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Off to a good start  A parents' view of their children starting school for the first time

The future's green …  How environmental efficiencies come into focus at The BSN

iPads: the story so far  A look at the first term of the 1-to-1 iPad programme

Plus: A sense of adventure, local connections, welcome to your new school, Alumni news and much more …

Contents Publisher The British School in The Netherlands Editor-in-chief Tracy Tigchelaar

Letter from the Principal


Off to a good start


Editor Sallie Taylor

Three parents give us their impressions of their children starting school for the first time

Term in Review Uhuru Tyrie-Socha

The future's green …

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How environmental efficiencies come into focus at the BSN

iPads: the story so far A sense of adventure


A look at some of the opportunities our students have to develop their independence and adventurous spirit

Local connections


How BSN students of all ages connect with our Dutch neighbours and the wider community

Welcome to your new school

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Beyond these walls


New students to Senior School tell us a little of their experience of settling in


News from our students who achieve great things outside school – why not tell us what you’re up to:

Term in review


News about what’s been going on in all four corners of the school this term

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A roundup of sports news from around the BSN

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Alumni news

The deadline for submitting information, photographs and advertising for the Spring Term issue of BSN Insight is Friday 1 March


A look at the first term of the 1-to-1 iPad programme and how its bedding down in school

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Sports report

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The BSN’s Alumni Association - news and events from around the world

Blue pages


A directory of expat services and suppliers Cover photograph: Foundation One children at Junior School Diamanthorst enjoyed a visit from some farm animals earlier this term


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pathé buitenhof 2012-2013

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Pathé OPera live: the MetrOPOlitan OPera

Pathé OPera enCOre: the MetrOPOlitan OPera

Pathé Ballet: BOlshOi

1 december 2012 clemenza di tito

16 february 2013 rigoletto

6 januari 2013 clemenza di tito

24 maart 2013 rigoletto

8 december 2012 un ballo in maschera

2 march 2013 parsifal

13 januari 2013 un ballo in maschera

7 april 2013 parsifal

25 november 2012 the pharaoh’s daughter

15 december 2012 aida

16 march 2013 francesca da rimini

3 februari 2013 aida

21 april 2013 francesca da rimini

5 january 2013 les troyens

27 april 2013 giulio cesare

17 februari 2013 les troyens

26 mei 2013 giulio cesare

this season you can enjoy 12 magnificent opera’s, including famous works from verdi, Mozart and Donizetti.

19 january 2013 maria stuarda

this season you can enjoy even more magnificent opera’s, including famous works from verdi, Mozart and Donizetti.

the famous Bolshoi Ballet was founded in 1776 in Moscow and is the most renowned in the world, performed live from the recently renovated Bolshoi theatre.

16 december 2012 nutcracker 27 january 2013 la bayadère

Pathé Ballet: neDerlanDs Dans theater

nederlands Dans theater, the most acclaimed contemporary dance company in the world, offers 4 wonderful thought provoking productions - not to be missed!

10 february 2013 don Quixote

20 december 2012 an evening with león & lightfoot

31 march 2013 the rite of spring

7 february 2013 an evening with crystal pite

12 may 2013 romeo and juliet

30 may 2013 an evening with ekman / eyal & behar / león & lightfoot / inger

10 maart 2013 maria stuarda

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12-11-12 09:34

Principal’s letter

Dear parents I hope you will enjoy this edition of Insight Magazine which describes the wide range of activities and opportunities which are available for BSN students of all ages. We do believe it is part of our mission to educate children ‘in the round’ – head, hand and heart – to help children develop curiosity, optimism, perseverance and social intelligence as well as intellectual ability. I hope you can see that mission reflected in the Insight articles. You will

read, for instance, about the way our students engage in the local community, about the eco projects some students are involved in, and in the ‘Term in Review’ section about the many other cultural and sporting events that have happened this term. If you are a parent at JSD I hope you have had a chance to meet the new Headteacher Angela Parry–Davies. The school holds regular coffee mornings when you can do this informally if you have not done so already. If you are a JSV parent then you will know that the new Head, Sue Aspinall, takes up post in January. She is already working with us to ensure a smooth handover. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Monica Davies for doing a first class job as interim Headteacher. If you are a JSL parent then please do take a walk upstairs to view the school’s new media centre. I know staff will be happy to explain how this is being used to enhance children’s learning. And if you are SSV parent then please allow me to assure you that the iPad 1-to-1 programme is already having a very positive effect on

students’ engagement with learning and we are gearing up for the next stage of the roll out in the new year. For many of you this is a very busy time of year. I hope nevertheless you are able find time for a restful period with your friends and family during the Christmas break. My best wishes to you

Dr Martin Coles Principal The British School in The Netherlands

A word from the Family Association By the time you settle down to read this issue of Insight, the BSN will have held the annual Winter Fair, a seasonal tradition which is enjoyed by the whole community. Volunteers who make up the Family Association co-ordinate and run this and other events throughout the school year and without their energy and drive, they simply would not be possible. Anne de Berard, the chair of the Family Association is thankful for this support and says: “As an internationally mobile community, many of our friends come and go and the Family Association is thankful to those members who are either stepping down or leaving us this year, this includes Lucy Scott and Wendy Smith, but we are pleased to welcome Jackie Lockwood who will now lead the Second Hand Uniform Team. Our activities rely on your involvement so please do join us – in the meantime, on behalf of the Family Association I would like to wish the BSN community a fantastic 2013!”

Save the date:

14 March 23 March 3 May 22 June

Bring and Buy (JSL) International Festival (SSV) Bring and Buy + uniform (JSD) Summer Fair


OFF TO A good start A parents’ view This term saw the school hold its annual open days for prospective parents of foundation stage children. This important fixture on the school calendar saw over forty families visit the BSN to see if our approach to foundation stage schooling is for them. Janet Goedbloed, Foundation Stage Achievement and Progress Leader at Vlaskamp tells us: “This can be an anxious time for parents, and particularly for those who are looking at schooling for the very first time. It is quite understandable that these families have lots of questions – each of which is really important to them and might range from, ‘can my child still have a nap once they start school’ through to questions about toilet-training.” Janet goes on to explain: “We are quite used to answering these questions and are always happy to talk to parents about the circumstances and needs of all our students but in particular our very youngest children.” To understand some of the issues which concern parents of foundation stage children, we asked three families to tell us about their experiences.

The Dandurand Family Philippe (Year 4), Myriam (Year 2) and Simon (Foundation 2) The Dandurand family, who are Frenchspeaking, moved to Holland from Canada in 2008 and began looking at schools almost


immediately. Their oldest child, Philippe started in F2 at Junior School Leidschenveen (JSL), which at that time was situated at Tarwekamp and after an induction period of three weeks, he was well settled. Starting school for the first time is a big step for parents and young children alike and the children’s mother, Evelyne Delveaux is quick to focus on the importance of the induction period which allows foundation stage staff to spend time getting to know their new charges. This investment of time and care which sets the tone at the start of school, makes a huge difference to the speed with which children settle as well as their confidence at school.

Evelyne’s daughter, Myriam started shortly afterwards in F1 and she didn’t really feel she needed an induction period – she had no fear and was very keen to get to school – however she was, in fact, exhausted by the end of the day. As, Evelyne explains: “I think the induction period is a perfect way to settle children into their new routine and also to help them build stamina for school! The induction was a series of half days, spread over about three weeks where the children worked and played in small groups and was a fantastic way for both the teachers and the children to get to know each other.” Simon is the youngest of the three siblings and was born at the end of July, which made him very young when he followed his brother and sisters into The Foundation Stage – by now, well established at JSL. Not only is Simon summer-born, but at the time he was also physically quite petite and successful toilet training was still a concern – for him, the induction period was vital to his progress at the BSN. Evelyne tells us: “Every day when the children took a nap after lunch, Simon had more of a siesta! But his teacher, Susannah Whitmarsh understood him and coped and adapted with his needs – something quite normal that she and the other foundation stage teachers do with all the children in their class.”

The Ekstrand family David (Year 2), Valter (Foundation 2) and Lisa (starts Foundation 1 after Christmas) The Swedish Ekstrand family made the move to The Netherlands in 2008 and as the move was a long-term one, they wanted their children to learn Dutch, go to Dutch schools and become immersed in the culture as far as possible. All three of the Ekstrand children have been to a Dutch crèche, and when it was time to research schools, Mum Kristin explains: “My husband’s company

David made friends quickly – he could communicate with several children in Dutch but quickly learnt that the more English he spoke, the more friends he would have! His younger brother, Valter who joined F1 in September has been exposed to a lot more English speakers – mostly by tagging along with his brother and his friends after school in the park near JSV – and as a result his learning has come quickly. As Kristin explains: “After Christmas, our youngest daughter, Lisa will start in F1 – she is physically quite small and we had been concerned that along with learning Dutch and Swedish, throwing in a third language may be too much of a challenge for her, which is why we decided to wait a little longer before she starts. We are confident that by the new year, she will be really ready and have no concerns for her settling in easily.” The BSNs approach to teaching English as an additional language (EAL) is woven into the fabric of each school day with teachers, teaching assistants and learning support assistants all working in partnership to help these young children learn at a speed which suits them. Specifically targeted EAL teaching sessions focusing on key elements of the curriculum, for example, ‘all about me’, are a really helpful way of teaching children basic communication skills and simple words and phrases. So whether a parent is worried about their child settling into their new school, understanding a new language or finding the toilet in time, our foundation stage staff have seen it all and are really happy to spend time working with families to be sure their children settle into school as effortlessly as possible.

The Roberts Family Leah (Year 5) and Olivia (Foundation 1) The Roberts family moved from the UK to the Netherlands in 2010 and after much research, chose to send Leah to the BSN where she started in Year 3. Younger sister Olivia went to a pre-school until this

September when she started in Foundation 1 at Junior School Diamanthorst. As Mum, Pauline Roberts explains: “Olivia was excited to be going to the same school as her big sister and had already made friends in the playground at JSD. I had a number of concerns though: Would she cope with a full day five days a week? Would she make new friends? Would she settle with new teachers and a different enviroment? “My fears were allayed by the staff who are fantastic. They are friendly, softly spoken, and understood Olivia’s needs. For parents, the staff went to great lengths to reassure us that our children had had a good day and answered any concerns we may have had.”

Change can be challenging for even the most confident of children, and the induction period allows them to get to know their surroundings, teachers and peers in a manageable way, starting with smaller groups and gradually extending to the whole class. As Karen Bintcliffe, Foundation stage achievement and progress leader at JSD explains: “We keep in close communication with parents and family members at this important stage of their child’s life – we want the experience to be positive for everyone!” Karen continues: “Everyone’s experience is a little different, but the reward comes when parents, staff and children are all settled into their new school routine.”


Off to a good start!  A parents’ view

invited their staff to an international schools presentation where several schools came to talk about what they could offer – we were impressed with the BSN’s presentation but we were keeping our options open and were still considering a Dutch school. “Our next step was to take a look at the schools we were interested in, so we visited our local Dutch school – a great school with a good reputation. We met the Head, had a look around and liked it; but when we did the same thing at the BSN, we immediately knew it was where we wanted our children to be.” The family have worked hard to maintain a level of Dutch language for their children since they started at the BSN – this has meant involving them in activities outside school and keeping in touch with all their local friends. For the Ekstrand family, the biggest concern about coming to the BSN was an absence of any English language spoken by the children, who by now were speaking Dutch at the crèche and with their friends as well as Swedish at home. These fears were allayed by David’s teacher Tineke Alkema who said, quite simply: “Just teach a couple of simple words – 'toilet' is good to know, but we’ll take care of the rest!”

The Future’ When we purchase a new fridge or cooker, along with the price, another consideration is likely to be its environmental efficiency – how much power or water does it use? What is its energy rating? How much will it cost us to run? For most of us this way of thinking has become second nature.

A The Leidschenveen campus achieved an A Grade rating when it was built

B C D E F G 8

Our children have been born into a world where awareness of mankind’s impact on the environment is in everyone’s minds. You only have to look around to see how meticulously our very youngest children recycle their paper, plastic and general waste, and to hear so many of our students urging others to turn off the light or shut the door – all in the name of protecting the environment. But it is not just our students with this awareness; The Board of Governors are focused on ensuring that the buildings our children learn in can stand up to scrutiny too. Sixteen years ago, when Junior School Vlaskamp was built, it was commissioned using a range of renewable materials to lessen its impact on the environment – what the BSN project team was less conscious of at that time was the value of making these innovations clear and visible to our students. With each successive building project; and driven in part by an increasingly vocal interest in the environment

by our students, as well as the demands of a dynamic and responsible curriculum, the BSN has developed a real understanding of the educational value of environmental considerations made for the school. Junior School Diamanthorst’s purpose-built wing for Foundation Stage children which opened in 2008 moved things on a stage further. Although this was an extension to an existing building, the architect worked with the school’s project team to use materials from renewable sources and in particular to develop an efficient water technology system to capture and recycle rainwater to flush the toilets in that part of the building. As Wouter Hoobroeckx, the BSN’s Director of Finance explains: “With every building programme at the school we have a list of environmental factors to consider which include energy costs and the provision of added educational value to our students. A return on any investment we make goes beyond hard figures and always includes our students learning.” At the start of any new building project, the BSN is committed to exploring environmental efficiencies wherever possible and as Wouter Hoobroeckx continues: “The best example of this is at Junior School Leidschenveen. Here we struck a balance between the positive environmental impacts we could make whilst reducing operational costs and ensuring that this investment included tangible learning benefits to our students.” At the planning stage for JSL, the project team drew up a wish list of environmentally efficient criteria and then worked hard to ensure that as many of these as possible were implemented in the design for the

Student Power Year 1’s Building Topic this term included a visit to the pumping plant to see just how the school stays warm in winter and cool in summer. new school and offices. These components would have a direct impact on the school or work environment whilst adding an educational element. All three buildings on the JSL campus benefit from a geothermal heating system which transfers heat between the buildings and an underground water source situated 100 meters below the campus. Although the system was costly to install, geothermal heat pumps have low operating costs because they take advantage of relatively constant ground or water temperatures. Students from JSL are able to peer into the windows of the pumping plant which was designed specifically with this in mind. Students learn about harnessing the worlds’ resources without damaging the environment and this on-site resource has proved invaluable. The school building itself has an innovative air-deck flooring system using a concrete sandwich, threaded with flexible tubing which conducts water at low temperature. Concrete historically has always been a cold material but this system, combined with the geothermal management of heated water, ensures a pleasant temperature is maintained in the school. The effect is designed to be similar to entering an old building or church in the Mediterranean – the mass of the thick walls, like the concrete, ensures that internal temperature or heat is maintained.

