they will never forget.

JSL has the X Factor JSL X Factor was back this year and even bigger and better than before! Pupils from Years 3 to 6 auditioned either as a solo act or in a group and throughout November, contestants were busy practising their songs all over the campus. Around 26 groups and solo singers auditioned with striking names such as X-Stars, The Swifter Girls and Rolling Girls. The finalists were announced and rehearsals for the big show started in earnest. The judging panel for the finals held the evening of 24 November featured professional singer Fantine, the Brazilian 2002 ‘Popstars’ winner! Fantine also ran a series of Master Classes for the finalists in the weeks running up to the event. Many congratulations to all who took part but especially to Isabel ‘Fizzy’ van Zoest – winner of the Solo acts and ‘The Triple Beauties’ (Sophie, Sophie and Kelly) won the group competition and the overall JSL Golden Mike Award!

SSV Geographers to the Jurassic Coast During October, a group of Year 12 geography students headed for the South of Dorset in England to make a study of the development of a coast line and to collect a wide range of data in the field. This data is very important to both A level and IB students as the A level students have to write an exam on field data collection techniques, whilst IB students use the data for their coursework. After a 10 hour journey, the group arrived at the picturesque Lulworth Cove and immediately headed out for a walk in the stunning surroundings – complete with a fossilised forest from the dinosaur era! The students not only collected data but also did a lot of walking


and became quite used to wearing walking boots for hours on end. On the last day of the trip the group collected data in local villages and the town of Swanage for their human geography topic – this involved working in pairs to count observed land use and conduct questionnaires with local people. As Saskia Llewellyn explained; “Some of the funnier highlights of the trip were dodging naturists on the beach in Portland, getting blown over by strong waves and wind on Chesil beach and rolling down enormous hills near Dancing Ledge. All in all we had a great time on the trip and wish we could have stayed there for longer!“

JSV Phileas Fogg Drama Workshop In early November all of year 6 at JSV enjoyed a visit by the Phileas Fogg Theatre Group. Through drama, the children learned about nineteenth century life for poor and underprivileged children in Europe. They explored life in a ‘Dame’ school where teaching was conducted without books, technology or active learning and discipline was robust. The took part in sketches which looked at the horrible jobs that many children had to do, including chimney sweeping, cleaning factory machinery and searching the sewers for anything that could be turned into cash, including dead bodies. Although some aspects of the workshop were quite light hearted and dramatic, it was all based on primary evidence taken from sources such as newspapers, court records and Parliamentary Inquiries into conditions in factories for children. The children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop, but also understood that real life for our not too distant ancestors could be very harsh indeed.

SSV Jamming with ASH Helen Andrews took nine Year 11 GCSE students to ASH to ‘jam’ with their Jazz Band. It was an enjoyable session where they all played the ‘Head’ arrangement and then were all given the opportunity to improvise on their own or in pairs.

The BSN Language Centre presently has close to 500 adults enrolled in language classes and offers Dutch and English language training to adults meeting every language need from Beginner to Advanced levels with classes running mornings, afternoons and evenings. In addition to general language courses, there are also specialised Cambridge exam classes, Business English and Conversation courses. An extensive private tuition programme as well as intensive sessions which round out the spectrum of language training possibilities available at The BSN Language Centre on the Leidschenveen campus. With new courses starting in February, we welcome you to visit our modern facilities, take a free intake exam and meet some of our highly qualified teachers at one of our Open/Registration Days in the new year. Open/Registration Days: 10.00 – 13.00: 21 and 28 January and 4 February 2012.

BSN on Broadway Earlier this term, we were treated to a very special evening laid on entirely by students. Organised by a Student Committee which consisted of Deirdre Rieutort-Louis, Henry Moore, Natasha Sperrey and Jo Hall, students from across Senior School were invited to audition to take part in a very special evening of musical performance. On the night, theatre-goers were treated to popcorn and refreshments and took their seats at tables in the hall – the curtain was raised and the show began. Talented students of all ages performed songs from famous Broadway Shows and the audience was delighted. It was a testament to the determination and hard work of these students who pulled off such a great event. Many thanks to photographers Chantal Rieutort-Louis and James White who really captured the spirit of the evening.

Fireworks Spectacular The Bursary Fund Family Fireworks Spectacular certainly lived up to its name and was held on a mild and dry November evening. There was a wide range of activities for children (and adults too!) and a display of stunning firework-themed artwork, and with prices held at 2010 levels, the event still saw a 24% increase in money raised on the night. The Bursary Fund is run by a voluntary committee and relies on the energy, enthusiasm and support of many people to ensure their events are a success – particular thanks go to their sponsors, Mike’s Place, Mallory’s for the sports equipment and games and Olive & Rolf for the English sausages! The Bursary Fund is a charitable body, independent from the BSN. It works together with the School to raise funds and administer financial support to students in years 11 to 13 who would otherwise be unable to complete their school year, due to a change in personal circumstances. Run by a group of volunteers, the Bursary committee organises a number of fund-raising events including the Fireworks Night and the Car Boot Sale. All profits from these events go directly to the Fund.

