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Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan 2009 - 2012 Please list actions that you plan to take as a result of this assessment (continue on separate sheets as necessary) Title of service/function or policy being assessed: Disability Equality Scheme and Action Plan Name and role of officers completing assessment: Paul Lavis (Headteacher), Rachel King (SENCo), Date assessment completed: September 2010 Issue Identified

Action Required

Budget Implications

Pupil involvement in the DES

Child friendly questionnaire for disabled pupils Use of SEN blog for this Snap shot questionnaires


Parental involvement in the DES

Parental questionnaire for disabled parents Use of SEN blog Request in newsletter asking parents to take part


The wider community involvement in the DES

Questionnaire card in the foyer for visitors and members of public who

N/A Time for supply

By whom RK to create questionnaires RK to design snap shot questionnaires for Reflection Base SK to encourage ch to take part in them RK/PL to add to blog and make them live RK to analyse and evaluate them RK to create questionnaires RK to write a blurb for the newsletter to encourage parental involvement PL to add to blog and make them live RK to analyse and evaluate them RK to develop Discuss with SEN governor Organise DES learning walk with

By when January 2011

January 2011

July 2011

Width of doors in KS1

visit the school Staff questionnaire Involvement of governors – DES learning walk? Governors to be invited to join the working party Take to building/premises committee

governors and SEN governor

Estimate from builders

PL Building committee

July 2012

Speaking/voice overs on the blog to ensure access

Investigate if there is a suitable programme Investigate costs

Is there a free programme?

RK and PL

July 2011

Are the DES and AP in mentioned in the school prospectus?

Check literature of the school prospectus When updated add this information in DES and AP log created Needs to be updated regularly Logs need to be shared with the working party and governors Possibility of an online log on the SEN blog?

Cost of printing prospectus

PL and SMT

July 2012

RK to create logs and minutes of the working party meetings PL to take to governors to share the progress and actions

Ongoing from now

Dates and logs for reviews



These actions needs to be built into the service planning framework, targets should be measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. This form is to be included in the school’s Disability Equality Scheme and can be found in the Equalities Plan. This is published on the SEN blog and can also be found in the SEN file 1: section 1.

DES action plan