Some of the insulation of the child care and business units building, comes from a sedum roof which helps retain the heat and adds colour and texture to the view for staff and more importantly, it offers a habitat for wildlife. Young visitors are intrigued by what they see. The community services building has solar panels on its roof. These are expensive pieces of technology and the days of grants for adding these energy and environmentally efficient pieces of kit have passed. But, when combined with a range of other energy sources, it contributes to the schools desire to be an exemplar for responsible building design, not solely fixed on cost savings. Michael Venderbos, from BAM – the company that built JSL is still in touch with the school and remembers: “This building is a very special building and I am very happy to see how it has developed into such a bright and colourful place.” David Porritt, Headteacher at JSL, who welcomed Michael back to the school is delighted that this relationship is continuing and ensures JSL students really learn 'The Story of Our School' from every aspect. The BSN community expects the school to deliver the very best education, whilst behaving in an environmentally responsible way and operating efficiently. This lies at the heart of what the BSN does and in future issues of Insight we will explore this further.

The Senior School’s Environmental Committee has been instrumental in driving change from within. An energy audit highlighted how simple changes could be made to conserve energy and save money at the same time – throughout the school, emergency light bulbs and some corridors had their bulbs replaced by LEDs – a more efficient light source. In addition, Bart de Vreugd, the concierge team’s electrical specialist, reorganised the switching to allow smaller groups of lights to be switched on and off meaning that the whole building need not be ablaze with light when only a small part is being used. The students also researched the efficiency of the schools waste collection system and were involved in the tendering process which led to a new company being appointed – the school now benefits from a wider variety of waste separation options including paper, green waste, plastic and general waste – all of which is collected only when its full, not on a regular weekly rota, thereby reducing the size of the BSN's carbon footprint or the impact of transportation on the environment. This vocal group of students is working hard to influence change within the BSN and their impact is being felt in classrooms, corridors and even the staff room. Their next big project is the development of an eco-garden in front of the Boerderij.


The future’s green …

’s Green …

iPads Here at the BSN, language is a valued and vital part of our philosophy – we have nearly 2,000 students, with the majority learning one or more languages in addition to their mother tongue. What may go unnoticed, is that our students are also getting to grips with a digital language. Today’s students represent the first generation to grow up surrounded by and using computers, video games, digital music players, portable gaming devices, mobile phones and the myriad of tools that go with this digital age. These students think and process information in a completely different way from previous generations and embracing


The story so far

this ‘fluency’ was a key factor in the BSN investigating mobile learning devices and ultimately selecting the iPad as a tool to enhance the learning experience for our children. The BSN’s ‘1-to-1 journey’ has been underway across the whole school for nearly three years. Many of our children from the very youngest who are regularly using iPads in lessons to help them learn to count, solve simple subtraction and addition problems, recognise different shapes, listen to stories, learn their alphabet, begin to spell out words and learn how to write letters to our oldest students, are all adeptly using this new technology. All this with guidance and support from teachers who see how readily children and young people learn with this additional resource.

Spotlight on…

Exploring and learning Students continue to explore how this new technology can help them in their learning and studies, with many already using the calendar feature to help them to be more organised, whilst others enjoy the flexibility to choose their own way of working…and therefore learning. Teachers also continue to adapt to the use of the iPad to enrich their teaching – earlier this year, the BSN ran a staff development day to look at the many ways in which technology and in particular, the iPad, can be used to enrich teaching and this term has seen further development and support for teachers with twilight training sessions and peer-to-peer learning becoming second nature in the staff room.

Help is at hand A wide range of help has been available to students, staff and also parents – this has included staff and student ambassadors being present in the Exhibition Area every Friday lunchtime, there to help deal with student queries. Teachers are quickly understanding the flexibility of the iPads and how they can be used to enhance learning and creativity in the classroom. Some are exploring the merits of the NearPod app which allows them to set class tasks and quizzes and to receive immediate feedback on how each student is doing – a really useful way of being sure a new concept has been understood by even the quietest students. Other teachers are looking at the different ways in which students can present their ideas using a range of apps such as Strip Design,

A mathematicians view: ■ This term, students in Year 10 have been investigating Apps for maths and as Maths Teacher, Hilary Porritt explains: “We teachers don't always have to be the experts! Working with the iPad offers a lot more scope for students to explore and find out what works best for them – whenever I have given the students the task of exploring what their iPads can do for them, I have been really impressed by what they have discovered”. ■ Year 12 have also been experimenting with Maths Studio with Mr McGee – a very powerful App that allows students to solve algebraic equations and investigate transforming the graphs of functions. ■ Year 9, have used their iPads to research the distance from the earth to the sun as part of their lesson learning about how to write large numbers using standard form. Hilary Porritt continues: “I love the fact that students can instantly look something up – it allows them to work with real facts and figures rather than made up examples in text books.” ■ Other departments are joining Maths in leading the charge with this new way for students to learn and over the coming months we will highlight different subject areas and faculties and bring you details of our students’ work with iPads.


iPads: the story so far!

After the initial roll-out of the 1-to-1 programme in the Senior School in September, when more than 350 iPads and associated iTunes gift cards, emails and apps were issued to both students and staff, it is fair to say that the iPads are steadily becoming as much a part of the BSN Senior School students’ equipment as pencil cases, protractors and rulers.

Security is key iPads: the story so far!

The safety and security of students is of paramount importance to the BSN and this, combined with some parental concerns about internet safety, led to the school hosting a session on the safer use of new technologies delivered by the Netherlands Internet Security Forum (NISF). Over 50 parents attended the presentation* which covered a number of ways to stay safe both online and personally. As one parent said: “It was helpful to hear about the range of strategies and safeguards available to limit our children's vulnerability online and also when they are out and about …” These sessions will be run again early next year for parents of both junior and senior school children to tie in with the launch of the iPads to students in Years 6 and 7. Additionally, all Year 7 students are undertaking a British Computer Society e-Safety qualification, * their presentation is available on Gateway in the 1-to-1 iPad area

Keynote or Pages. All of this is underpinned by Edmodo, the school’s selected online learning platform, which allows students and teachers to collaborate, post work, pose questions – and answer them too! Parents too can access Edmodo to see how their children are working with these new technologies – check the 1-to-1 iPad section of Gateway for login details. One Year 12 student, commented that: “Edmodo is one of the best features as it allows homework to be set online”. As David Hellier, Director of e-Learning at the Senior School and the Project Leader for 1-to-1 Learning explains: “The introduction of the iPad continues in the new year, with the roll-out to Years 6, 7 and 8 planned for the spring-term. We will continue to focus on learning and safety for all our students.” He continues: “As with any major new initiative, the roll-out has not been without its challenges, but overall we are extremely pleased with how things have gone. Not surprisingly, the students are very enthusiastic and the final words must lie with them”. Evie, 9CO explained: “I am new at the school and have never used an iPad before. I find it very handy as a way to find information but also to share homework with my teachers or an interesting photograph or piece of information I find during class. I have found the iPad to be a wonderful way to learn and I am glad I came here!” Zack, 9RE also said “I really like the iPad. In my last school we had Netbooks and they were always breaking down and were limited in functionality. The iPad just works! It has lots of features, it is great to use because you use your fingers and there are lots of apps to choose from.”

What happens next? Years 6, 7 and 8 will join the 1-to-1 iPad programme in the Spring

Info evenings for Junior and Senior School parents: ■  Year 6 at JSD, Thursday 10 January ■  Years 7 and 8 at SSV, Tuesday 15 January


iPads can be ordered online via BSN Gateway. Webshop opens on Monday 7 January.

iPads will be issued: ■  Year 6 at JSL, Saturday 2 March ■  Years 7 and 8 at SSV Saturday 9 March It will be a pre-requisite that parents and their sons/daughters attend these set-up sessions.

Details are available on Gateway and all parents of Years 6, 7 and 8 students will receive direct correspondence via a Note Home on Gateway to advise of next steps.

Dutch & English courses at The BSN Language Centre Adult courses All levels and business Mornings, afternoons and evenings

Young learners Ages 9 to 12 (English only) Wednesday or Thursday afternoons

In-company and private lessons By appointment For more information, please contact us at or call 070 315 4080

LC Insight EN ND 130 x 195 ad.indd 1

07/11/2012 13:55


e s n e e r S u t A dven A f o At the Senior School, students have the chance to get involved in a range of opportunities that offer them the chance to further develop their independence and sense of adventure. INTERNATIONAL AWARD Founded in the 1950s as The Duke of Edinburgh Award in the UK, this leading youth charity has grown worldwide and is known as the International Award in Europe. The award spans three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold and is offered to young people in 130 countries, amongst them, BSN students from Year 10 onwards. Each level is made up of four different elements – service, sport, skill and expedition. Co-ordinated at the BSN by Ben Le Heux and Michelle Callaby, this year saw an unprecedented surge of interest in the International Award. This year's International Award Presentation Evening bore this out with the greatest number of graduates ever, and the first Gold Awards to be achieved by current students. One hundred students completed their Bronze Award, seventeen their Silver and six completed their Gold. Bronze Awards The students taking their Bronze undertook their expedition near Chaam in North Brabant earlier this term. Whilst walking 24km in two days was the aim, most teams clocked up more distance as the scenic routes proved


popular! Students had to cook a meal for their assessors who marvelled at the variations with which noodles, pasta and rice were cooked. Silver Awards The Silver expedition takes three days, and covers 48km in the Ardennes and is again planned, coordinated and managed by the students themselves. In addition to the trek, they also do abseiling, rock climbing and kayaking as part of the programme. Gold Awards Through a combination of hard work, drive and ambition, this year saw the first ever BSN students complete their Gold. This represents an exceptional achievement in that this level of the International Award is usually taken by students at university. The expedition element of the award is the most complex to organise and achieve. Some students were fortunate enough to be part of a community project to Kenya which they could use to support their Gold Award, whilst others took a more independent route and organised their own expedition in the Ardennes.


Gold rush in Belgium At the start of the summer holiday, a group of students, Laura Dunbar, Archana Gopalakrishnan, Rebecca Zijderveld, Abigail Davies and Eimear Foley, travelled deep into the Belgian Ardennes to complete their expedition. After weeks of planning the girls set off on their 80km trek which saw them endure four days of powdered food, navigating with a map and compass, communicating in French, arduous hillclimbs, spiders and spending five hours of their lives lost in a forest!

As Laura tells us: “Each day saw us enjoy experience-ridden days, which left our muscles protesting in anguish but with a feeling of accomplishment which sent us into deep, sleep-filled nights.� Archana, who also worked with a nongovernmental organisation called One Action

EXPEDITION KENYA 2012 This summer, saw twelve students head off to Kenya for a community project which would change their outlook on the world forever… Their story began in February 2011 when they started an extensive preparation and training phase to raise the €10,000 funding needed to participate in the project – this money was to be used for the building of a classroom and other related projects at a rural school and community in Kenya.

MOROCCO – WORLD CHALLENGE The World Challenge expedition headed for the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Eighteen, Year 11 students participated in a 5 day trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal which stands at over 4,000 meters. Students carried day packs with personal equipment. However, mules transported food, tents and sleeping equipment. The students successfully reached the summit, and then they moved on to spend three days in the Sahara desert on a camel camp and safari. The final day was left to explore Marrakech’s covered souks, lush gardens, ancient city walls and beautiful Islamic architecture. Sylvia Daley the expedition leader explained, “It was great to be able to offer these students an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and really experience something different…a life changing experience.”