Term in review

SSV Year 7 enjoy Outdoor Valley

Just before half term, Year 9 students visited Ypres in Belgium as part of their World War 1 studies. They visited war cemeteries and many students were visibly stunned at seeing the many hundreds of white marble headstones and simple crosses which represented just a few of the millions who lost their lives in what became known as the Great War. Students reinforced much of what they had already learned about World War 1 and explored the trenches to envisage the misery of the men who lived and died in them. During the day the BSN party laid a wreath at the only German cemetery on the salient Langemarck and in the evening, the group attended the very moving wreath laying ceremony at the Menin Gate – this ceremony has taken place every single day since the memorial was built and thousands of visitors come to pay their respects to the fallen.

JSV’s Jigsaw Those who visited JSV during the first half term of this year are sure to have noticed the giant jigsaw pieces on display in the entrance area. The display provided extra colour to the school but more importantly each piece of the jigsaw related to a code of conduct to which all the children, parents, staff and visitors to JSV would be encouraged to follow. The jigsaw also appeared in a number of other areas throughout JSV including the school office, school hall and playground and at the start of term everyone entering the school was asked to sign a commitment book to pledge support to the code of the jigsaw. Although the main jigsaw display has now been relocated from the entrance area it’s presence is still very much felt all over the school, this is to remind everyone of its purpose and meaning which are: Together we…. look after our things and our school; are polite and friendly; are kind and helpful; listen carefully; keep safe and watch out for others; learn and try our best.


JSD A Taste for the Tudors Excited Year 5s at JSD held their long awaited Tudor Day this term. The children dressed as kings and queens, lords and ladies, poor Tudors and even a few executioners and enjoyed an exciting and informative day! A Tudor Banquet was held to celebrate Henry VIII's second marriage and the children to feasted upon ‘sparrow’ and other Tudor culinary delights.

BSN Charity Work in Kenya During the summer vacation two teachers from the Senior School, Robert Cooper and Ben Le Heux, visited Kenya to complete the risk management for the first SSV Expedition there in July 2012, where twelve senior students will be involved with construction projects at Ndege and Kenana Primary Schools. While visiting Ndege Primary, the children treated Ben Le Heux to an impromptu assembly of the 850 students and staff, where they thanked the BSN for the money that was raised through the school’s Africa Day in 2010. Africa Day arose as a result of the Worster family’s visit in 2009 to Ndege Primary where they witnessed the need for the construction of new classrooms. A Year 13 student at the time, Lily Edge, with the help of the Charities Committee, held a bake sale and non-uniform day to fundraise and €3000 was raised. This money was then given to the Watoto Trust, a UK based charity who is active in the Njoro region of Kenya, and who also ensured that every cent that was raised would be passed on. This money was used to complete a classroom that the Ndege students’ parents had begun to construct but had run out of funds to complete, ending with the foundation and the first few layers of bricks. Thanks to the efforts of BSN students, the classroom was completed and is now being used.

Junior School Assen’s legacy lives on at JSV This summer Junior School Assen (JSA), otherwise commonly known as the Helen Sharman School (HSS), closed its doors for the final time. Nevertheless the spirit of JSA is very much alive today. As part of the JSA farewell celebrations back in June a time capsule was recovered from the schools inner garden by the children with the assistance of Tony Berwick. On Tuesday 11 October the capsule’s contents were officially unveiled at their proud new home within the JSV entrance hall by former Assen School governor Yalcin Canatan and former JSA student Jennifer Donnellan. The ceremony was also attended by Martin Coles as well as the JSV student council. Also

The BSN will continue to support Ndege Primary and other schools in the region through the annual Expedition to Kenya. The students going in 2012 have been set the target of raising €10,000 which will be spent on a further classroom at Ndege Primary and a security fence and gym at Kenana Primary.

present at the unveiling were Jennifer's brother Joseph, their mother Jacki, as well as Joel and Iwan Brigham who also used to attend JSA, together with their mother Jo. Speaking about her time at JSA Jennifer Donnellan said “I have so many happy memories from JSA, I particularly enjoyed the close community spirit and the way in which children and staff worked so closely together to create such a strong team spirit”. Jennifer also added “the time capsule display provides fragments of what life was like at Assen and it’s great to have it on view at the JSV entrance hall so that anyone walking past can get a real sense of life at JSA”.

The Dutch Department would like to thank the year 7 tutors and staff who escorted the classes. Some were lucky to have sunshine, whilst the others had plenty of wind, but luckily no rain!

Kenya 2012 Fundraising Keep an eye out for Kenya 2012 students fundraising activities – the next will be at the Winter Fair where they will be selling their Cook Book for Kenya. More details will be available on Gateway and purchase is available via the Senior School Office.

