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Pupil Discipline Committee Terms of Reference Name of Committee

Pupil Discipline Committee

Status of Committee



At least three governors with no previous knowledge of and not known personally to the pupil or the parents/carers. The Headteacher may not be involved. Appointed by the committee.

Appointment of Chair Clerking Meetings

The Clerk to the Governing Body will clerk meetings.


As required. Confidential Three governors.


Consensus or majority

Responsibilities/ Powers

To hear appeals from pupils and their parents or carers on permanent and temporary exclusions. (The committee may also meet if there is concern about the number of temporary exclusions a pupils has received, or if an excluded pupil is likely to miss public examinations) Minutes to be produced by the clerk and circulated to committee members within one week of the meeting taking place. They will be confidential to members of the committee.


Pupil Discipline CommitteeTerms of Ref - Sept 09  
Pupil Discipline CommitteeTerms of Ref - Sept 09