Each of the students was responsible for the management and leadership of an enterprise or fundraising event, such as the sourcing, promotion and sale of wristbands, Christmas candy canes or Valentine's roses or the organisation of a disco for younger students. The teams’ management of these projects was so successful that just under €15,000 was raised which enabled a jungle gym, security fence and desks to be paid for in addition to the classroom. The first part of the expedition was spent in the Njoro region where the students were involved in construction projects at Ndege and Kenana Primary schools. The students worked side by side with Kenyan construction workers who were impressed by their stamina and ability to quickly solve problems. The team spent time with the students and staff of both schools as well as members of the Parents' Committee and learned the day to day issues of concern facing these people. Phase two was a 80km trek over four days where students devised a

nutritious menu, navigated by compass and GPS and documented the different species of mammal that they came across to add to the scientific knowledge of this semiarid region of Kenya. The final phase was a well-deserved break at Diani Beach south of Mombasa. Being able to sleep between sheets and to have a warm shower was a treat for all but their adventures didn't end there as there were still ramshackle matatu buses to brave, hard bargaining at the markets for souvenirs and fishing and snorkelling trips to the reef on outrigger canoes. As Ben Le Heux, project leader explains: “We were sad to leave this beautiful country full of breath-taking contrasts and our last few days were actually quite emotional as we all came to realise that this was the end of an amazing and lifechanging time in Africa and also the end of an incredibly special and tight-knit team.” Expedition Kenya will continue with BSN student teams leaving in 2013 and beyond to do further projects in Njoro. Team 2012 wishes all the best to their successors as they now set out to meet the challenge of raising €10,000 for their project.


A sense of adventure

for the service part of her award writes: “We all became closer friends and bonded through the challenges of our journey. We worked as a team and remained calm during moments of stress and indecision, helping each other all the way. It was an eye-opening experience as I realised that a camping trip was a fantastic way to get to know each other, and though friendships were sometimes tested, we always made up and kept going.

Local connections The make-up of our school is rich and diverse with students representing interests and cultures of many, many kinds – but the one thing we all have in common is that The Netherlands is our home. As such, the school and its students work hard to foster links with our Dutch neighbours and wider community – these links range in strength and involvement with, for example, students and children from all our schools performing for community groups and with local schools through to students volunteering to help with specific charities and organisations.

Music makes the world go round Children from Junior School Diamanthorst’s Key Stage 2 choir visit the Florence Verpleeghuis – a local old people’s home in Mariahoeve to bring cheer to the residents. They sing popular songs and take gifts for the old people and after the singing, the children give out biscuits and chat to the residents. Each summer, The JSD choir also performs at the Mariahoeve Festival alongside several schools in the area. Clare Seymour, JSD’s Music Teacher explains: “This is a local community


initiative, and it is always rewarding to meet pupils from other schools and watch their performances.” Last year, the Junior Schools were invited to perform at ‘The Bridge’ event which was held in the Stadhuis in the centre of The Hague. This was a celebration of a yearlong bridging project between the local Dutch community and the expats living and working in the area. The BSN’s Swing Band has a long tradition of performing for the local community with their Christmas ‘tour’ which includes the bandstand in Leidsenhage and the shopping area in Voorschoten as well as a final, and much warmer performance for the old folk at the nearby Oostduin location of Florence Verpleeghuis. This year has seen the formation of a Community Choir, run by Director of Performance, Alex Jarrett who tells us: “We have a group of 40 parents and staff who will perform, not just in the school Christmas Concert and Carols around the Tree but we hope next year to perform in the wider Dutch community.”

Understanding town planning Last summer, Junior School Leidscheveen was involved in an innovative project with Den Haag Gemeente who visited the school to teach the pupils about the processes of town planning. The children made designs for an area of the town and also visited Leidschenveen shopping centre to carry out a survey of shop types and to interview shoppers and residents. 260 people were surveyed and the children’s conclusions

A focus on service Across the school, students get involved with many different events and fundraising of all kinds – these range from whole school global appeals for Children in Need or closer to home with the BSN Bursary Fund. The International Award has ‘service’ as a key component which requires students to get involved with offering some kind of community-focused activity – students who worked towards their awards this year were involved in a diverse range of activities. Rosie Worster and Olivia Dishongh did their service at the local animal shelters and of course, those working on their Gold award in Kenya spread the net wider and worked with a hard-working but impoverished community to provide improved schooling and play opportunities for children of all ages. Many of our students – particularly in the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13) are actively involved with local charities and groups. Sixth Formers taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB), are required to undertake an element of ‘Community, Action, Service’ (CAS) as part of their programme. A Level students are also encouraged to become involved with CAS to enhance their personal statements in preparation for their university applications. These crucial documents are written by the students to support their university applications which continually emphasise the importance of active citizenship. The learning through experience that students benefit from when becoming involved in a community focused project or activity, places students firmly in the real world and working beyond the confines of our safe school environment. As Helen Kirkwood, the Senior School’s CAS Co-ordinator explains: “CAS is about supporting our students as they experience first-hand, the positive effect of getting involved with helping people

to improve their lives – a really simple example is the recent wheelchair walk we did with the local Foreschate Topaz old people’s home in Voorschoten.” “Over two days in September, we had 20 students and some staff who walked to the nearby residential home to collect their elderly charges and take them for a walk to the Theehuis Jansland. Not only did the old people enjoy their time with the students, but the young people also enjoyed the experience.” BSN students are involved in a number of community focused activities – Clarissa Grondin, Year 13 who wants to work in medicine, volunteers to work two or three evening a week at a local old people’s home. Another group of four students – Toby Onwudinjo, Maria Gavira, Antara Bhattacharjee and Celia Afande – help, twice a month, to prepare and serve meals for homeless people in the Hague. Their first evening was a busy one, with over 60 guests to serve. Two other BSN students join up with friends from the Italian community to volunteer to work for a homeless shelter in Amsterdam. Nicoló Vago and Antonio Colangelo, both in Year 13, have helped serve hot meals as well as working to prepare the dining area which had to be repainted – their commitment is ongoing. As Nicoló says: “The homeless people did not look any different from you or me – it was not what I had expected at all.” At the Winter Fair, the second hand uniform stall will be run by students and half the proceeds will be donated to this very worthwhile charity. Students from other year groups are also involved with helping in their local communities – Jamie Kirkwood regularly helps young adults with Down Syndrome in a home near Voorschoten and Katya ven der Heijden works with the elderly near her home in Oegstgeest – both these students are in Year 11 but are keen to give something back to their local communities. This has been a reflection on many of the local connections we have as a school – it doesn’t scrape the surface of so much more voluntary work undertaken by our students for other global or international charities and organisations. Some of these are included in the Term in Review and we will look at our students involvement in world-wide issues in another issue of Insight.


Local connections

were displayed in an exhibition of work which was visited by Wethouder Smit, Mr Voskuil and Mevrouw el Adlouni, from the Gemeente – who were very impressed with the students observations.

Welcome to your

new school

With so many new things to get used to you when you relocate to a new home … and in many cases a new country … the structure, security and friendships that your new school can provide can be the thing that makes change exciting rather than daunting. At the BSN, students can experience this change at any age or stage of the academic year – our school is full of students who have joined midway through a term or key stage and as the majority will testify, they are made to feel welcome, make friends and settle down very quickly. As Duncan Crawford, The Head of Year 9 explains; “Welcoming new students to the school, into whichever year group, is something we work very hard to get right and I believe it really marks us out from other schools. “We try to take into account the practical and emotional considerations about each new student joining us and endeavour to help them fit in easily – we don’t try to fit the school around the student.” Duncan continues: “It can be like a complex 3D puzzle and as we see students settling into their new environment with ease, it gives a real sense of satisfaction to tutors and teachers alike. The settling-in period for students extends way beyond the first week of term and Tutors and Heads of Year are particularly sensitive to the needs of new students and keep a watchful eye.”” Christine Matthews, the BSN’s Admissions Officer, sees first-hand how prospective students are often worried about how quickly they will make friends. “Parents frequently tell me that no matter how excited their children


may be about starting a new school – they are always anxious about fitting in. “As part of the admissions process we do our best to ensure that teaching staff are fully informed of the individual interests or particular abilities of each new student. The Heads of Year are indeed vital to this process and work hard to connect newcomers with existing students with whom they share something in common”. It may sound odd, but as one new student put it: "It really is no big deal to be new at the BSN." A number of students who started recently tell us a little of their experience.

Felix Bishton and his brother Hugo, moved to Holland from Switzerland where they had been attendingThe International School of Geneva. Hugo has settled into Year 10 and Felix tells us about his transition into Year 12. “I wasn’t worried about coming to the BSN as before I moved to Holland I had a good look at the website and we also had visited the school before we moved here.” “I’m doing the IB as I completed the Middle Years Programme (MYP) at my previous school which means I’m well prepared for what lies ahead. When I first started at the BSN I was really struck

Felix by the student class size for IB which is really good and means our learning is very efficient.” “In Geneva I did a lot of skiing and climbing which probably isn’t a big surprise! It’s going to be pretty hard to carry that on here, so I am looking into Jujitsu and currently play with the BSN Rugby Club. Finding time to study, participate in sports and fulfil my CAS hours is proving pretty tough but is par for the course for a sixth former!”

Katrin Obendrauf started in Year 12 this year is Austrian, but was living in Scotland when she heard about her families impending move. Originally Katrin


Dennis Dennis Emson is eleven and joined the BSN in Year 7 – he has lived in Holland for a year and a half and joined the BSN after spending a year at HSV in The Hague. Born in Mexico, Dennis has also lived in Argentina but is now settled in The Netherlands. He is very relaxed about his new school telling us; “I knew I’d be fine when I moved to the BSN – when I first started I was shown around by Archie and Theo who hung out with me, so I settled in easily.” “My class is very nice and I have made lots of friends, especially during the trip to De Kaag where we did water ski-ing and lots of different boat things.”

Chiara Chiara Hvidbo moved into Year 7 from Junior School Vlaskamp. As Chiara explains: “Even though we had visited the school for transition days whilst we were in Year 6, it was still strange getting used to how big it is and how many people there are everywhere – especially when you have to move around from lesson to lesson.” "The visits to the school last year were really good, but we would have liked to have met some of our subject teachers and get to know them a little bit as well. It was great to meet our form tutor though – that really helped us feel comfortable on our first day. “The homework is not as bad as any of us were expecting! We do still have quite a lot, but not as much as we thought we might. Everyone always worries about homework, but for the first few weeks they don't give you too much so you can get used to things."

Calvin Davies and Carl Brunslov both joined Year 9 this year but have quite different stories. As Carl explains: “I’ve lived in Shanghai for the past eight years and was quite happy about coming to the BSN.

Calvin and Car


I looked online at videos of events at the BSN to see what it would be like and I thought the iPads were a pretty cool way of learning. “I am one of five brothers – my oldest brother lives in Mariahoeve and I have brothers in Years 10, 7 and at Junior School Vlaskamp too. I have settled in really quickly – the BSN Rugby Club helped a lot!” Calvin’s story is a little different – both his father and his uncle are ex BSN students and Calvin was at Junior School Vlaskamp until Year 4 when his family moved to Canada. Although it was a long way away, Calvin stayed in touch with Ben Hebden – an old friend from JSV – so he was able to keep up to date with life at the BSN. “I’m very happy to be back and although there are some differences between the Canadian/ American system and the British system – I’m settling in easily and its good to be back!”

Archana Archana Gopalakrishnan (Year 13) and her sister Raksha (Year 9) moved from the British School in Amsterdam last year. Archana remembers very well how she felt on her first day at the BSN: “I thought it would be very hard to integrate and feel part of the school community but it was completely the opposite – the most memorable thing about my first day at The BSN was how welcome I was made to feel. “Even people whose personalities and interests don’t match mine, still made me feel welcome and integration into the sixth form was very quick! My sister’s experience was very similar and we both learned that it’s no big deal to be new!”


Welcome to your new school

didn’t really want to come to the BSN at all. However, as she explains, “Some of my friends at school with me in Aberdeen had been to the BSN before and told me that it was really nice and that I would settle quickly – the people here are really friendly!” “My first impressions of the BSN is that it is definitely more British than my previous school which was very American – also the size of the school, the BSN is such a lot bigger. “My favourite part of the school is the Art Department which has great facilities and lots of space – it’s really good to be able to have somewhere to go and work at any time.” Katrin cycles to school from Wassenaar and although she’s not a big fan of the wind and rain, she appreciates the independence and freedom that a bike offers.

BEYOND THESE WALLS We are always proud of the number of students who achieve great things outside school – this is a snapshot of just some of these achievements sent to us directly by students or their families – we’d love to hear from more of you in future: 24-Hour Cycle Challenge During the summer, Nicolas Cerulus, now in Year 13, took part in a gruelling 24hour cycle race on the legendary Le Mans racetrack in France and raised over €1,500


euros towards the Cycling out of Poverty (CooP) charity. As part of his IB diploma, Nicolas is coordinating fundraising for this project. Nicolas took part in this challenge as one of a team of four, with his brother, Loic, father Pierre, and a family friend, David Kneen. The race took place on the Circuit Bugatti, which is part of the Le Mans circuit, which hosts the annual 24 hour sports car race. During the challenge the team took it in turns to cycle continuous 4.1km laps of the track for 24 hours CooP-Africa is a Netherlands based charity providing bicycle aid to many areas in Africa and supports small entrepreneurs 'Bike4Work', students 'Bike4School' and health workers 'Bike4Care' in Africa by giving access to bicycles on credit. The charity also provides aid in the form of specialist bikes, such as, ambulance bikes, bin collection bikes and several other bikes to help people be more efficient and safer in their job. Look out for more fundraising activity planned by Nicolas in support of CooP Africa this year.