JSV Fairytale Ball JSV Y2 recently celebrated their annual Fairytale Ball. This was a spectacular Impact Day based on the topic of ‘Tales From Long Ago’. Impact Days are a vehicle to delight, inspire and enhance teaching and learning and this Fairytale Ball certainly achieved this! An assembly, which included a parade of costumes led by our own Fairy Godmother, Tracey Chillingworth, followed a range of activities. There were Gingerbread Men to decorate, Magic Wand pencils to make, drinks to be drunk at the ‘Magical Wish Café’ and tiaras and crowns to be designed. A Fairy-tale Lunch in the Hall was followed by a wonderful disco in the afternoon.

CYM Performance success The BSN Centre for Young Musicians (CYM) has recently had two students, Harry King (piano) and Nick Rivard (voice) selected to perform in the semi-finals of the Florence Concours. Nick was successful in reaching the final and was up against some extremely stiff competition indeed. Last term, the Senior Jazz quintet performed with professional Jazz musicians at the Pavlov Jazz Café In Den Haag. They are also hoping to take part in the Princess Christina Jazz Concours in 2012.

SSV Year 7 to Duivenvoorde Early in September, year 7 students walked from Senior School to Kasteel Duivenvoorde. It took a good 25 minutes to get there, but they were rewarded with a tour around the castle and the opportunity to draw the front of the castle. One student counted as many as 33 windows on the facade alone. On return to school their memory was tested by means of a booklet with questions on the rooms and they completed their drawings so that they could be entered in a competition to decide on the cover of the booklet for next year.


Term in review

SSV – Year 9 visits Ypres

Sports report



Sports BSN Gymnastics Teams in international action

IAPS Championships, Port Regis School, UK The Under 10 and Under 11 girls gymnastics teams took on the might of the UK’s best independent schools in the IAPS gymnastics championships earlier this month. It remains something special to get amongst the medals (awarded down to 6th place) when up against schools whose ranks include county, regional and national level gymnasts, but that is just what they did. The Under 11s gained 5th Place for the BSN, but there was initial disappointment as the BSN Under 10s stayed seated, not being announced among the top six. After the ceremony, the coaches took a look at the score sheets – only to discover that there


had been a mistake – the Under 10s had won a 6th place medal. With copious apologies from the organisers, the girls went back to the sports hall and were presented with their medals. Lucy van Eerde top-scored for the Under 11s, and her Voluntary Floor routine also won an individual trophy for “most artistic performance”. Isabel van Zoest was our top Under 10 scorer, but the result was a great team effort they can all be proud of.

Senior and Junior Teams – BSN v BSB One week on and our full squad took on the BSB. Both the Junior teams stepped up to the mark and won the team competition taking a range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in various age groups. The girls who missed out on selection to go to England the week before also showed that they mean business – a timely reminder to the selectors for the GISGA Championships in March. Three Under 9 (Year 3 and 4) gymnasts competed too, demonstrating that they are ready for bigger events to come. The Senior teams have not had the best of starts to the year. They have been weakened by leavers, by illness and injury, and by some girls dropping out of the training squad. It is impossible to recover as a team in so short a time, so it is to the credit of the loyal and hard-working senior gymnasts that they have managed even to get to this first of the season’s competitions, let alone put themselves into contention for success at GISGA 2012. Three Over 13 Seniors were led by dependable Erika De Leener, one day after her 18th birthday, ably supported by Lucy Irvine. In the Under 13 section, Sara Rey-Coquais (winner) and Ella van Zoest (3rd) showed they could make the step up to this age group. Both teams were second on this particular day against BSB, but don’t bet against them in March. A long winter lies ahead, but come spring and the Girls Independent Schools Gymnastics Association competition in March, who knows? Watch this space. ■

BSN Rowing Club

Tigers at the BSN

The rowers from the BSN Rowing Club, which meets twice-weekly at the boathouse of Roeivereniging Rijnland, continues to train on the autumn waters of the Vliet. Rusty rowers rapidly relearned their rowing rhythms and what at first seemed to be mucking about in boats morphed into something resembling concentration, rhythm and harnessed power – Nirvana when you get there! The club welcomed several newcomers and bade farewell to a few old hands, who were off to university or other persuits. Besides the single sculls, there were double, triple and quad sculls all busily honing technique and building fitness. The highlights of the season were the fast-rowed pieces – the double scull that held off a cruiser to stay in the calm waters ahead of it and the recent race of two quads and a triple was hard fought and enjoyed by all those who took part. Now during these dark evenings, we’re training indoors as well as outdoors, on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively. This will continue until Spring is here, when training will be with regattas and races in mind. Let the good times roll … rather than the waves or the boats! Many thanks to Dave Neville, one of the BSN Rowing Club’s dedicated volunteer coaches – the Club would love to hear from any parent with experience who could support our enthusiastic band of rowers. ■

During the week of 22 October, whilst most students and staff were enjoying a restful half term holiday, the BSN was over-run by tigers … England’s Leicester Tigers rugby coaching team to be precise. Organised by the BSN Rugby Club, and open to players from a variety of schools and clubs across the region, this was the second year the Tigers had

