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Name of Committee

Personnel and Finance Committee

Status of Committee

Non Statutory


6 Governors and the Headteacher

Appointment of Chair

Appointed by the Governing Body


Chair or Clerk to the Governors


At least once each term, prior to full governing body meeting


Four Governors including the headteacher


By majority with the chair having the casting vote

Minutes Minutes

To reach committee members within one week of the meeting and all other governors with the papers for the next full governing body meeting.

Personnel and Finance Committee Responsibilities To work closely with the Headteacher on behalf of the governing body to:-

Staffing To draft, make recommendations to the GB consideration, and review annually: • a policy statement on staff consultation • procedure for dealing with discipline and grievances (and ensure that staff are informed of them) • criteria for redundancy (in consultation with staff) • a pay policy, including criteria for the use of discretionary points and recommendations about their implementation.

Staff Appointments • To review the staffing structure whenever a vacancy occurs and at least annually • To make recommendations to the GB, in consultation with the Headteacher, about the involvement of governors in staff appointments • To work as appropriate with the Headteacher in appointing staff

Staff Budget • To liaise with the Headteacher and the Finance Committee when the budget is being decided to consider teaching and support staff levels

Pupils • To consider the Headteacher’s statement on pupil discipline, including a policy for the exclusion of pupils • To consider the Headteacher’s recommendations on pastoral care, pupil welfare, homework, the dress and appearance of pupils, and pupils’ health and safety

Parents, Community, Public Relations • To promote good relations with parents and the community • To assist in producing the school prospectus for approval by the GB • To work with the Headteacher in producing a publicity and marketing policy for approval by the GB, and to oversee its implementation • To make recommendations, advised by the Headteacher, on community use of the premises

Finance • Provide guidance to the GB on all financial matters • Prepare and review statements of financial policy, short and long term • Prepare, for the approval by the GB, a draft budget for LEA delegated funds, Standards Fund monies and any other income or carry-forward sums

• Ensure Best Value principles apply to services purchased with delegated monies • Monitor the budget using information provided by the Headteacher and finance officer, ensuring that spending remains within prescribed limits • Report the financial situation each term and make recommendations • Propose an appropriate level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school and ensure this is minuted by the GB • Monitor income and expenditure of all public funds • Audit all non-public funds for presentation to the GB • Respond appropriately to audit report recommendations

P and F CommitteeTerms of Ref - Sept 09  
P and F CommitteeTerms of Ref - Sept 09