PB and silver for young swimmer Bernard Rivard was one of only nine swimmers who qualified for the chance to swim the 1500m event at National Trials trials in September. Seeded fifth at the start, Bernie (left in the picture below)was determined to seize this opportunity and improve his time on the distance (the equivalent of 60 lengths) by trying to complete the race in under the 20 minutes. Bernie swam hard and touched in second place with a time of 19 minutes and 21 seconds – only 4 seconds away from the gold medal position and over a minute faster than his previous swim … now it is back to the pool for yet more long distance training!

Arvind Arora headed for Tanzania this summer with an organisation called Global Leadership Adventures (GLA). He researched, applied and undertook this trip on his own initiative and joined 20 other teens from around the globe for the last three weeks in July. The camp he visited was based in Rau Village where Arvind taught English to 60 eleven-year-old Tanzanian boys and girls in a local school. He also helped restore classroom furniture like chairs and tables. Other GLA students helped paint the school as well. It was a life changing experience for Arvind to be a part of their culture and to experience first-hand how happy the children were to go to school. Besides working at the school, Arvind along with the other GLA students spent a weekend with the Masaai – living in tents with them, learning their language, culture and mastering the art of throwing spears. The trip included an amazing safari drive in the Ngorongoro crater where Arvind indulged in his passion for photography – taking over 5000 photographs of the wild life and spectacular views surrounding him. To top it all, Arvind has been chosen to act as a GLA ambassador – an honour awarded to a very few participants from the worldwide teen programmes: “I can’t wait to embark on another GLA trip in July 2013 – maybe it’ll be to Costa Rica this time.” Says Arvind.

Tennis Champ! Gabriel del Rio Delgado has been playing tennis since he was 5 years old. Last year a trainer saw him and invited him to participate in the 2011 tennis “talenten yacht” in which he was spotted and invited for training with the Dutch Tennis Federation. Since then, Gabriel has trained with the Federation in Alphen an den Rijn and in Katwijk, and was recently scouted by the Burgersdijk top tennis

Academy in The Hague, being trained by Martin Bohm, a former GB and Danish Davis Cup trainer. Gabriel trains every day of the week and plays tournaments twice a month in the winter, and weekly during the summer season. He has been a finalist of the Katwijk championship for two years in a row and hopes to continue playing and improving his tennis.

Silver for National Relay September saw Year 13 student, Noe Nesvaba and her relay team from Leiden Atletiek win the silver medal at the Dutch National Championships 4x100 meters Relay. Noe and her team claimed silver with a time of 51.08 seconds, becoming the second best relay team in The Netherlands. Noe has been an athlete since she started running in Australia aged 11 – she trains 3 or 4 times a week, and alongside the Dutch National Championships, she has competed in the Slovakian Championships. Noe’s personal record for 60m is 7.64 seconds and 12.56 seconds for the 100m. She has also competed in the long jump and high jump events but has chosen to focus on the 100 and 200m sprints. Noe’s dream is to compete at the Olympics and she is eager to go to the University of Bath where she can combine sports and academic study at an advanced level.


Beyond these walls

Leadership Adventurer

Term in

review JSL • Ancient Civilisations Day

JSV • BSN Students Meet the Prime Minister As part of their topic about the Tudors and Dutch history, JSV Year 5 children visited a variety of places of historical importance in and around The Hague earlier this term, including the Gevangenpoort and The Binnenhof. As they entered the Binnenhof for their tour, the children and teachers realised that something out of the ordinary was going on. There were lots of news reporters and photographers hovering around excitedly, armed with cameras and notepads. They were waiting for the arrival of several members of Parliament, who had an important meeting. Whilst they were there, none other than Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of The Netherlands, walked around the corner and was very happy to say good morning. Once he found out the children were from the BSN he engaged in a lovely conversation in both English and Dutch! It was a very special moment for JSV Year 5 who have this fantastic photograph as a memento!

This was a very special day across Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 where all of the classes spent the day dressed up in the clothes of their History Topic. The day was spent engaging in fun and wacky activities that aimed to make the times of the past come back to life! Year 6 dressed up as Aztecs – Mr Clark was an Aztec Jaguar Warrior – a sight to behold! They really enjoyed playing Aztec board games and making mosaics of a two headed serpent or mask. Year 5 children dressed as Ancient Greeks in their white robes and vine wreaths. Guus, dressed as Atlas and carrying 'the world on his shoulders’ was unforgettable! Highlights included eating Greek food and having photos taken in costume with the images later used to make a pediment which ran across their classroom doors. In Year 4 the children were dripping in gold, many with dramatic eye-make-up as they came in the clothes of the Ancient Egyptians. Leonard, Merle and Hannah really enjoyed making their own Ancient Egyptian styled bracelets and doing Maths using Ancient Egyptian script! Finally, the Year 3 children arrived dressed in casual clothes, carrying magnifying glasses and small hammers….as archaeologists who were learning how to excavate sites and make discoveries that tell us about historical times. The best part of the day for them, insisted Elston, Florrie and Tiyan was digging for treasure in the sand pits whilst Leon, Paula and Nicole thought that the best part of the day was looking at mystery objects and deciding what they were and from which era and place they had come.

BSN • Mascots for ADO Den Haag To celebrate the signing of some new international players, the BSN was offered some tickets to watch the ADO Den Haag ladies team take on the mighty Ajax on 30 September. Ellie Danilewicz JSL Year 6 and Georgia Bolton JSV Year 6 took their Dads along with them and had a great time at the match which ADO won 2-1. Georgia and Ellie, who play football themselves for SV Wassenaar, were lucky enough to meet the players and had their pictures taken with some of the stars … and to top everything, they were invited back to be mascots for the next ADO Ladies match.


Georgia explains: "The ADO Ladies team made me want to continue to play football and they really inspired me to do my best and when I'm a bit older, I really want to play for them!" The ADO players have also offered to come to the BSN to do some coaching so we will watch this space.

BSN • Bursary Fund Fireworks Night The Bursary Fund Fireworks Night was held on November 3 at the Senior School. Despite heavy rain during the day the skies cleared miraculously around opening time and the evening got off to a terrific start with fresh hot dogs cooked by Ralph and Olive, plenty of glüwein and coffee, and a terrific selection of food from Mike's Place. As the swing band rounded up a terrific set, the fireworks started and were definitely the best ever. Once the fireworks were over nobody was allowed to go home until the cupcakes were finished and the results of the Junior Schools Art Competition were suitably admired! A big thank-you to the more than 60 volunteers including all the terrific students who gave up their time; and to the school staff who provided behind the scenes support. The next Bursary Fund event will be the Car Boot Sale next May. Keep in touch by ‘liking’ the Bursary Fund Facebook page for the latest updates! For further information on how to help contact the Chair of the Bursary fund Simon Weinburg –

BSN Year 9 students made their annual visit to Ypres this month – this trip has run for many years and loses nothing of its potency with each visit. Students who have studied World War 1 in history as well as poems of the time visit key historical sites and can only begin to imagine the scale of devastation experienced by those who were involved. Students visited Essex Farm, one of the allied cemeteries and the resting place of Rifleman V J Strudwick who was just 15 years old when he died. The field hospital situated there was the workplace of John McCrae, who was moved to write the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields' following his experiences there. The BSN History staff explained the significance of poppies and explained how they have become a symbol of remembrance for those who have died in wars around the world. The cemetery at Langemarck, where nearly 45,000 largely unnamed German soldiers lie, was a very moving experience for the young visitors. Student, Myrthe Sprik read a tribute in German whilst Rhiannon Breare and Francesca Colangelo laid a wreath at the memorial to show their respect on behalf of the BSN. The end of the day saw three students – Ilona Haldemann (Canadian), Quentin Ragot (French) and Maria Veyrat (Spanish) – lay a wreath at the Menin Gate during the very moving ceremony of rememberance. With a break during the Nazi occupation in World War II, this ceremony has taken place every day since the memorial was built and thousands of visitors attend to pay their respects to those who have died in conflict everywhere.


Term in review

SSV • Year 9 Students Visit Ypres

JSD • Curriculum Information Evening Earlier this term JSD invited parents to take a behind the scenes look into how the curriculum is delivered at the school on a day to day basis. Headteacher Angela Parry-Davies welcomed the parents at the start of the evening and reiterated the main purpose of the event, which was for the teaching staff to not only demonstrate ‘why’ and ‘what’ the school does but ‘how’ the curriculum is delivered to the children each day. Mrs Parry-Davies then invited parents to participate in the workshops, which covered an array of subjects and topics including Reading in the Foundation Stage; Helping your child with reading Years 1, 2 and 3; Learning Dutch; Helping your child with Mathletics; Thinking Skills. The value and importance of reading to your child at home to support and improve listening skills, vocabulary and confidence was discussed during the sessions focused on reading. Those attending the Learning Dutch workshop were shown a video filmed in the classroom which allowed parents to see firsthand the methods used to help children improve their Dutch. During the session on Thinking Skills it was explained to parents how children are encouraged to develop their 'reasoning skills' and to think about the rationale behind their thoughts. They were also provided with a number of 'flexible thinking' exercises to take away and try out at home with their children.

the meadows in a downpour, to the tune of ‘The rain in Spain’ from My Fair Lady. They even managed to squeeze in a bit of Spanish cuisine and language with a trip to the historical town of Avila on the journey home.

JSL • Early Birds As part of a parent initiative supported by school, this term saw the “Early Birds” group hatch at JSL! The Early Birds group is for parents and children of preschool age to go to a playgroup and have the opportunity to meet and make new friends. So far the new groups are proving to be very popular with a number of enthusiastic parents attending. The group takes place on a Tuesday morning in the Mini Gym. The group has been using the facilities to set up and arrange activities for the babies and toddlers to explore. Great to see the Early Birds have had a smooth take off!

BSN • Author Alex Scarrow Inspires Students SSV • Biology Students visit Spain In the Sixth Form, all Biology students are required to complete ecology practical work as part of both the A Level and IB curricula. This year they explored rivers, mountains and woodlands in the Gredos conservation area, two hours north of Madrid, Spain. Lichens, mushrooms and the endangered Ibex all featured high on the list of intriguing organsims. Long evening sessions involving sharing data and doing complicated statistics contrasted with a variety of fieldwork tasks which culminated in a bumpy ride in a Jeep across


Earlier this term, the larger-than-life figure of Alex Scarrow visited the BSN to speak about his work as an author and about the ways in which he blends historical plots with a modern day story setting and concept. Whilst visiting JSL Alex read a chapter on his own life story that demonstrated how people don't always find their career straight away and the ways in which his jobs as a computer designer and musician have influenced his writing. JSD Year 5 and 6 were also taken on a journey of time travel and adventure in which Alex described how one small event can have a monumental effect on the current world, for example what the world would be like today if one species of dinosaur survived to present day.

Finally Alex paid a visit to the Senior School during book week where he entertained Year 7-9 at their assembly by talking about his writing career and answered questions from the interested students on a range of topics including his popular young adult series ‘Time Riders’. He also took the time to meet with and talk to students from all year groups during a lunch time book signing.

JSV • Year 1 Dress Up for Toys Day JSV was chokka-block with ‘Toys’ on 6 November as Year 1 launched their Toys topic by planning a wonderful Impact Day. An assembly kick started the day with parents and children remembering toys they had played with in the past such as Hornby Train Sets, Speak and Spell, Evel Knievel, Barbie Dolls and Space Hoppers to name but a few. A swift parade around the school followed the assembly after which the children participated in Toy Music and PE time classes. Each class had a chance to visit the JSV Toy Museum, make a finger puppet and see a range of toys that their teachers played with ‘long ago’ before Old Bear by Jane Hissey finished off the day. Many thanks to the children, parents and staff for a truly memorable day.

Wednesday 26 September saw The BSN celebrate the European Day of Languages (EDL). The Senior School marked the event by creating its own Language Village and this year, the school was delighted to welcome Mr Glenn Colvin, Director in Telecoms for the European Patent Office, who cut the ribbon and launched the day’s proceedings. The Senior School was transformed into a truly global village representing an array of European languages; Dutch/Flemish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English, Polish and Danish languages and for the first time, Romanian was represented. Throughout the day, students armed with a guide book and ‘passports’, visited the Village where they took part in a number of simple role-play tasks – like taking a flight with British Airways, taking a stroll through a German forest or buying stamps from a Polish post office. Each activity was designed to ensure that visitors use phrases from each country and put into practice what they have learned during their language lessons. In exchange for their efforts, students were rewarded with a visa in their EDL passports and a treat associated with the culture they had ‘visited’. As Madame Chantal Rieutort-Louis, Language Teacher and Coordinator of the BSN Language Village explains; “this is such a great way for the BSN to celebrate the number of languages used within the school and to join students from the Dutch community to demonstrate how languages take you further.” At the Junior Schools the European Day of Languages was marked by special assemblies as well as a series of special displays. The assemblies included guessing the languages spoken by children presenting a story, guessing the languages spoken by famous people, learning how to say phrases and numbers in different languages and singing in different languages.

Many thanks to the International Reps, without whose help the Language Village would not be possible!

