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Welcome to the BSN Internationally British

Dear New colleague, Welcome to the BSN and to what I am sure will be a professionally rewarding relationship with both colleagues and students.

The International Leadership Academy (ILA) and BlueSky are a strategic expression of our commitment to your professional development. We understand that the quality of our school is dependent upon the calibre of people we employ. This is why we are so determined to get your induction off to a smooth start and to signpost further learning opportunities.

I’m keen to meet you in an informal setting - so please expect me to drop by during your class or to meet you at your desk for a meet and greet during your first term at the BSN

If I could emphasise just one of the pieces of advice in this booklet it would be to ask colleagues, whatever the issue, as soon as you have a question. The BSN employs the friendliest, most supportive and professional people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.

Congratulations on your appointment and I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

CEO and Principal | Kieran Earley

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Keep in mind that each Campus has their own Staff Handbook with all the relevant information for that Campus. Ask for an e-copy or link!

Your induction

We want you to feel at home here at the BSN - from your very first day. Therefore we have developed this booklet to help you on your way during your first few months. Please do read this booklet carefully. If you feel that certain information is missing or you still have questions, please get in touch with your manager, or ask one of your colleagues for help. Depending on your role and your first day of work, some of the induction activities might take place at another time than indicated in this booklet. If you’re in doubt, please ask – because in most cases it’s better to hear the same information twice than not at all!

Staff Manual

Your first day

Your first week




Are you also...

Your first term

Starting your first job?


In a new leadership role?


Are you also...

New to The Netherlands?


CPD & your Contract


Welcome to the BSN

Are you also...



Your first day On your first day, you will get to know the BSN and your Campus; you will meet with your line manager and the colleagues within your team. Your manager will brief you on the daily routines (i.e. working hours and break times). You can also expect to be toured around the Campus. This is also the day that you will spend time at your new workplace. Depending on your role this could be your classroom, an office or another work area. You will be provided with your school account details so you can access the school computers. You will also be shown the staff room, where the printers and copiers are located, and how and where you can find stationery, should you need it.


Health and Safety You will also be briefed on the Health and Safety measures the BSN has in place, including the evacuation and lockdown procedure. The BSN is a very safety-aware organisation and prioritises the security of both pupils and staff. Your school office will prepare an identity badge for you on your first day; please note that it is compulsory to wear this badge on all campuses, at all times.

Who’s who at the BSN Each Campus has a handy ‘Who’s who’ complete with photos, names and roles of all members of staff, so it’s good to get a paper copy of this to help you familiarise yourself with your colleagues.

Your first week

Each team and each Campus have their own meeting structure, you will be briefed on these so that you know what to expect when said meetings take place. The Campus IT assistant will also pay you a visit to talk you through the key IT processes that come with your role, as well as how and who to ask for help if necessary. Do remember that if there are things you are unsure of or need help with during this first week - please ask your line manager or a colleague and they will be happy to help!

Keep in mind The BSN maintains high professional standards. To find out more and to know what’s expected of you, please familiarise yourself with the BSN Code of Conduct and the Email and Internet Usage policy - both can be found on the BSN Gateway*.

*Please refer to pages 10-11 for an overview of where to find this information on Gateway

Welcome to the BSN

During your first week, you will learn more about the BSN’s key processes and procedures, as well as the different roles of your colleagues and how these tie in with your own. Your line manager will also elaborate on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities which come with your role, along with the support mechanisms available to you.


Your first term Each school year at the BSN is divided into terms. There are three in total: the autumn term, the spring term and the summer term. Each term lasts around 3 to 4 months and is followed by a short break, for example Christmas, Easter or the Summer holiday. You can also expect a short break mid-term. Most of the induction activities will happen during your first term. You will further build on your knowledge over the course of the next few terms. Nevertheless, please keep revisiting the induction outline as you continue to learn more about the BSN.

Finding out how you are doing Shortly after your first week at the BSN, your Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and/or your manager will visit for a drop-in or an observation. This is to get an understanding of the way you work and will help them determine how to support you in the best possible way.

Probation period Your first month at the BSN is also your probation period. At the end of your first month you will be invited for a short probation end date meeting. During this meeting you will also discuss your professional development for the first time.


What else can you expect in your first term? • You will be talked through BlueSky*: how it works and how to use it

• You will be invited for a ‘Staff Manual’ tour - this will either be an on-site session or webinar.

*What is BlueSky?

BlueSky is a comprehensive online performance management and selfevaluation tool, geared exclusively towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD) within the field of education. It’s a way to track and monitor your performance throughout your career; the software helps you to work openly with your (Deputy) Head Teacher or line manager and also set professional objectives that link to your team and the whole school vision.

CPD & your Contract During the first 23 months of your employment with the BSN, you will be offered fixed term contracts only. After 23 contracted months, you will be eligible for an indefinite contract. The decision to offer you an indefinite contract is made by your Head Teacher and the CEO/Principal. They will look at a range of factors such as your performance, your fit with the Campus and the BSN as well as your attendance record. If you are on a fixed term contract, you will be invited for a formal meeting with your Head Teacher/line manager prior to your contract end date. Depending on your situation, the outcome of this could be that your contract will be made indefinite or that your contract will come to an end. In exceptional cases, your Head Teacher/line manager can decide to defer the decision about your contract.

