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Communication,Language and Literacy We are learning the letter sounds g,o,c,k - can you find objects that begin with these letters? You could bring them to show us. We will be learning how to blend the sounds for reading try playing games on www.phonicsplay in Phase 2 such as Buried Treasure using the sounds we have learnt so far. We will be continuing our work with Bear Hunt and I am hoping to go on a bear hunt around the school grounds with the children too!! try this site for some simple mark making and pattern games linked to Autumn http://www.ngfl- If you follow this link you might be able to make your own Autumn story

Knowledge and Understanding of the World The children will be able to use different construction materials to make bear caves both inside and outside . The children will also be learning how to use our programmable toys Beebots .

Physical Development This week we will be continuing to develop our skills using both big and small balls.We will also continue to explore different ways of moving such as walking, hopping, jumping, skipping etc.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy This week we will be using our teddies and finishing our work on measuring and weighing them using language such as heavier, lighter, taller and shorter you could look for toys and other items at home to make these comparisons too. We will also be using positional language and playing games with the teddies such as put the teddy under, over, through, next to other objects and linking this to using the beebots. Click on this link to play some simple games for number sequences , counting and number recognition

What is happening in Koala Base this week? 19/10/09

Creative Development We will be investigating what happens when we mix different colours, particularly trying to mix brown. We will be singing the song Brown Bear Snoring. We will be using instruments to make the different sounds in the Bear Hunt story.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development This week we will begin our work on Rights and Responsibilities and talk about what we all need in order to survive and develop. We will be making our work into a special poster to show in assembly on Friday. Please follow the Rights Respecting Schools link on our website to find out more about this. We will be talking about what makes each one of us special.

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Communication,Language and Literacy Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Physi...