Term in review

BSN • European Day of Languages

JSV • Book Club: A Good Read For the past two years Year 2 Teacher, Jessica Apps has been running a Book Club for Years 5 and 6 children at JSV. The aim of the club is for children to get together to share their reading experiences and to try out books that in a different situation they may not have necessarily picked up. The Book Club is now running for the third year in succession and this year there will be a bit of a twist to the reading materials that the club will share as they’ll include a large selection of books that can be read as paper books, i-books, downloaded as audiobooks, or read using an iPad or Kindle. There will be graphic novels, picture books, classics and for the first time, poetry. The club is now also looking to raise its profile with members being asked to undertake displays around the school and share their reading experiences with other children…perhaps even using a blog! Watch this space. The Book Club reading list this year includes amongst others, four thought-provoking books which are bound to elicit a response from children and frankly are some interesting reading material for parents too! Even if you are not attending Book Club, then try out one of these tasters.

Four Book Club members Erin, Nadia, Grainne and Amanda How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson This delightful picture book takes the reader on Peter’s quest for a missing book from a mysterious library that comes alive at night. The only book that is missing from the collection is perhaps the most intriguing book in the whole library. It is called ‘How to live forever’. Why is it missing and what secrets does it contain? Fish by L.S.Matthews Back again (by popular demand) this year, will be this heart-warming story of the young child of a pair of aid workers who has to embark on a difficult journey through a war torn country to the safety and sanctuary of the border. The Island by Armin Greder When a strange, naked stranger washes up on their shores, a remote group of islanders struggle with how to deal with the man. The book examines human reactions and emotions towards the unknown and combined with Greder’s haunting images will


leave the reader questioning the actions of the islanders as it reaches a disturbing climax. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis This is the classic fantasy adventure story of the Pevensie children, who are also evacuees, as they discover a timeless world behind a wardrobe. JSV students wanting to sign up for Book Club 2012/2013 should contact the JSV office and see if there is space. The Reading List is available from Miss Apps and on The Gateway. Year 5/6 Book Club is held on alternate Mondays at 3:20–4:15. See Miss Apps for further details. Happy Reading!

JSD • Farm Animal Visit On 2 October the Foundation and Year 1 children at JSD were paid a visit by some very special guests, a llama, donkey, baby goat, goose, two piglets as well as some guinea pigs, rabbits and a hen along with its chicks. There was a tangible air of excitement as the children acquainted themselves with the animals. For the Year 1 children the visit linked in with their 'Me, Myself and I' science topic in which the children have been learning about animal as well as human features and movement and following the visit the children wrote about what they'd seen. After the animals returned home some of the children also commented on how much they enjoyed the experience. "I liked taking the llama for a walk around the playground" "It was fun holding the rabbits and guinea pigs" "It was so much fun"

To kickstart the year’s Literary Society programme of lunchtime seminars, Room 282 was transformed into a 1920s speakeasy, filled with the authentic sounds of the Jazz Age. With the tables arranged cabaret style and the additional incentives of tasty snacks and a very Prohibition-era lemonade punch, Year 12 and 13 students gathered to celebrate the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his contemporaries. Students provided readings of extracts from not only Fitzgerald’s fiction but writing that might be connected to his works by dealing with similar themes. They listened to a range of poetry and prose readings by a diverse range of writers from the Harlem renaissance poets to E. M. Fortser, Sylvia Plath and Franz Kafka. To better capture the mood of the occasion, a number of guests arrived dressed to impress in 1920s fashions: Tomas Clarkson and Clio Gearty received awards for the best-dressed male and female and Clio further embraced the spirit of the age with a short display of impeccable dancing Charleston-style to end the event!

SSV • Something Wicked This Way Came … A surprisingly mild, late summer evening saw an audience of around 200, gather with picnics, rugs and thermos flasks to enjoy an open air performance of Macbeth by the highly acclaimed Lord Chamberlain’s Men Theatre Company. The audience was treated to one of William Shakespeare’s most gripping thrillers and highly skilled actors worked their magic with Macbeth’s ghostly apparitions, actionpacked sword fights and a blood-soaked conclusion which entertained and amazed all those lucky enough to be there.

JSV • Celebrates ‘Herfst’ Dutch Style This term the Dutch department at JSV have opened up a Dutch ‘Herfst Restaurant, in the foyer to encourage children to stop by not only for a bite to eat but to also brush up on their Dutch vocabulary – eet smakelijk.

Not content with a performance on the Saturday night, the Company had been at the Senior School for two days, running workshops with a variety of year groups, and on Saturday morning, working with the BSN’s GCSE and A Level Drama Students. As one student said: “it was great to be able to work with professional actors and pick up some really useful tips from them about performance techniques – it was a lot of fun too!” Head of Drama, ‘H’ Ball summed up a busy few days for students and staff alike: “It was a real honour to host The Lord Chamberlain’s Men at The BSN and for our students to get involved in working with these talented actors is something quite special.”


Term in review

SSV • BSN Literary Society

SSV • NESDA Tournament After months of preparation, twelve BSN students headed for the American School of the Hague for the New European Speech and Debate Association (NESDA) tournament, to compete against eight other schools from all over Europe. A hard competition resulted and congratulations to Josh Daley, who was awarded first place in the Impromptu discipline for his speech on ‘Freedom of speech is the most important right’, and to Emily Porritt and Josh Daley, who were awarded third place in the Duet Acting discipline, for performing an extremely funny piece on swear-words and other obscenities!

how to play a variety of rhythms from around the world such as Afro Beat, Brazilian Samba as well as Caribbean Calypso and Reggae, using instruments such as djembe drums, xylophones, cow bells, maracas and keyboards. The children were also introduced to aspects of music history such as the influence of African rhythms on Rock n Roll in the 1950’s and also had the opportunity to compose lyrics to their own songs, dance freestyle, rap as well as improve their improvisation skills. The children’s creative abilities shone through across the two days and was certainly evident from the excellent, as well as groovy, compositions and musical arrangements they produced.

JSD • Year 1 Reading Competition JSD Year One children and parents were challenged to a photo competition to show their love of reading. They were asked to take a picture of themselves reading in an unusual situation. The two winners chosen by Headteacher, Angela Parry-Davies were awarded a certificate and a book prize, congratulations to Sienna and Azlan. All of the fantastic entries were also put proudly on display outside the JSD Year One classrooms.

BSN • JSD and JSV Get Their Groove On This term, children from JSD (Foundation 2 and Year 4) and JSV (Years 5 and 6) participated in a series of practical and fun music workshops delivered by the UK based group 'Groove On', led by acclaimed jazz musician Eddie Parker. The workshops were designed to reinforce and provide an extension to the core music curriculum and during the sessions the children learnt


JSL • House Day Pupils in Key Stage 2 came to school in their House colours earlier this term to celebrate House Day. This is an exciting day that occurs near the start of each school year and allows the houses to work together on a series of activities. Children in Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and Leiden all made a house shield that now acts as a noticeboard, and also designed their own house flag. In addition the children created their own house currency – using features of their house crest to help! Staff and children who aren’t in the house also had to crack a secret code to understand some of the messages that the pupils put on their noticeboards, as another task was to design a special house alphabet. It was a thrilling day and an opportunity to see children new to Key Stage 2 welcomed to their houses by their housemates.

Year 4 started off their year by designing a ‘Mini Me’. The children had lots of fun making them and a lot of thought went into what they would look like. The children used the Mini Me's to decorate the classrooms and they all looked fantastic! James said “It was fun because we got to design our own people.” Hannah said “It took me a long time to make it. I designed it wearing the school uniform.” Theos said “It wasn’t very hard, but you had to be creative.” Lara said “It took long to do, but it was very fun.”

SSV • French Trip to Normandy Earlier this term forty five students from Years 10 and 11, gathered in the atrium to set off for the French Field trip to Normandy. The bus set off on the 10 hour journey to the Relais Bon Séjour by the beach of Merville-Franceville in Normandy. So began a packed programme which took the students on a historical journey from the Normandy landing beaches in Arromanches to the Bayeux Tapestry, the castle of Guillaume le Conquérant in Falaise and finally to his castle and then his final resting place in the magnificent cathedral of the Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen. Alongside the history of this beautiful area, the students explored the beautiful town of Bayeux, marvelled at the old traditional automated shop windows from Paris in a quaint museum in Falaise, absorbed the atmosphere of a traditional French market and tasted the delights of Normandy Caramels. Students worked in the classroom in the evenings after a well deserved break on the beach, quiet rest in their rooms and tasty food in the hotel restaurant – all followed by relaxation, music and dance – at least for some. It was particularly enjoyable seeing the students dancing and trying to chat in French to the groups of French 6 year olds who were studying a “classe de mer” and dancing in their pyjamas and slippers....the 6 year olds not our students!

JSL • New Science and Technology Lab The new Science and Technology lab is now fully up and running at JSL. The atmosphere in the lab has been excellent and all the children were excited to be able to use the newly developed space. The room’s makeover has been an on-going project during the last year. The idea was a room to inspire our up-and-coming scientists and engineers; a room which was versatile enough to allow children to be practical in Science and creative in Design and Technology. A room which could be adapted to different aspects of learning, and a room which could be used by all.

SSV • Beijing Exchange in the Year of the Dragon! During the exchange week the visiting students spent time with their host families and visited Beijing landmarks such as the ‘Birds’ Nest’ Olympic Stadium, Beijing Zoo, The Forbidden City and The Great Wall. They also spent a day attending lessons with the students from the host school, Beijing Middle School No 3. They took part in an English lesson, taekwondo lesson and DT as well as having the opportunity to try out some traditional Chinese calligraphy. The annual basketball match between the BSN students and their Chinese counterparts was nail bitingly close, finally brought to an end with an honourable draw. This year the students were also privileged to be able to watch Beijing Middle School No 3’s first Annual English Language Speech Competition. The BSN students enjoyed a culturally enriching trip and were true ambassadors for the school.


Term in review

JSD • Year 4 Mini Me’s

SSV • Land of Great Gardens at Keukenhof Earlier this term, the Senior School Environment Committee were invited to join the celebrations at Keukenhof, as the famous Dutch gardens launched their theme for next year 'United Kingdom Land of Great Gardens’. The British Ambassador, HE Paul Arkwright was invited to plant the final bulb in a vast mosaic of muscari, narcissi and tulips planted in the shape of Big Ben and Tower Bridge – iconic British landmarks to illustrate next years’ theme. Next year the BSN will continue to develop these links with Keukenhof.

gathered at Madurodam and were treated to a performance by Dutch rapper Ali B who soon had the whole audience of peace walkers singing along, dancing and even up on stage. It was great to see so many children gather together for such a great cause. Overall it was a truly amazing experience and one the children and staff are never likely to forget!

JSV • Year 2 Choir Assembly In October, during a Year 1 and 2 Assembly, the JSV Year 2 Choir gave their first performance. The enthusiastic choristers were led by three volunteers from Year 6, Ana Scheu Rodriguez, Femke Burley and Annika Engmann who attended every rehearsal and helped the children to learn their songs. The Year 2 Choir sang two cheerful action songs ‘Clever Clogs’ and ‘Chamniamo Gogo’. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the choir have been invited to sing again at assembly before Christmas.

BSN • United Nations International Day of Peace On Friday 21 September, the United Nations International Day of Peace, students from across Den Haag came together to raise awareness of the need for peace. Year 6 children from each of our three junior schools joined forces to represent the BSN in this prestigious event. Before school started everyone was on the bus and making their way to The Peace Palace and upon their arrival the children were each handed a white balloon symbolising peace. After a presentation by the Burgermeester of Den Haag everybody counted down from ten to release the balloons, over 1500 white balloons floated through the sky like birds flying to freedom. At the end of the walk everyone


JSL • Bob The Builder Day Although JSL school was finished as a building project some time ago more work it seemed still needed to be done. So JSL Year One provided an army of Bob The Builders to help out earlier this term. Nails were hammered in, floors were redesigned, Bob had a lift built and he even made his/her own sandwiches! There were some grown-up Bobs too in the guise of parents and staff all of whom joined in and dressed up. The children chose what they wanted to do and found their own way to the activities and then moved on to the next activity completely independently. They all had a fantastic time and the children were the most hard working and best behaved Bobs ever!

In October, the BSN was lucky enough to be visited by Helen Bromley – an experienced educator and consultant who specialises in Early Years outdoor play and literacy. Foundation and Year 1 staff were represented from all three Junior Schools and the day was spent focussing on outdoor play using well-known children's texts as a starting point. If you had wandered into the JSD F1 playground during the afternoon, you would have found 22 engaged and motivated adults exploring the outdoor area, making homes and hideouts for their newly created Bog Babies, inspired by the book The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis, proving that it is not just our children that get excited about a good book and hands-on learning!

SSV • Spanish Trip to Toledo

War. The monument is surrounded in controversy and provided older students with an opportunity to explore aspects of Spanish History and broaden their knowledge in preparation for their research based essay. The following day, the group headed for Madrid. Upon arrival they went to Real Madrid's famous Bernabéu stadium, and were then offered a bus tour of the city. A visit to the Plaza Mayor was followed by a walk to the Retiro Park, where some students visited the market stalls and others rented boats on the lake (with variable degrees of navigational success). As the group departed Toledo they took with them some amazing memories. Mr Coombes would like to say many thanks to Señoras Bou and Cascón, Miss Smith and Mr Floyd for their help as well as all the students for their excellent behaviour.