If you intend to leave the BSN while you are still on a fixed term contract, please inform your Head Teacher/line manager of this as soon as possible.

When will I know if I will be offered another contract? For teachers: 1 - 2 terms before your contract end date For all other staff: 1 - 4 months before your contract end date

CPD at the BSN The CPD opportunities at the BSN are excellent. Every Campus has a range of CPD opportunities available throughout the year, as well as on CPD days. For more information, please contact your Deputy Head Teacher. The BSN also offers a range of CPD opportunities via the Life Planning fund. For more information, please visit the BSN Gateway pages and then look for the Staff Manual > Benefits.

Welcome to the BSN

Your contract with the BSN


Are you also... We understand that joining the BSN is an exciting time for you. Perhaps you have even moved from a different country for your new role, or this new role is your first in a leadership position. Maybe you are freshly graduated and just starting your very first full-time job. If this is the case, this section might be helpful to you.

• New to The Netherlands? If you were appointed from abroad and you meet the necessary requirements, the Human Resources department will be in touch to invite you for a tax allowance meeting. The tax allowance request can only be submitted after this meeting, therefore it’s important for you to attend. The BSN offers tax return workshops to all staff, but if you were recruited from abroad you can also claim the cost of your first tax return back. You can read more about this on the Staff Manual pages on the BSN Gateway.

Once you are somewhat settled in your new home, we suggest that you start taking Dutch (or English) lessons. During your first two contracted years, the BSN will offer you two online language courses at our BSN Language Centre, free of charge. The only thing you have to buy is the textbook! In the unfortunate instance you encounter problems with (for example) your landlord or neighbours, please do share this with your line manager – maybe we can help you to resolve the situation.

Help, what does this mean?! During your first year in The Netherlands you will probably receive a number of letters in Dutch, which can prove a problem if you don’t speak the language (yet!). You could of course ask a colleague for help or Google Translate. But why not consider our Translation Service (free of charge)? More information can be found on the BSN Gateway.

• In a new leadership role?

For colleagues starting in leadership roles, we offer a range of management and leadership training sessions aimed at making your job easier for you. Workshops are provided on topics such as: - Dutch employment law - Conflict resolution - Recruitment and selection - Absence management training ...and many more. Please talk to your (Deputy) Head Teacher / line manager about your training needs.


• Starting your first job? Congratulations! The fact that you will be starting your first (full-time) job here at the BSN makes this moment all the more special for you. What do you need to know in order to get settled in quickly at the BSN?

Do’s and dont’s Do familiarise yourself with the BSN Gateway - a lot of useful information can be found there!

activities if you can - not only is it a great way to learn more about the BSN, our vision and the tools we use, but you will get to meet other new starters, which will help you feel at home sooner

Autumn term

Don’t stress if you make a ‘rookie mistake’ at the beginning - we’ve all been there and mistakes are made in order to learn from them

Don’t forget to regularly check and

Most importantly... enjoy yourself!

What JSD New starters dinner & JSD tour/drinks

Spring term

JSV Tour & drinks for new starters

Spring term

JSL Tour & drinks for new starters

Summer term

SSV Tour & drinks for new starters

Welcome to the BSN

Throughout the year, the BSN organises on-site social events for new starters. These informal meet-andgreets are a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and to share experiences. You will also get the chance to see the other BSN campuses.


something - your colleagues will be happy to help!

update your BlueSky profile, as it is an important part of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Do try to attend all induction-related

Socials for new starters

Do ask questions if you’re unsure of


Staff Manual Information on your contract, benefits and a host of other topics can be found in the Staff Manual on the BSN Gateway pages ( or via Here is a quick guide:

Human Resources Monthly pay day (around the 23rd of the month) Pay scales Your pension Pay and pension

Requesting for child support and other tax benefits

Your contract Working hours Terms & conditions Code of conduct / email & internet usage guidelines Notice periods & retirement

Terms & Conditions

Organograms Job descriptions Post of Responsibility (PoR) descriptions Organisation & Job Descriptions

Job & PoR classification

Sickness absence policy & how to sign in sick BSN health initiatives Work/life balance Health & Sickness Absence


Statutory special leave (paid and unpaid) BSN special leave (paid and unpaid) Bank holidays Special Leave & Holidays

Holidays for support staff Maternity leave, parental leave and other family leave

Benefits such as the bicycle scheme and computer loan Life Planning: translation service, coaching, Great Programme Fund, health checks, dietician service and more

Well-being Fund Workshops on filing your tax return, pension and retirement

Benefits, Life Planning & Well-being

Maternity leave, parental leave and other family leave

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Review policy Supporting, guiding and developing team members Development & Performance

Disciplinary, grievance and harassment procedures

View your electronic payslip Payslip explanation Change your personal details

People Inc.

Accounts (not part of the Staff Manual)

The GBP to EUR exchange rate Travel expense policies

Welcome to the BSN

How to submit an expense claim


On behalf of the BSN...

We wish you the best of luck! HR Department Leidschenveen Campus Vrouw Avenweg 640 2493 WZ Den Haag

Welcome to the BSN  
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