ISST Rugby

The BSN ISST Rugby Team are looking to put the disappointing performance in last year’s competition in London behind them. Under the leadership of Henry Smith, Sam Molnar and Simon Kirby the team will begin their season on the last weekend of November with home games against the British School of Paris and the Vienna International School; both teams will be at the ISST in Paris in March.* Players such as Jake Griffin, Martijn Swartbol, Daniel Henry, Ben Michels, Sam Brown and Sebastian Wells will be the experienced backbone of the team ably supported by second year first-teamers Jack Molnar and Jack Duman. The new wave of year 11 students have demonstrated commitment

visited the school. With nearly 120 young players from 14 different nations taking part (significantly up on last year), the Tigers coaches worked with all the age groups to develop their range of rugby skills throughout the week. A visit from one of the Tiger’s star players, Jordan Crane, was an inspiration for many of the boys who had a chance to question him about his career and life in rugby. The BSN rugby club are the current holders of the title of Dutch National Champions across three age groups – Minis (U-13), Cubs (U-15) and Juniors (U-17). A major contributor to this success is the club’s team of coaches – many highly qualified and accomplished coaches who volunteer to see the Club succeed. Matt Roper, the Club’s Head Coach explains; “the Tigers coaching programme offers the boys a taste of the hard work and discipline involved with playing rugby at the top level … as well as all the fun and enjoyment to be gained from playing a sport well.”

“We are grateful to the school for their support, without which we would not be able to give our players this very special opportunity.” ■

in pre-season training and are showing a great deal of promise. As with every ISST the difference between winning and losing is miniscule but with the right application and team-work the BSN should be near the top of the group! ■

Fixtures for the new year: 6/7 January Cobham 14 January BSB 4/5/6 February BSP 12 February BSB 7–10 March ISST Tournament

Home Away Away Home Paris

* See BSN Gateway for results and pictures


Football at the Senior School this term

Sports report

ISST Hockey Tournament Report

Sports ISST Hockey Captain, Jillian Connelly summarises a thrilling ISST tournament from which the BSN returned victorious and three of our players – Amy Blacker, Jessica Brouwer and Sophie Boelen were named All Star Players by the organisers! Thursday – we beat the International school of Brussels (ISB) 1-0 and won 4-0 from the British school of Brussels (BSB). The second match we played much better and more as a team by communicating and passing the ball more, we also got used to the water pitch which caused the ball to bounce more and travel faster. This had put us in first position tied with the British school of Paris (BSP) who won their matches 2-0 and 3-0. Friday – saw us up against the International school of The Hague (ISH) and the American school of London (ASL). First match was against ISH in which we managed to get another 4 goals and concede 0. Soon after our first match we had to play ASL where we had our fourth win with a 3-0 final score.

This term the BSN Senior School U12, U14, U16 and U18 football teams have taken on our neighbours ASH and ISH. The school also hosted the International School of Bonn who visited early in October. Particular thanks go to the families who hosted students from Bonn – without their help, fixtures likes this simply couldn’t happen! ■

BSP had also won both their matches but they had scored more goals than us which meant that our match against them on Saturday had to be a win – a draw just wouldn’t be enough. Saturday – after a long and anxious night the final day had arrived and we were to face off against BSP. The whole team was on edge and nervous, some hadn’t slept very well which added extra pressure to perform well in the match. With a large group of parents and friends watching – the match began. Early on there was pressure on our defence as their captain made her way passed our players and attempted her first shot at goal. Soon after that there was a short corner

against BSN. We anticipated their tactic for the short corner and were able to clear the ball up the field and scored the first goal which gave our team a massive confidence boost. However the joy did not last long as they came back hard and equalised. We were now more determined than before and came back with two amazing tip ins from our left forward. After that the goals came steadily and we defeated BSP with our best score of the tournament 6-1. The whole team did amazingly well and the atmosphere for the final game was great. I am just glad that I was able to be part of ISST and help BSN win backto-back ISST’s. ■

Girls Football

The girls football team – coached by Sixth Formers Daphne de Leener and Geoffrey Sanders had a good turn out of almost 30 players for training and although their season was short, with two matches against ISH, it was great to see such enthusiastic participation from the girls. ■

Girls Basketball

ISST Football

In a foggy, cold Munich, the BSN football team competed in the ISST Championships against eleven other schools from around Europe. With one win, one draw, and three defeats, the results could have been better. However, with the exemplary way in with the team acted and played, along with the experience they gained from the competition, the future of BSN football will only get better. ■


ISST Schedule 2012 7–10 March 2012 Basketball – Vienna Rugby – Paris 8–9 March 2012 Swimming – Dordrecht (co-hosted with ASH) 23–25 May 2012 Golf – Paris

This term, the BSN has run two girls teams (u16 and u18) and after Christmas will introduce a third team (u14) – all of them are affiliated with BS-Leiden and are members of the Dutch Basketball bond. The teams compete in the kern 2e klasse League and BSN teams have been associated with BS-Leiden since 2001. The girls play every Saturday at the BSN if it is a home game and away matches are held across the whole of west Holland. The BSN have been champions in the league in the past and this season both teams are doing well – particularly the u18 who are currently the top of their league – watch this space for more news. ■


staff were impressed with the performance of swimmers across all age ranges and the team represented the school well at all levels. A total of 117 personal best times were swum by BSN swimmers and five school records were broken – see the BSN records list on the Swimming page of Gateway for details. The efficiency of the event was in no small part due to the generosity of a large number of

staff and parents, who, like the swimmers, performed a variety of roles to a very high standard. Sincerest thanks and appreciation to all involved. ■