JSD • Visit to the Netherlands Danstheater Company In November a group of JSD Year 5 and 6 children visited the Nederlands Danstheater. All of the children involved in the visit are members of either the SHINE theatre and performing arts, or Street Dance groups. During the week prior to the visit the children had attended a workshop at school with members from the Danstheater Company. Whilst on the visit, the children performed the dance they’d learnt during the workshop and also had an opportunity to sit in on a professional dance class. The children were amazed by the strength and grace of the dancers one of whom, David, took the time out from his rehearsal to answer the many questions the children wanted to ask. To end the visit the children were taken on a tour of the theatre which included seeing the chair Queen Beatrix sits in when she attends a performance.

The annual Spanish Trip gives the students studying Spanish in Years 10-13 the opportunity to gain first hand experience of life in Spain as well as practice their Spanish and prepare certain units of study for their final exams. This year the destination was Toledo, the capital of Castilla La Mancha, located about 100 kilometres to the south of Madrid. During the week the students visited a number of monuments in the city, including the impressive cathedral and the stark and imposing Alcazar – the fortress housing the Army Museum which tells some of the most touching stories of the Spanish Civil War. Students undertook a variety of linguistic activities in mixed year groups, allowing them to extend their vocabulary and practice their Spanish whilst also bartering for goods (and putting the candidates of the Young Apprentice to shame in the process). One of the highlights was a nighttime walk through the backstreets of the city with a local guide José Luis. The group headed north to the Valle de los Caídos – an eerie monument, said to pay homage to those who died in the Spanish Civil


Term in review

BSN • Educationalist Helen Bromley visits The BSN

JSL • Year 6 Apprentice Week For a full week this term at JSL in Year 6, the children worked as teams for 'Apprentice Week', a fantastic opportunity for both of the Year 6 classes to work together to produce a finished product. Not only did they have to focus on a product, they also had to look at the different skills they had in their teams and consider how to organise themselves to work in the best way. After Sir David set the teams their task, the children developed a biscuit product, packaging and website materials for their meeting in the boardroom. Through designing their products, they had to learn skills of compromise, communication, and prioritise what was important for their team. At the end of the week, the suspense was immense. They were all ready to present their product to Sir David of Porritt. Each team did a super job, but only one team could be hired! A fantastic fun filled week which really set high standards for the school year at JSL.

Language Centre • CELTA Training Did you know that the Language Centre not only offers English and Dutch courses, but also trains people to become Cambridge certified teachers of English? The CELTA qualification is highly regarded for providing a sound basis in the fundamentals of language teaching practice. The course can be taken by people with little or no previous teaching experience. The BSN Language Centre is one of only two certified centres in The Netherlands. Students this term have continued to enjoy our informal and high quality teaching.

JSD • Secret Agents

SSV • Young First Aiders Half term saw eight BSN students learning the basics of First Aid as part of a course run by Linda Malley, a professionally trained nurse and highly experienced St John Ambulance trainer. The students learned how to stop bleeding, reduce bumps and bruises as well as the basics of resuscitation. These courses run regularly throughout the year for both adults and children – keep an eye on Gateway for more information. As Molly Edwards explained: “I think it’s really important to have a basic understanding of First Aid, however old you are, and I have really enjoyed doing the course.”

Forget James Bond… children in Year 3 at JSD began the year as super cool secret agents! Not only did they have to pass over top secret information about themselves to their secret agent teacher, they also had to decide what five things they would put in their Secret Agent bag to help them through Year 3 and decide what their mission was going to be for the year.

In November this term, JSL Year 4 children visited the Museum van Oudheden in Leiden. The visit was designed to consolidate and extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of life in Ancient Egypt. During their visit they touched temples that had been dug out of the hot Egyptian sands and been transported to the Netherlands. They stood, amazed, in front of papyrus covered in beautiful hieroglyphs; and some of them covered their eyes in horror as they were told how the Egyptians cared for the bodies of the dead. However, their greatest excitement was reserved for the glorious spectacle of the mummified remains of a pet baboon, crocodile and cat. The things those Egyptian Pharaohs got up to!

was given by Greg Taylor, the Lead Teacher for Environmental Education. The children were also encouraged to join in the planting of bee friendly plants with Taco Evans, the schools' new Head Concierge – quite a team effort! The Year 3 children will use the Bee hotel as part of their work on the Environment in the Summer term, after the Year 4s have studied the bee's habitat.

SSV • Year 7s Visit Duivenvoorde

Language Centre • Potluck at End of Course The language courses at the BSN Language Centre are attended by a wide variety of nationalities and it’s always fun to learn more about each other’s culture. And what better way than to eat the food that reflects a culture? This group shared a potluck lunch at the end of their course and as you can see, there was plenty to go around!

As part of their Dutch studies, Year 7 visited Kasteel Duivenvoorde to gain an insight into life on this beautiful country estate. Two of the students commented afterwards about their experience. Catriona: “I loved the trip to Duivenvoorde, it was so interesting! I never knew that lots of old houses have smaller steps because it was not considered polite for ladies of a higher class to show their ankles, so the steps were small so that ladies didn't have to lift up their skirts to climb the stairs”. Ignazio: “Before I went to the castle everybody said that it was really boring and lame but I found it fun. It was also very interesting how boys were dressed like girls up to the age of six; the tour guide even demonstrated this to us pupils by showing us a picture of a glamorous boy in a little girl's clothes. Overall it was a positive experience and we learned how an upper class family would live it's life some five-hundred years ago”.

JSV • Year 3 and 4 Bee Hotel JSV Year 4 have been involved in setting up a Bee hotel, supplied by the local Gemeente, in an effort to encourage bees to nest in an urban environment. The children had an assembly with JSVs new gardener, Gareth Ellis, to discuss where the Bee hotel should be placed and advice


Term in review

JSL • Year 4 Trip to Museum van Oudheden

JSL • New Media Centre Opens After months of meticulous planning, hard work and a number of staff working together, JSL's new Media Centre was up and running from this term. Located in the space around the main hall, the new learning space offers the JSL students an open, spacious environment to develop their reading skills, discover new and exciting books; and benefit from the interactive and visual media available. Since the opening, the Media Centre has seen a flurry of activity, including storytime reading to foundation stage and key stage one children, book fairs and the delivery of a number of new books. Amongst others, a special thanks must go to Ybella Hofstede, Julie Bottomley and all the concierge staff for their tireless efforts in getting the centre to where it is a today; a fully functional, modern educational facility that all the JSL students can enjoy today, tomorrow and for many years to come!

‘stinky’ for most! At the ‘tasting station’ the children were blindfolded and asked to identify a range of foods. The chocolate was the favorite blind tasting but lemon and salt were popular too. Baked beans were the surprise in one of the boxes at the ‘touching station’. Whilst the feathers and pasta give the children lots of opportunity to expand their descriptive vocabulary. Ears were switched on at the ‘listening station’ as the children had to listen to different animals noises and identify the animal responsible. The children had a lot of fun exploring their senses and went home ready to touch, taste, smell, hear and see a lot more.

JSV • Around The World Impact Day JSV Year 3 had their first Impact Day of the year and were treated to an all expenses paid flight on BSN airlines. Some children even had the luxury of an upgrade, but everyone enjoyed the experience. A professional flight crew guided the plane through the skies after all the children had been through a vigorous security check. The children had made life jackets, prepared passports and had packed for the trip in class, and in the weeks following the flight worked on their Around the World Lead Topic.

JSD • Year 1 Science Senses JSD Year One had a super science senses lesson earlier this term. The children went on an afternoon carousel comprising five stations; each of which examined one of the children’s marvelous senses. At the ‘sight station’ the children played ‘Kim’s Game’ and had to remember what they had seen before the objects were hidden. The ‘smell station’ had wondrous odours being sniffed out. The children enjoyed the smell of the coffee and mint but the blue cheese was too


In Year 3 this term, they have been thinking about how to write exciting stories with a familiar setting. After spending a few weeks studying 'The Mousehole Cat,' by Antonia Barber, Year 3 decided the next step to help them was to get more ideas for their writing and to actually visit a harbour themselves! They used their senses to help think of exciting ways to describe a setting and managed to come up with really amazing ideas from describing all the things they could see. The best part of the visit came with a surprise guest… The Journey Man suddenly appeared and told a fantastic story about a man named Sven who sailed off in a tiny boat to make his fortune! Once the children got back to school, they got involved in some more drama and managed to put their ideas into a story map! Teachers Sarah Murray and Barbara Grant were so impressed with the imagination and ideas shown by the children that day and they really enjoyed reading all of the stories that resulted from the ideas inspired by the harbour visit. Well done Year 3!

JSV • A Visit to the Rain Forest in Leiden The children of JSV Year 4 recently visited their nearest rainforest in Hortus Botanicus, Leiden. They were pleased to find it only took 30 minutes on the coach but the climate change in the tropical houses was very noticeable! Particular highlights were the Bromeliads with their own eco system and the Venus Flytraps that were tricked into closing with the very gentle touch of a pencil! The children later had the opportunity to use these discoveries back in the classroom whilst working on their Lead Topic of Rainforests.

SSV • Summer Nights in December!

SSV • iPad Workshops During November, SSV students enjoyed a series of iPad workshops with Joe Moretti. As Abigail Cummings, Y10 tells us: “We learned how to use some of the apps we had to download; most of these apps I hadn't used before. He taught us how to use Dropbox, iFiles, Book Creator, Nearpod and Explain Everything. Working with Nearpod in the classroom makes the lessons more interactive and means we use our iPads more during lessons. I found it very useful and learned a lot. My favourite things were that he showed us how easy it is to make presentations in Explain Everything, and many different ways to share information with fellow students and teachers.”

As we go to print with Insight, preparations are almost complete for the curtain to raise on the biggest, boldest musical extravaganza of the year that is GREASE! This ambitious musical production, Directed by Cerrie Love, has involved every corner of the school, The Design Tech department latterly has resembled a Detroit car plant as they work on the Cadillac, a centrepiece on the stage; costumes have been sewn with swathes of tulle and satin in true 50’s style; the art department have set the scene; the lighting is rigged and the sound tested; students have been singing and dancing morning, noon and night in preparation for the curtain to raise. Please take a look at Gateway where you will find plenty of pictures and a write up.


Term in review

JSL • Year 3 Writing Trip to the Harbour



BSN Hosts ISST Hockey Tournament … and wins it too! For the third year in a row the BSN hockey team are ISST champions! Nicola Stronach writes: This was not an easy task as last years' team had seven Year 13 students which left us with a challenge for our talented younger players. In the pre-ISST matches the team worked hard to get to know each other. However a 1-0 loss in Paris, and a 0-0 draw against International School of the Hague (ISH) at home made everyone realise the competition was going to be close this year. Then everything started to click – team captain, Mufaro, and vice captain, Sophie, did a fantastic job of preparing and motivating the team and when we played a return versus ISH, the girls fired in three goals in 30 minutes! So, when the ISST Tournament began the team were on top form. A 2-0 victory against British School of Paris, and 3-0 against International School of Brussels left us top of the table on the first day. Then came the derby against ISH who had won both their opening games so we knew it would be a tough match. We were the more attacking team throughout, but the ISH defence was strong. Only a fantastic penalty corner from Sophie and Megan could separate the two teams, and BSN took the 1-0 victory. In our final game against British

School in Brussels the girls went a goal up early on and the questions began … Could we win the tournament with a game to spare? A 3-1 win against BSB, and another loss for ISH meant BSN were five points clear after day two. On the final day, BSN played a tough and determined American School of London team. A 1-1 draw finished the tournament and an excellent three days of hockey. At the awards ceremony BSN had even more success as Mufaro, Louisa and Nicole were all selected for the All-Tournament team, congratulations girls! This success would not be possible without lots of help. We would like to thank our host families for their support and especially, Ian Blacker who worked tirelessly to coach the girls. Also to Nurse Mandy and to Mike and Mona for their fabulous lunches! Many thanks also to those who helped organise the tournament – Ad and Aad, from MHC Forescate, Shilo Dormehl and Suzanne Wainwright. Hosting such an event takes hours of preparation and organisation. Thank you for helping to make it such a success. BSN ISST 2012: Mufaro Kambarami (C), Sophie Boelen (VC), Becky van Eijk, Louisa Kaester, Nicole Lester, Sarah van Eijk, Natasha Manzoni, Hannah Berry, Anne Laycock, Claire Blacker, Katja van der Heijden, Domi Smith, Phatheka Baillie, Cara Campbell, Megan Albon. Coaches: Ian Blacker and Nicola Stronach. ■

Countdown to the COBIS Games

The countdown to next year’s COBIS Games began in earnest this term when the first in a series of trials for the BSN team was held at JSL. Early indications suggest that competition for a place on the team will be extremely high with just fifteen places up for grabs, which are open to year 5 and 6 boys and girls from each of the junior schools. The Games will take place in May and will be contested by sixteen British and International Schools from across the world. Having secured the title at the COBIS Games in Prague last year, the BSN have been given the honour of hosting the 2013 Games as reigning Champions. Next year Basketball will be introduced, to replace Swimming as one of the disciplines in which the children competed in Prague. From the outset Mr Lowe, who’ll again be overseeing the selection of the team, explained to the children the qualities he’ll be looking for during the coming weeks which included, effort, understanding of team ethics as well as all round ability in at least two of three sports, Football, Athletics and Basketball. Mr Lowe also reiterated that whilst he always likes to see competitive spirit, it's far more important for the children to remember to have fun. The trials continue throughout the term with the initial team shortlist being announced in the new year. Keep an eye on the Gateway for further updates on the trials. ■

Foundation PE Children in the JSD Foundation classes are developing their PE skills with balls and ribbons. PE Teacher, Scott McRae asked, can you… throw, catch, bounce and roll the ball? What shapes and patterns can you make with the ribbons? Some children jumped, turned and danced to the music, creating wonderful shapes. ■

During half term the BSN Rugby Club hosted the Leicester Tigers Community and Academy Coaching team for the third successive year. The Tigers visited the school to deliver a Rugby Training Camp for more than 120 players comprising not only BSN students but also a significant number of players from other clubs and even some who’d travelled from as far afield as Germany and Belgium.

