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Aims of Policy. At Blandford St Mary CEVA Primary School we recognise the importance of physical activity and the link between a healthy body and the ability to learn effectively. This policy describes how our school community encourages pupils to enjoy physical activity and the opportunities we offer to pupils to participate in a range of activities that compliment our taught PE curriculum. Our PE policy further describes our two hours taught PE a week. Physical Activity Provision. Our daily timetable encourages physical activity through a daily early morning session planned by the physical activity Co-ordinator, Vicky Dike. This session includes ‘wake and shake’ activities, brain gym and aerobics. All pupils participate in these sessions. Playtimes Playtimes at Blandford St Mary Primary School are resourced and staffed to offer a wide range of activities that encourage children to be physically active. These activities have been very successful in promoting ‘happy playtimes’ and have led to a marked decrease in behaviour issues and related problems. All staff have attended training in the provision of successful play activities. Walking To School All children are encouraged to walk to school, in line with our School Travel Plan, especially during walk to school weeks and our healthy weeks. We do not have car park facilities for parents and so have used this as an opportunity to encourage parents to park away from the school and walk the remaining distance. Out of School Hours Opportunities At Blandford St Mary Primary School we pride ourselves in our range of after school clubs on offer. When possible this includes inviting coaching expertise from local sports clubs to lead sessions in school. Our sports clubs are structured to accommodate both Key Stages with our Key Stage 2 children given the opportunity to participate in competitive sports fixtures with other schools. Staff Training All staff both teaching and non-teaching are encouraged to attend training in physical activity. This includes sports coaching training but also physical activities such as playtime games.

The Schools Area Network Our Physical Activity Co-ordinator has a very close working relationship with the School Sports Co-ordinator based at the Blandford School. This link gives opportunities for the school to participate in various festivals of sport and sports tournaments including area athletics .

Policy Created: June 2006 Next Review Date: June 2007 Date adopted by governing body: 28th June 2006

Physical Activity policy  

Physical Activity policy