Sports report

Junior Schools play for Prague COBIS Student Games 2012

Swimming v BSB represent the BSN in Prague and try our best for the school”. The final squad will be selected over the next few months and the two football tournaments have given PE teacher Jamie Lowe a great deal to consider – team selection is not going to be an easy job! Further trials continue into the New Year and will cover athletics and swimming. Look out for updates on Gateway and the Spring issue of BSN Insight magazine. ■

Sports There have been two tournaments this term which were used as an opportunity to identify junior school players to potentially join the BSN squad for the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) Student Games taking place in Prague next May 2012. The first was on 9 November when three teams of year 5 and 6 players from JSV and JSL competed in the annual VUC inter-schools football tournament in Den Haag. The second was on 16 November with the BSN Junior cross-school 5-a-side competition at the JSL. There were a number of outstanding performances across all the teams at both tournaments and the level of aspiration to represent the BSN in next year’s COBIS games was evident with Simon Allen speaking on behalf of his teammates saying “It would be absolutely awesome to get to the COBIS games”. Pol Lobao Florez also added “it would make us extremely proud to

BSN Students picked for Dutch National Cricket Team

Wakey wakey!

Children in our Foundation 2 class start the day bright and early with an energetic PE lesson. Mr McRae asked the pupils to explore and demonstrate their skills using hoops, ropes and quoits. There were some very imaginative responses! ■


The BSN Swimming Club hosted the British School of Brussels Dolphins swimming team at the end of November. The event ran exceptionally smoothly and the BSN once again proved to be a formidable force to be reckoned with, scoring a massive 401 points to BSB’s 302, a resounding victory! The coaching

The BSN has the honour of providing five players for the Dutch National Youth Cricket team. All five play their cricket for VCC in Voorburg, one of the top Dutch teams, under the leadership of record-breaking former Dutch international Tim de Leede. Nick Bett, Ed Price and James Finnimore represented the under-13s. James is a legspinner who took three wickets on their tour to East Anglia against South Essex whilst Nick is a batsman/wicket-keeper who top scored in Essex with 92. Billy scored an impressive 65 in the game against North Essex. Billy’s brother, Ed and Alex Kent turned out for the under-15’s team in their games against amongst others Belgium, Denmark and Guernsey. Alex took 4 wickets against Belgium and following some good performances throughout the season, Ed was selected as one of two Dutch players from across Europe to participate in the International Cricket Council Development Squad training in La Manga. Alex and Ed also made their debuts for the VCC 1st XI in the Dutch league competition playing against some former Test Match players. Following last year’s successful cricket training, the mixed sessions will begin again in the Summer term with Mr. Archer and Tim de Leede with the aim of providing at least one fixture for a BSN team. A link with VCC is currently being worked on to create a cooperation between the two organisations. ■

Ultimate Frisbee

After successes in previous years, the BSN was invited to enter two Under 15 teams and three Under 12 teams into the National Junior Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee Championships held on 9 October in Veenendaal. Jamie Lowe, the PE teacher at JSV who trains both the junior school and senior school teams and is a member of the Dutch National Ultimate Frisbee Team, had a very busy day going from one match to the next to give valuable coaching and advice to all the teams. Thank you to all the parents who supported the teams and helped on the day.

Our two Under 15 teams, the BSN Lions, consisting of boys from Years 7 and 8, and the BSN Lionesses, consisting of a group of Year 10 girls, both played very well, with the BSN Lionesses coming 5th out of 16 teams, which included teams from Belgium and Germany. The younger BSN Lions came 9th and showed a great deal of potential for the future when they will not be one of the youngest and smallest teams in the tournament. The three Under 12 teams, made up of students from Years 5 and 6 in JSV and younger Year 7 students, all performed extremely well, this being the first competition for some of the students. After several

matches, the final of the Under 12 competition was between the BSN Green team and the BSN Blue team. The BSN Blue team won the tournament and the BSN Green team won the “Spirit of the Game” Award, voted for by the other teams competing, continuing the success of BSN teams in these Championships. ■



A Holy Spirit filled Full Gospel Church ACTIVITIES

British Satellite TV in Holland

Sunday Worship: 10:00 –12:00 Youth & Children’s Services: 10:55-11:35 Venue:

• Build friendships within the Australian & New Zealand Community


• Information and support for newcomers and long-term expats • A variety of social events for women, their partners and children

The New 1tb and 500gb High Definition Sky Plus Digiboxes, with even more recording capacity and 3D ready, HD Freesat, are available now! For info on the products, viewing packs, and a full list of channels, including ESPN/Sports USA and Asian TV, browse through our website. ***Installation Service Available *** Visit for more information and how to join