Indoor Football is a raging success at SSV!

This school year a new club has been set up by two Sixth Formers – Oli Edozie and Azim Rakhimov. Oli and Azim have been keen football players for years and play at ISST level. This year they came up with the idea of setting up an Indoor Football Club which takes place on a Wednesday during lunch. The Autumn term is an ideal time as students are keen on clubs in months when the weather can be too wet and windy to go on the field. The boys never imagined it would be such a success! As part of the CAS programme (Creativity, Action, Service) IB students are expected to show that they are able to plan and initiate and work collaboratively with others. The two boys have ticked these boxes, but what’s great about this club is that both boys and girls attend and they are from a range of year groups and abilities. The aim is for it to be recreational and sociable, not highly competitive. ■

our intention to use these training camps as an opportunity to contribute to the development of Rugby in The Netherlands as well as improve our own players skills”. A ‘new’ face on the Tigers Coaching team this year was former New Zealand All Blacks back row forward Craig Newby who, having retired from the game very recently, was able to pass on his vast knowledge and experience of playing the sport at the highest level. This year saw a significant number of players participate for a third successive year and in so doing have enhanced their knowledge of the game significantly. One such player is Under 17s team member Tom Roper who explains: “I’ve been taking part in the course for the last three years and every time there have been different Tigers coaches who have helped me to learn something new”. ■

The week-long training camp was delivered as part of a well-established partnership between the Tigers and the BSN Rugby Club and this year was the largest the Tigers had ever run. One of the objectives of the partnership was to support the local community by helping to develop Dutch Rugby, as BSN Rugby Club Head Coach Matt Roper explains: “this year approximately half of those participating are from Dutch Rugby Clubs with players travelling from all over The Netherlands to take part, this is very positive news indeed as it was always

Recreational gymnastics JSL’s sports hall has been the venue this term for recreational gymnastics with Gordon Finch on Thursday lunchtime. Up to 12 girls have participated in joining in each week, with some doing it simply for the fun and others with loftier ambitions of making it into the BSN gymnastics team! ■


Sports report

Leicester Tigers return to the BSN

VUC Junior School Football Tournament Year 5 and 6 children from the Junior Schools participated in the annual football tournament at VUC Schoolvoetbaltoernooi in November. The competition included a number of closely contested matches including a memorable game between JSL and JSD in which JSL snatched a last minute 2-1 victory with the final kick. JSV entered teams for both years 5 and 6 and went one better than last year by winning their respective age groups. Both teams ended their respective competitions having lost no matches with just a single draw. The Year 5 boys were dominant in their group, using a combination of speed and ruthless efficiency in attack. In contrast, the Year 6 competition was a much closer affair in which JSV were joined by teams from JSD and JSL. The only draw was a 1-1 tie with JSL, but it came down to a final game against a rampaging HSV7 team who had scored ten goals in their previous three games. Nonetheless, the JSV defence led by captain Alessandro Sozzi held firm for a 1-0 victory and the overall tournament win. ■

Badminton Club Wednesday lunchtime at JSL has seen the badminton club for Years 5 and 6 take place in the sports hall this term. This club is run by Gordon Finch and Kevin Doherty and usually sees between 12 and 15 keen participants. ■


BSN Gymnasts meet Olympic Champion, Denise Lewis

House Sports Competition The last day before the half term break was an important day in the sporting history of the BSN. The first Junior Schools crossschool House sports competition took place at JSL. Every child in Year 5, from all three Junior Schools, took part in four sports – Football, Unihoc, Dodgeball and Benchball – and represented not just their school, but their House (Amsterdam, Delft, Gouda and Leiden) alongside children in their same House from the other schools. An action-packed morning saw it finish all-square in Benchball, which included a brief interlude of Paralympic Benchball; the houses shared the points in Unihoc, Amsterdam won the Dodgeball and Delft won in football. Delft took the trophy for the overall positions by one single point. Look out for similar competitions later in the school year. ■

As the term draws to a close, the BSN Gymnastics Club can look back on a good start to this year’s competition season. After a training and judging master class in September, run by professional coaches from the UK, the girls soon got to grips with the tough training regime set out for them by the club’s newest coach and choreographer, Ilse Mulder. The first chance to put the results of this to the test were to be seen by the Under 13 during their performance at the IAPS Championships in England in November – where they also bumped into Olympian Denise Lewis! The girls narrowly missed out on a 6th place medal but showed that they are heading for a strong performance in March at GISGA. Ella van Zoest (Year 8), who competed as a guest in the Under 13, category put on an impressive competition coming 4th overall, plus the trophy for most Artistic Floor Routine!  Then followed the first full squad competition of the year, against friends and rival’s BSB. This provided an excellent opportunity for both newcomers and old hands to step up to the plate and perform.  For some of the clubs newest and youngest members this was a chance to gain some valuable competition experience. With a number of brand new floor routines being performed for the first time, it was a nervous time but the girls did themselves proud! Now onwards and upwards as GISGA – the tournament of the year – fast approaches. Extra Sunday training sessions are being planned and new schedules put in place to try and ensure as many medals as possible in March. ■

This term was a very busy one for the BSN U18 football team who have trained hard and competed in a number of matches in preparation for the main event at the ISST Football Tournament, held this year in London. As team-member, Sebastian Lloyd writes: On our route to London, we played local rivals ISH on their turf and beat

Swim Team make a splash against BSB In late November The BSN Swim Team hosted The British School of Brussels for their annual swim gala at Het Wedde Swimming pool in Voorschoten. After three hours of intense competition, the BSN amassed a sizeable 352 points to BSB’s 302. There were impressive performances from a multitude of swimmers from all the BSN schools as evidenced by the 80 personal best times achieved along with one new school record (Elisabeth Rivard 100 m backstroke, Varsity Girls). A huge thank you to the parents and staff who volunteered to help make this a highly successful and efficient event. ■

them 3-0, a trip to Paris followed, where we played against a well drilled British School of Paris team who were hungry for a win, again we came out on top, defeating BSP 1-0. The weekend in Paris also saw us take on The American school of Hillingdon 4-0, The American School of London 3-2 and finally our last game was against BSP again. As both teams were through their group stages, this game ended in 0-0 draw. Our final preparation match before ISST in London was at home against ISH which and again saw us sneak a victory 3-2. And so, we were ready for ISST in London – first up was a match against local rivals ASH which was a tentative affair and saw ASH take the lead early in the second half before the BSN scored a deserved equaliser with a coolly taken spot kick. The second match was against the host, The American School of London (ASL) in which the BSN were comfortable winners 3-0. The final group game paired the BSN with The American School in England (Tasis) with just a draw needed to secure a place in the semi-finals. A BSN wonder strike into the top right hand corner was later cancelled out by a dubious free kick awarded to Tasis in the very last minute. So we were in the semi-final, a tough draw against a strong and physical side representing the ACS International School which ended in a hard fought 1-0 defeat. There was still plenty to play for – the bronze medal was still up for grabs and involved a match against Frankfurt. The BSN took a 1-0 lead as a result of another calmly taken spot kick and following a string of superb saves from our keeper, we claimed our medal! Matt Sutton and Bram van Huijstee were deservedly chosen for the all star team, and huge congratulations to all the lads: Maliq, Jonas, Harry, Ed, Kris, Toby, Jack, Matt, Bram, Aurelian, Seb, Felix, Nick, And Thomas. ■

Climbing Wall Catwalk The JSL climbing wall has been upgraded and you see here the first student to make her way across the 'catwalk'. Julie Goosen, Year 4, was extremely pleased with herself when she completed the crossing. ■

BSN wins Eddie Hufford Award for the fourth year Congratulations to the BSN athletes, coaches and supporters who participated in all the ISST competitions during 2011-12 – we have been awarded the Eddie Hufford Award for the fourth year running. The award honours the efforts of the BSN which competes as a Sports Member school (participating in less than 8 tournaments a year). Congratulations to all those who took part! ■


Sports report

ISST Football Tournament in London

Alumni News

One of the greatest legacies of the BSN’s 80th birthday celebrations last year, is the creation of the new BSN Alumni Association! As a result of posting archive images and news of the school on our official Facebook page, a huge number of former students and staff have reconnected with the school. Old memories were reignited and many then made the journey to attend the BSN’s first whole school reunion which we held in July. The reunion saw around 200 old BSN students, plus staff members past and present, gather at Senior School to have a tour of the building (and try to identify some old familiar surroundings). As Mike Weston, the school’s Archivist and vital link in the newly formed BSN Alumni Association tells us: “What started as an informal network of students who kept in touch via the old students association has turned into a wider network of people who are obviously still keen to keep in touch with old friends and their old school too!”


First steps

Following this launch event, a number of people have volunteered to play a pro-active role in the future in developing the BSN Alumni Association. Retaining and engaging existing ‘members’ will be as important as recruiting new ones so in the coming months this group will meet to help plan the shape of the BSN Alumni Association – keep an eye on Facebook for the latest news.

Careering ahead!

Through the reunion event we have now been able to record the willingness of many of our old students to support BSN students – or graduates – through university advice; internships; work placements or even career opportunities. Many of the attendees at the reunion completed forms offering to be contacted for this purpose and work has already started to look at putting this in place.

Leading the way…

One particularly active group is the ‘Year of 1978’ led by Norma Keshishian who, along with Mary Berwick-Sayers attended the BSN 80th Anniversary reunion event in July – having planned ahead they managed to combine this with their own class reunion the night before. This active group enjoyed themselves so much that they have already held another reunion dinner in London and have great plans to hold them in Paris next May, New York in November 2013, Bruges in May 2014 and Brighton in November 2014!!

Alumni News

ondon union in L 8' at their re 7 19 of kwith, ss ec The 'Cla ers, Sue B erwick-Say B y ar van Beest M n d: n include dhart, Joha oe G ia k as S enk, Michael Sch Keshishian a m or and N Tony Garvin (Class of 1981) works for the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and recently met His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales when he visited the Community Safety Award live exercise in Lostwithiel

ss of Bourne (Cla tions to Tom e, cé an Congratula fi Finnish married his now is om 2003) who T tember – nen in Sep ue ag H e th Leena Laiti living in r Shell and working fo

Louise Morley (Class of 2006 ) has recently been selected fo r the highly pr es tigious Unilever Futu re Leaders Prog ramme – a two-year, fa st track gradua te trainee scheme encom passing financ e, supply chain, human resources, busi ne ss technology m anagement, sa les and marketing. Lo uise is pictured here with Alex Youngm an (Class of 20 01)

John Laurance (Class of 1984) has been running a successful antiques business in the Amsterdam Anti que Centre on the Elandsgracht as well as online and at fairs and markets. John attended the reunion in the summer and is pictured here with Eric Porte r, the retired Head of Economics

A fraction of the 'Class of 2007' met up recently in London; pic tured from left to right are Jamie Franci s, Joe Shaw, Tim Corringham and Claire Wright



The best Indian Restaurant in The Hague! With a new and improved interior, Ramna provides you with authentic Indian dishes prepared every day from fresh ingredients Ramna invites you to enjoy fine Indian cuisine in an international and friendly atmosphere. Delivery and take-away service available.

Molenstraat 12 2513 BK, The Hague +31 (0) 70 346 5757 +31 (0) 6 49 39 2400

• Build friendships within the Australian & New Zealand Community • Information and support for newcomers and long-term expats • A variety of social events for women, their partners and children

Visit for more information and how to join

42 ||

Interested in learning a new instrument, or how to sing? Kelly’s Expat Shopping Luifelbaan 50 2242 KV, Wassenaar




flyer_wassenaar.indd 2

(070) 511 87 29 Zoutmanstraat 22A 2518 GP, The Hague (070) 346 97 53

Check the website for our opening times!

Having the skill to play an instrument or sing has been one of the most cherished accomplishments throughout history. Students who decide to learn to play an instrument or how to sing can use this skill and knowledge for the rest of their lives. There are a number of academic benefits to students who study music. Students who take lessons at a young age stimulate the brain in a unique way. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument enhances a student’s academic performance in mathematics, foreign languages and other academic areas. We have an international, vibrant teaching team working at the Senior School. For more information about the lessons on offer, please contact either or Please also visit our page, SSV Music, on Gateway, which is located under Co-Curricular activites

We look forward to seeing you! 7-11-2012 17:25:07


The blue pages Beauty English mobile hairdresser available to visit you at home ■ Ladies, men and children ■ Working with natural, organic products for all your colouring and styling needs ■ Specialist colour technician ■ KvK registered ■ Contact Maxine for more information Telephone: 06 52 54 81 19 Email:

Hair & Care Salon New Trend Hairstyling Conveniently located at the Koningin Julianalaan 341 in Voorburg, next to the Little Gym and McDonalds, we're easily accessible by either car or public transport for both the BSN's Junior and Senior schools. Our multi-lingual and experienced staff are proud to serve you for your hairdressing wishes and are specialised in laser (or easter method) epilating techniques. A chiropodist is also part of the team. Expat discount 10%. Contact our team for more information. Telephone: 070 387 37 78 Email:

Building A small and multi-skilled company, where no job is too small We build, restore, paint, repair windows and roofs for the expatriate community. A technical education, years of experience and a no-nonsense Dutch view guarantees a suitable solution for every job. Telephone: 06 24 11 64 47 Email:

Spring 2013 issue

Professional carpenter, builder and joiner For renovations, restorations, conversions and innovative designs. Also electrical, plumbing, painting and plastering services available. In other words we do everything from general maintenance for an hourly rate to contracted building projects – if you want it done right contact Huw Owens for more information. Telephone: 06 24 22 59 91 Email:

Yankee Home Improvement Serving the International community for over 19 years. From electrical, plumbing, tiles, painting and general repairs to complex home renovations or restorations. Dependable quality craftsmanship and on-time performance. Call Tom Di Gaudio or email for estimates and references. Telephone: 06 54 34 53 54 Email:

Experienced builder with 25 years experience, for all your renovation requirements Looking for changing the kitchen, bathroom or doing some changes/ reparations in the house? Call for advice or an attractive offer from an experienced builder with 25 years experience. Specialised in all interior renovations, including electrics, water and central heating systems. Also, an importer of PVC/Massive wood Windows for affordable prices. Call now for free advice. Telephone: 06 55 10 08 24 Email:

Counselling Counselling International Confidential individual counselling or coaching, couple therapy or conflict mediation. Experienced multilingual professional Els Barkema-Sala, M.Phil., MBACP. Please call for an appointment or FREE initial telephone consultation or check the website for more information. Telephone: 071 528 26 61 Email:

Practice psychomotor therapy and training in The Hague and Delft for children and adolescents Individual sessions to improve psychosocial functioning, neuro developmental, structuring disorders and psychomotor disharmonies. Group training rock and water/Axenroos to develop social skills, self control and confidence. Check website for more information or contact Christina Koetsier for further details. Telephone: 070 427 23 15 Email:

Play therapy Through play children can explore emotional, social and behavioural difficulties in order to encourage emotional wellbeing, confidence, friendships and the ability to learn. For more information contact Jessica. Email:


Advertising copy deadline: Friday 1 March 44

Expat services Private English Lessons Native British, TEFL qualified teacher with 10 years' experience. Individual or small group lessons for adults or children. British and International School experience (parents and children). Telephone: 015 212 08 10 Email: Website:

Tutoring in maths and physics available Australian with BSc in physics and theoretical physics available for tutoring in maths and physics. Telephone: 06 29 36 33 65 Email:

Anglo-Dutch Education Services (ADES) We can help students to achieve what they want. ADES offers diagnostic learning assessments and tuition in literacy/English, Mathematics and Dutch. Specialised in dyslexia. Telephone: 070 351 53 13 Email:

First aid courses Equip yourself with a set of life skills that could really make a difference between a life lost and a life saved. Come and learn how to deal with the top 5 accidents that claim many lives daily. Road traffic injuries, burns, poisoning, falls and drowning. Linda Malley is a trained nurse and registered First Aid Trainer. To staff at the BSN we offer a range of courses, from certified St John Ambulance courses, to shortened courses and courses for the Young First Aider. You will learn how to manage these incidents including CPR and less serious conditions with lots of handson techniques and demonstrations. Contact Linda for more information. Telephone: 06 18 87 34 21 Email:

Counselling and Coaching International Diploma course Diploma course Counselling and Coaching in The Hague (or Amsterdam) offered by CRKBO-accredited Academy for Counselling and Coaching. High quality professional and personal development in English is available for a fair price. Please check the website for details and registration. Telephone: 031 741 54 54 Email: Website:

Private English Tutor I am a fully qualified teacher of English with a PGCE in academic distinction and experience teaching 11–18 year olds in the English comprehensive system. Additionally, I am an examiner for WJEC, EDEXCEL and IB. I offer evening and weekend tuition to students KS3, KS4, GCSE and A level. For more information, please contact Gemma. Telephone: 070 326 03 92 or 06 26 79 35 21 Email:

Financial services JC Suurmond & zn. Tax consultants Established since 1986. For any help and assistance on tax matters from tax returns, tax advice to the 30%-ruling. Expert in dealing with expat situations and international tax matters. Invoice on a no cure-no pay basis if possible. Telephone: 017 424 47 25 Email:

The BSN takes no responsibility for the quality of the goods and services advertised in this publication.

Financial services for expats Fully integrated financial planning services for expats. Make the most of your unique financial status by creating your personal plan assisted by qualified professionals. Wealth creation/protection, investment portfolio management, tax planning, pension analysis – including advice on portable pensions and transfers, maximising income in retirement, education fees planning, mortgages and insurances. For independent unbiased advice contact Axis strategy. Telephone: 070 346 49 20 Email:

Health and sports ACE certified personal fitness trainer Looking to kick start your fitness regime, or wanting to add something challenging? Enjoy the convenience of a Personal Trainer coming to your home. ■ One to one training ■ Small group training ■ Free fitness and body composition analysis ■ Personalised plan to fitness ■ Running coaching and sports massage ■ Christmas gift vouchers also available Contact Maggie for more information Telephone: 06 27 21 43 49 Email:

North Sea Chiropractic for all your spinal health needs Quality chiropractic care for your whole family, treating headaches, back pain, pregnancy complaints, paediatrics, sports injuries, and almost everything in between. For more information on who and what we treat, please check our website. Free spinal screenings for children are available on the first Wednesday of every month. Please call to make an appointment. Most insurances cover chiropractic care. Telephone: 06 53 69 77 39 Email:


The blue pages  Expat services


The blue pages Hobbies


Art lessons and art coaching

Dry cleaning

■ Professional art teacher ■ All ages welcome ■ Develop your talents ■ Fun and informative Contact Irene for more information. Telephone: 06 12 97 56 48 Email:

Dry cleaning is not expensive anymore, as Stomerij provides excellent cleaning services at unbeatable prices. You can now apply fiber friendly chemicals and cleaning substances to protect the fiber of your clothes. We treat your garment with utmost care and provide on time delivery. Contact Adam Smith for more information. Email:

Art parties Celebrate in our art studio. Great party ideas for all ages. Contact Irene for more information. Telephone: 06 12 97 56 48 Email: Website:

Household services Ironing lady available Collects and delivers in the Den Haag, Wassenaar, Voorschoten and Leidschenveen areas. References available from BSN parents. Please contact Linda for more information. Telephone: 06 11 30 20 71

Need help with household jobs, cleaning or babysitting? Includes cleaning, ironing and evening babysitting. Areas covered include Den Haag, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leiden, Leidschenveen and Ypenburg. References supplied to verify my work. For more information contact Tina. Telephone: 06 85 88 45 02 or 070 785 50 38 Email:

Spring 2013 issue

Flute, recorder, piano and music theory lessons Offered in The Hague by a qualified and experienced music teacher who gets excellent results from pupils on their ABRSM examinations. Regular performing opportunities are available every term. My teaching motto is 'fun through achievement.' All ages and levels are welcome. Please contact Angela Duncan for further information. Telephone: 070 350 49 50 or 06 53 67 22 57 Email:

Piano, music theory lessons

Motoring Driving lessons Driving courses given in native English in The Hague and surrounding towns. For beginners, from the age of 16.5 years old, as a refresher or simply to regain confidence. Theory lessons available. Mention BSN for a free introductory lesson. Contact Ron Keislair for more information. Telephone: 06 44 30 25 94 Email:

Music Piano and music theory lessons Available from qualified piano teacher. Bachelor and Masters in Piano Performance. Many years teaching experience to students of all levels and ages. Also available as an accompanist for exams/auditions/concerts. Contact Marie Searles for more information Telephone: 06 27 49 79 35 Email:

I am a graduate from Cracow Music Academy and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. I have 15 years experience in teaching children and adults. All levels are welcome. Preparations for grade exams. Willing to travel. Contact Magdalena Sudo for more information. Telephone: 06 41 89 70 11 Email:

Music lessons Music lessons for everybody. Violin, piano, theory, composition and improvisation. Highly qualified teacher. For more information contact Valentina. Telephone: 070 514 38 18 Email:

Qualified and experienced music teacher Seeks students for available openings. Creative approach to learning guitar and piano. Variety of styles, beginners or experienced players welcome. Composition, theory and trumpet also taught. For more information contact Graham. Telephone: 06 14 05 71 78 Email:


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Expat services Large selection of ensemble sizes formed from talented professional musicians tailored to suit your needs. Telephone: 06 29 36 33 65 Email:

Music lessons ■ Flute, recorder and bassoon lessons at JSV or I will travel to you ■ Recorder and Rhythm (introductory music performance programme for 5 and 6 year olds) ■ Professional musician and dedicated teacher with over 20 years teaching experience ■ Excellent results on ABRSM exams Lessons taught in English, Dutch or French ■ Free trial lesson For more information contact Annette Telephone: 070 389 19 86 or 06 55 85 89 46 Email:

Music and Irish tin whistle lessons Flute, recorder, piano and Irish tin whistle lessons available. Irish music sessions every last Sunday of the month. Contact Emma for more information. Telephone: 06 16 99 34 27 Email:

Piano lessons

Holiday in Rome

Pianist specialised in Jazz with a Bachelor and Master Diploma in Jazz piano. Teaches piano for all ages and different styles. Extra teaching fields: Harmony, rhythmical training and group playing. For more information contact George. Telephone: 06 11 49 79 33 Email:

■ Neat and cosy apartment in Rome (Central area) ■ 12 minutes by Metro to the Spanish Steps ■ Fully furnished and equipped ■ 1–2 persons at €130 per day 3–5 persons at €180 per day Telephone: +39 34 08 54 74 94 or +31 (70) 382 4882 Email:

Piano lessons For Children from five years old. Many years teaching experience. Preparation for ABRSM examination (also music theory). Languages spoken are English, Dutch or Russian. Contact Tanja for more information. Telephone: 06 16 53 79 59 Email:

Growth through music and friends Come and join our lively music and movement sesssions. Classes every Saturday during term time at BSN Vlaskamp. For more information visit our website. Telephone: 06 53 14 42 99 Email: Website:

Property and lets French country house to let

Choir singing Interested in joining a high-quality amateur choir? The Leiden English choir currently has room for new members, especially tenors and basses. For further information contract Maria. Telephone: 06 49 89 47 27 Email:

The BSN takes no responsibility for the quality of the goods and services advertised in this publication.

In the heart of The Loire Valley (30 minutes from Tours) this house is set in 4,000 sq metres (1 acre) of gardens that run down to river frontage with views over open countryside. The house is in a tiny, peaceful hamlet a 10 minute walk from the small village of Chambourg Sur Indre. A further 10 minutes away by car is the charming medieval town of Loches. The area is surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside, sleepy villages and a huge choice of chateaus to visit. In the village there is a small food shop, butchers, bakery and restaurant. Supermarkets are 10 minutes away. For more information contact David. Telephone: 06 24 53 87 47 Email:

Advertise here Classified advertising The adverts in our ‘Blue pages’ are for 'Expatriate services' – companies and individuals offering services tailored to the expatriate community. Small box advertisements are offered in three sizes based on word count. Advertising space is limited and is sold on a first come first served basis. Costs per issues are as follows: Box 1: up to 40 words Box 2: up to 80 words Box 3: up to 120 words

€20 €40 €60

Display advertising Display adverts are divided into full page, half page and quarter page. Adverts are printed in full colour and are placed throughout the magazine. Costs per issues are as follows: Full page Half page Quarter page

€600 €380 €260

Special rates are available for charities and non-profit making organisations.

Email Spring 2013 deadline Friday 1 March


The blue pages  Expat services

Classical and baroque music for parties, functions and weddings

The most beautiful spring garden in the world invites you!

Fall in love with spring and get inspired. This year our spring garden will once again be packed with more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, all bursting with colour. Keukenhof offers - besides a spectacular floral display - a wide range of activities, such as beautiful flower shows, inspirational gardens, works of art, and much more. Each year Keukenhof chooses a special theme and in 2013 the focus is ‘United Kingdom - Land of Great Gardens’. This theme is expressed at prominent locations throughout the park, with special events and an impressive flower mosaic showing Tower Bridge and Big Ben. Keukenhof has so much to offer! For true spring lovers there is a special season ticket available from 21 March to 20 May 2013 called The Spring Pass. Spring Pass holders have unlimited access to the most enjoyable and colourful day out, including all the exhibitions and special events in the park. This means enjoying Keukenhof whenever you want. Come to the most beautiful spring garden in the world and be amazed! You can find out more about all our activities at

Open March 21 to May 20, 2013

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