Website: Email: Tel: +31 (0)23 555 6770

Shepherd’s Place Maanweg 66, Den Haag 2516 AA Fellowship- Bible study/Prayer 19:00-20:30 PM


Day time Fellowship (Deborah Generation) 13.00 -14:30 (Playtime assistance available for children)


Explorer Clubs: (Preteens & Teens) 16:00-17:30 & 17:30-19:00


Bus 23 (weekdays & weekends) (Tram 10 & bus 54 Weekdays only)

Admission into Bible School (Shepherd's Place School of Ministry STI) is ongoing Support Shepherd’s Place charity – Tel- +316 12929 578, +31703869235 E mail Web - Postbus 307 2270 AH, Voorburg

St James Church Voorschoten Meeting at the BSN Senior School Information, advice and support for your life in the Netherlands

Far from Home? Contact our ACCESS Information Helpline: 0900 2 ACCESS (0900 2 222 377), (20c p/m) Or visit our website: for more information about our services and volunteer opportunities.

Celebrating 25 years in the Netherlands


We offer a warm welcome to everyone

Established in 1986. ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation that offers information, advice and support to the expatriate international community in the Netherlands. ACCESS is run by an enthusiastic team of around 160 volunteers, who themselves have experienced the relocation process at least once, often many times, allowing them to empathise with the experience of individuals on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands. ACCESS also offers a comprehensive programme of English language courses and workshops, covering a range of topics that reflect the interests and experiences of the expatriate international community. In addition, ACCESS offers a free referral service to an English speaking professional counsellor network as well as cancer support services.

Services every Sunday at 10.30 am Children and youth programmes Minister: Revd Andrew Ison 071-561 3020


The blue pages Beauty

Dierendokters Voorburg

English mobile hairdresser available to visit you at home

State of the art veterinary practice offering highly trained bilingual staff, modern technology and lab services, and all routine surgical procedures. Telephone: 070 387 22 22 Email:

Art & Design Why have a cheap print on your wall, when you can have a unique, original piece of decor art? As an expat, it’s always hard to find the right piece of art, in a colour, size and style that suits your home-away-from-home. I provide a reliable, affordable and friendly service that will complement your design ideas, at a very reasonable price. ■ Original, acrylic paintings on canvas ■ ‘Keep Calm’ posters with an expat twist ■ Personalised, typographical canvas for that special someone ■ And new, interior decor, vinyl stickers – names, addresses, phrases or pictures – personalised for you Have a look at my portfolio on my website or Facebook, or contact me to discuss your requirements. Telephone: 06 31 55 73 09 Email:

M V. Architecture + Art ■ Architecture, urban planning, interiors, architectural projects and conceptual schemes ■ Home clinic: visit and immediate advice for your house ■ Design, creativity and painting workshops for kids and adults Telephone: 06 30 83 78 68 Email:


■ Ladies, men and children ■ Working with natural, organic products for all your colouring and styling needs ■ Specialist colour technician ■ KvK registered Contact: Maxine Telephone: 06 52 54 81 19 Email:

Building Peter French and Sons. English builder/carpenter Thirty years’ experience renovating and general building work in The Hague region. ■ Free estimates and advice for a diverse range of work including: kitchens, bathrooms, dormer windows, roofing work, plumbing, plastering and electrical work ■ Well equipped workshop for one-off furniture pieces/repairs ■ We organise planning permission when needed Address: Westeinde 58 Den Haag Telephone: 06 53 32 83 63 Email:

Specialist home repair Over 28 years of experience as a fully qualified carpenter, with construction and handyman experience. ■ Specialist in all types of home repair: carpentry, kitchen fitting, cabinet/ furniture construction, shelving, flat pack furniture assembly, doors and locks, flooring, tiling, attic conversions, painting and decorating, garden decking/fencing ■ Free estimates, no obligation, very reasonable prices Contact: Paul Telephone: 06 52 29 25 42

Yankee Home Improvement

Counselling International

English language services

Serving the International community for over 19 years. From electrical, plumbing, tile, painting and general repairs to complex home renovations or restorations, dependable quality craftsmanship and on-time performance. Call us or email for estimates and references. Telephone: 06 54 34 53 54 Email:

Confidential individual counselling or coaching, couple therapy or conflict mediation. Experienced multilingual professional Els Barkema-Sala, MPhil, MBACP. Please call for an appointment or FREE initial telephone consultation. Check website for more information. Telephone: 071 528 26 61 Email:

Experienced language teacher and sworn translator (member of NGTV and SENSE) will give lessons to adults, teenagers or children, will edit your written work, or translate from or into Dutch. Contact: Janet van der Mark Telephone: 071 589 70 44 Email:

Galvan Construction Expat from Houston, Texas with more than 25 years’ experience. English and Spanish speaking. ■ Specialising in kitchen and bathroom remodelling ■ Renovation and maintenance ■ Turn-key service ■ Local references available ■ Free estimates Contact: Ramon Galvan Telephone: 070 351 21 09 Mobile: 06 55 83 67 80 Email:

Twenty years’ experience in renovation, building and house improvement work in The Hague region Specialised in kitchens, bathrooms, floors, windows (importer of wood, aluminium and PVC windows for attractive prices), plastering, plumbing, electricity, roof and carpentry work. Call Ron for a free offer and advice. Telephone: 06 55 10 08 24 Email:

Counselling Counselling and coaching English-language Diploma Course in The Hague (Level 1 and 2). Internationally accredited learning opportunity for professional/personal development and career advancement. Check the website for details and registration. Telephone: 031 741 54 54 Email:

Diploma course counselling and coaching Accredited by the governmental CRKBO, offered by the Academy for Counselling and Coaching. High quality professional and personal development in English is available for a fair price. Please check the website for starting dates and other details. Contact: Els Barkema-Sala Telephone: 071 528 26 61 Email:

Education Fully qualified and experienced remedial teacher Fully qualified and experienced remedial teacher (Junior School, England: SENCo and Special Educational Needs Teacher) offers expert tuition at primary school level in all subjects, including Dutch. Contact: Cecilia Telephone: 070 351 53 13 Email:

Physics and mathematics tutoring available Australian student studying in The Hague. Bachelor of Science (Physics and Theoretical Physics, Australian National University). Contact: John Telephone: 06 29 36 33 65 Email:

Teacher and babysitter wanted Young girl (4) and boy (2) are looking for an English teacher or babysitter (native speaker) who would like to practice English with them a few hours a week (play, sing and read books). Telephone: 06 22 30 44 15 Email:

Financial Services Suurmond Tax Consultants: tax experts for expats Are you unsure of your tax position or do you need help with your income tax return, 30%-ruling request or international tax planning? J.C. Suurmond & zn. Tax Consultants is a Dutch tax consulting agency with an international perspective. No matter what tax situation you encounter as an expat, we know how to handle it in your best interest. Expats from all over the world have trusted our expertise in the last thirty years and have successfully reduced their tax liability. Take a step in the right direction and consult our independent professional team. Telephone: 017 424 47 25 Email:

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Health & Sports ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainers Thinking of a Christmas present with a difference, or a New Year’s Resolution you can stick to? Enjoy the convenience of a personal trainer coming to your home for an efficient, effective workout. No excuses just results! Sports massage and nutritional advice also available. Telephone: 06 27 21 43 49 Email: Email:

First aid courses Bumps, bruises, burns, bleeds, broken bones. What would you do? Not sure? Join a First Aid course and learn how to make a difference between a life lost and a life saved. St John Ambulance certified courses available to parents and pupils Telephone: 06 18 87 34 21 Email:

Hobbies Boekhandel Rap – International Bookstore ■ Excellent selection of children’s books in English, Italian, French, Dutch, German and Spanish ■ For adults: selection of literature, history, military, philosophy and art books – new and publisher remainders. Remainders are imported directly from the UK and USA with competitive prices ■ Special titles available to order ■ Boekhandel Rap also offers an extraordinary range of luxury and unique gifts for children and adults Contact: Pia D’Andrea Telephone: 070 360 02 73 Email:

Email Spring 2012 deadline Monday 5th March

The BSN takes no responsibility for the quality of the goods and services advertised in this publication.


The blue pages Expat services


Expat services

We are DE KOPEREN PION: Your address to shop for board games and jigsaw puzzles for all ages and levels. We stock Dutch, English and multi language games. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to get it for you. Come and see us and try out our huge collection of demo-games, no obligations. Tuesday–Saturday 10.00–17.00 Hrs Appelstraat 206, The Hague Telephone: 06 16 78 64 60 Email:

Household Services Cleaner and nanny available Ten years’ experience with cleaning and nanny work. References on request and I'm an enemy to cobwebs and dust. Contact: Sarah Telephone: 06 84 86 18 55 Email:

Experienced cleaner and nanny Experienced and highly responsible woman looking for job: cleaning, ironing, cooking and taking care of children. Speaks Greek, Russian and English. Directly available. Telephone: 06 12 12 61 07 Email:

Need help around the house? House cleaning, ironing or babysitting. All areas covered Den Haag, Voorschoten. Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leiden, Leidschenveen and Ypenburg. References can be supplied to verify my work. Contact: Tina Telephone: 06 33 66 15 67 or 06 85 88 45 02 Email: Email:


Lifestyle Dierckx & Dierckx is a personalised luxury services business that specialises in offering the highest level of life style enhancement for discerning private and corporate clients Whether you have to organise a celebratory dinner, or buy a special gift, upgrade your image, home services, or book that special trip Dierckx & Dierckx will come up with a quality solution to suit your needs and desires. With a pool of over 50 service providers from various fields Dierckx & Dierckx serves quality life experiences to the elite of taste and mind. Please do not hesitate to request a free private appointment or send us an inquiry. Whatever you need we deliver. Whatever you dream we conceive. Telephone: 06 14 93 23 37 Email:

Music Together let’s find your voice! Voice Lessons with Michal Bitan ■ Classical, Jazz, Broadway, Folk, Rock, Pop and more… ■ Reading scores, theory and ear training lessons for individuals and groups ■ Given in English by an experienced teacher with Bachelor of Music Telephone: 06 23 01 38 77 Email:

Guitar lessons at BSN Vlaskamp and Diamanthorst From four years old Free trial lesson ABRSM Examinations (Grades) Performance opportunities for all students ■ 15 years teaching experience Contact: Laura Fraticelli Telephone: 06 17 48 24 18 Email: ■ ■ ■ ■

Piano lessons in your home

Piano and music theory lessons

Teacher is a cumlaude graduate from the Royal Conservatory The Hague and a working professional musician. ■ Customized programs for each student ■ All styles. Flexible hours ■ References available Telephone: 06 53 24 90 49 Email:

Offered by qualified and experienced teacher in the comfort of your own home. Free trial lesson. References available. Contact: Virginia Telephone: 06 19 52 70 00 Email:

Basic piano and composition (instrumental or electronic)

Largely enhance not only your musical but your overall creativity through something that sounds and feels good. No stress :) By a graduate of Budapest and The Hague conservatories. Telephone: 06 17 11 77 57 Email:

Student concert held annually. Graduated from the Royal Conservatory The Hague, PhD student in University of Birmingham. ■ Language: English/Japanese ■ Whom: children to adult ■ Where: your home or mine (with grand piano) Telephone: 06 10 35 11 49 Email:

Guitar for sale Price: €85 Telephone: 070 534 46 68 Email:

Guitar lessons For all styles, levels, and ages. I have my Masters degree from the Royal Conservatory The Hague and years of experience teaching children from five years old. Lessons can be arranged in the school or your home. Telephone: 06 11 28 49 80 Email:

Piano lessons with a broader insight of understanding and making music

Ever dreamt of playing beautiful solo pieces and/or being able to join an orchestra on the bassoon (fagotto)? Now is the moment! Fun lessons with an experienced teacher (also available for recorder lessons) – all levels welcome. Telephone: 06 17 11 77 57 Email:

Flute lessons Experienced and enthusiastic teacher offered in the British School or in your own home. A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and frequent performer. All ages and levels welcome. Contact: Gemma Telephone: 06 15 37 62 13 Email:

Piano lessons

Piano lessons

■ Beginners to advanced. ■ Experienced and enthusiastic teacher ■ Native English-speaker with Masters Degree in piano from the Royal Conservatory The Hague ■ ABRSM exams, student recitals, theory classes, competitions Contact: Andrew Wright Telephone: 06 39 59 19 41 Email:

I believe that making classes enjoyable and engaging brings the best results. In French/English, I provide preparation to exams, theory/harmony training and improvisation games for all ages/grades. Jean-Baptiste Milon, Masters graduate from Paris Conservatoire. Telephone: 06 47 51 24 91 Email:

Piano lessons for children from five years old ■ Teaching experience ■ Training for ABRSM examination ■ Languages spoken: English, Dutch and Russian Contact: Tanya Telephone: 06 16 53 79 59 Email:

Flute, recorder, bassoon teacher available at JSV or will travel Also ‘Recorder & Rhythm’ (an introductory music performance course for five and six year olds). ■ Professional musician with over 20 years teaching experience ■ Familiar with ABRSM exams ■ Free trial lesson Telephone: 06 55 85 89 46 Email:

Violin and viola teaching available (also music theory) ■ Experienced teacher/performer from Australia ■ Master’s degree in performance from Sydney Conservatorium Contact: John Telephone: 06 29 36 33 65 Email:

Piano and music theory lessons available from qualified piano teacher Bachelor and Masters in Piano Performance. Many years teaching experience to students of all levels and ages. Also available as an accompanist for exams/auditions/concerts. Contact: Marie Searles Telephone: 06 27 49 79 35 Email:

The BSN takes no responsibility for the quality of the goods and services advertised in this publication.

Property & Lets

The blue pages Expat services

Bring this voucher and GET 10% OFF all our nondiscounted games and jigsaw puzzles

Holiday home ■ Neat and cosy apartment in Rome (central area) ■ Twelve minutes by Metro to the Spanish Steps ■ Fully furnished and equipped ■ 1–2 persons: €130 per day 5 persons: €175 per day Telephone: +00 39 340 854 74 94 or 070 382 48 82 Email:

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hool c S h s i t i r sit B choten i V b e F 8 in Voors pen Day lO o o h c S r o i Sen ior n u J t u O k ec 7 Mar - CShchools Open Day!

BSN Open

See r o f e t i s web s l i a t e d Days

Do you know someone who may be considering a British international education for their child? Why not tell them about our Open Days so they can come and see for themselves why more parents choose the BSN than any other international school in Holland.

WEDNESDAY 8 FEBRUARY Senior School - Voorschoten


Junior Schools - all Hague sites More information and on-line registration via our website:

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BSN Insight magazine - Autumn 2011